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This game doesn't launch on windows.

It works fine on Windows for me on both my PC and our family potato laptop >.< Could it possibly be a compatibility issue? I only ask because this is my oldest game, made in an engine I no longer use, and someone recently commented on one of my other old games made in the same engine saying that it didn't work for them on Windows 11 until they went into properties and ran the compatibility shooter, so you could try that I guess. If that doesn't work, I'd need a lot more information about what's happening to try and get to the bottom of why it won't run for you, and even then, I still likely wouldn't be able to fix it because, as I said, I don't use that engine anymore :(

I am trying soo hard yet I am still not being able to play... each time I try to open the game from the folder I keep getting a message on something called nodewebkit or so and it keeps on telling me, "cannot extract package"... I have enough memory, its not my antivirus, I have even tried other methods etc etc... Do you have any suggestions? :(

Hey! Sorry my reply is so slow >.< I'm working on some stuff for Spooktober VN Jam again this year, so I haven't really been checking here since  I've been super busy with that.

I don't suppose you managed to get it to work in the end?

Unfortunately, there probably isn't any advice I can offer, which sucks :( I know that what you said it a common-ish problem with games made in Tyranobuilder because back when I used that engine, I was searching for answers myself and came across several support threads on their Steam pages from other devs asking the same thing. As far as I'm aware, it was never fixed >.< The devs of the engine just said to people, yeah, that happens sometimes and we don't really know why, but usually it fixes itself... It was that sort of attitude towards fixing bugs in the engine that made me decide to stop using it (among other reasons.)

So yeah, I have no idea why it does that for some people and not for others :( Are you on windows or mac? Cos I think it probably happens to more people on mac, though I've seen it can still happen to windows users. All I know is that you're not even supposed to see the nodewebkit bit. The game is just meant to launch when you click the exe >.< If the nodewebkit thing is coming up, something has somehow gone very wrong.

I can't even do any investigating because I don't use the engine anymore >.< I made SR and Impostor with it, then got fed up with how buggy it was and switched to Nani x Unity. So I'm sorry I can't be of more help :( It really sucks to be powerless to do anything when someone actually wants to check out one of my games >.<


There is no need to apologise. After all, I am quite late as well :') . Ah well, that is a shame. I was looking forward to your game. Guess I will settle for your other games... which seem to be amazing! Also,  I wish you best of luck for the stuff you are working on! Do not overwork yourself though.  :) 

Thank you for the reply!

Yeah, sorry about that though that I wasn't able to help you get it working :( It really sucks! I hope my more recent games that I've made since switching engines will work for you at least x3 especially since I just released another two for Spooktober VN Jam yesterday!

And thank you :3 I kinda did massively overwork myself throughout September for the jam, which is why I'm so late to respond again x3 but now that it's over, I definitely plan to take it easier and try to rest up and recover :3

Hope you get to have a happy and spoopy October!!

Hey there! Sorry to make this random reply 2 months later, but someone posted something in the IMPOSTOR comments that made me wonder if it might possibly make a difference in getting this to open for you since both SR and that were made with the same engine :3

The person said that they couldn't get IMPOSTOR to open and that they're on Windows 11. They said that they went into properties and did the compatibility troubleshooter, which solved the problem and it opened fine for them after that!

It might not work for your situation with this one, but I figured I'd give you a shout just in case :3


….. Let us ignore the fact that I am replying this late. Thank you for your suggestion! It did not work, but I could have done something wrong. I will try again later and inform you if things do change! Thank you for your consideration! 

Also, I played 'Dawn of the damned' recently and I must say your work is wonderful! I really enjoyed the plotline and the design of the game is really gorgeous! I will soon be playing 'The graveyard shift' as well.  Thank you for all your efforts and take care! :D

Don't worry about that x3 my replies are almost always late, haha. I'm dreadful at managing to keep up with everything because I just get overwhelmed far too easily, and then it's like my brain short circuits and I have to wait for it to reboot xD

That sucks that it didn't work >.< Now I'm wondering how many people might be trying to play it only for it to not even run for them :( If it were quick, I'd just remake the whole thing in the new engine as it is, but even if I didn't change a single thing, it'd probably still take me months to do that >.<

That's awesome though, so glad you enjoyed Dawn of the Damned :3 It was a lot of fun to make! Hope you end up enjoying The Graveyard Shift too! Thanks for your kind words ^-^

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yandere femboy bf and weeks worth of gameplay for free.... easily 10/10 and one of my faves on itchio :3


Aww, that's so great to hear! I'm really glad you enjoyed it ^-^ Even though it's been quite some time since I released it, my dad actually said to me again this weekend just gone, I still can't believe you released a game of that length for free xD I've lost track of the number of times he's said that over the years, haha. I'm just overjoyed that anyone is still playing and having fun with it!! Back when I was making it, I kinda just figured only a few of my friends would play it! That it would go unnoticed by the rest of the world x3


your dad's right and he sounds so incredibly sweet, i wish you both good health! i saw my friend play a commercial vn that costs $10 and they completed it + all the endings in just under a day lol.. huge waste of money, and it just reminded me of this game and how much more fun i had for free xD the selfish uni student part of me that knows i couldnt have played it if it costed money is really happy that it's free, but i also cant deny that it's worth more than most commercial games i've seen playthroughs of.. also, i know people have asked about why kuro physically looks so feminine, but i actually like him that way and that's why (among other reasons ofc) detective kuro and ??? kuro r my faves!! also looking forward to seeing more of the architect!


He really is, bless him, and thanks :3 Yeah, my brother has said he's bought stuff before (though not VNs, just indie games in general) that has cost around the same and he's finished it all in one night, and then been a bit disappointed.

I mean, when it comes to big commercial releases, I can't even afford to buy games new anymore xD Been priced out, haha. I'm waiting to play The Quarry, but I just can't afford to spend more than £30 max on a game and they release at like £50 nowadays >.<

Anyways, I'm just glad you enjoyed SR and happy that you think it's worth more than some of the commercial VNs out there :3 It sure would be nice if I could somehow make a living making stuff like that, but it seems as though that's unlikely to ever be a possibility with the way things work in my country and my personal circumstances :( 

I'm glad you like Kuro's feminine look! I was kinda annoyed that I had to make him that way initially, but as I worked on the project, the sprites kinda grew on me, haha. Then I couldn't imagine him looking any other way. 

Oh, and if you haven't already checked it out, Archie does make a brief appearance in Apartment No 9 (otome version), but it's quite a depressing sorta story in that one with a lot of trigger warnings, so it's probably not worth doing all the stuff required to see Archie if the story doesn't sound like your cup of tea, haha. 


Question for a new player: is there any way to turn off the voice acting but not the sound effects or background music? I've always felt more comfortable when I can just read the dialogue aloud in my head, and I don't want to fully turn off the music or sound effects unless there's no other option


Thanks for checking out the game :3 As far as I can remember, you'd have to turn off all SFX to get the voices muted as well. Don't quote me on it, but I think you can still keep the BGM volume up. It's been so long that I can't quite remember though >.< I just remember the fact that at the time of making the game, Tyranobuilder (the engine I used to make it) had no option built-in to let a dev differentiate voice acting from other SFX, so I think it all had to go in the same category, unfortunately! 

It's one of the many reasons why I wound up switching to using a different engine in the end, cos with what I use now, not only can I put the voice acting on a separate channel to SFX, but I can even easily add individual volume sliders for each character, which is sooo much better! But yeah, it's not an option in SR, sadly :(


I see... thanks for the reply anyhow! :D


This game was really fun! I really loved the '???' route but the princess and mage routes were close to my heart too. The Kuro in the mage route was my favourite yandere, but the soft fox yandere in the princess route was really lovely too. The school route was the shortest but I really loved the everyday feel and Lana really warmed my heart even though we couldn't have much screentime with her. I would have loved to see more of Shiro and the original MC/Anathema together, I really liked their story and wish that we could see more of their backstory. Shiro was so cool and I can see how strong his love was, and the good endings where we saw sneak peeks of him melted my heart - I just wanted to give a big hug to him. By the way, who is '???' and why are they always calling out for Anathema?

Glad you enjoyed it :3 And that's awesome that you liked the contrasting mage and princess route Kuros :D I really wanted there to be at least 1 softer, much calmer version of Kuro in there while still making sure he was a yandere, haha. I was worried that the whole princess route might come off as boring compared to the other routes though >.< so that's great you still had fun with it!

The student route is the first route I ever wrote for the game, which I guess is why it came out so much shorter than the others + is probably the worst written of them all >.< It's something I hope to improve on if/when I ever get around to remaking the game with new art and extra content :3 I'm glad you still liked that route though. Lana is kinda the friend I never had but wished I did while at school, haha. It certainly would've made life much easier to have someone like that around :3

Expanding on original MC's story is also something I'd like to do in the remake, perhaps through epilogues or flashbacks of some sort as well :3 

I guess I should probably put a spoilers thing here to answer your last question x3


The character who calls out for Anathema is my 4th wall-breaking character who doesn't yet have an official name, but has been nicknamed Archie (short for Architect). So when the character is speaking to Anathema, rather than speaking to a character within the game, they are speaking to you, the player. You are Archie's 'Anathema' :3 The character also features briefly in one of my other games (Apartment No.9 GxB/otome version), and I hope to continue trickling bits of him into my projects as time goes on ^-^

Thanks so much for taking the time to play through the game and leave such a lovely comment :3


Omg so excited to see you reply!!! That makes sense, the school route was short but I really enjoyed it and wanted to see more of it. School!Kuro was the hottest one hahah imo except XXX was great too (trying to avoid spoiling their name). I would definitely love to see OG!MC story being expanded!


I loved the XXX route, it was so good and left me wondering so much about them and their LI. Like Shiro was amazing, I really thought I got his name when I had 4 letters, I was like SHION. But Shiro makes more sense lol, because Kuro vs. Shiro. Shiro shitting on Kuro and the clones hurt because they are copies but I can understand why he seems them as abominations or like fake copies, I can't imagine the pain of watching clones of your love being manipulated and hurt and just not having their memories of you? Would have broken me. But it's also why I really liked Shiro and god, he really did have a presence when he came. I could see the darker parts of him and his deep love too for MC, like what we see yandere!Kuro does when he just literally agrees to destroying the world with MC if that's what she wants and how much he loves her and will support any decision he made. I WAS SO ANGRY AT DAD THO, ALL THE MONSTER HE CREATED AND NEEDED TO BE DESTROYED, HE WAS THE CAUSE ARGHHGHKSDFHJS I wanted to flip at him so bad. I was like you hot and I had a crush on you but now screw you to pieces. Hehe thank you for sharing this game with us!

Omg, rambled so much and forgot about the Architect, ohh, that's so cool, I was reading his letter and him chasing us through games make so much sense now because Shiro can't do that. I've been meaning to play Apartment 9 so I am looking forward to seeing him there too (I shouldn't be but he's interesting hahahahahah).

I'm glad you still enjoyed that route :3 Yeah, hopefully, Ill manage to get there one day with a full remake! I really wanted to make a version with fem Kuros as well at some point, but it's so much work T_T I wish I could clone myself to work on different stuff at the same time, haha.


Yeah, Kuro and Shiro's names are a bit corny x3 but I couldn't help it, haha. I just figured it was perfect for them.

