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This game and it's story is so well made. I like how the audio was switched to German sometimes, and the art is beautiful. I've been in love with your games since I first played Darling Duality. Great job <3


Thanks so much for your kind words :3 So glad you ended up liking this one! It was a strange experience because I made this during a moment of madness where I decided to make 2 different games for 1 game jam xD So I worked on this and The Graveyard Shift in the same month with 2 different teams of artists, haha. I still don’t really know how we made the jam deadline on time, but I won’t ever be doing something so crazy again x3

It means a lot that you decided to play this and some of my other stuff after checking out Darling Duality cos a lot of people who play DD only seem to play that and then don’t check out my other stuff for whatever reason, haha.


Melancholy Marionette: I wonder whether you'd consider uploading Dawn of the Damned's OST to your Youtube account? I saw that some of your OSTs can be heard there, but this one is absent, which I think is a shame because it's so atmospheric and eerie. A few of the pieces in this OST are still rattling around in my head more than a year after first hearing them, and I'd love to have access to them in a more convenient and accessible form than listening in game* (but of course only if that was alright with you). I definitely wouldn't say no to seeing your other compositions uploaded there either, even when I haven't played the games they're from. Thanks for reading, and thanks for making such memorable and fascinating little VNs.

* Although, to be honest I've actually only watched a playthrough of Dawn of the Damned on Youtube, and haven't played it myself yet, so I don't actually know whether the music itself is included as separate files, in which case my request must seem somewhat redundant. But I would imagine that probably isn't the case based on what I've seen in other VNs I did find the energy to download and play in the past...

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Sorry my reply is quite slow >.< I've been struggling to keep on top of life in general lately, so I ended up just having to stop communication altogether for a while and just retreat cos I couldn't handle anything x3 I think it doesn't help that prepping for Christmas and such is just like pure stress, haha. Just going to do food shopping has me feeling so overwhelmed with all the crowds and such that by the time I get home, I feel like I need to shut myself in a dark room and not come out for the rest of the day xD

Honestly, I actually meant to upload the OSTs for Dawn of the Damned, The Graveyard Shift, Limbo Line, and Apartment No.9 to YouTube sometime because all of them are currently missing from there >.< It's just every time I thought about doing it, I remembered there was other stuff I was supposed to be doing first, so it just kept getting pushed further and further down the giant list of things to do T_T

If I were just uploading the tracks, I could probably do it pretty quickly, but because I keep trying to make videos to go with them, that's what ends up eating away at time x3 I thought for the Dawn of the Damned ones, I'd probably just use the title screen as a video background or something, but I don't really know how to recreate that in my video editing software, so it would probably be easier to just edit the actual game files to include the track names on the title screen and then take a screen capture of it playing and add the track in separately, haha.

It means a lot though that you like the soundtrack enough to want to listen to it :3 I will absolutely get them added! I don't think I'm going to get much of a break over Christmas between spending time with my family + trying to finish my Winter VN Jam project, so I was thinking of taking it easy in January. So since I probably won't be doing any writing or coding then, I can see if I can get em uploaded to YouTube in January sometime :D Heck, I might just make it my mission in January to get all of my missing OSTs uploaded to YouTube, haha.

It's been so long since I made Dawn of the Damned that I can't actually remember if I included an in-game music player in the extras or not xD I have a feeling I did! I think in all my most recent games from the past year or so I've made sure to put music players in the extras sections :3 But still, it's not the most convenient way to listen having to boot up the game >.<

Thank you for your kind words anyhow! And I hope you have some happy holidays ^-^


There’s no need to apologise. It’s completely understandable that you might have other commitments, or be lacking energy, or might not be in the right mindframe to think about drafting replies, etc… Anyway, as you can perhaps tell, I’m no good at replying to messages in a timely fashion either. XD

I distinctly remember Dawn of the Damned having an option to play the OST from the menu, as you suspected. And I think it’s better for that option to exist in a VN than not, even though it definitely isn’t the most convenient way to listen. Honestly, it’s a charming little feature I associate with indie games such as the Narcissu series, Your Turn to Die, and Touhou. But, yeah, even when the option’s there, I still prefer to listen online for convenience.

I didn’t realise it would require so much work to upload your OSTs, although I suppose that I could definitely have inferred as much from the fact that you had uploaded some but not all of your music. If you’re willing to upload your music, I’d be happy to have it easily available, but I’d completely understand if you decided it was too much of a hassle in the end, so please don’t feel that you have any kind of obligation to do so now that someone’s asked you. And if you are going to upload it, take all the time you need. I definitely don’t want to stress you out further when you’re already stressed and tired, by the sounds of it.

Thanks very much for the well wishes. I ended up having a pretty uneventful and quiet Christmas and New Year’s, but that’s perfectly fine with me. I hope that you were able to enjoy the end of December with less stress and that the new year’s going well for you so far.

Also, congratulations on the release of your latest game! I haven’t played it (or any of the other entries to the Winter VN Jam) yet, but it seems intriguing.

I hope things are looking a bit less hectic now that it’s been released, and that you can find time to relax after all your hard work.

Have a nice day!

Hehe, it’s all good :3 I usually end up trying to harness the random days where I do feel like I have the energy and ability to be social, and then I will like spend a whole day typing stuff in one go xD Somehow it feels easier to handle things like that than responding to stuff separately. I do wish that I had more energy in general though to handle things like that cos I always feel kind of like I’m letting people down by being so slow, even though no one has said that and it’s just a silly expectation I put on myself cos my brain is a silly sausage x3

Yeah, I wouldn’t want to boot up a game just to listen to the soundtrack, I’d usually head to YouTube or something, haha. 

To be fair, it would technically be really fast to just upload the tracks with no video of any sort! Like just use a static background or something for the duration of the song. I can never bring myself to do that though cos it annoys me if I don’t put more effort than that, haha. 

I will absolutely make a point of doing it this year though for all my soundtracks that are missing from YouTube :3 I’ll probably end up doing the Sapphire Snowe one first since I still need to finish adding masculine voice lines to that and I was hoping to have the update out by the end of January. It would be handy if I could release the update and the OST at the same time! I don’t know if I’m going to achieve either though because I’ve only just got back on my PC for the first time in 2024 this week x3 It’s just taken me forever to recover from the pre-Christmas stress so I’ve been like a zombie for a while >.< I’m hoping if I can’t make the end of January that I’ll at least be able to get it done for the start of February.

