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This is a short horror-themed jam game I created for the Halloween season as a creepy present! :3 Made in roughly 1 week.

You come home from a long day at work to find your partner cooking dinner for you, but something isn't quite right...


  • Choose your partner and pick from 2 different male or female voices
  • Gender-neutral (your partner will refer to you as 'they/them')
  • Timed choices + regular choices
  • Full voice acting (playing with headphones is recommended due to some 3D audio aspects)
  • 5 endings (3 'good' + 2 'bad')


Please note that due to the nature of the game, there are some things that people may find upsetting or disturbing, such as:

  •  Swearing/bad language 
  • Depictions of blood
  • General psychological horror themes
  • Themes of mental health
  • Possible gaslighting

Helpful Hint:

If replaying the game from the beginning in order to see all the different endings is too tedious, you can press the S key at most points in the game to save :3 Then you can reload and play from there. Sadly, if you save near to or during a timed choice, it can sometimes result in a bugged save, that when loaded, will cause the game to become very laggy for some reason >.<

Voice Talent:

Male Voice 01 - Anthony Rodriguez - anthonyrodriguezvo.com
Male Voice 02 - Seth Heart - twitter.com/SethHeartVA
Female Voice 01 - Danuta Marie - https://twitter.com/MinaMinaVA
Female Voice 02 - Lindsay Marie - https://www.castingcall.club/m/Lindsay%20Marie


Need help finding all the endings? This walkthrough spills the beans. Please note that it contains spoilers! You can find it here :3

Other Stuff:

For full credits, please see the text document within the game folder. 

There are probably some little bugs since I haven't had time to do extensive testing due to the submission deadline for the jam. I will post about any bugs I find when I get a chance. If you happen to spot any that I haven't listed, please let me know so I can add them + fix them :3 I don't have a mac to test on, so I have literally no idea if the mac version even runs >.< I know mac + Tyrano don't like each other very much though :( I know that using the skip text function can cause issues/crashing! Also, messing about with the volume controls in config can result in odd volume levels... I dunno why, I use Tyrano's default config options but they must be broken. I don't think quicksave or quickload work either for some reason (another Tyrano thing I dunno how to fix!)

I also want to say a huge thanks to the voice actors for volunteering their talent to help bring this project to life :D

Keyboard Shortcuts:

S = Save
L = Load
M = Open Menu
T = Return to title screen
A = Begin auto text mode
B = Open backlog
Spacebar = Skip text


If you enjoyed playing through the game (or even if you didn't xD), I'd really appreciate hearing your feedback in the comments + ratings are much appreciated too ^-^

If you need help with anything, or just wanna drop me a message about the game, feel free to post a comment, or send me an email: melancholicmarionette@gmail.com

You're welcome to buy me a coffee, or support other projects I'm working on by becoming a patron :3 

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(113 total ratings)
AuthorMelancholy Marionette
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withTyranoBuilder
TagsDark, Halloween, Horror, LGBT, Mystery, Psychological Horror, Romance, Short, yandere
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Impostor - (Male Voices Version) - Windows.zip 122 MB
Impostor - (Female Voices Version) - Windows.zip 115 MB
IMPOSTOR - Music Box.zip 33 MB

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Please, help!!! How can i pass that puzzle with the letters??? When i reloaded it was a different letter...

I'm probably not going to be able to help much, but I'll repost the other comment I put on the guide to the same question >.<should have the It can be a bit clunky though >.< If it won’t work, you might have to reload an older save or something :( 

Sadly, the engine I used to make this years ago was a bit dodgy, which is why I switched to something else after x3

Thanks for checking out the game btw! :3

This is the copy/paste comment:

I’m not really sure if I can help because it all worked when I tested it years ago, and I saw some people play through it on YouTube and complete the puzzle >.<

Unfortunately, I can’t even take a look at the files cos this project is so old I don’t use the same engine anymore + I lost the original project files years ago :( 

I do hope to completely remake it from scratch in the engine I use now though at some point :3 With any luck, that will make it less clunky! Cos the engine I originally used to make it was kinda buggy >.< That’s why I switched to something else after I finished Impostor, haha. 