And yeah, Isaac is definitely one heck of a giant asshole xD He certainly deserves much more than a few slaps for all the trouble he caused everyone and the pain he put em all through!

Thanks so much again for playing :3 I really appreciate it!


Would it be possible to know what sprite maker you used? I love that art style v much

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Sure! They are by a person/group? called T.O.P.

They were a little bit awkward to use because I had to buy each one individually. At the time, the dev/s who made the sprite maker didn't have a bundle, but that was years ago, so maybe they have now! A bundle of some sort at a discounted price sure would've been nice. I think they were like $10 each or something. They're also all in Japanese, but since you can see the changes as you make them to the character, you sorta just get used to which sections are which and memorise it. The worst thing was that it was quite laggy to use, but that could have just been my awful laptop x3

This is the site I first saw the stuff! I think it was linked from lemmasoft forums or something on a thread about free use backgrounds for VNs because the creator made a couple of pieces of background art that anyone can download and use for free. From there, I found the sprite stuff by just sorta generally browsing through the site with Google translate on x3

This section lists all the stuff they've released for sale. It looks like they've made even more since I last purchased anything!

I don't think you have to use the maker that's packaged with each download though. As far as I can remember, they included a giant PSD file as well! 

EDIT - I should probably also mention that not all the sprites are from the T.O.P. sprite makers. If you look at the screenshots and notice some of them look a slightly different style, it's because I also used other sprite resources from someone called Blue Forest to make some of the characters that I couldn't manage to with the T.O.P. ones. Mainly all the side characters. Only the MC and Kuro sprites are T.O.P.


Thank you!


I love this game
and you all who helped with creation of this game <3
So much was put into making this, the game feels so alive
Im so glad Solipsism Reigns exists, thank you!
: D

From what I remember you mentioned in extras, there is not many english male yanderes, right?
Its sad :c
I luv yanderes, they are so interesting :3
Im really happy someone is making games about them!
Kuro became one of my favourite yanderes, especially Detective Route Kuro oh my god.....
he is so fascinating it should be illegal haha 

When i started playing i expected something different. But it appeared to be so complex and deep. unique plot <3
It will stay in my mind for a long time i think...
but im still wondering.... how would game look like if it was +18 XDD im curious how certain scenes that could happen if this was +18 XDDDDDD oh sinful me, sorry nevermind haha XD

I adore all the details, so many endings, pictures, sprites... but my favourite ones are like these after true ending, the things the voice is telling us, overall the whole conversation > , <
Even music changed O.O
....and after turning on the game again.... he was talking to us again.... i looove this
breaking 4th wall intrigues me :>

Also opening which plays before the game.... i became quite addicted to it to be honest XD
I added it to my music playlist on youtube and i listen to it quite often

Normally, such a cool game would have more videos on youtube about it, its weird theres not much :<  like...only one gameplay video? would you mind if somebody upload Solipsism Reigns gameplay on youtube? O.O

....i dont even know what else i can add... i really adore the game
and maybe i will play BxG version someday to see how different things are there... female kuro could be interesting too :>
i must check out your other games cuz this one left a really good impresion on me. i had so much fun :3
Wish you luck with other projects and the best in life! ^ w ^


Yay \^0^/ I'm super happy you had fun playing it! I'm glad the love and effort comes across cos it was certainly one big passion project, haha. I'll be forever grateful to those who volunteered their time and talent to help me out with it, especially with it being my first game :3

Yeah, at the time I made the game, one of my motivations was wanting to see more English-speaking male yanderes just because there seemed to be plenty of female ones about, and a fair few Japanese-speaking male yandere characters in bigger Japanese VN releases. But I hadn't really come across many English male yanderes in games, so I thought, ya know what, I'm gonna make one myself x3 And ever since, it's been my mission to keep adding yandere characters of all kinds to the world in each game that I make :D

I know there are a lot more OELVNs around now featuring yandere males, which is awesome! I haven't played them all yet, so I'm not sure how many of them are voiced. Either way, it's wonderful that more devs are including characters like that in their games :3 Heck, we even had the first Yandere Jam on this year <3

But yeah, I'm a huuuuge fan of yanderes, yangires, and all kinds of characters with darker personality aspects and traits, so I always want to include characters like that in my games because I find them fascinating :3  My main project, Darling Duality, will feature an entire cast of characters who all have a dark side. They won't necessarily all be 100% yandere, but they will all have yandere-like traits. And even in Limbo Line, which contains no romance, I still included a platonic yandere-like character, hehe.

Detective Kuro is one of my more favorite versions of him too, though it was Dollmaker Kuro that wound up winning my heart over them all in the end, haha. That was mainly due to Tim's incredible voice acting making me feel genuinely sorry for the character!

I think it would probably be a very spicy game if it were 18+ xD Though I'm not entirely sure I would be able to do such scenes justice with being asexual myself >.< I certainly wouldn't say no to attempting to write some bonus scenes like that for the eventual remake of the game though! And I have tried to write suggestive scenes in some of my other games (Apartment No.9 and Darling Duality both have one, haha. So does Love in Lockdown, but I still don't like how most of that turned out xD)

Hehe, yeah, I had a lot of fun making those post-game scenes :3 You can meet that character again briefly in Apartment No.9 upon reaching a certain ending if you're interested :D And that's not the last of it either because I have more plans for that character to appear in some of my future projects too.

That's so awesome you like the opening song as well :3 My friend and I spent ages making that, haha. It was tough because we had sorta conflicting ideas xD I wrote all the lyrics, but he kept telling me to cut them down because they were too long, and he said that electronic music like that doesn't usually have many lyrics. I kept saying, but I'm trying to tell a story with the song, and if I cut too much out, it won't make any sense x3 Eventually, we were able to compromise and come up with a way to do what we both wanted to do with the track :3

I guess it probably doesn't have much in the way of videos of it because not that many people know it exists x3 I've never been very good at getting my games out there since I suck at social media and would prefer to avoid it altogether, haha. So unless people happen to talk about and recommend my games, they'll never reach that many people. Also, I think the way the sprites look in the screenshots probably puts a lot of people off of even trying the game! >.< I don't mind at all though if anyone wants to upload gameplay of SR on YouTube :3 In fact, I really appreciate it when people feature my projects there since it helps shine some light on them so people know they exist.

I would recommend playing Apartment No.9 next if you do end up checking out my other games :3 Just because it's quite a different setting + that character from SR is in there. But I personally think Limbo Line is my best finished project so far! Darling Duality is still in development with a big update (hopefully) coming out at the end of spring.

Thanks so much for taking the time to play through the game + leave such a lovely comment :3 Thank you for all your kind words! I hope you have a lovely week!!


Hey there! Just dropping by again to share my thoughts on this awesome game. First of all it was just amazing! Like the writing was just so good that I felt like I was actually the one experiencing them, the art was perfect for every scene as well in my opinion! It was long but I think that made it better since more content to enjoy!! It took me a while to finish the ??? route since I got kind of busy but I sure am glad that I finally got to see it! Kind of sad that I finished it but hey I'm glad I even got to see it in the first place!


I also got confused as heck many times but most of my answers were cleared up with the ??? route. It sure was a very big surprise. I was like so shocked ^^' 

Thanks so much for all your kind words :3 I'm glad you ended up enjoying it! 

There's still a lot about it that I'd like to change x3 mainly large segments of my writing, haha, and all of the sprites. I should be able to tweak what I want to when I eventually get around to remaking it anyhow :3

It was just a huuuuge mistake for me to attempt to make a full-length game as my first project, haha. I should've put it on hold and made something smaller while learning how things worked. But I guess at least I got there in the end!

I'm glad the ??? largely cleared things up anyhow :3 I know not everything makes 100% sense even after playing the ??? route, haha. I confused myself a lot while writing because I was essentially going backwards since the ??? route was my original idea, but I felt as though its events required justification, and so the ??? route couldn't really be a standalone story. And even though that route was the first idea that sparked everything else, it was the last route I actually wrote in full because I was trying to sort of go in order. I had had notes more than an actual outline >.< I didn't really know what I was doing, so I was pretty much pantsing throughout most of it x3

And then I had to rush the endings too in the ??? route because I found out that Tim, Kuro's voice actor, was going to be moving to Japan for work, and unable to continue voice acting. So it was a big rush from there to get his scripts written ASAP before he was gone, haha. Again though, that's another really big mistake I made - getting voice actors involved with the project before I'd even finished writing the whole story >.< I just didn't have the experience to do things in a very organised way!

Thanks so much for sticking with it until the end anyhow :3 I'm glad you had fun :D


Well that was one crazy ride. I'll admit I wasn't really expecting much from this, I stumbled my way here from otomegames on reddit, having just played Nightshade and coming to the realisation that I actually do like yanderes (despite my previous opinion that I didn't), I saw this recommended on a few threads and thought why not. I was, however, sceptical, the sprites looked a bit dated and I usually watch/play anime stuff with Japanese VA (English always feels too dramatic to me), so colour me surprised when I realised I loved it all. The sprites are adorable and the VA's are brilliant (Kuro's does get a special mention, but I enjoyed the others as well), and that's not even mentioning the story yet! I also really like the opening song, enough that I've found and listened to it many times on youtube. Anyone who might be browsing reviews, on the fence about whether or not to play this, I highly recommend doing so.


I started on the detective route, because I didn't really intend on playing more than one route and I liked detective Kuro's design best, I also managed to dodge almost all the bad ends and was confused why Kuro had been rated 'high' on yandere-ness (I revised that opinion once I did get them). The ending got me, I was confused and curious and just had to know what was going on, cue using all my free time to play the other routes.

Overall I think gamer Kuro is my favourite, I liked that he could interact with more than just the big bad, and it felt like he developed the most out of all the Kuro's, (that one bad end though, I was not prepared, having come from soft fox Kuro, I was expecting the same level of low yandere-ness, not something that could rival mage Kuro). ??? route Kuro is a close second though, even with the stuff he keeps in his pockets. Honourable mentions to student Kuro, who spooked me even before we'd reached a bad ending, and mage Kuro, who got nudged out of second place (although, I never quite understood the seeming split personality he had). I did enjoy princess and detective Kuro, but not quite as much as the others.

The ??? did a good job of wrapping things up and answering almost all of my questions, whilst also throwing out some new, interesting revelations. I'll also say here that all the routes in general did a great job at hinting and dropping information whilst not being super obvious about what was going on. The story itself was interesting and sad and strong throughout, I thoroughly enjoyed myself playing it. (The heck was with that bit after though? That seriously spooked me, and I was playing in the middle of the day! Brilliantly done, good wall breaking).

Now I just need to decide if I can wait a few months for the update to play Darling Duality.


Well, I'm super glad you decided to give it a chance :3 I know that sorta feeling cos I've had reservations about the odd game in the past, wound up just giving em a go, and then was pleasantly surprised, haha.

Also, that's so cool to know that it's been recommended ^-^ I just kinda assumed not that many people even know it exists x3 So that's really sweet people have enjoyed it enough to give it a mention. Makes me super happy to know that :3

I have to agree with you about the sprites, haha. Unfortunately, that was the best I could do at the time >.< It's one of the things I'm still really unhappy with years later, along with a large chunk of my writing xD But I hope to one day remake the entire game (in the engine I'm using now cos Tyrano kinda sucked) with brand new sprite art, writing revisions, and some new routes + extra scenes!