Then I guess I’ll gradually try to get the other OSTs some little videos made :3 No idea what to use for the Limbo Line and Apartment No.9 tracks x3 but for Dawn of the Damned and the Graveyard Shift, I’ll probably just take a video of the title screens since they already have some degree of basic animation to them.

I’m glad you had a nice enough Christmas and New Year’s :3 Ours was the same pretty much, quiet and uneventful, which is also fine with me, haha. It was just the buildup to it that killed me xD I’m finally starting to get some life in me again though, so that’s something! 

Thank you :3 I probably put myself under extra stress that I didn’t need by deciding to make that game for the jam x3 and I’d said to myself no more jams for 2023 after Spooktober, haha. But I couldn’t help it in the end and it temporarily got me out of a bad place, so it was definitely worth it :3 I haven’t played anything else from the jam either >.< I really need to give myself more gaming time T_T

Things are finally starting to calm down a bit :3 Still got some anxiety-inducing stuff to deal with in the next few weeks, but hopefully, after that, things will be a bit calmer for longer, haha. I hope 2024 has been kind to you so far and that you’ve been having a happy January ^-^


oh violence and blood i will try ir hon!!! :3

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uaaaa I liked it a lot! I love crazy stories <3 ALSO LOVED the dialogue line "Tonight's the night" because.. man, that reminded me of Dexter and I looooove dexter :3 

So glad you had fun with it ^-^ Crazy stories are pretty much all I write xD I'm not even sure they make sense half of the time, but they are what they are, haha.

*High five* I didn't even think of that when I wrote the line, but I love Dexter too :D

Thank you so much for playing :3


OMGAHHHH that is awesome :P Funny you know what I mean hehe. Yeah, I think, I like your games, I always enjoy VN games that are a bit different, dark and twisted or just weird <3 


Dark and twisted or just weird is definitely the way to go :D So glad that you like my stuff cos I know it’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea x3 haha.

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god damn, this game is good, i love how you used german in some of the parts, (since i'm trying to learn german as well) like it looked like it was going to take a very obvious twist but the ending managed to save it a lot, also i didn't know you listened to rammstein. B) (Ich tu dir weh and Mein Herz Brennt lyric) i think you got some inspiration from them with making this game


So glad you like this one ^-^ It’s one of the ones that doesn’t get many downloads >.< haha. Which sucks cos the team and I worked our asses off to get it made in time for the end of the jam!

Yeah, I was in the process of learning German as a beginner, so I thought it would be cool to try and include some in the game :D Sadly, I’ve since put learning on hold cos I reached a bit of a brick wall in terms of not being able to afford the rest of the lessons >.< haha. I hope to go back to it someday though :3 

And honestly, it brings a big smile to my face that you noticed the Rammstein lyrics :D All of my games have random song lyrics in them somewhere, but it’s very rare that anyone actually recognises them, haha. So it’s really cool that you did!

And you’re right, it was actually the Rammstein song Heirate Mich that partially inspired the story for this project :3 I’d been to see them twice during the summer that year, so I was a bit obsessed xD Got mixed feelings about em now with all the controversy >.<

Also, good luck with the German :3 Hope you make it further than I did! Haha.

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ye, i was thinking that you might have used "Heirate mich" but i took it as a bit of a stretch since i thought you just wanted to put german, and i just realized that i'm missing one of your very old games Solipsm Reigns, and it looks pretty thickk so... this one is gonna be a long one.. ( i appreciate you responding to my comments, and well, it's a bit ironic to say but i really hate *cough* anime, and i think i'm a bit bipolar about it but playing your games defintely gives me a different perspective about it) also i don't know if you've ever listen to this song but i'm still gonna put it anyways  "Rot Wie Die Liebe."  It is my favorite song and i wanted you to take a listen  : )

Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply >.< Just been mega-focused on this year’s spooktober jam, haha. Hoping to release the project later today :3

Yeeeeah, I think SR is probably my longest game, which is silly since it was the first one I ever made xD That was such a stupid thing to do and I almost quit multiple times, haha. That’s interesting that you’re not an anime fan, but I’m glad you’ve still been able to enjoy some of my stuff despite it sharing that sorta art style :3 I do think it’s cool when visual novels step away from that anime sorta art style though cos it’s nice to see the different types of art out there!

I listened to the song, and I like the lyrics a lot :D It’s very dark and poetic!


Haven't finished all endings yet but this was fantastic! I loved the fairy tale vibe. From start to finish I was completely hooked.


That's so kind of you to say ^-^ Glad to hear you've enjoyed what you've played of it so far! Thanks so much for checking it out :3


Well this was very enjoyable! I loved it! The beginning was quite cliche but when i reached the end I found it so impressive. The story was so good, thanks! Oh but I guess I'll need someone to gimme a summary of what kind of things this (crazy) man had to do to revive Morgan...Just to make sure I didn't miss anything since my English isn't really great. Oh, I'm also looking forward for the full version of Darling Duality! 

Glad to hear it :D This is one of my projects that doesn't get as much love as some of the others, so it's always really nice to hear when someone has enjoyed it :3

My memory is a little hazy on all the steps he had to take since it's been a good few months since making this game, but I can try x3 Actually, it'll probably job my memory better if I just go back and look at the writing! I suppose I should probably also put it under spoilers, haha.


1) Keep her memory in your dreams = Make sure to continue thinking about her, don't forget her. 2) Craft her a vessel from human screams = Make her a new body out of someone else's living body/murder someone living to steal their body.

3) Gather more souls for sacrifice – only death can pay the price = Get more victims and murder them

4) Empty their veins of crimson essence – bathe in their blood to sate your penance = Once you've murdered a bunch of people, extract all the blood from their bodies + take a bath in that blood.

5) Harvest the offal, keep it fresh – serve it up and feed her flesh = Take the organs and stuff out of the dead bodies, preserve it, and feed it to her somehow

6) Burn the rest & ashes inhale – only then can her soul prevail = Burn whatever is left of the victim's bodies and inhale the ashes. If you don't, the magic will fail.

7) When one form fades, with haste, devour = When Morgen dies in any of the bodies that she's in, he must quickly consume/eat the body quickly.