Thank you for checking out the game though :3 And sorry I can’t be of more help >.<

(edit: also, this probably still isn't of much help... but if you do happen to press 1 wrong button during the puzzle, anything you press after that will be automatic failure pretty much >.<

So, for example, you press 'K' first, it will buzz for wrong, you then try to press 'I', but that will still be wrong because it's already looking for the 'M' at that point rather than the 'I'. If that makes any sense.

Basically, you have to get every single one right in the right order. If you click 1 wrong, you would need to reload from a point before the puzzle began and start again or it will always end as failed >.<)


what a great game!! it was short and sweet but i actually grew really attached to our partner! regardless of what the "truth" is, they really do love deeply, and that was conveyed so well

Thanks so much for checking it out :D I still really need to get around to remaking this in the engine I use nowadays so it’s less clunky, haha. The problem is, I lost the original files, so it will have to be done from scratch >.< haha.


oh no! well if you do remake it, i’ll def be one of the firsts to play : )


Will there ever be a story explained post? I played the game a while back and wanted to know why the husband acted the way he did 


Firstly, thanks so much for playing the game :3 And as for an explanation post, tbh, I’d never thought of making one x3 I guess cos it was made in under a week and it was the 2nd game I ever made, it just didn’t really occur to me to include anything like that at the time >.<

I think I might’ve answered a few questions in older comments though when asked about what inspired the game and the different motivations of the character, but I never actually made a proper post about it >.<

Nowadays, I try to include stuff like that within the extras sections of my games. I would like to remake this one at some point since it’s so old and clunky, so maybe if I ever get around to remaking it with Naninovel, I’ll try to include something like that in the extras :3

The short answer though is that the game was inspired by something I learned about at the time called Capgras Syndrome. It’s something quite rare that makes the person believe that their loved ones have been replaced by doubles/impostors. So that was where the idea for it started.


That’s not the definitive reason for the character’s behaviour though, as I prefer to leave stuff like that up for interpretation x3 That’s why there are a couple of endings in there that lean more towards the husband/wife actually being right in their belief rather than it being a delusion.


That's very interesting! Thank you for answering!


I wish this game was longer I loved it even though I was so confused


I dont remember ifd i writed a comment so NICE GAME that all.
I absolutely love to be a bad guy in games so your game is perfect for me pls do more of this i beg youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Hehe, well, I’m glad you had fun with this one too :3 Thanks for playing it <3


fun and spooky!! had a great time, maybe I'll go back and snag all of the endings to see what else I put my poor wife through

Glad you had fun with it :3 Thanks for checking it out! Definitely gotta get round to remaking it someday now that I’m using a different engine! Hopefully, I can make it less clunky, haha.

i wanted to play but it isnt compatible with wine on deb 11 but either way i bet it wouldve been a good game

Ah, man, well, that sucks >.< I guess it probably doesn’t help that the game is pretty old now. I don’t even use the same engine to make stuff anymore x3 But still, I don’t really know much about wine, so maybe even if I remade it in the engine I use now, it might still not work :( Thanks for checking the project out though! :3


yeah, im trying to think of an idea for a game about being trans but its pretty difficult, i just appreciate the fact that there are games about being lgbtqia+!

It really is incredible how many lgbtqia+ games there are, especially indie games :3 Actually, I’m probably too late to say this now, but have you heard of the Queer Games Bundle before? It has a huuuuge range of indie games that are made by queer developers and while not every single game in the bundle is specifically focused on lgbtqia+ stuff, a lot of them are :3 If you didn’t know about it and it’s too late to buy it (I think it ended the other day, unfortunately >.<) you can still always browse what was in it to see if you might like to check any of them out cos some of them in there are free like mine ^-^ You can find it here: https://itch.io/b/1812/queer-games-bundle-2023-with-10-option

That’s what’s so beautiful about the indie dev scene, the fact that devs are so diverse and can make games about anything :3 My games aren’t really about being lgbtqia+ but I always do my best to be as inclusive as I can. For example, I tend to write my characters with no particular gender or sexuality in mind, including the protagonist, so that I can then give players the option to choose a masculine or feminine voice for their love interests if the game features romance :D That way, you can play as whatever you want to play as, and you’re free to choose what type of relationship you want to pursue.