I'm so glad you enjoyed the English voice acting ^-^ Everyone put so much time and effort into bringing the characters to life. I'll never be able to thank them all enough for volunteering their time and talent to the project.

When it comes to VA, I've always enjoyed both English and Japanese in anime and games. I tend to sorta ping pong between them, depending on the quality of dubs available anyways x3 I've always had a soft spot for English VA in games especially though, just because I find it easier to stay immersed in a world where the spoken language is my native one. For me, it means certain lines have more impact when I can directly understand them as they're being said rather than reading subtitles. And yeah, that can sometimes result in some pretty cringeworthy moments xD but I'll take that when it means everything as a whole hits me harder :3 

So yeah, I'm just super passionate about English VA in VN games since they're so personal, and really want to try and shine a spotlight on how awesome English VA can be. Cos I feel like a lot of people have that sorta image in their heads of bad anime dubs from years ago, and that impression has stuck, so a lot of people just automatically avoid English VA because of that >.< I wanna show that English VA of today can be wonderful :D

I'll have to pass on your comments to Tim about his performance as Kuro if he's not already seen this, because to this day, he still beats himself up about it, thinking that someone else could do better >.< I keep telling him that's impossible. He IS Kuro, haha.

I'm so happy you like the opening song too! My friend and I worked ridiculously hard on that x3 I think we drove each other insane in the process, haha, but it was a lot of fun.

I really appreciate you taking the time to play through the game, write such a sweet and thoughtful comment, and recommended it to others, so thank you very much ^-^


I'm glad you started on the detective route cos that was my favourite one to write besides the ??? one :3 And I feel like anyone who begins with the student route might get a bad impression of the game because it's the first one I wrote, and I personally feel as though it needs a hell of a rewrite >.< It's always worried me that if people are playing in the order on the route select screen, they'll play the student one and then call it quits :( So yeah, I'm happy the detective one reeled you in at least x3

"??? route Kuro is a close second though, even with the stuff he keeps in his pockets." 

That made me chuckle out loud xD

There wasn't really a huge amount of thought that went into the split-personality part of mage Kuro beyond me thinking it would be a fun way to show poor Kuro's craziness manifesting in a different way from all the horror going on in 'reality'. There are quite a few bits here and there like that which don't entirely make sense >.< With any luck, I can rectify that when I get around to rewriting it all :3 

I'm relieved that the ??? route cleared up most of your questions though :3 I did end up confusing myself quite a bit while writing because I didn't know about outlines and stuff at the time >.< And the ??? route was essentially the idea I had which sparked everything else. I wanted to make a game with the events of the ??? route, but thought that it would come across weird if I didn't have any build up or explanation for those events. And so I kinda had to work backwards to create what came before in order to justify all of the ??? route x3

And it's also a relief to hear that you think stuff was revealed without being too obvious cos that was one of my huuuuuuuge concerns, haha. I couldn't for the life of me tell if I was giving too much or not enough away at any given point in the game >.< 

And as for what came after, it's certainly not the last you'll hear from that character if you end up playing some of my other stuff, hehe. If you want to meet again, I recommend playing Apartment No.9 :3 And there are some brief references in a small part of Limbo Line too, but they're extremely tiny and easy to overlook. I do have future plans for the character though that are a while away from popping up x3

With DD, I would say it's probably better to wait just because you'd have to start over when the update is out since too much is changing for saves from the old version to possibly function post-update + the whole game is going to look and run so much better in general (I hope!) but it's up to you :3 

If you did wanna just check it out now though, I guess at least you'd get to see how much has changed if you decided to continue playing after the update :D You'd have to replay a small amount of content, but with the update, even the old content is being expanded (more dialogue options + impactful choices with Castor/ia at the beginning of their story.) So hopefully, it won't be too boring replaying the start of their story since it will also contain new stuff. 

I feel as though I'm rambling now anyhow, so I'll shut up x3 Thank you again for everything! 


It's been recommended a couple of times on yandere threads there, plus a few of your other games, I actually ended up with this, DD and Yandere Heaven all open as potential games to play before I even realised they were all by the same person xD

Oh, there's definitely a sub superiority thing when it comes to anime stuff, personally, if it's an anime I watched as kid, I'll usually watch it in English, cause I'm used to the voices and the anime was usually cheesy anyway (digimon, yu-gi-oh, etc). Nowadays, I suppose it's a mix of either feeling the voices don't fit the characters, or that there isn't a dub/the dub is way behind the sub, or just that sub tends to be my default now. In terms of VN, I've only really played otome (dangranronpa being an exception, I did actually play that in English, thinking about it, and I enjoyed the VA's there) and it's hard to find otome games voiced in English.

I definitely agree that things have more impact in English though, even when I recognise some Japanese words, it doesn't hit as hard. This game did emphasise that I've got to say, some of the stuff Kuro said! (Looking rather pointedly at mage Kuro here, did not expect the insult he dropped and it hit!)  It's good to see you supporting English VAs though, it would be nice to see English VAs and dubs in things supported more.

And for sure Tim is Kuro! He did a great job, let him know that if/when you do remake this (and I'll definitely be back to replay if you do), he'd better be back as Kuro too, otherwise 100% I'll be complaining! ;D


I honestly still really liked the student one, I think starting on the detective route did set things up and help me understand stuff better, but I don't think I would've been put off if I'd played student first.

Ah, yeah, the pantsing way of writing, it's fun but you do inevitably end up with some plot holes. Still, I do think the story is solid, I didn't spot anything that was story/immersion breaking. Like I said, was a bit confused with mage Kuro, but when it didn't crop up in any other route I figured it was probably something like that, (and he did come across as one of the more unstable Kuro's.)

Yes, I'm a big fan of how stuff was revealed! Enough for it to be very intriguing, but not so much to figure out more than the basics of what was happening. I feel like it's hard to find reveals that aren't either a bit of a let down or really obvious, so I'm always super excited and happy when I find a reveal that's done well, (which I think this definitely was).

Ooh, I did wonder if that character would crop up in some of your other stuff! How fun, I'm definitely curious about them so that's more games added to my list to play! As for DD, I'm trying to convince myself to wait but I probably won't xD I don't mind replaying stuff, especially good stuff, so I'll likely end up playing before and then replaying after the update.

Nothing wrong with a bit of rambling :3 And thank you for making such an awesome game!


Well, I really appreciate that it has been :3 I totally suck at getting my stuff out there with how rubbish I am at social media, haha. I'm trying harder this year to do a little more on that front, but I really struggle with it >.<

Haha, yeah, I know what you mean cos I grew up watching the dubs of all of those animes :3 I'm generally happy with whatever I can get nowadays, haha. I remember I initially watched the dubbed version of Psycho Pass, but was desperate to see the next series as soon as possible, so I switched to subs, but it was soooo strange watching it half and half! It was like the characters were completely different >.< I tend to watch anime subbed more than dubbed now, unless I'm watching it with my family cos my brother prefers dubs as long as they're not awful. 

I'm just glad to see so many OELVNs being created cos I remember back when I first discovered VNs were a thing, there was very little available outside of a small handful of big Japanese releases on PS Vita + a lot pay-per-route mobile stuff. I still love playing through the big VN releases from Japan when I get time (so many get localised now that my backlog keeps growing, haha), but I also really enjoy the variety in indie OELVNs nowadays :D

Hahaha x3 Ahh man, I did wonder if that particular line was a bit too much! Especially when I eventually heard it voiced xD In fact, as I edited Tim's voice acting throughout the game, any time Kuro went yandere mode, I was sat there editing with a face like this o.o

To be honest, I don't think I could ever cast someone else as Kuro! If it comes down to it with the remake that he's not available or doesn't wanna do it for whatever reason, I think I'd just have to leave any new lines unvoiced cos it would just seem so wrong to have the character voiced by anyone else >.<

I'm absolutely terrible for pantsing x3 Even nowadays when I do write an outline, I'll still end up massively deviating from it >.< The problem is that when I'm in the mood for writing, I get a bit like those videos you see of people who are supposedly possessed by a ghost and writing manically x3 I'll wind up typing away, and before I know it, I've gone completely off track xD So I confuse myself a lot >.< but at the same time, for whatever reason, my brain doesn't seem to like sticking to a structure much, so it's the only way I can manage to work.

I'm just glad you think I didn't mess up anything too badly with the story in SR x3 There's a lot I'd change and edit now, but at the time, I'd just been working on it all for so long that I didn't have the brainpower left to attempt any tweaks x3 + with Tim leaving for Japan to live and work, unable to continue voicing Kuro, I had to push myself to finish writing his scripts before he was gone. Again, that's entirely my fault for not planning stuff properly, haha. I was sending him scripts each time I finished a route. I should really have waited until I'd finished the writing completely before even getting voice actors involved. But I just didn't think ahead at the time. I did a lot of stuff really awkwardly while making SR just cos I had no experience and didn't know any better >.<

I know what you mean about it being hard to find reveals that aren't a let down or really obvious cos I'm a huge fan of thrillers, and it's not often that I'm genuinely hit by a reveal nowadays. In fact, some of the series' I've watched recently have been brilliant overall and I've enjoyed them immensely, but the big reveals at the end have just made me think, well, that makes no sense whatsoever >.< Like, I don't wanna say the shows and mention spoilers, but what keeps happening in what I've watched lately is that the person behind everything always ends up being a character that you could never have suspected in a million years, not because there were cleverly disguised clues or anything, but because it's  so out of character for the character in question that it's just not even believable. And it's had the opposite impact on me to what a reveal is supposed to have, cos I always just think, but that's silly >.< Instead of, holy crap!

But yeah, it does mean that when I do come across a reveal that's done really well, my mind is just blown and I love it xD

Well, the content additions for the existing parts of Castor/ia's story is rising by the day x3 So replaying should be more eventful at least, haha. I'm a little worried it's getting out of control at this point because I decided to add a sort of personality system, and now I don't know if there are too many choices and little alterations in responsive dialogue! I mean, I feel like more is better when it comes to choices and the impact they have, but at the same time, it increases the workload immensely x3 And while I don't mind putting in the extra effort, I worry about keeping track of it all + keeping on top of bugs and making sure everything's working the way it should.

Whatever you end up doing, I hope you have fun with it :3 And thank YOU for playing! 


Marketing is such a nightmare, and there's so many platforms to market on and trying to keep up to date with it all is overwhelming, so can definitely understand the struggle! Good luck with it!

Yes, there never used to be much variety with VNs, I played quite a few of those mobile ones, but waiting for the story tickets to recharge was such a pain, and they were a bit too pricey to spend on, so it's great to have so much choice nowadays. I've got a few Japanese ones on my to play list, and a bunch of routes I still need to finish xD Been nosing around indie titles as well, so my list is also growing, haha!

Nah, I think that line was great, it shocked me, but in a good way! Kuro's voice in yandere mode did honestly spook me a few times (again, in a good way), also nearly always the 'about to die' sign xD It would be really weird if someone else voiced Kuro, bit like the whole swapping from subs to dubs in anime, or the other way around, I'd personally be fine with new lines being unvoiced, would also be a little weird, but less weird than a new voice.