8) Wait until the witching hour = Be patient and wait until the time of day/night when magic is at its strongest.

9) Close your eyes and count to 10, from darkness she will rise again = More waiting really, and then Morgen will be revived from the darkness of death.

10) Revived anew, yet never the same. Forever tethered by her name = Not really a step or anything that he has to do, more like a sort of warning that while Morgen will be revived, she will never be exactly the same person as she was before, and she will be stuck within the curse cycle forever.

Hopefully, that helps a bit :3 He did a lot of bad stuff though that he didn't need to do while he was experimenting trying to make things work without following all the steps though >.< Like he was attempting to develop a drug that would get Morgen's memories back, but he kinda just wound up killing her instead x3 And every time he accidentally (or purposefully) killed her, he would have to eat her body, and follow all of the steps to get her alive in a new body again >.<


Hi! So i will begin with spoilers directly so don't read it if you don't want spoilers!


First, say to the voice actress of Aurora that i like her voice <3.

I love the music ~ You're always choose the right bgm!

And of course i like the others voice actors! :) Kudo to also the VA of Dammerung! The way he portray well the emotions of Damm... it's really something else! <3

And for the story! >

I was so confused when we switch with Morgenrote haha! I thought we would only listen to Aurora's story not play it so I was surprised but pleasantly :)!

And german names... 👀 it's because you have origin isn't it? ~ I like details like that! It puts an even more personal touch to the story. :)

Beautiful CGs as well! Beautiful sprite also! *-*

And damn, Damme are reaaaally naive o_o, to go make a pact with a demon ._. Boy, you have never read any story lol?

What a tragedy love story... Poor Morgen i feel for her. (Well, technically our character will do it for us lol <_<)

And Damme... you really are good with male character! Especially with their mental state.

And of course our poor character OO' to be eaten while we did not ask anything lol Poor soul :(

I completed all the endings! Nice thinking for the first names of the protagonist in multiple languages!

Anyway, thanks for the game! /o\ You are again doing a great job! :D

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Sorry it's been ages >.< I read everything you wrote when you posted it, I've just been too ill to reply all this time. Cos it was dragging on with me being so slow to recover from the festive lurgy, I thought I would try to reply to some stuff on my phone instead, but it didn't really work cos my phone is so old and slow that it was a nightmare to type on T_T haha. But I'm back on my PC now and just beginning to get back into the dev stuffs!

Totally agree with you! She did such an amazing job voicing Aurora :3

And hooray that you liked the soundtrack ^-^ Actually, I think it might be the one I had the most fun making so far! I also kinda went a bit crazy and made too many because I was having so much fun, haha, but it's fiiiiine because they all have their place :D

Yeah, the entire cast did a smashing job with all the characters :3 The game wouldn't be the same without their epic performances!

Funnily enough, I actually very recently over the Christmas period found out a little more about my family's origins! I knew it was a specific region of Poland, but it wasn't until now that we found out that we also have some Czech in us and possibly more! A number of my Polish relatives did end up moving to Germany though, haha. I've never been, but I would love to visit the theme parks there x3

And yeah, all the artists who worked hard to make the CGs really made the project come together ^-^ I couldn't have done it without everyone!

Kind of spoilers below...

Hehe, agreed, Damme is not the brightest for doing that x3 I mean, even if he had no other knowledge of trickster-type creatures, he could have just listened to all the warning Morgen gave him xD

Thank YOU for playing it and for always being so sweet <3 Hope the new year is going well for you so far ^-^


Hey! Don't worry it's okay, puts your health first! (And i as you see I answer late too haha)

And i see we excuse yourself everytime we late again haha x)

And i'm hope your better now! <3

Wait, wait, you mean my dumb ass didn't realize that it was you who made the music? Damn. It's was amazing, really kudos to you! :D And Melancholy... rest. REST! Alright? éoè

Yep totally! You doing a amazing job for choose the right voice actor everytime! :D

Oh :O Good for you! It's always interesting to known more about our origin! ^^ And i'm hope you can visit :)

/!\ Spoilers /!\

Well, i'm totally agree lol Like you said, boy listen to your girl and you will never be in this situation lol

Awww <3 it's nothing! :D It's always a pleasure to play your games! :D (and thank to say i'm sweet huhu <3 you too <3!)

Yep, it's alright! :) Good and boring but in a good way ^^ Hope you too ! :D

Well, I went straight from being ill for ages into working on something for this year's yandere jam with Lazy Polar Bear xD But it was good to get a kick up the bum like that cos I was really out of practice with everything after being away ill for so long >.< it felt like forever, haha. So a short jam was just what I needed to get back into the swing of things :3

Haha, tbh, I don't know if that many people realise how much music I've been making recently for my projects xD But then I suppose it's a good thing if it's not noticed often cos it must mean the tracks are decent enough to pass as assets, haha. I think it was way back when I made Apartment No.9 that I started dabbling in making original music :3 Limbo Line had a bunch of original tracks in as well, but still also a good few asset pack tracks. Also made some original tracks for DD. Then with DotD and GS I went crazy and made full OSTs x3 Also just made a 10-track OST for the game I just released, with 2 vocal tracks that I'm really happy with ^-^ I couldn't make a full original soundtrack for Bitter/Sweet though cos there just wasn't enough time when LPB and I joined the jam quite late, haha. Still happy I managed to make a few though!

But, uh, yeah, I will definitely be trying to get some rest in now that I've gone and accidentally overworked on another jam again xD I didn't think I was even gonna get to participate this year, haha. And I promised myself I'd work healthier, which I did try to in the beginning, but then it kinda just went out of the window as the deadline loomed, hehe >.<

Hope your February has been a fantastic one :3


Yeah, i understand that being back to work after a long time being ill can be good for not become rusty, but be careful, though! ><

Damn O_O Well, it's confirm you're are complete artist! Really, i'm admirative of all the hard work you're doing! You're do almost all your games by yourself! (apart the art i'm think?)

And yeah, i thought it's was a music assets haha not to said you're are not good enough to produce music but it's just not come to my mind! :o

And yeah now, go rest! >:( Or i'm manifest in your house!