Wooooow came here especially, I heard that this game is very scary(*´I`*)is it?

I mean I guess that depends on each individual person x3 If someone were asking me personally, I'd say no xD based on the fact that I adore horror, consume a lot of it in many forms, and generally don't find any video games or movies to be scary, haha.

Then there's the fact that this game is psychological horror, so whether or not it creeps a person out really depends on how unnerved they get by that sorta thing. Cos it's not got jump scares and mega gore or anything. Some people find psychological horror terrifying, and others aren't phased by it at all x3 So yeah, what might be super scary to one person could be totally tame to someone else. I suppose that's the joy of the horror genre in general :D


ohhhh thank u for your reply(˵¯͒〰¯͒˵)sorry i forgot to check the message you send me,its been a long time


Got all 5 endings, and loved the game. The title screen was super nice and the VAs from both male and female sides were great.

A few things that could have done better would have been skippable fades, and title screen animation.


Woo! Thanks so much for playing ^-^ So glad you enjoyed it!

Honestly, there's a lot more than that which could have been done better really x3 including the UI appearance in general, haha. It was all very rushed since it was made in just under a week, and it definitely shows x3 I had hoped to remake it at some point in the engine that I use nowadays cos that would help with some of the clunky issues from the old engine + I could make it look a bit better aesthetically overall now that I have a lot more experience making games! The trouble is that there is never enough time to do everything I'd like to T_T haha.


Hello there! Me and my wife streamed this last night and had a lot of fun with it! We got all 5 endings, haha.

I absolutely love the title screen; it was what drew me in the most, and is what makes the game unsettling right off the bat.

What were your inspirations/influences when conceiving of this piece if you don't mind me asking? (I see a lot of Doki Doki, for sure)

Hey hey! Well, that's great to hear :3 Thanks so much for playing and I'm glad you guys had fun with it :D

It seems like so long ago since I made it >.< haha. It was put together in a big rush in around a week for Scream Jam a few years back. It's in dire need of a remake really now that I use different software to make stuff cos I know this old thing is a little buggy here and there!

That makes me really happy to hear you like the title screen :3 I had very little experience with UI at the time of making it since I'd only released one other game before this one. I tried to do something simple but effective. Because of only having around a week to write up a script and make the whole thing, I didn't really pay too much attention to any of the UI just because I knew there wasn't really time to try and make it look pretty, haha.

It's interesting that you mention Doki Doki considering I've still yet to play that one myself! But it's not the first time someone's mentioned it in relation to this project, haha. I've managed to largely avoid spoilers for the game so far in case I do end up playing it at some point, so I don't know for certain what the link between the two would be, but I've heard things about Doki Doki without seeing total spoilers that I wonder if that's what it could be, haha. I won't say what it is here though for fear of potentially spoiling this x3

What I can say though is that the project was largely inspired by a mixture of my love for psychological horror, and the fact that I had recently listened to an episode on Darkfield Radio called Double! I'd been a Darkfield fan for a little while, and Double was extremely interesting to me. It's probably still one of my favourites from the Radio series, though, I've only listened to each of them once since they're pay per show and I'm not rich, haha,, so it's hard to say for sure! It's not the first time I had come across Capgras delusion in media though.

At the time, I had joined Scream Jam pretty late. I'm a huge fan of Halloween and spooky season in general, but that year we were in the midst of lockdown due to the Covid pandemic, which meant Halloween was essentially canceled>.< I didn't want spooky season to pass me by without any sort of celebration, so when I came across Scream Jam and saw it focused on creating horror games, I leaped at the chance to give it a go! It's just I was kind of late to the party, and since I knew I only had about a week to create and submit something by the jam deadline (on a truly terrible, super slow laptop, of all things xD), I knew I had to keep the scope as small as possible!