You can never escape the pantsing way! >:3 I'm the same though, will write a lovely outline that makes perfect sense, and then a character will decide that, actually, they don't want to do that, and that what they do want to do requires a complete rewrite. I've resigned myself to it now and just patch the holes afterwards, not sure that's the best way of doing things though ^^;

The first thing I ever wrote is an absolute mess of plot holes and awkward writing, I don't think I would've guessed that this was your first project or that you were on a time limit, it's turned out so well!

Oh, for sure, a lot of reveals are either easily guessed, a let down or just don't make sense. The best reveals are the ones were you look back on the story and go, 'oh yeah', but it is hard to find those. I mostly hang out in fantasy, so there isn't always a reveal, but whenever there's a really good one, I'm guaranteed to remember it for a long time, there's some stuff were I don't really remember the story, but I do remember that it had a good reveal xD

I gave into temptation x3 I played both routes, and am looking forward to replaying both when the updates come out. I'll probably wait for the update to drop a review, but in short, I loved both routes and your writing is brilliant. Balancing a good amount of choices is difficult, very easy for it to get out of hand and become overwhelming, I think (from comments on choice games, rather than VNs admittedly), that people usually prefer a small amount of impactful choices over a large amount of choices that are more or less the same. Whatever you end up doing though, I look forward to it! :D

Yeah >.< I can't cope with it really if I'm honest x3 I'm just about managing to make a couple of tweets a week and that's me at my limit, haha. Heck knows how I'm ever supposed to try and get stuff on Steam or possibly make any Kickstarter without paying someone to handle all that for me cos I'm just hopeless!

I used to play some of the free ones with tickets and stuff, but man, it did my head in waiting, so I wound up mainly playing the pay-per-route ones like the ones Voltage released. Even back before they changed everything with the big merge, I couldn't keep up with the sheer amount of content they were spitting out. I used to ask if I could get a Google Play card for Christmas, and then try to spend the credit as wisely as possible on whatever was on sale, haha. I think Enchanted in the Moonlight was one of the first ones I played from them cos I loved the look of Miyabi x3 I did have a blast with em at the time, but as soon as I discovered there were VNs on PC that you could just buy as a one-off purchase and get the whole game, I never went back to mobile ones, and it was then that I realised how shallow the stories were that I'd been reading on mobile in comparison to some of the longer, more in-depth PC VNs I'd downloaded. I did, of course, make an exception for Mystic Messenger, haha. I wasn't a fan of the premise for Dandelion or Nameless, but I still wound up loving both games just because the characters were so cool! But yeah, boy did the cost add up for pay-per-route stuff when I calculated compared to just buying PC VNs >.< I was horrified xD It would've cost me like over £70 in total to play all the Enchanted in the Moonlight content that I played back in the day! Not really acceptable >.<"

My backlog is so ridiculous at this point that even if I sat and read every single day, I don't think I'd clear it in a year x3 and that's just my VN backlog not even including all the other kinds of games I wanna play xD

Hehe, pantsing party for life x3 I'm glad it's not just me, haha.
"I've resigned myself to it now and just patch the holes afterwards, not sure if that's the best way of doing things though ^^;"
That is basically now my life xD Makes me feel much better about it knowing you're the same! I can just about stick to bullet points, and that's it. But I mean, I have fun, and that's the main thing xD

I adore the TV series, Inside No.9 cos there's almost always a twist of some sort in each episode. Usually, it's a pretty decent twist as well, which is quite incredible considering the number of episodes x3 They're not always mind-blowing reveals, but usually pretty amusing and satisfying. If I had the time, I'd love to make a VN version of every single episode xD And one of my favourite films/theatre shows of all time is Ghost Stories cos the reveal in that is beautiful and makes you see everything differently when you rewatch it after knowing the ending :3

I'm glad you had fun with what little there is of DD ^-^ It should play out somewhat differently in the update cos I've added so many choices and variations to scenes that I've wound up writing roughly 100 extra lines of dialogue for Castor/ia to go in the segment of the story that already exists for them, haha. I certainly wouldn't wanna put any more than I have because I'm at my limit for keeping track of stuff now, haha.

Most of the choices are impactful later on, but some have a more immediate effect. The reason I've gone with so many more choices though is because a fair few people said they wished they had more control over MC's responses cos they feel like MC is a bit too much of an asshole, which I totally understand xD So I've given players more control of MC's personality but made sure that the cumulative effects of their personality type help to determine what choices are available later on + what ending they're steered towards :3

I really wish I could work faster cos I'm dying to show the new version of the game x3 but it's gonna take me a while to actually add all the brand new stuff now I'm done with the revamp T_T and I've wound up deciding to add 2 new characters instead of just 1 because of the way I want to implement one of them >.< I need many clones x3


I'm on the gamer route right now (I've played all except the ??? one), but I couldn't wait to write a review. This game is just so, so good, and you can feel the love and passion from the creator. Fox-boy Kuro is so far my fave (I mean, the picture of you holding his cheek at the ending was so wholesome omg), but the detective Kuro is close. And Kuro's voice acting is also so well done!

Super excited to finally reach the ??? route! Almost scared to play anymore because I don't want it to end, lol. Finally, some good FOOD for us yandere lovers (I swear, most games just involve female yandere love interests) :')

I will be donating money for this game when I have the financial means. It's only right, given how much I've enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing your hard work and creativity with us <3


I can't even tell you how happy that makes me to hear that ^-^ It means a lot, especially when SR was my first game and there are a lot of things I'd change about it now that I have more experience. One thing I worry about is that people might play it after playing my newer stuff and think it's awful in comparison or something x3 Just cos I'm using a better engine now and have learned so much more about making VNs than I knew back when I released this. 

I do not know why I decided to make a game of this length as a first project x3 It wasn't exactly the wisest idea, haha. I do hope to remake it someday with better writing, brand new art for all the sprites, and add new routes/content :3 

If it's any comfort, the ??? route is longer than the other routes, haha. So there's still some time before it's all over x3 I hope you end up enjoying that last route though :3 It's technically supposed to be the main game cos it was the first concept I came up with and then essentially worked backwards to justify it since I didn't think it would make much sense to have just that one route as a game without any prior explanation for its events x3

Wanting to add more male yanderes to the world was one of my biggest reasons for getting into making VNs in the first place :D It seemed like female yans far outnumbered the male ones, especially when it came to English-speaking ones x3 So yeah, I kinda made it my mission to create stories that have at least 1, if not more, male yandere characters in :3 

Heck, even though there's no romance in Limbo Line, I still included what could be described as a platonic yandere character, haha. Yandere is just my jam x3

Thank YOU for playing + taking the time to comment with such kind words :3 It means the world to me to find out when folks have enjoyed anything I've made. Especially with how crappy my mental health can get, haha. Honestly, hearing a few kind words can really lift my spirits on a bad day, and massively boost my motivation on any day ^-^ I really hope you'll continue to enjoy my content :3 Hope you have a happy weekend! 


Ahhh, I'm so glad that my comment could make you happy! That's partially the reason I posted it. Creating games can be super exhaustive work, and honestly, I'm impressed you have the persistence to see them through and not get burnt out (and I'm so glad you do complete them... what's your secret? Excess coffee? Do you have a body double?)

Sorry to hear about your mental health! Your mind can be so deceiving and mean sometimes. I hope you keep fighting with the knowledge that me and many others love and appreciate you and your work :)

Hugs from the Southern U.S. <3


It definitely gave me some warm fuzzy goodness ^-^ so thank you again :3

I mean, I do sometimes experience burnout, but it's usually just my mental health being crappy in general or something else that's happened in my personal life that causes it rather than working on projects x3 I know I kinda do spend an unhealthy amount of time working on my projects cos it's been pointed out to me by family, friends, and my therapist xD In her words "It's not normal to spend 13+ hours a day working, even if it is a hobby..." >.<

I just struggle to manage my time because when I try to step back and play stuff, I feel like I should be using that time to make stuff instead T_T I'm trying harder to relax during the evenings more, haha. Even though I'd actually rather only watch like 1 episode of something with my family and then go back to working on projects xD I'm not really the type to binge-watch stuff cos I get too restless, haha. And I don't tend to work on projects over the weekend unless I'm participating in a jam with a tight deadline.

Buuuuut... I do indeed drink a hell of a lot of coffee xD I wish I had a double cos then I could work on 2 projects at once, hehe. Though, my double would probably disobey me and run off somewhere >.>

I mean, I've discovered that while the amount of time I spend on projects might not exactly be the healthiest, it's absolutely good for my mental health in general having something to focus on :3 But yeah, I'll just keep going no matter what. And every time I get a lovely comment, it's like getting a little rocket boost :D

Hugs back from the UK ^-^


I also get restless when I watch too much TV, lol. It's odd having depression and anxiety, because you simultaneously want to do lots and nothing, all at once. I totally understand wanting to have your focus somewhere else. Honestly, I think it's pretty impressive that you're so dedicated. As long as you're keeping yourself healthy! :)

(Btw I'm also a coffee fiend, it's how I get through most of my college load. If you like somewhat bitter coffee, getting a cold brew with a shot of espresso has always been my go-to!)

Best of luck, my friend from across the pond!

Haha, yeah, it is a weird one! Usually, I feel more like I wanna do lots, and if I don't, I feel ridiculously guilty, so that sorta helps kick m butt into gear a lot of the time x3 Other times though, I just feel utterly hopeless >.< When I'm not participating in jams, I certainly try to maintain a degree of physical fitness by exercising daily + eating relatively healthy. That kinda just goes out the window during jam crunch time though, which is bad x3

Since the pandemic though, my dad and I have sorta agreed that we need to have more weekends away and stuff together just to get out and see more of the country, so we've arranged little trips here and there every few months or so, so that we've got stuff to look forward to that also gives us a break from the daily grind :3

Hehe, all hail the might coffee :D I don't mind bitter coffee! I usually have mine kinda mellow, but generally, I'll drink any sorta coffee that's available xD Cold brews in summer are heavenly though! I remember the first time I found a place that said they did a cold brew mocha, but they also let you add syrup of your choice, so I tried one with hazelnut syrup and it tasted like icy Nutella x3 So good!

Thank youuuu ^-^ And to you too!


( ´ºωº` ) Ok I'm a whore for yanderes, and this takes the cake. It was a little tough for me to get the secret route, but I managed through it! Kuro can have my heart anyday <3. And I really like the other characters as well! (Especially Topper hgghhghhh ^(o≧∀≦)o) The gamer route was my favorite, it made me a little emotional at the end. I really enjoyed it nonetheless ( ´ ω ` )


Aww ^-^ I'm glad you had fun! Thanks so much for playing :3 Not gonna lie, I love Topper too x3 Jacob did an insanely (no pun intended there >.<) good job with that crazy clown voice!

Since I always put at least 1 yandere in my projects, I hope you'll enjoy those characters too if you end up playing with any of them :D


Hello, Melancholy Marionette

I just finished playing Solipsism Reigns and I really enjoyed it. And now I can’t get it out of my mind, I just love Kuro so much. I know they’re all Kuros but I feel like I prefer certain kuros over other Kuros, but I'd say my favorites are detective route Kuro and doll maker Kuro.