It’s was good, thanks !:D And i’m hope your's have been good as well !:)


This was great!! I made sure to get all the endings. The changes in art style kept throwing me off a bit, but it wasn't a big deal. I loved Damme's voice acting!! The story could be a BIT hard to follow sometimes, but I overall enjoyed it. I'm so so impressed that you made this in a month!! Can't wait to see more from you! <3

Glad you enjoyed it :3 Hehe, yeah, I feel like I confused myself a lot with the story xD Not everything that was in my head actually made it into the game, unfortunately. Mainly just cos of the time constraints of the jam, but also because sometimes I'm an idiot and I somehow manage to forget that people can't read my mind and fill in the gaps >.< It makes it really difficult for me to try and determine how much info I should give, especially when it comes to things with twists in them, haha.

Really glad you had fun with it anyhow! Thanks so much for playing and taking the time to comment ^-^


I decided to play this after The Graveyard Shift and I'm definitely not disappointed! The art is amazing, the story is interesting and there's a lot to explore too!

Also, is so cool that you made these two games for the same JAM!


Glad you ended up enjoying this one as well! Thanks so much for playing both ^-^ Yeah, I definitely won't be trying to make 2 for 1 jam again because that wasn't the smartest thing I've ever done xD I don't regret it one bit because I had a blast and I'm happy with how both projects turned out, but I wouldn't do it again because it was insanity x3

Anyways, I really need to play your games!! I've just been on your page and seen them, and they both very much look like my cup of tea :3 Like, anything with ringmasters, jesters, clowns, that sorta thing/type of character is just <3 haha. They are one of my favourite kinds of creepy, and both of your games just look really cool! Not sure when I'll get the time to check them out, but I've added them to my collection on here so that I don't forget at least x3

Deleted 167 days ago

Those poor characters xD Well, the creator of that game hasn't done anything wrong, at least I don't think so, I'd have to go check the terms of use on the sprites to be sure because some artists who sell sprite packs do ask that the devs who purchase them don't use them in R18 content, haha. I'm not 100% sure what the terms on these ones were.

But yeah, the dev of that game must just have some of the same sprite packs as me because they're on sale to anyone. It looks like they've kept their default/stock appearances and drawn some nude CGs for them x3 I usually try my best to edit all of my sprites so that they look different from the stock versions, but it's not always possible because sometimes, the artists who sell the packs only provide png files and not psd, which makes editing much harder >.< I guess the dev must also follow the artist because the blonde-haired character was exclusive to followers and not released in a public pack yet.

Deleted 176 days ago

This game caught my eye while browsing and I must say, I'm very impressed.


Glad to hear it :D Hope you had fun with it! Thanks so much for taking the time to check it out and leave the video :3 I'll be sure to take a peek when I get a chance!


A little late to the party! This visual novel was a great read through. I really loved the story and how open some bits are as it really makes you think and wonder what exactly is going on. And without spoiling anything down here, I thought you had a really interesting take on what the theme was about! (I wish there was more back story to other characters! But a layer of mystery is always a nice thing to have!)

The voice acting was great all the way through. On top of the sound effects and music it really came together nicely. Each scene was super engaging and fit perfectly with one another!

Thank you and everyone involved for making this game! I look forward to seeing the others that you have done as well!


That's so lovely to hear :3 Thank you very much for all your kind words and taking the time to play the game! I haven't had a chance to watch your video yet, but I'll give it a peep when I can :D


Oh, my god - when I say I got invested in the characters - I got invested! The story was so interesting and fun to try and piece together!! So, so amazing 💕

The voice acting was phenomenal and so enjoyable!! I'm still so amazed you managed to get two great games out for the jam! So impressive!! 😊


Yay! <3 So happy you had fun with it :3 I'm still kind of overwhelmed by everything on my to-do list, so I still haven't had a chance to watch your GS video, let alone this one yet T_T but it's on my list to take a peek at when I can :3

I still feel like an idiot for attempting to make 2 games for the jam if I'm honest xD But at least I know now not to try it again, haha. I can't tell if I'm still exhausted because of pushing myself too much for that, or if I'm just experiencing my usual November blues because my favourite month of the year (October) is gone again T_T haha. Had a new idea slap me in the face the other day though, so that's energised me a bit xD

You're under no obligation to watch! I absolutely had so much fun with it!! <3 I can definitely see how making two games in a month would be incredibly exhausting :'-) I'm glad you've got a new idea to energize you though! I'm excited to see what you make in the future!


Where do I even start?

This was a ride to hell and back I absolutely love the fairytale of this story this game had great music great characters great art style definitely blows every other game I played out of the water there's really nothing I can say other than go play it I recommend it definitely was a perfect pick for a Halloween special. 

Also, I had no PC problems like I did with Graveyard Shift so that's already a win. I actually thought of a song while playing this game I could feel vibes and thinking of the game while I listen to it. 


Story: 10/10 Characters: 10/10 Art: 10/10 

10/10 Game go play it

Keep Up the Good Work :)

Holy moly :o I feel honoured that you would consider it to be good enough for a Halloween special :3 So glad you had fun with it! It was certainly very fun to make, haha. Also, hooray for no PC problems :D

What's the song? :o I'm intrigued, haha.

Thanks so much for all your kind words and for playing it anyhow ^-^


Yes, this was a great game and it fit well for a special. 

As for the song it's called Layers or fear by DAGames I felt vibes from dawn of the damned and from layers of fear like I can vibe and remember stuff from the game. It's a good song 

Link LAYERS OF FEAR SONG - DAGames - YouTube






Hi x3

I just had a listen, and you're so right, it fits so well xD I can definitely see why you'd think of em together! Actually, Layers of Fear is a game I have on my gigantic backlist of games that I want to play but still haven't made time for >.< haha. I'll get to it one day! Thanks for the link :3


Oh my gosh! Its such a good game <3

Im currently working on translating and uploading Solipsism Reigns on my youtube channel and after playing Dawn of The Damned, i decided I must translate this one too!
(hope yt wont be that mean about all the gore stuff XD)
At first I wanted to play your other games only after I finish translating all Solipsism routes but it looked so good and i love halloween themed things so... XD I guess i couldnt resist

How are you able to create such a good game in ONE month???? R u even human? XD 

Right now i dont have money to support you, im sorry :c
but i'd love to one day <3
I want to become rich so I can become ur patronite member XD

And i fricking mean it, ur games and you deserve so much more recognition and support~