With Double fresh in my mind, I thought I'd bounce off of that and just run with it. It was only thanks to my amazing voice actor friend, Anthony (who provided the voice for one of the male characters and found the actors who played the others) that I was able to pull it off in time :3


among us sus sussy baki




I think I got stuck in a "Bad End" loop; I solved the puzzle, though (with a bit of help from all my experience playing Jumble) even if it wasn't much use in the end. That's not to say I didn't enjoy myself; it was an interesting story, and one I'll have to look up the Good Ends for at some point.

I'm not really sure you can consider any of the endings good ones really x3 but there are definitely some that are better or at least a little less bleak than others, haha. Honestly, it's been so long since I made this that I can't actually remember what's supposed to happen if you solve the puzzle other than that it is supposed to lead to one of the better endings if you do solve it successfully, and lead to one of the crappier endings if you fail to solve it >.< But I do remember it was a little buggy in general. Not just during the puzzle but for other parts of the game too! I would have fixed stuff like that, but I made the whole thing in under a week on this AWFUL laptop that pretty much died shortly after the game was uploaded xD And being the idiot that I am, I hadn't backed up the files either T_T 

I do want to remake it in the new software that I use these days because a bunch of the little niggling bugs in it were down to stuff that was broken in the old engine I used (one of the main reasons I stopped using it, haha). But yeah, with it being a fairly short game, it shouldn't be toooooo bad to remake it from scratch. It's just finding the time to actually do it, haha. I wasn't really expecting it to get many plays, so it was super low priority x3 But now whenever I see that someone has played it, I sorta feel like I should push it higher up my to-do list cos I know how buggy and hastily put together the whole thing was, and I would prefer to give players a better experience :3

Anyways, thanks so much for checking it out and taking the time to comment ^-^


I played this game,  all i can tell that it is indeed worth it. It's a game that makes you think, a very nice game. There is a horror aspect too, play this game if you're a fan of a logical - horror type of game. Good job to the people who made it! Kudos.

So glad you had fun with it :3 Thank you for the kind words <3 Psychological horror is my favourite genre of horror ^-^


Definitely a game that gets you thinking. 

Cheers for checking it out! It's one of my oldest (and most hastily made in just under 7 days x3) games, so I'm always surprised to see anyone download or play it, haha. Unfortunately, it's a tad clunky because of how fast I had to make it (it was for a game jam, I didn't set myself such a crazy deadline without a reason xD) but also because the engine I used for it had a host of problems at the time >.< It's why that was the last thing I made in it before switching engines to something smoother x3 And I noticed you encountered a problem with some of the timed choices towards the end! Also, some of the load times, like for the letters puzzle, were horrific, and again, that's the sorta issues I was up against with the engine, but I believe they've done a lot of work on it since then! I just switched though because I couldn't stand it anymore. I really should get around to just remaking this in the new engine so that anyone who does happen to play it can have a less clunky experience.

And you're absolutely right about there being multiple endings :3 I reckon the one for solving the letters puzzle is probably my favourite one, but I dunno. It's been a while since I made the darn thing, so I might be remembering wrong, haha.

I had to laugh when you said something like: “It's making shower noises but the bath is quite clearly full”xD Yep, the joys of not being able to art to save my life and having to use backgrounds from asset packs, haha. I wish I could be one of those amazing devs that can draw, write, and put everything together T_T

Anyways, thanks for playing it :3 It was really awesome to see/hear a fellow British person play! Forgive me if you're not British though >.< It was just your accent sounded like it was, haha. Also, loving your name! As you can probably tell from my own moniker, I have a thing for alliteration x3 Hope you had a happy Halloween + that your November is brilliant!


I honestly wouldn't have known the puzzles were glitched if you hadn't of mentioned it; I just thought I did something wrong. If you do decide to remake it, I'd love to give it a go =)

I really enjoyed the game, really got me wondering whether I was the impostor or not XD It really played with my head. Yes, I am British =) And thank you, had to check out your name after reading your comment and yours is totally awesome!

I really appreciated your in-depth feedback; it was a joy to read and was also lovely that the developer (Obviously you XD) replied like a real human unlike some developers who aren't that way inclined (If that makes sense XD). 

I think even if you get all the endings, it's still up to the player to decide which one they think is the true one, if any of them x3 I do love psychological horror more than any other genre of horror though, so to hear that it succeeded with messing with your head means a lot, haha.