I like that the detective route Kuro, despite having a high yandere level, he still listens to the protagonist and doesn’t read her mind. And perhaps due to the sprite, he looks more confident than the rest. I like the bad ending where he gouged her eyes so the protagonist won’t look at others and only look at him alone, it’s just so fitting for a yandere. But the bad ending that leaves the most impression is when the protagonist got captured by Topper, even with her mind broken, she feels something when snow touches her, I assume it reminds her of Kuro’s icy touch. Truth be told, I actually like Farro as well, haha. I like this route for its creepiness and the ??? route best. As for the doll maker Kuro, I just feel so sorry for him :( ‘Fixing the dolls’ was a coping mechanism for all the things he had encountered, and the scene when his sanity returned and he repeatedly hit his head against the wall broke my heart… 

I think my least favorite Kuro is the mage route Kuro, I am terrified of him. Out of all the bad endings, I think his are the most violent. I know yanderes are violent and illogical but it seems he finds pleasure in torturing for no reason as opposed to being too overbearing that they kill their love interest. Sometimes I wonder if I can handle a yandere boyfriend IRL, I think yeah perhaps, as long as I don’t look at other guys or don’t upset him I should be fine. However, this mage route changed my mind. The protagonist only asked for his suggestion for which direction to go, didn’t trigger him or anything, and he went full psycho T[]T. But really, I don’t hate him, if anything it’s because of him that I have a deeper impression of this VN and discovered more yanderes. But yeah, I still prefer other Kuros over him (I don’t want to die so easily, haha).

Oh, I have a question regarding Isaac, I want to know what his ideal ‘weapon’ is like? It seems he wants to erase the original’s personality completely, so I wonder what his perfect ‘weapon’ is like.

Finally, thank you so much for creating this game! I really, really like it. I hope you’ll continue to make more games with yandere guys in the future :D Have a nice day!

Sorry for my suuuuper duper slow reply >.< I've not really been online the past couple of months due to personal reasons, but I'm back now.

I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed playing through SR, especially with it being my oldest game now because every time I look back at it and how much I've learned since then, all I can see are its faults x3

I don't blame you for preferring certain Kuros because even I  have my favourites over others, haha. Dollmaker wound up stealing my heart somehow, largely due to Tim's incredible performance!

Interestingly, your favourite routes were my favourite routes to write! I guess it kinda shows in the game that I had less interest in the themes of the other routes (especially the student one >.<) haha.

I certainly wouldn't advise having a yandere boyfriend IRL for your own safety >.< I adore yandere characters in games and stuff, but any kind of abuse like that in reality is just never fun :( And if you ever do find yourself in such a relationship, you need to tread really carefully and try to do what's best for your own health and wellbeing rather than get sucking into something that's gonna ruin your life.

Thank you so much for taking the time to play through it all and leave such a lovely comment :3 I really appreciate it! And I will absolutely be making more games with yandere guys in the future :D I've kinda made it my mission to always have at least 1 yandere dude of some kind in every game I make :3

Sorry again that my reply is so slow >.< If you end up playing my other games, I hope you enjoy them as much as SR ^-^


Regarding Isaac, he pretty much just wanted a weapon that would do exactly as he commands. He didn't really want any hint of the original's personality to remain because he knew that would make her too difficult to control. He wanted to extract all the strength, love, and power from MC and Shiro's relationship and focus it into weapon form. I realise it's not something that makes a whole lot of sense xD But that particular concept was inspired by a French film I saw many years ago called Martyrs.

It's a little difficult to explain, but basically, in the film, this cult-like group captures and tortures young girls until they reach a state of transcendence and witness glimpses of the afterlife. The group is trying to discover what comes after. So that's sort of where the idea came from that torture = means to achieving an end in terms of changing someone's mental abilities. In Martyrs, the girls transcend and can see the afterlife before passing, in SR, the pain and suffering is extracted from each experiment and put into OG MC to essentially give her superpowers.

I guess a lot of folks might say it's crappy/lazy writing xD But I personally enjoy reading/watching stuff like that even if it is a little far-fetched, so I wanted to include it x3


Ah, hello, I absolutely adore this game and the elements within. And as much as I'd like to write a review I would love to finish the game first. I'm experiencing an issue where I finished the princess route and during the ending cutscene, the screen froze. I was using the skipping function earlier and it got stuck. I still hear music and audio playing, but I'm not able to do anything. I tried to unfreeze the screen or to access the other menus but nothing works. Is there any way to solve this without restarting the game? Last time I saved this game was yesterday, so I might lose a lot of progress. 

(1 edit) (+1)

Hey hey! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the game so far :3 But sorry you've run into such an annoying problem >.<

I don't think there's much I can do to help because the engine I used to make the game has known problems with freezing and crashing when the skip mode is used >.< Or at least it did back when I made this, it's possible they've managed to fix it in an update by now! The freezes tend to be random for people with different computers, and because it's not a problem I can replicate on my end, it's not something I can fix, sadly :( It's one of the many reasons I stopped using Tyranobuilder once I found something better for making VNs.

The only thing I could really do is send you save files of where you were up to so that you don't have to replay stuff from when you last saved.

Sorry about that >.< It really sucks :( I hope it doesn't ruin your enjoyment of the game too much! And thank you so much for checking it out :3

Ah, I understand :) Maybe I should avoid using the skip button too much for this reason. And well, I booted up the game again after I had to close it as the issue didn't seem to resolve after around an hour or so of the game being open. >.< 

It does seem that they saved the art from the bad ends I had completed, and they are in the gallery. However,  the last save file is from the start of the mage route before I finished all the ends. I had already gotten the good ending in each route and was revisiting them to get all the bad ends. I finished collecting them in the student, mage, and princess route. I'm not sure if this means that my progress was saved or not, but it's definitely not saved in the save files. :/ 

And nope, it hasn't ruined my experience with the game; it just reminds me that I should make more saves so in case something like this happens. I won't have to backtrack as much. Thank you got your response. ^ ^


Yeah, it really sucks because the whole point of having a skip button is to help save time, but if it breaks the game, it's kind of a pointless function >.<

The way Tyranobuilder works by default is that all images like CGs, once viewed, will unlock in the gallery even if the game isn't saved, so that's why those are still there. It's so that you can start a new game and stuff without losing any gallery progress :3 

But yeah, the endings that you got won't have saved like the CGs have >.< because they're tied to the save files instead. So for example, if you were to go back through one of the routes and just go for the good ending, the game won't recognise that you got any of the bad endings for unlocking the ??? route before the game froze >.< It'll only count the ones from your last save, unfortunately :( So you'll have the CGs, but not the actual bad ending points that count towards unlocking the route. 

That makes it even harder to know which ones you've got and which ones you haven't >.< There is a loophole that I left in the game though for getting easy bad ends if you need to exploit that for unlocking the ??? route without actually having to go through all of the bad endings again :3 

I'm still sorry you've experienced such an annoying problem with the game anyhow >.<


i love the writing, story, evrything but why do they guys look like girls? i honestly feel like its gxg thing


Hehe, well, there is a bit of a long-winded explanation for that! Basically, I'm not an artist, and I'm poor so I also don't have the money to hire an artist. This was my very first game. I was an idiot and made the scope of the project faaaar too big for a first project. I lacked sprite resources in general, but even with having a larger resource library at my disposal now, I would still not be able to create the cast of characters in SR with just one set of assets because there are too many world/costume changes going on >.<

So basically, the only way I could possibly create the number of unique sprites required for the game, was to use a set of character creator things that I purchased. The main problem being, there are hardly any creators/generators out there that allow you to make male sprites :( And so, I had to use flat-chested female bodies for most versions of Kuro. They look feminine because they are technically female base sprites. I used the smallest eyes available to each and tried to make their hairstyles more androgynous, but there was no avoiding most of them coming out looking like girls, sadly.

I do hope to remake the otome version someday with a complete art overhaul that would hopefully rectify the problem because the sprite art in the original version is something that has always bothered me about it, along with large parts of my writing which are in dire need of a rewrite!

I'm glad you still decided to give the game a chance anyhow :3 And that you liked the story even if the sprites do give off very feminine vibes, haha.

Thanks for both of your lovely comments here and on DD! It's much appreciated :3


oh its fine! i love all ur work rn im going thru a massive binge of ur games! i just honestly, the story is so amazing! keep up the good work, and thanks for the explanation!


hello, this game brought me out of lurker territory. i just wanna say thank you for this amazing story, and there's not much i can say that hasn't been discussed already.

i love all the characters, except maybe the one you can call the 'main villain' (but even then is he actually one?). they are all complex with their own motivations and personalities, and that's rare in vns. sometimes they end up stuck playing a trope and characterization falls flat. you really did a good job avoiding that!

anyway, i'm looking forward to your other games and meeting 'him' again. he doesn't actually have to worry about me forgetting about him, or at least, i wouldn't.

thanks again for this great game!

(1 edit) (+1)

Hey hey! Aww, I pretty much live in lurker territory myself, haha. Thank you for playing through the game and dropping by to comment!

I'm so glad you feel that way about the characters. That makes me incredibly happy to hear that's how they come off :3 I've never had much confidence in anything I do, so when I read such kind words from people such as yourself, it really lifts my spirits! I do plan to remake this someday in the engine I'm using now, with revised art, writing, and new content :D I was sorta just muddling through and learning as I went when I put this all together, haha. So there's a lot I would like to attempt to improve.

I'm actually working on a game right now for Otome Jam 2021! So, hopefully, you'll find that enjoyable :3 Thanks again for your lovely comment! It's much appreciated ^-^


I want to play this game and i'm just kinda confused on the characters hehe... Sorry but i'm confused about the gender and its kinda hard for me to tell what it is

(1 edit)

The heroine of the story that you play as is always female in every route. Your love interest, Kuro, is always male :3

The reason that Kuro looks so feminine is because I'm not an artist, and at the time of making this, I only had access to limited sprite resources, so I had to use female sprite bodies in the generator software I'd purchased to try and make them look as male as possible, haha. So while Kuro's appearance is pretty feminine, he's male.

UwU Thank you very much for explaining about the characters and tbh I've been thinking about the gender for a long time but didn't have the courage to ask! :> Again, Thank you


hello!! i've only just discovered this game a few days ago, and i've yet to finish it, but i'm really loving it so far - the story is really interesting and intriguing (i can't wait to get to the ??? route), really well-written, and i especially love the GUI/UI and voice acting (was not expecting someone to suddenly talk to me at the very start of the game and upon getting an ending...i was left pleasantly shook), as well as how we get to play through several settings and themes. i think it's really cool!

i noticed that a BxG version and possibly a remake of this one are/would be in the works? if you're interested or happen to need any help, even if these two might not be a priority at the moment, me and my friend (who i dragged to join me and also really likes the game) would love to draw sprites and CGs for both of those, for free. ^^ my twitter is @PurrpleBun, but if you'd rather talk more about this somewhere else, i wouldn't mind that either.

thank you for all your hard work and i hope you have a wonderful day!

Hey hey! Thanks for taking the time to play through the game and leave a comment :3 I'm glad you're enjoying it so far! Hopefully, you'll have just as much fun with the rest of it :D I'm glad you like the voice acting. A lot of people volunteered their time and talent to help bring the project to life :3

I certainly always need help with art because I can't draw to save my life, haha. I'm currently working with an artist who is creating CGs and new sprites for the BxG version, and I hope to work with them on the future otome version remake too, but you never know what will happen in the future! It's entirely possible that the workload would be far too much for one artist to handle alone, or they may become too busy to continue helping. I really appreciate the offer and I'm definitely interested in working with you guys :3

You're welcome to drop me an email to: for further discussion. I'm incredibly inactive on Twitter because I just can't keep up with social media >.< I'd rather work in a cave and have someone else handle that sorta thing for me as far as my projects are concerned, haha. I do use Discord for project-related communication though, so you're welcome to add me there if that's easier than emailing back and forth!