Oh, and also I was pleasantly surprised seeing german language and names :D 
it was like a breath of fresh air to see german instead of japanese in such a type of game

And you also added different languages' meaning of dawn as a ''door'' for one of the endings, thats so cool!
There were even polish ones, (świt, jutrzenka, brzask) 
i appreciate <3
(if, by any chance, one day you would need to know something in polish language for ur games i'll gladly help as a native polish gurl XD)

And also I liked how Morgen's name means dawn and Damme's name means twilight (at least from what google translate tells me cuz i don't know german xD)

Wish you amazing dawn, day, twilight and night ; )


Glad you liked this one ^-^

Holy moly, that must be a lot of work! SR is so long O.O I hope you don't exhaust yourself in the process >.< Fingers crossed that YT is okay with the gory bits then x3 I mean, it's not THAT bad since it's cartoon gore I guess. *High five* for Halloween-themed things :D

My relatives in Poland would probably think it was soooo cool that you're translating SR :3 Well, one of them is an English teacher, so I guess she could read the English version anyways, but I don't think any of the others can read or speak English fluently like she can. Although, they probably wouldn't like my games either xD Especially not the kids cos they are too young to be playing them, haha.

Hehe x3 Well the main ingredients for completing the jam were waaaay too many hours staring at my monitors instead of sleeping + bucketloads of passion xD

You don't need to apologise anyways, you silly sausage x3 You play my games and leave really lovely comments, so that is already being super supportive ^-^

Yeah, the German mainly came from me being a bit addicted to learning German, haha. I had to stop in September while I made the game, and then I was too busy in October to restart. Still haven't restarted yet cos I haven't had the time, but I will when I can! I really hope I can also learn Polish too at some point because it would be so cool if I could actually somehow speak to my Polish relatives in Polish when they visit. They warned me that it is one of the most difficult languages to learn though, so I will probably fail x3

Hehe, yeah, I tried to find as many translations for Dawn in as many different languages as I could, but because I don't speak them all myself, I was relying on Google and just hoping that they were correct :3

Unrelated to the game, but my dad actually wanted to name me Ania or Anya after our Polish relative, but sadly, my mum overruled him and gave me a crap name instead T_T Didn't even get to have it as a middle name! Sometimes I think about getting it legally changed, but then it seems like it would be a giant pain in the butt with having to update your name everywhere >.<

And yeah, I was looking up the German for Dawn and Dusk, and that's what it told me, like Damme is twilight, and it said that it can be dawn or dusk, which I thought was pretty cool :3 Like it said you can add Morgen to the start of Dammerung or Abend to the start to specify if you want to say it's dawn or dusk! Languages are so cool <3

Hehe, aww, thank you ^-^ And to you too! Also hope you got to have a happy Halloween!!


Yes, it is a lot of work haha, but translating something I like is pleasant so I'll keep going, thanks ^o^

Oh, you do have relatives in Poland! <3

I hope you rested well after completing the game and got much sleep c:

Sausage >,< that sounds cute <3

Thats so cool you learn german! i tried when i was still in middle school but my teacher was so rude that i hated all lessons and now i dont even remember anything T-T maybe one day i'll try to approach it again cuz i have a dream to know many languages in the future UwU
Tho my pace is quite slow cuz im still working on only english meh XD *crying in snail speed*
(i wish to play korean and japanese games in original~)

If you have polish relatives you could train ur language skills on them/with them when they visit : ) 
Or maybe one day you decide to visit poland, i heard the fastest way to learn language is to ''get surrounded by it'' (hearing people irl, writings, texts everywhere stimulate brain somehow to switch or something like that XD)

one day i watched a video about developing like...a ''second brain'' in a forein language this way, and then you can start thinking in this second language after some time (not just translating), it was quite crazy for me when i first started getting better in english to this point and then started thinking in english.
It even became so normal for me to mix certain english words into polish sentences, especially in informal speech, so for example, when im with friends i wont say that something is cute in polish, just ''awww thats so cute'' in english O^O

OH Ania/Anna is pretty popular name, in poland but also outside :D Easy to pronounce, tho Anya would be more appealing to me cuz I love foreign-like names more~
And imagine having the same name as cute and really liked anime character ;)
(Anya from Spy x Family)

Hm, i was also thinking about changing my name legally in the future... (or actually surname not name) but all these documents and formalities :<
I mean, I know i'll do it one day but first i have to be in a more stable situation in life XD
hope we both will get what we feel good with, someday ^w^

Yes, i also saw that variations of damme, languages are really interesting indeed <3
And all word games~ 

Halloween was casual but good, thank you dear :)

im sad we dont celebrate it like other countries :C u know, cuz our country is soo religious :C at least older generation
Its my favourite day/event, more than christmas or my birthday, atmosphere, autumn, costumes, pumpkins, michael myers ;), sweets, fun in the air ahh~ 
nevertheless i have faith in youngsters about this C:
Everything can change~

Wish you pleasant day B)

Well, I wish you maximum good luck with it :3 Oh no, that sucks that you had a rude teacher >.< Bad teachers suck in general. Most of mine were crap, haha. And the only language option we were given at my school was French, which I took because I wanted to at least try to learn something, but she wound up leaving halfway through the year, so then we had nothing! It would be really nice though to know a whole bunch of languages :3

Well, your English is great! It's better than some people I know who are actually UK natives, haha. I tried to learn Japanese online, but I hit the paywall for more lessons and couldn't afford it so I kinda just gave up >.<

Sadly, we only see our Polish relatives like once every 10 years :( Only one of them is fluent in both Polish and English since she's a schoolteacher in Poland teaching English to the kids there, but some of them are trying to learn as well :3 And some of them speak Polish and German but no English, so maybe if I can keep learning German, we might be able to talk a little bit, haha. They have invited us over to stay with them before (we did a long time ago for a wedding in Poland where the whole family gathered :3) but I'm too scared to travel and stay on my own >.< I wish I could be a more confident person and just do it! But I know I would struggle to make conversation and stuff because of my stupid anxiety :(

You're totally right though! I've heard that too about surrounding yourself with the language you're trying to learn :3 I attempted to do that when I started German by only watching German shows on Netflix xD I think it helped a little bit, but they speak so fast on the shows compared to the lessons, haha.