Maybe I'm not a real human though... I might be an impostor x3 But nah, I get what you mean :3 I always try my best to reply to everything properly even if it takes me a while sometimes, haha. I just feel like if someone was kind enough to take the time to play through any of my stuff and leave some sort of comment or feedback, then I want to make an effort to show my gratitude and just interact in general ^-^ Cos it really does mean a lot that anyone takes time out of their day to say something. The problem is that I get easily overwhelmed, so sometimes I struggle to manage everything, haha.

I don't know how other devs deal with that sort of stuff, but I can kind of see why some stay silent or are brief in their responses. I can't bring myself to be like that though x3 I just really want folks to know how much I appreciate them taking the time to say something :3 Maybe it's my ASD or the fact that I'm extremely socially isolated that makes it so important to me, I dunno, haha.


i feel a little sussy lately

Hehe :D


This was a great game! I made a two-part video of it (no commentary or anything though). I included just one of the endings in an attempt to get more people to play the game because it was really good! :)

Here is the first part of my version, the second part will be coming very soon:


Now I'm off to...discover everything else this game is hiding...

Woo! So glad you had fun with it :3 I see you got what is probably my favourite ending, haha. The ol' reverse psychology x3 That's really sweet of you to hold back on showing all endings as well :3

I don't look at analytics here on itch very often since it can often be depressing xD but I think your video must have encouraged some people to check the game out because I see on the graph that it was only getting like 13-15 downloads daily for quite some time now, and then on 19th October there was a spike in both views and downloads (went up to 43 downloads on 19th) and also itch tells me where people are coming to the game page from, and it says 120 clicks from YouTube :D There's no way that can be a coincidence!

But yeah, really glad you enjoyed it :3 I sometimes wonder if maybe my older games might look a bit crappy compared to my newer ones since switching engines and gaining more experience in general, so it's always nice to know if someone's had fun with one of my older projects ^-^ Really appreciate you taking the time to check it out, make the vid, and for your lovely comment <3

Oh, and btw, I really love that outro music that you used, haha. I feel like that could've worked pretty well for the in-game credits!

Haha, I doubt the views and downloads went up because of me, I'm not some big youtube star after all. But  I'm glad more people checked out your game because I very much enjoyed it!

I always include only one ending in my playthroughs of games with multiple endings, it's like my little token of gratitude for developers. You know, leaving whoever sees my version a bit hungry and wondering "Well what else is there? What else could have happened?" so they might go download the game too to discover the things left unseen. :)

I did enjoy this game quite a bit so I will be back for more... ;)

Hmm, well, ya never know!  I guess maybe some of it could also have been from a piece of writing that was done on it recently, but at the same time, the 120 clicks from YouTube had to have come from YouTube only :3 As with all of my games, the views are always a lot higher than the downloads xD I really wish I could climb inside people's brains to find out what made them click on the page, and then what made them decide, nah, this isn't for me, and then leave without downloading, haha.

That's a really good way of doing things :3 My brother said he wishes everyone who streams or makes video playthroughs of games, especially indie ones, would do that. Cos he likes watching playthroughs of stuff, but he doesn't wanna be completely spoiled for all content or endings in case he does end up wanting to check the game out himself. He said that sometimes he's kept watching stuff cos he's entertained, and then before he knows it, everything is revealed and it's too late to unsee it all x3

Thanks again! :3

(1 edit) (+1)

I don't think I can get this game to work. Game just won't start. I'm guessing it's because I'm on windows 11?

EDIT: Yeah, seems to be the case. I got it running by going into properties and compatibility shooter.


Oh, well, that's interesting :o I wonder if that's the reason someone was unable to get a different older game of mine to open! It was my first game they were having issues with, and both that one and this one were made in Tyranobuilder, which I no longer use because I got fed up with various bugs in the engine and lack of updates x3 I'll have to see if I can find them and tell them what you did in case it helps them get the other game working!

Thanks for letting me know :3 I know those 2 games are old now, but I didn't realise they were so out of date that they have compatibility issues, haha.


came because amongus


I certainly felt like an impostor right from the start when the partner mentions the player working hard. That doesn't sound like meat all, who's life am I living? 