Thanks again for playing! I hope you both enjoy the rest of the game :3 Have a wonderful weekend yourselves ^_^

(1 edit) (+1)

I just wanna ask one question before downloading this game. Kuro is basically my companion, and the route i choose is the girl, so that means the protagonist is a male, right? I just wanna get rid of the confusion that the route i choose is actually who i'm going to be! It basically adds to confusion the description of the GxB version!

This page is for the otome version of the game, so the protagonist that you play as is female. Each route that you pick determines the role that the protagonist takes on within that route, but it's always a she, and Kuro, your love interest, is always a he.

The alternate version featuring a male protagonist and a female Kuro still hasn't been finished because I'm busy working on other projects at the moment + I've teamed up with someone who is creating CGs specifically for that version, otherwise it would have no CGs at all.

I hope that helps to clear things up :3

(1 edit) (+2)(-1)

Sorry, my english might seem a bit awkward but it is not my first langage. 

I've played lots of VN but I'm not usually into otome games (unfortunatelly those tends to be too cliché and not credible enough for my tastes). I must say I didn't know I'd enjoyed the yandere trope so much before I played your game^^ This was a good surprise.

I enjoyed the concept of your game and I liked Kuro a lot (he was not just a stupid trope but a real fleshed out character). He made me blush as much as he scared me. I think it's a good thing because it means you portrayed him in a credible way, and the character fulfilled his purpose.

As a  writer myself I know that feedbacks can be very usefull and I think that it's a shame that indies creators receive too few of them. Because some works would deserve more support. I think you deserve to know that your VN is good and enjoyable.

The writing is nice, the story kept me interested until the end, the sprites are beautifull even if sometimes the different styles don't match very well with each other (not sure my sentence means something lol). 

I would personally have prefered to see the same sprite (one for kuro and one for the MC) with just a different hairstyle and outfit in each scenario for more immersion (and because it would have been more coherent with the ending). I'm curious to know why you chose different sprites (I don't want to spoil anything, but I think you see what I mean ^^).

Finally, I have only two majors complaints. I can't express the first one without spoiling the whole thing, so... I shall not write it here (if you want we could chat about it somewhere else).
I think you are not responsible for the second one (it's certainly the engine's fault) but even if I have a very good pc the game is very long to start. I don't really mind, but I think it's worth mentioning. 

Anyway... I enjoyed the ride a lot. I came for the horror elements and I ended in love with a yandere ;)

My favorite route was the detective route. I can explain why in more details if you want. My fav Kuro was the one during the detective one too, and during the princess one (I mean the personnality, because my fav design was the student route Kuro he he). My fav side character was Isabelle from the detective route too (I wish I could have kissed her instead of you know who)^^ Ah and my fav MC... hum... I'm not sure, i enjoyed them all except the MC in the student route (she's a bit dense lol) and the one in the gamer route (even if I enjoyed this route a lot. This scenario is very well built).

Have you ever considered publishing this game on steam? It would give you faaaaar more visibility, especially if you add few trophies (for ex one trophy per bad end. It's quite easy to do this with steam). 

If you have difficulties to find female voice actors for the other versions of your game, or even for this one (I might be wrong but I think rabbit has a male voice althought she is a girl? Maybe you didn't find an actress) I could give you a hand (or my vocal chords in this case). I have a mezzo-soprano voice, but you must know that I have a french accent ;) so I'm not sure if I can help.

Have a nice day, keep on the good work and don't forget to dream ;)

(1 edit)

No worries, I think your English is brilliant :3 I could certainly understand everything that you wrote.

Thank you so much for taking the time to play through the game and leave some feedback! It's very much appreciated :D I'm super glad that you enjoyed it!

I sort of know what you mean about otome games, haha. I'm a fan of the genre, but they can get very repetitive >.< As you say, a lot of them have characters in that just start feeling like walking tropes, sadly. I know the focus is supposed to be on romance, but I feel like that can sometimes leave the overall story seriously lacking. There are very few VNs I've played where the balance felt just right. I don't think I achieved a very good balance with SR because it's a bit lacking in romantic scenes compared to the volume of bad ends, haha. That's something I plan to fix at a later date though :3

It means a lot to me that you feel like Kuro was a real fleshed-out character because I really wanted him to be more than just a generic yandere dude. So it makes me very happy to hear that you think he was believable! I'm rather passionate about the yandere character trope in general, but you just don't seem to see all that many male yandere characters compared to female ones. Sometimes there's just too much crazy and not enough love as well when it comes to yandere characters, haha. It was really important to me that this was still a love story, despite all the horror going on x3

Yeah, feedback is a huge help! I do hope that I can make VNs as more than just a hobby someday, and in order to do that, I need to hear people's opinions and have a better idea of what works and what doesn't for people, rather than just going with solely what I would do myself. SR is like my baby, but with it being my first project, I now know there are several things I could have done better! I've learned a lot since starting work on SR, and hopefully, I'll be able to completely remake the game at some point into a more definitive version. You're right that it's difficult to get feedback as an indie dev, so any and all is most welcome :D It doesn't help that I don't have much of a social media presence either >.< I'm almost completely reliant on word of mouth for spreading the word about my projects.

Yeah, I know what you mean about the sprites, haha. It's something that still really bothers me about the game, and something I plan to rectify in the future remake! I want to have one artist draw all of the sprites so that the art is consistent across the board. There was no way I could afford that for this version though, and so I was stuck with using sprite creator software that I purchased. The trouble was, the game required so many sprites that the art from one software wasn't enough to cover it, and so I had to use art from various different software, where the pieces were drawn by completely different artists >.< And you probably noticed that the sprite for Topper looks completely different from everything else, haha. That's because, in all my software, there was nothing at all for clown/jester-style clothing, so I had to go to Fiverr and pay someone $5 to draw me sprite based on my awful descriptions and references >.<

That's interesting that you say you would prefer to see the same sprite for Kuro and MC, and it is something I thought about possibly doing for the eventual remake. Sadly, it wasn't possible with the sprite resources that I had, because while I could easily have used the same sprite body and changed their hairstyles for each route, I wouldn't have been able to give them suitable clothing to fit the different worlds, because each sprite body only comes with limited clothing options :( I was very restricted by my art resources overall, unfortunately. It would have been great to have been able to afford artists to draw everything for me, but with needing so many assets, I just didn't have the funds. I sorta had to make do with the cheapest assets that I could find to use. 

Thank you for not posting spoilers :3 If you wanted to let me know what the first complaint is, you could use one of the text headers (it's the first symbol called 'format') and write 'spoilers' in caps like this:


Then press enter a few times and start typing out what you wanted to say, because that way, anyone who might happen to be reading your comment would be able to see that there are spoilers below and it'd be their choice to read on or not :3 And Itch will hide most of your comment by putting a clickable 'read more' part. If you'd rather email me though, you can always drop me a message to:

Yeah, you're right that the second one is the engine's fault, sadly :( I even made sure to compress all the game's assets as much as possible to keep the size as low as it could be without compromising image or audio quality, but due to the way the engine works, it does result in very slow load times cos of the size of the game >.< It's one of many reasons I want to eventually remake the whole thing! Now that I have a new engine, I probably won't use Tyranobuilder again because there are just too many annoying aspects. It's great for starting out, but the team behind it don't seem to be in a hurry to fix any of the incredibly annoying issues with the engine >.< I would still recommend it to anyone who wants to jump into making VNs without learning any code. It's just once you have a better idea of what you're doing in general, it becomes quite frustrating to use.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game overall though :D 

The detective route was probably my favourite one to write :3 Feel free to explain in more detail why it was your favourite if you want to! I'd certainly be interested to know your thoughts. That's awesome that you liked Isabelle as well :D Yeah, student route MC is a bit on the dense side, haha.

Honestly, I would absolutely love to get the game on Steam! The trouble is, with it being a free game, I can't afford the £100 (or something like that) publishing fee >.< When I get around to the remake though, I might attempt a Kickstarter or something to help pay for various things. I just want the game to be as good as it can possibly be. If I could somehow get funded, it would allow me to get better quality assets and, as you say, to get the game on Steam as well :3 I would also be a bit embarrassed to put the game on Steam in its current state just because of the bugs with the engine >.< I want players to have as smooth an experience as possible, and I feel like Tyrano gets in the way of that. If I can remake it using the engine I have now, it'll be much more polished!

You're right about Rabbit, haha. I did cast a female voice actor in the role, but she sorta just vanished on me >.< so I ended up using the guy who I had cast as the male version of Rabbit instead to play the female version too! It's entirely possible I might need more voice actors for both the upcoming BxG version and the otome remake. I know for certain that I am missing a few voices for the BxG version, and that some parts will need to be rerecorded. There's certainly nothing wrong with having a French accent anyhow :3 I actually think that an accent like that could suit a character like Rosemary. Also, in the BxG version, some of the characters are like genderbent versions, haha. So there might be things like a female Christo, and I think a French accent could suit a female Christo pretty well. I'm a long way off of sorting that sorta stuff out though at the moment, so I'd have to get back to you on that closer to the time :3

I hope you have a nice day too + that you're managing to stay safe! Thank you again for all your feedback :D I really appreciate you taking the time to type it all up!


Wonderful game. I am usually the person who doesn't like linear games, but makes exceptions for a good plots games. I love it. The regular routes were interesting to explore, creepy in a good way. The final route made me cry several times. The voice acting really made me fill "into the atmosphere". The voice acting and music really made the experience even better (the first novel i used my headphones to listen to the sounds, coz it was good!) The dialogue after true ending was also very entertaining.(breaking 4th wall huh) I am just very impressed tbh. Keep going with visual novels, guys! I will support you

Thank you so much for your kind words + for playing through the game :3 I really appreciate it! Yeah, the voice actors all worked really hard to help me bring this project to life, so I'm super glad you enjoyed their performances :D

It means a lot to me that you took the time to write such a lovely comment! Thank you very much for your support + have a lovely week ^_^


uuuuuumm...It took me about 2 hours to download the game, bc my dumbass installed the mac version instead-  So, basically i was trying to open up the game, and i extracted the files and when it was done it said: 

! Cannot execute "C:\Users\39320\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$EXa8996.11891\Solipsism Reigns (smaller version).exe"

so uh.. any ideas of how i can fix this..? cuz i'd really like to play this game, the MCs are cute... The guys are cute.. the artstyle is stunning, and it has a very interesting concept i'd like to experience.. so by any chance, would anyone be so kind to please lend me a hand?

(1 edit)

Hey hey! Sorry for my slow reply, and also for the fact that I'm probably not gonna be of much help here >.<

I've not come across that issue before, so I'm not really sure what to suggest :( Is it an old system you're running it on or maybe one with very little spare memory? I know the devs of the engine have said before that if a computer doesn't have enough free memory then it might not be able to run the game until some space has been cleared. 

If you've got plenty of free space, and it's not going to take you too long, you could try downloading the larger Windows version instead, just in case there's an issue specifically with the smaller version for some reason. I'll try redownloading each Windows version myself from here and see if I can manage to replicate the issue, but they worked fine for me when I uploaded them originally, so I'm probably not going to be able to help >.< I'll do some Googling though and report back anything I find that might be of use!