That would be so cool though to be able to think or dream in another language! And mixing languages is really cool too ^-^ I hope I can be like that one day too!

Hehe, we never knew how to spell our relative Ania's name for a long time because sometimes she signed it as 'Ania' and sometimes as 'Anna' so we never knew which was the correct one >.< I think it's a very pretty sounding name though :3 In my school, there was only one Polish girl, and her name was Karolina, haha. It would have been cool to be friends, but she was really outgoing, sporty, and just generally had a lot of friends anyways cos she was like a big ball of energy and sunshine all the time, haha. Whereas I was just a shadow xD

My cousin who does acting and stuff sometimes actually had to change his surname (not legally, but like pick a different performer name) because he was told that ours was too difficult to pronounce and too foreign-sounding, and that would stop him from getting work! o.O That's so stupid >.<” Because it's a Polish name from my grandad's side of the family, haha. But then even our relatives n Poland think it's a weird-sounding name that probably didn't originate from there xD So none of us actually knows where it comes from, haha.

But yeah, changing stuff legally must be such a pain in the butt >.< Hope you can do what you want one day though :3

Yeah, I guess that makes sense with it being so religious there that Halloween wouldn't be a very big celebration >.< But yeah, I think as you say, that will change over time cos the young people will probably bring it more attention in the future. Just might take a while for things to change x3

But heck yes, Halloween is sooo much better than Christmas :P I was reading all those things like atmosphere, autumn, costumes, pumpkins, nodding my head like, yep, yep, yep. Then when I read Michael Myers that made me laugh x3 True though :P

Actually, over here, we have some of the scare places that do spooky Christmas horror events xD Not many, but they exist, haha. They're like, nope, Halloween is not over just because it's Christmas, we will have a horror Christmas instead :D I really need to visit one of them, but they're always far away from where I live T_T Hope your week is off to a good start ^-^


Oh such a shame it happend :c French is so cool

Always paywalls, meh T-T

I think most elders in Poland know russian or german because english wasnt an option then (at least in most cases i guess) :_: So actually learning german would really work out in communication with ur family :D

I mean, I would be scared to be abroad on my own as well but who knows what future holds, maybe you will meet somebody and you will travel together :D expect unexpected ;3

Oh, my name is Karolina too, but im probably the opposite of that girl haha, sunshine people are nice but shadows(or moonshine people) are interesting too if not more B) My dear friend is kinda like that, people dont really know her funny and amazing side at all :C luv her, there is beauty in everyone, just not everybody shows it around, probably they just need someone to vibe with them to illuminate their moonshine energy~ 

Sorry just rambling XD

WHAT?! surname would stop him from getting work?! thats crazy :O now im really curious what surname it is haha XD If ur family is from East Poland maybe its Lithuanian name, but if from West Poland... maybe even German? XD maybe thats why you like German :3 Ur roots or blood is calling you ;)

Happy I made you laugh :D Im totally a simp for Michael Myers and Ghost Face XD At least their version in my mind <3

spooky Christmas horror events? never heard of something like this! interesting OwO now i have one more place i want to visit when ill be rich XDDDD

Thanks for your kind words, good week to you too!

Yeah, quite a few of my relatives know German since different parts of the family split off and moved to Germany, then got married to German people, haha. Some of them still only speak Polish though, so my poor relative who knows Polish, German, and English is always stuck being everyone's translator x3

Hehe, that would be pretty nice :3 I can't even remember the last time I went abroad actually it's been so long ago, haha. Think my passport expired a long time ago as well, so I wouldn't be able to travel anyways without getting a new one >.<

Yeah ^-^ I totally know what you mean cos if I'm with people I don't know or don't feel comfortable with yet, I am basically just a statue xD I find it impossible to be myself unless I'm comfortable with a person, and if we're on the same wavelength, when we get together we're just really silly x3 but only the folks who are super close to me and comfortable together will ever see me like that. One of my friends once said to me that one of the things she loves about me is how quiet and unassuming I will be around most people, but then when we're together, I'm like a completely different person :3 She said it's pretty amusing to see how much of a change there is in me, haha. And she said she likes the fact that other people don't get to see that side of me because it makes our friendship more special since she knows the real me ^-^

Ramble away anyhow, haha. I do it all the time anyways x3

Hehe, well, I would say what it is, but I probably shouldn't since anyone can read this x3 Our Polish relatives are all from Silesia :3 but yeah, it's weird because it doesn't sound like a Polish or a German surname apparently >.< When I was a kid, all I knew is that it came from my grandad who was Polish, so I just figured it was a Polish name! But then when we visited Poland for the first time, they were discussing how it's unusual because it doesn't really sound properly Polish xD

But yeah, the reason my cousin had to do that is cos he was told that people don't like hiring people with foreign-sounding or hard to pronounce names o.O Which is just crazy.

Aww x3 I get ya cos I simp for other Halloween/horror characters :P I got trapped by double Ghost Face's this year at one of the scare things I went to xD One blocked me off and I tried to go round, but the dude was like, nope, I'm taller and I have a knife, you're not getting past. Tried to go under his legs but that didn't work either x3 Then as soon as I did get past him, there was another one!

I don't think the Christmas horror stuff is that common, and one place who used to do it have even decided to give up on doing it this year :(

A merry week to you ^-^


After playing  a few Melancholy Marionette games, I go in expecting a 10/10 game, but this time, somehow, someway it was a 11/10 game! This is now my favorite MM game!

I will try not to write hundred paragraphs about how good this game is, just know it looks amazing, like truly, the backgrounds really tell a story on their own, I specially loved THAT transition scene, you know which one! the characters are cute as always but also have a lot of personality, that is also brought to life by the always amazing voice actors. (My favorite is Aurora! <3)

I really appreciate all the little animations here and there, specially that one when you close the game, lovely.

The music perfectly fits with the scenes, specially the spooky disturbing ones. I like how in this story there is no clear good or bad and the reader is free to decide the meaning of what is going on (if it has any other than life is suffering) I did replay the game a few times on my own to get the full experience and it only gets better!

As always an absolute banger of a game, you are only getting better with each one and I can't wait to play more games with Damme and Morgen!

Keep the good work but also keep yourself healthy!


D'aww ^-^ Now I have the super fuzzies <3 So happy you enjoyed it!