Well if i didn't know i was aromantic before, I can be pretty sure now. 


It was REALLY interresting ! I had so much theory and im happy to see that the one i  was sure about was the right one haha !

I only played the dude one so idk if anything change with the girl but anyway, the voice actor was really good i kinda prefere the first one (on the left) but only bc i thought that it match the character design better :)

maybe the only hick i could point out was that there are not that much of dialogue between the characters and the mc but its okay it doesnt ruin the experience!

I had a hard time finding all the endings but it was funny to watch every one of them. (especially the one when we say "heh he really fell for that" IT WAS LITERALLY WHAT I WAS THINKING LOL)

Thank you for creating and sharing this for free! I'll give it a 4/5 stars !

So glad you had fun with it :D The jam I made it for was sort of a last-minute decision to jump in and make something spooky, haha. It was a 2-week jam, but by the time I wound up joining, 1 week had already gone x3 And I was trying to think what I could make in a week when I remembered this creepy short audio play that I listened to about a person with Capgras syndrome, so I used that as inspiration :3

Nothing changes in the dialogue or anything no matter which version you pick :3 It's literally just the voice acting that's different. Well, and the sprite, of course, haha.

Trust me, I would love to have written more dialogue cos dialogue is my absolute favourite thing to write, hehe. I just didn't have time cos I had to come up with a script in like a day x3 and then spend the rest of the week putting the game together on my awful potato laptop that almost died in the process xD

I'm glad you enjoyed it still anyways :3 Thanks so much for taking the time to play and comment with such kind words :D


could you release your games for mobile too They look good but i cant play due to no android versions 


I would really love to be able to, but I'm gonna need help from someone who has more knowledge about exporting Nani x Unity games to mobile than I do cos I've tried to do it in the past and failed :(

I tried to port my old games to android back when I used Tyrano, and even though I followed all the instructions step by step, the test apk didn't even open >.< so I have no idea what went wrong. I left it alone, and then when I switched engines to Nani x Unity, I tried again, hoping it would go more smoothly, but nope, still didn't work. 

The crazy thing is, it says it's simple to do T_T evidently not simple enough for me, haha. I could really do with someone actually physically here with me to show me wtf I'm doing wrong >.<


well no problem if u cant i will try watch your games from youtube Thanks for reply tho ^-^

(1 edit) (+1)

Like all your other games... fantastic. Would love to play much more games from you! Keep up the really good work!

(1 edit) (+1)

Aww, so glad you like this one :3 It's my fastest made game cos I only had just under a week when I decided to try and do something for scream jam, haha. I should probably remake it properly at some point in the new engine I'm using x3 Thanks so much for playing it! 

Also, loving those thumbnail goggle eyes xD


Thanks! You make amazing games! Remember that


I like the concept! I did find it quite buggy, unfortunately. The text entry bit took me a while because it kept refusing to accept the answer.


It's been a while, but I do remember it being somewhat buggy, yeah x3 I only had just under 1 week to make it, and the engine itself had some really irritating bugs at the time with practically non-existent help from the engine devs (though that may have changed by now!) The buggyness of Tyrano is the main reason I decided to stop using it after I made Impostor and switched to Nani x Unity instead, which I feel works much better. Tyrano was great to start out with though! 

I would've gone back to try and fix the bugs, but I kinda just didn't want to have to work with Tyrano anymore >.< I felt like I'd rather just completely remake the game in Unity instead, and I still hope to at some point, along with the first game I ever made with Tyrano cos that also suffers from random bugs in the engine that I no clue how to fix. Things like text skipping causing crashes. Cos I had nothing to do with the code for skipping. That's built into the engine. Leaving me clueless as to how to fix it since I'm not a coder >.<

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to check it out :3 


That makes sense! Using a buggy engine is hell.


just finished playing this! I tried every ending because I was soo curious and I love the idea xD I think the best one , since I can't say the 3 good endings are really good , is when you choose " I love you!" By the way i wonder if you will answer but , are we the impostor smh? because we possessed his girlfriend by playing 

Thanks so much for checking the game out! Glad you had fun with it :3 

Yeeeeah, the 'good' endings aren't really all that good x3 I guess it depends on perspective, but they're all kinda bleak, haha. 