Oh, one other thing could possibly be antivirus software stopping it from running I guess! Because every single game I've made so far tends to get blocked by my antivirus the first time I open it up. It just does a scan, then allows it through. But I'm not sure how other antivirus software works. It's possible it may just block it from running completely.

Thanks so much for checking out the game :3 I really hope we can manage to find a solution to get it up and running for you!

tysm! I dont have that issue anymore thanks to you,but.. sorry to bother you again... Though now when i extract the game files the exported application doesn't open and just gives me a blank note file. is that normal or am i doing something wrong? Also i'm on a Windows Vista, and i installed the smaller version i got this pc about a year ago.. do i need a 64 bit perhaps...?? also don't worry i'm pretty slow at replying too, so we're on the same boat.. ^^'

It's no bother at all :3 I'm glad that one issue is solved, but it sucks that something else is still preventing you from playing >.<

That's definitely not supposed to happen. When you run the .exe, it should just load up the game (which can take a while depending on system specs.) I'm by no means a tech expert, but if it's opening in notepad or something instead, something must have gone wrong somewhere >.< I would imagine something in your system settings, but I wouldn't really know what to change to stop it from doing that :( As far as I can remember, when you export a game made in Tyrano for Windows, it should just work with most versions of Windows. 

I did some Googling, and I can find fixes for systems where all .exe files are opening in notepad, but nothing specific for just one, or it being blank >.< All those fixes seem to mention fixing stuff in the registry, but I wouldn't wanna tell you to go messing with stuff when I don't even know for sure if that would fix it, and I certainly wouldn't want you to accidentally screw up your computer somehow :( 

I did download the small version for Windows from here after reading your first comment, just to check the download wasn't randomly broken or something, but it still starts up fine for me. 

I'm sorry I can't be of more help >.< Like I said, I'm not the most techy person when it comes to computer problems, so I'm not sure what the solution could be :(


i'm very sorry for the late reply! Lately i've been staying up quite late to get my pc to work right for the game.

i'll try to download the file again in hopes for a better result, thank you very much for your concern and information! I'll keep you updated! I hope you have a lovely day/night!

(1 edit)

No worries at all! I'm still sorry that I can't be of more help :( I know how frustrating it can be trying to get stuff to work cos I once tried to get my old PSVR headset working with my PC, and loads of people had managed it just fine, but for whatever reason, I just couldn't get it to work for me so I had to give up in the end >.< 

I hope you do manage to get it working :3 I wanted to be able to have a browser version available for anyone that had issues running the downloadable game at all, but sadly, it's too large to be able to host it as a browser game, even the smaller version :( Good luck! And thank you :3 I hope you have a lovely day/night yourself!

(1 edit)

Okay, so, I have no idea if this will help at all, but I copied the error you posted into Google, and one of the things that came up was a YouTube link to this short video. It seems to be the same sort of error, but the fix seems to be related to antivirus stuff. I'll link it to you anyhow just in case it's helpful at all :3

I went to config but it was in Japanese.

Sadly, this is because of the engine I used called Tyranobuilder. The config is a default one that comes with the engine when you start a new project. You should be able to figure out what does what by just messing around with the various settings :3 


there was a character that was described as dressing in "plain religious robes" and then he looked like THAT asofowegtnfh

I seem to have unlocked the ??? route, despite not having unlocked every Gamer ending. I got scared, so I went back.

Sorry for my slow replies to your comments >.< I've not been at my PC much the last couple of days cos I've had some other stuff to sort out. Yeah, the guide on the ??? route isn't 100% accurate as you can unlock and play the ??? without seeing both Gamer route endings. I just figured there was no need to edit it because it's probably best to view each different ending anyhow for CG gallery completion :3


This is my first time coming across this game on this site. And with the number of positive reviews, I'm devastated that it did not happen sooner. I'm downloading it now and looking forward to playing it! I'll come back and let you know what I thi

Thanks so much for playing! I hope you enjoy it :3

(1 edit) (+2)

Hey hey hey!!!! This game is SO AWESOME!!!!!! I'm not done yet, about to do the Detective route before I get to the '???' route but this game is still amazing!!!

Edit: I figured out my issue! I was a dumb! Lol. Thats what I get for staying up all night playing the game!!

(1 edit)

Aww, thank you so much for your kind words! I appreciate you taking the time to play through the game and leave a comment :3 I hope enjoy the rest of the game!

I didn't see what you wrote at the end before your edit, haha, but I'm glad you managed to figure out a solution anyhow :D

(2 edits) (+2)

Made an account just to be able to leave a comment - I feel like indie creators (esp for sort of niche games) don't always get many reviews/feedback, but I think you deserve all the positive feedback you can get! This felt like such a labor of love, and it is amazing that this was released as a free game. Thank you so much for contributing to the male yandere material out there in English, there's definitely a dearth of it, like you said! Came here after reading some recommendations from Reddit for male yandere otome games (gotta scratch that itch every so often) and was so pleased to see a new one in the list!


Kuro's a great character, and I think it was nice to see the yandere actually be so affectionate (since I feel in most games, there's the "courting" period and maybe a small period where they're actual affectionate and then something snaps). I'm a real sucker for all those kisses, esp ones where the LI does it suddenly/forcefully (not really like non-con per se since the MC does also like him, hopefully you get what I mean) so I think Student ended up being my favorite for that reason. That being said, my favorite plots were the detective and hidden routes (the layers in that last one, oh my goodness!) 

I enjoyed reading the comments here about the plot and some of the behind the scenes processes. Makes sense then why I thought Kuro looked kind of girly/shota (e.g. in the mage route, I was like, doesn't that look like female breastplate armor??). No problem, though, because I got so immersed in the story, it didn't really matter. :) The VAs were also great, it was cool to see how many were actually involved in the credits! I feel like all the evil laughs were nailed, and Topper was so fun to listen to (it just fit so well!). The only bit of voice acting that I found a bit jarring was Rabbit - she sounded like a guy to me (can't remember if the VA was a guy or a girl, and I apologize, don't mean any offense). Can't forget about our protag Kuro - sometimes English dub esp for stuff like yandere can sound so cringey but he did a great job, particularly when Kuro gets more emotional/sad. It helped contribute to the feeling of yeah, sometimes he goes crazy but deep down, it's really because he loves you so much and he has all this other angst that you discover in the hidden route. 

Speaking of the hidden route, like some other folks mentioned, I found it a bit harder to relate to og!MC and Shiro. I know Shiro has a reason to dislike the MC and Kuro clones but since he was acting like a jerk, I found myself being like, give me Kuro back, haha. In the grand scheme of things, though, it all makes sense and I think there's something to be said for playing as the "clone" the whole time.

Once I realized Anathema was actually Player and not MC, it was interesting to re-interpret everything the Architect said in light of that. Although I'm still a bit confused by what he means at certain bad ends when he says "better you than me" since it's not actually Player dying? Also, Architect, what's your deal with being so upset with me picking the sorta happy ending as my favorite? Surely if you've been watching me so long, you know there's no way I'm going to be like, oh yes, being a lifeless doll is totally my favorite, haha. (Not at all meant to be a slight on your writing, I'm just joking as to the seemingly twisted nature of the Architect)

I also thought it was neat how in the early routes such as Student, you get some bad ends where Kuro is like, oh no, what have I done! But iirc, that doesn't really happen in the later routes, which makes sense since he learns more and more about the system and how it works.

Alright, I think I'm rambling at this point, gonna end with a couple male yandere recs. I know you said you enjoyed MM, not sure if you've also played their other games, Dandelion and Nameless (I'm a fan of Tei from the latter, he's a bit more of the manipulative type). Also, have you heard of the Boyfriend to Death series? (there's 1 and 2, probably runs a bit more yangire than yandere imo but may be up your alley!) There are still some other games I have to catch up on, so we'll see. Anyway, thanks again for making such a great game, looking forward to more of your work in the future!

That's so sweet of you to make an account to leave such lovely feedback :3 I appreciate it more than I can put into words :D I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed the game!

You're right that sometimes indie creators don't seem to get a whole lot of feedback, anything I receive always means a lot to me. I'm touched that you think I deserve all the positive feedback I can get :3 And I'm glad it felt like a labour of love, that's certainly one of the ways I would describe how I feel about it myself. You taught me a new word there with 'dearth'! I had to look that one up, haha, so that's something new I learned today :D Also, that's interesting to know that it's been recommended on Reddit. I do sometimes lurk there on r/otomegames, haha, but I had no idea it had been listed at any point, so that makes me happy to discover :3


I'm super happy that you liked Kuro :3 I'm very protective of him and can't help but be saddened when people occasionally don't understand him because, deep down, he's such a sweetheart. I feel the same as you where you said you feel in most games there's the 'courting' period and then something snaps, haha. With SR, I really wanted the reader to know that this was genuinely a love story, despite all of the horror and despair x3 That was something that was very important to me to get across. Yeah, I know what you mean about the kisses, hehe :3 That's really interesting that you'd say the Student one was your favourite for that reason :o I don't recall anyone picking that as their favourite so far! I do kinda struggle with picking a favourite myself, especially when for me it would be kinda like picking a favourite child. haha. I do prefer some versions over others though. 

That's cool that you also read through some of the other comments about the behind the scenes stuff :3 Yeah, I was very resource-limited, haha. That breastplate was actually one of two options... the other had giant sticking out bits for huge boobs, so that was a no go xD I would really love it if I could remake the entire game someday in the new engine that I'm using and hire an artist to redraw all the sprites in their own style. The VA's were so wonderful, I'm glad you enjoyed their performances :3 I'm so proud of them all + will be eternally grateful for the work they did on the project. Jacob had a lot of fun with Topper, and it certainly shows, haha. Rabbit was played by a guy, yeah. What happened was, I cast him to play the male version of the character in BxB version of the game that sadly won't be getting released. I had also cast someone for female Rabbit but, unfortunately,  she never delivered her lines. I just decided to use his voice for the female version of Rabbit in the end since Rabbit's a magical creature anyhow. I can totally understand how that might be jarring though x3 And I know what you mean about how English voice acting can sometimes be a little cringe-worthy cos I've played my fair share of games like that, haha. Tim absolutely did Kuro justice though :3 He was so perfect for the role, and I agree that those emotional lines he delivered were very powerful. Some of them almost had me in tears! x3 He portrayed the character exactly as I intended, and I'm super happy to hear you think the same :D

I have to agree with you and the others who have mentioned it that OG MC + Shiro are less relatable than the clone x Kuro combo. It's not something I really thought about at the time of writing because I knew from the start how I wanted it to end, but I think it wound up becoming Kuro's story more so than Shiro's, even though they're linked. At least once things calmed down there, you could go wake up all the Kuro clones and be surrounded by Kuro's forever x3

As for the Architect's comments like you mentioned the: "Better you than me." Upon reaching certain bad ends. It's basically just him being a dick x3 And I guess, in a way, he's sort of presuming that the player is self-inserting (which I know isn't always the case, but that's how I tend to play, haha) so he's kinda just mocking the player for having caused the death of their character. And yeeeeah, the Architect is a pretty twisted dude as you say xD That's my favourite reaction of his when you choose that happy CG, kinda like a child throwing a tantrum, haha. As a side note though, that Dollmaker ending is one of my personal favourite 'bad ends' x3 I can't remember for sure, but I think I named that bad end after my dev name in the bad ends guide document, haha.