You might end up being disappointed eventually if you end up playing some of my older projects because I think you've already played all the best ones, haha x3 Well, I'm still happy with A9! And Darling Duality is hopefully getting an update in time for Halloween (though it really won't be much, just some changes to UI + extra choices in the existing story content and I'll be removing the $2 donation thingy to just make it freely available to download instead!) I don't recommend Love in Lockdown at all >.< still not happy with it, haha. Impostor I have mixed feelings on since I made it in just under a week in the old engine I used to use and kinda wanna remake it in Naninovel so it's less clunky! And SR also needs a remake, not just cos I wanna make it look fancier in Nani, but also I need to edit some of my old writing since it was my first game and I kinda just splurged everywhere x3 Mind you, I still just splurge everywhere even now xD But I do want to try and improve on SR's writing at some point cos there are a couple of routes that I'm not happy with. But anyways, I'm rambling as usual x3

Glad you liked that particular scene because it was an absolute nightmare to put together xD

I can't even describe how much fun I have making spooky tracks x3 When they eventually come together, I pretty much just sit there in my chair doing an evil villain laugh and getting waaaaaay too excited, hehe.

Also really glad that you like the fact that it's up to the player to form an opinion on what's going on and how far is too far to go in the name of love, haha. Cos I know some people might find it a bit irritating that I don't just straight up put things in black and white. My brother, for example, hates ambiguous storytelling >.< But I mean I don't feel like I even have the right to say one way or another because it's one of those moral things that everyone can form an opinion of their own on x3 I'd rather whoever chooses to play it draws their own conclusions on it all.

Also, more *psychological horror high five time*! :D I pretty much like all kinds of horror, but I will take psychological horror over gory slasher films any day x3

Thank you so much again for playing and for making the video :3 I really love all your interjections and commentary in your videos, and there's always something that makes me laugh out loud. This time, it was when you said “Now he's having lunch, right?” xD

Hope you keep healthy too! I'm not sure now if I'm imagining it because my memory sucks and I watched part of your video this morning, then the rest just now, and I feel like I remember you saying something near the beginning about being a tiny bit ill or something, so if my memory is right and you did say that, I hope you get well soon :3 But if my memory is just completely wrong, I hope you stay healthy anyways, haha.

Thanks again and happy Halloweeeeeeen :3


Another great one! A little disappointed I didn't hear any surprises from Anathema this time though lol 


Haha, yeah, definitely no time to implement anything like that, sadly >.< Was really down to the wire with getting everything finished for the deadline x3 Glad you still had fun with it though :3


That was so good. I wasn't expecting that ending. I tried to like Dammerung until the very end but he was going crazy. It was a wild ride with a crazy ending. 10/10

Yeeeeah, there's not a whole lot to love about the guy by the end, especially if you get that ending xD So glad you liked it anyhow, and really interesting that you'd say you preferred it over The Graveyard Shift cos I had kinda convinced myself that it would probably be the other way around for anyone who happened to have played both, but you're the second person now to say you preferred this one! Haha.

Btw, I really love the way you do your intros! They look so cool :3

Thanks so much again for playing! Hope you're feeling much better now and that you get to have a happy Halloween when it comes around ^-^


Very polished, well-written, incredibly disturbing VN. Voice acting in particular is phenomenal, as are the sound effects in general.

A little too dark for me personally, but I can recognize horror talent when I see it. Great job!


Thanks so much for playing and taking the time to write such a nice comment :3 It's actually extremely helpful as well to know that you thought it was disturbing, and even that it's a little too dark for you personally because I really struggle to know what is genuinely creepy or too much! I honestly thought that perhaps it wasn't dark enough x3 or that it was dark, but not disturbing in the way I hoped it would be. I consume so much of the horror genre that not much phases me these days, so it's great to get different opinions because it helps me get a better idea of how a project comes across without my own desensitivity to the genre getting in the way!

So yeah, I really appreciate that and your kind words in general! Thank you ^-^


Hello, I just found this game of your yesterday and I must say I enjoy playing it!!! Beautiful arts, great voice acting, the plot is interesting. I'm impressed with the title screen of the game too. I hope to see more VN games from you in the future!!!

Btw this game has 3 endings right? I think I got 2 already (the ending that I ran away, the ending that I get killed), so what about the last ending?

That's awesome! Thanks for playing and I'm so glad you enjoyed it :3

I'll probably mainly be working on my longer projects, DD and CiQ, but I'll also be trying to get updates out for Yandere Heaven as well. Depending on how I feel next year, I might make something for Yandere Jam and Spooktober Jam again :D

It does have 3 endings, yeah :3 I won't say anything about the ending you're missing here to avoid talking about spoilers, but you have to do something quite specific to get that other ending. I made a walkthrough guide which you can find here :3


Thank you so much ^^ And have a good day to you!!!

It's so sad that my OBS can't "read" the game so I can't record the gameplay of it. I want more people to know about this wonderful game ^^

No problem! That's a shame about your OBS >.< I wonder what would cause that :o I'm not very tech-savvy, so I have no idea, haha. I appreciate your support though :3

Hope you get to have a happy spooky season ^-^

(1 edit) (+1)

i love your games because ive never seen a game in this style  with actual voice acting because you get an idea of the characters personality just by their voice

Aww, thank you so much :3 I'm glad you enjoy them! I'm a huuuuge fan of voice acting, so I always try to work with people that have awesome voice acting talent to bring the characters to life if I can ^-^ Thanks for playing :D


no problem i hope a big popular youtuber plays one of your games and you become famous

Aww, thanks ^-^ Well, I was lucky enough to have Manly play some of my older games, which certainly resulted in a massive boost of traffic to my game pages here + a lot of new followers and supporters that I wouldn't have otherwise had :3 I doubt he'd play either of these 2 new ones though, haha. 

It sure would be nice to somehow earn a living from making games, but it's something that seems kinda impossible x3


The story is really great and I enjoyed it alot. It was nice to hear the characters talk and I feel like it added more to the story. Keep it up.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

(1 edit) (+1)

Oh man, I can't believe you actually got the troll ending on your first go xD I honestly thought I made that button disappear fast enough for it to be near impossible unless you knew it was gonna be there x3 but nope, you apparently have godlike gamer reflexes :P It's set to only be active for 0.65 of a second, haha. I missed it sometimes during testing when I intended to click it, and I knew it was gonna be there. Though, I do have the reaction speed of a grandma >.<"

But anyways, thanks so much for taking the time to play through it :3 I'm so glad you enjoyed it! And hope ya have a happy spooky season!!