Sorry I'm so slow to answer your question anyhow >.< I just haven't really been on my PC this month. I'm typing this now on my phone. But yeah, I kinda wanted to leave it up to the player to decide which ending they think/would prefer to be the truth, so in the end, it's up to whatever you want to believe. However, that one ending in particular where you get that little bonus scene when you reopen the game is absolutely suggesting that the player is the impostor :3 You don't have to take that particular ending as the truth though. 


1 word to describe this game

Awesome :)

I haven't had a chance to watch the video properly yet, but thank you so much for playing! :3 And glad you enjoyed it ^-^


Nice game bruh.. if i have more money maybe i will give you as a thank you from me for made this game.. keep it up>-<

Glad you liked it :3 And don't worry about money x3 you should treat yourself instead ^-^ Thanks for playing! 



5 stars across the board 10/10 just amazing. loved every second of it and ngl our husband doubling down and saying he loves us and not the thing was so enthralling! bravo!

Glad you enjoyed it :3 It was made in a pretty big hurry since I only had 7 days to come up with something and finish it, but it was a lot of fun to work on (even if I had to make most of it on my awful laptop that was so slow to use I wanted to throw it out the window xD) Thanks for taking the time to check it out and leave a comment!


There's no among us.


The most tragic thing is that when people first started commenting 'sus' on this, I had to Google wtf it meant/what they were referencing cos I didn't even know Among Us was a thing xD If I had known, I probably would've tried to name this project something else, haha. But oh well! My friend was like, how the heck do you not know about Among Us, everyone is playing it?! And she invited me to join her, but I'm not really into multiplayer games these days cos I mainly game for solo story-based escapism x3 So it's just one of those games that flew right past my radar >.<



it's fine that you didn't know what among us is.



This was so good, the voice acting is amazing! I honestly didn't know if I could even trust myself, great job!!! 

That thumbnail is amazing xD

I just watched it and man, you had me laughing with your reactions x3 That's how I end up talking to the characters when I'm on like my 5th round of testing, haha. I just can't help but giving em some sass as I slowly lose my mind >.< That part though where you picked the option to say you weren't an impostor, he shouts “Fuuuuck!” you start laughing, then he had a go at you for laughing in his face. Ahh, the timing was so great that I couldn't help but laugh out loud myself x3

I think the ending you got there was probably one of the worst endings x3 Not that there's really a good ending to this, haha. They're all varying degrees of screwed up I guess >.< I suppose one of em could maybe be considered a good or happy ending, but it all depends on what way you wanna view the situation after seeing the stuff that's gone on in each of the endings.

I'm glad you enjoyed it anyhow :3 Thanks so much for playing, leaving a comment, and linking to the video! Much appreciated ^-^


omg thank you so much!!! I really enjoyed the game so much and yes got in some good laughs which  I always enjoy.  


Mein Gott... I wasn't ready for the revelations.....

This was definitely a treat, I can't help but feel slightly disturbed yet amazed at the game. Specially the mechanics in which she speaks to me on the left and to me on the right. Great game great writing and the VA gave it their all~

Thanks for this lovingly scary game.

All endings have been achieved and I can't wait for more of your works!


Haha, well, I'm glad you liked it :3 It's a little rough around the edges because of the jam's time limit + that was the last thing I made in that engine before finally deciding to switch to something else after tiring of all its bugs and stuff that were never fixed >.<

I wanted to try and go for a more sorta unnerving/disturbing psychological vibe with it. Again, without the VA, it just wouldn't have been the same, and I'm so grateful to Anthony for helping me not only with his awesome voice acting but also in putting together a cast for the game for me at super short notice. I owe all the voice actors a lot!