I was so hyped for this one. Just the main menu has such a cool presentation, all the CGs are really nice and the voices matched the characters really well. 
The little variations between choices and the discovery of new memories were intriguing and the reveal at the end is just *chef's kiss*

I think you nailed what you were going for and it was a really fun game! 

Thank you thank you <3 I tried really hard to defeat my fear of UI design in this one xD butterflies everywhere! Fly, my pretties x3

Every time someone posted a CG in the team discord, I was like, oooo, *sparkly eyes* haha.

I kept thinking of you and your awesome art, and I said to some of the artists during the jam about how much art you did for Limbo Line last year and how insane it was with the workload! I'm honestly surprised your hand didn't drop off by the end of the jam >.<

And hooray for the chef's kiss ^-^ Makes me a happy bunny to know you enjoyed the game! Glad you think it turned out well :3 I kept questioning myself on the story side of things as to whether I had just sorta splurged a load of nonsense outta my head that didn't make much sense xD So it's a relief to hear you say that you think we nailed what we were going for there, haha.


This game is really cool. I love the art style and the atmosphere. It's all well thought out and put together. 10/10

Thanks so much for checking this one out too <3 Really glad you're enjoying it ^-^

I can only give a rough estimate of how much you've got left to go before reaching an ending cos like with The Graveyard Shift, I still haven't actually properly timed a playthrough yet >.< What I do know though is that you're over halfway through!

Hope you recover quickly from your cold and that you have an awesome week :3


You're welcome, I felt like I was close but I can only record so much because of my cold. I'll finish graveyard shift and this game as soon as I'm able to. And hope you have a great week as well. :)

Yeah, definitely, health should always come first! And it's not like the games are going anywhere :3 Hope you get well soon ^-^


I'm eager to finish them, I'll just have to be patient. Thanks again.


Have not played it yet, but so far I'm loving the overall style and the character designs <33

Glad you like the look of it :3 I hope you end up enjoying it if/when you do decide to play ^-^


I loved it! The art is beautiful (seriously, LOOK AT IT), the OST amazing (thank u so much for making an extra section so I can listen to the music on loop XD) and the script is interesting too. What i liked the most was the twist at the very end lol x3 that one 'silly' end was also great haha, so relatable. 

Also, there is an option to either take the medicine or not take it. I feel like there are no consequences either way, not sure if it's supposed to be like that 

Anyways, please play this game and see for yourself. As usual there's a lot of work and thought put into this just like in her other games <3 I am really astonished and admittedly jealous at how talented this creator is:')


I'm glad you enjoyed it ^-^ We absolutely worked our butts off to make it, haha. And it makes me so happy that you enjoyed the OST because trying to make tracks has been one of my favourite parts of making games ever since I first decided to give it a go during last year's otome jam :3 I don't know why, but it just brings me a lot of joy <3 I was thinking of trying to upload all my soundtracks to YouTube at some point, but that'll probably take me a while.

And I'm glad you liked those endings too :3 Yeah, I kinda had to put in at least one sorta silly/more upbeat ending because as much as I love horror and bleak stuff, I also like silly and spoopy stuff xD so I wanted to at least give players the opportunity to get a more lighthearted ending in there somewhere x3

Thanks so much for playing and for all your kind words! They're much appreciated ^-^

I guess I should probably talk about the medication stuff under a spoilers tag cos I'm bound to say something spoilery with how much I ramble x3 Sooo, yeah, uhm...


So with the take the pills or not choice, the consequences aren't really that dire. If you take them, they basically just knock her the heck out, haha. If Morgen doesn't take em and goes wandering about instead, that's when she finds Damme in the bath doing his thing, and he would really prefer that she didn't witness him doing that xD So he basically tries to get her to take the meds any time he needs to go about his business because he'd rather do that and have her sleep through it than have to keep locking her in a room all the time, or worse, have her discover what he's doing x3 I know it's not really very clear what is actually happening whenever Damme gets pissed off and we have black screens with Morgen gasping or shrieking, haha. But in that particular scene, he was basically just knocking her out to make her sleep and forget what she'd seen there.

So yeah, for refusing to take the meds, you get the bloodbath CG and that extra scene with Damme in the bath, but that's all. There are no other consequences whatsoever because no matter which option you choose, Morgen ends up knocked out and you just go to the dream/flashback scene in the woods.


Been looking for some VNs with horror elements since I'm kinda tired of seeing SoL lately and this one caught my eye.

This looks really interesting and I like the fact that it already includes blood in the warnings xD. Not sure what to feel about cannibalism yet but either way, can't wait to try this :)

I'm not going to lie, I am dreadful at knowing what things mean, so I had to Google SoL x3 It told me that it's slice of life, so if that's correct, then yeah, I'm not really into that much as a genre >.< I was fine with it back when I first discovered VNs, but I quickly lost interest once I began to find VNs with darker sorta themes, haha. Psychological horror is probably my all-time favourite genre in gaming and films :3 I love the sorta stuff that's really creepy and disturbing without necessarily being super gory or graphic!

Well, this certainly has horror elements, hehe. I suppose most of my games do really!  I don't know if what's in this will be the sort to scratch your itch with what you're looking for, but I hope you end up having fun if you do decide to play through this :3

I haven't had a chance to check any of them out yet because I'm still recovering from working my ass off for the jam, but I imagine that there are now a whole bunch of new and awesome VNs on itch with horror elements thanks to this year's Spooktober VN Jam just finishing :D


* reads description *

oh cool a sort of creepy VN

* sees "TW: Cannibalism" *


.... Now I'm especially tempted to know where on earth that could come in, based on just the plot description lol

Hehe x3 Honestly, it was one of the most fun moments of a game I have ever made so far xD I won't say too much cos I don't wanna spoil anything, but I was just sat there the entire time with a huge goofy grin on my face!

Also, I'm pretty awful at describing the plots of my games on the pages >.< I just never know what to put cos I'm always worried about rambling on too much and boring people or accidentally giving too much away T_T


 Haven't play it yet but it look interesting

I hope you will end up enjoying it if/whenever you do play it :3