The audio in one ear trick is something I started trying to include in stuff as soon as I started making VNs because I had previously listened to a lot of drama CDs that utilise dummy head mics. What I would give to be able to afford to buy dummy head mics for any of the Vas I work with xD They're crazy expensive, but they capture sound in a super realistic way. Imagine the speaking in the ear in Impostor, but like 100x more realistic, haha. All I can do is try my best to sort of replicate it! It works best if I ask a VA to whisper certain lines, kinda like with ASMR stuff I suppose.

Fun fact, the idea for it came from me learning about the condition called Capgras Syndrome/Capgras Delusion.

I'm hoping to make a game for a different spooky jam this year, but it'll be a very different style I think!











Deleted post








Deleted post



I love playing games and i thought you might like to know a youtuber called Manlybadasshero played your game not to long ago.


That's really sweet of you to take the time to drop by and let me know :3 Thank you!

I did manage to find out because one morning I woke up to find that my dev page views here had gone from less than 100 to thousands overnight xD I was very, very confused as to what on earth could have caused it until someone sent me an email with a link to the video, haha.

It's amazing what a huge difference it makes to have someone popular like that sharing your stuff because I'm very social media shy, so I'm terrible at promoting my games and I'm still a relatively unknown dev x3 That was a really lovely surprise!


Heya ! I said I'd post a reply a while ago... I know I'm a  bit late haha

Anyway, what can I say ? I loved it ! ^^


Pretty sprites, cool voices... Really liked the concept in itself ! I was completly convinced that she/he was the Impostor ^^ I found 3 endings I think, but since there are apparently more I'll check it out again :)


Hey :3 Ahh, no worries, haha. I forget to do things all the time cos I have this terrible habit of completely losing track of time >.< I'll tell myself, I must remember to do X thing tomorrow. Then I forget, think that only a few days have passed, but it turns out it's been more like a few weeks o.O

I'm super glad you loved it anyhow :3 It's a little rough around the edges with having to rush for the jam deadline, but I had so much fun making it!

I owe a lot to the amazing voice actors who helped me out with it because, without them, it just wouldn't be the same!

Reading your comment, I realised I never did make a walkthrough for this >.< I probably should have done that a long time ago actually. Think I'll get on that sometime this weekend x3 Thanks again for playing + your kind words!

(1 edit) (+1)

Haha, glad we're on the same page about this ! It can be so annoying TwT

I loved it anyways ! It was still pretty smooth in my opinion ^^

Yes, they're really cool ! I actually wanted to do voice acting when I was a bit younger, I can do Light Yagami's laugh >:3

Oh, really ? I thought you had one actually ?? Wait a sec:


Isn't this a walkthrough ? Also you're very welcome ! Your game was really interesting, I don't regret downloading it at all ^w^


Well, the very fact that you pulled up a walkthrough that I'd completely forgotten I'd written just proves how bad my forgetfulness is xD Jeez, I'm terrible, haha. 

You should still give voice acting a go if you feel like it! Check out CCC and BTVA cos they're great places to find all sorts of projects to audition for :D

I'd love to try and make more stuff like this where it's kinda like a hybrid audio drama/VN :3 I'm supposed to be working on my longer game projects, but I keep getting distracted by game jams >.< hehe.

Thank you again ^-^


I just woke up but, i just wanted to say that I'm really glad more people are playing your games^.^ and I'm sure Manly would love to play your other games too. So I hope that happens. I also can't wait till your next games and your other games you will finish too

(1 edit) (+1)

That's super sweet of you to say :3 Thank you very much for all your kind words! I guess Manly might get a kick outta DD since it's sort of a similar style to Impostor, haha. I'm pretty exhausted from just managing to finish my otome jam 2021 game in time for the deadline, but I do hope to participate in another jam later this year + hopefully release updates for a couple of my main projects too :3

Haha, don't worry lmao, I'd do the exact same thing X)

Thanks a lot, I may try, tho idk, as a minor, if my parents will apreciate >~<

I really like these games so it wouldn't bother me tbh ^^ Do whatever you like most, tho can't say I'm not thrilled for longer games :D

You're very welcome ^w^


This was a great game that I'm glad I came across. Looking forward to trying out your other games.


I'm really glad you enjoyed it :3 thanks for taking the time to play and comment! I hope you enjoy my other stuff too :D


You lookin real sussy


kinda sus

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