What you said regarding the Student route and Kuro's reactions to some of the bad end stuff, I'd love to claim that I did that on purpose, but it was unintentional, haha. I guess it came out that way because I wrote the routes in a particular order and then figured I would stack the route options in the same order that I wrote them, just allowing the player to pick whichever they wanted. I guess with what you said though, it would mean the order they're arranged in on the selection screen would be the recommended play order.

There's nothing wrong with rambling anyhow :D As you've no doubt noticed, I do rather a lot of it myself xD I really do appreciate you taking the time to leave your thoughts though, so thank you :3 

As for the recommendations, they're always much appreciated! I have indeed played Dandelion and Nameless, and I have to agree with you, Tei is pretty darn awesome :P Actually,  he's probably my favourite manipulative yandere character that I've read so far. I'd like to create a similar character myself at some point. He'd make a terrible being in reality, but he's wonderful as a fictional character, haha. I don't recall coming across that many characters like Tei, so if you know of any others, feel free to let me know! And yeah, I have dabbled in the BTD games :D They're certainly quite something! I did enjoy what I played of them, there was the odd scene that I found a little gross, but I mean, I had anticipated that anyways xD I played all of the routes in the first one, but I never actually finished the second. I got kinda stuck and I couldn't find any walkthroughs at the time, so being the lazy bugger that I am, I kinda just gave up >.< Is there any character in particular that you recommend I finish their route in BTD2? I've been told I would likely enjoy Black Wolves Saga, but haven't gotten around to checking it out yet, likewise with the yandere in Nightshade cos I've heard good things about him as well. 

Anyways, thanks again for writing all of that up :3 I hope wherever you are in the world that you're managing to stay safe! Have a great week ^_^

(1 edit) (+1)

Ah, thanks so much for responding! I would absolutely love to see what your version of a Tei-like character would be like! I've also still been searching for more like him. I think he's the only character I kept wanting to jump ship for in the other routes (I know some people were annoyed how he showed up in the other routes, but I was always like, yes, please, I would totally switch LIs if not for needing to actually finish the game, haha).

For BTD2, it's been a while but I think I preferred Vincent and Cain (Lawrence is interesting in an eerie kind of way, and Ren is...more of a masochist iirc?). Cain's route also has an extra hidden character mini route who is kinda similar to him. 

I haven't played Black Wolves Saga yet either. It's a little more involved since the English is a fan translation as far as I'm aware, and I've just been too lazy so far to go through the extra steps to set it all up. Nightshade's yandere is in my opinion a touch underwhelming. Don't get me wrong, he definitely has some possessiveness/obsessiveness come through, but I found his route...not extreme enough for me, haha. The voice actor is fantastic, though, and does such a great job with the emotional lines. Not sure if you want to be spoiled as to which character (SPOILER: his name is Kuroyuki, what a coincidence!)

Anyway, hope you're staying safe and well, too! I'll post again if I remember/find any others (although a lot of the recent games I've seen mentioned are only on PS Vita which I don't have unfortunately), always nice to find fellow male yandere fans!

I think I would have to go back through Tei's route to refresh my mind on the character cos it's been a fair few years now since I played Nameless, but yeah, I think writing a similar character would be a lot of fun :D When I first played that, just going by sprite appearances, I thought Yuri was gonna be my favourite, but nope, Tei won, haha. He was a surprise too cos back then I purposely didn't look at character bios so that I could be surprised whenever I came across a yandere character. Nowadays, I tend to try and find out if a game at least has one in before deciding whether or not to play x3

I guess I should try and play more of BTD2 then! There must be plenty of guides out there by now :3 I noticed that Lawrence seems to get the most fan art, which intrigues me. I never got to see any of Ren back when I played, but I kinda imagined he'd be that way, haha.

Not feeling like bothering with the patch set up is one of the main reasons why I haven't managed to play through BWS as well! I'll get to it someday, I'm sure :3 It's probably the one that's been recommended to me more than anything else, so it would be a bit silly of me not to try it at some point. That's a shame about Kuroyuki though! I had heard that was the one cos when I was lurking on r/otomegames in the past, people didn't tag it with spoilers, haha. I'm not that fussed about things like that being revealed though so it's all good. I heard folk describe his route as very angsty more than anything. I know what you mean though, soft yandere routes are great and all, but I do prefer reading stuff that's more extreme x3 I used to look up rec lists online for male yandere characters in games, and a large majority of the ones I tried were pretty soft routes. I'll always be up for reading any kind of yandere route, but the best ones are the ones that make my jaw drop in shock xD At the same time, I'd love to see more villain routes too, even if they're not yandere. The first time I experienced something like that was when I played Hakuoki on my tablet years ago, and I was so stoked that you got that option (I played blind, and I got that as my first route x3)
Good to know about the voice actor for Kuroyuki anyhow! I was considering which game to play out of Nightshade and Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk whenever I next decide to start an otome. I was leaning towards Nightshade, but now I might go with Ashen Hawk instead, haha. 
I do have a PS Vita, thankfully :3 Managed to nab a used one years ago when I discovered the sheer amount of otome on there, though, it seems like that may be gravitating towards the Switch slowly, which I don't have >.< I mainly wanted one to check out the Diabolik Lovers series, but I still don't know how to feel about it. On paper, I should technically love it, but there are several things about it that irk me, one being how useless MC is xD 

It is indeed always nice to find fellow male yandere fans :3 I feel like we sometimes get shoved in a dark little corner while everyone else fawns over the tsundere guys, haha. Have a lovely week!


Oh yeah, I forgot about Psychedelica, have seen it mentioned and been meaning to play it but haven't gotten a chance to. I will say, though, if you're not just looking for a yandere fix, I do think Nightshade is quite a good game. The plot is actually good, all of the voice acting is fantastic, and the characters generally well-written (plus endearing side characters!) I enjoyed pretty much all the routes, either for the character or for the plot, often both. And while the yandere in Nightshade is not that extreme, they built a surprisingly good and sympathetic rationale for why he acts the way he does. 

FYI, I've been playing through 7'scarlet and while the yandere is a bit more extreme and -almost- there, he doesn't quite make it for me. The bad end is bad in a different way sadly. Still gonna finish the rest of the game for the plot and completionist's sake. I've heard Monochrome Heaven has a yandere so I'll add that to my list at some point, too. Oh, and since you do have a Vita, I'll recommend Period Cube to you because it sounds like that has gotten some thumbs up's yandere-wise. Enjoy!

I wasn't really all that enthralled by Black Butterfly, but I've heard I'm more likely to enjoy Ashen Hawk, haha. I just didn't really feel much for any of the characters in BB >.<

That's good that Nightshade is solid overall :3 I had heard quite a few people say they enjoyed every route, which seems to be a rare thing in otome, haha, so they must have done something right with it :D And I love it when yandere characters have a good reason behind why they are the way they are, so I'd probably love that route :3 It's been aaaaages since I played one where I genuinely enjoyed reading all the routes. I found finishing Collar x Malice quite painful cos I left the two characters I was least interested in until last, and their routes were even more boring than I anticipated >.<

I've not got 7'scarlet with it being a slightly newer title and my usual lack of disposable income, haha. Is it worth buying in a sale do you think? Not that I could even afford it then xD I'm not overly keen on the art either.  "The bad end is bad in a different way sadly." That makes me curious, haha, but I guess I better not seek out spoilers in case I play it someday. 

I've heard a lot of good stuff about Steam Prison, which I also don't have. I hadn't even heard of Monochrome Heaven, so that goes to show how far behind I am on keeping up with content >.<

I did quite enjoy Period Cube actually :3 It's been quite a while since I played it, and I can't remember whose route I enjoyed the most. If I'm remembering correctly, it wasn't who I thought would be my favourite (pretty sure it was a non-yandere)! MC was a bit annoying for me to self-insert with cos I've played plenty of MMOs xD

I think the Vita titles I own but haven't gotten around to playing yet are Code Realize + Norn9. The other stuff I haven't played yet in my backlog is on PC, which consists of Nightshade, Ashen Hawk, the new revamped Hakuoki games, BWS, Bad Medicine (though the English patch doesn't cover all routes and I was really bored with it anyway, haha), and a bunch of indie otome. I never did see past the base content of Mystic Messenger either! Just because the app became too large for my crappy phone to be able to download any updates >.< I had a founders pack for that with a physical box of stuff + lots of whatever the currency was for progression, and I don't have a clue what my account info I used would have been :(

Have an awesome weekend! :3


So... I LOVE THIS GAME! ITS SO CUTE, WELL MADE, I LOVE THE CHARACTERS. Sad theres nothing that happens when you name the character Anathema. Also where did you get the name Anathema? Its a fitting name. I would love a sequel... or ten. I am obsessed with this game

Aww, I'm glad you like it :D Thanks so much for taking the time to play through it and comment <3 It means a lot to me :3

There is something that happens when you name MC Anathema :o but it's very subtle and only occurs in the final section (just a slight change in dialogue so not really a lot considering a player would have to start over with that as their name + get all the way to the end again to see the difference x3) it's awesome that you thought to try that cos I don't know how often people do, and I made that little easter egg in case anyone did, haha. 

The name just came up when I was searching online about religious stuff like sins and such! I thought it was a fitting name :D

I do hope to remake the game in the new engine I'm now using at some point cos it will look a lot more polished and I could do more with it in general! So much work though to remake it from scratch >.< haha + I'd like to be able to get all the sprites drawn by one person so that the sprite art can be consistent throughout :3 I have no way of affording that right now though. 

Tim has recently re-recorded some of Kuro's lines, so when I'm able, I'll be updating the game with his new takes :3 I'm just not able to use a computer that can handle the project load at the moment >.<


I'll need to replay it then! Which I really should anyway... And I am very happy to hear of a remake and Tim is a great Kuro I don't think I could hear Kuro played by any one else.  And there is so much I would love to say but theres no real place to start

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I just finished playing the game and after I click ??? from extras it takes me to this site and asks for password I tried everything but I don't  understand what the password is can please tell me 

Hey hey :3 Thanks for playing the game through to the end <3 I hope you enjoyed it.

Sure, I will put the password underneath this spoilers sign :3


The password is: Anathema

You have to do it with the capital 'A' or it won't work. I just checked it on my phone to make sure the password hasn't expired or something, but it seems to work fine, so hopefully, it should work for you too :3

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you i forgot To try with capital 'A' sorry for the trouble and i really like Yandere character so i really enjoyed the game I'm looking forward to the other versions of the game and i really want to know more about the creepy voice and anathema

It's no trouble at all :3 I'm super glad that you enjoyed the game :D

There will definitely be more about the voice + Anathema in future games :3 I plan to include them/parts of their story in most of my main projects <3

Thanks for playing + stay safe :3


I just finished the game and it was awesome)
I've decided to make fan art)

Wow, that's absolutely gorgeous! Love it <3 Thanks so much for playing the game + creating such a beautiful piece of art :3

Makes me really happy to hear that you enjoyed it! I take it you're a fan of Prince Kai then? :D

Is there somewhere I can follow you so I can see more of your awesome art? :o

Stay safe <3


I don't have any art accs..) I'm glad you liked it)


well,I really like him, he is one of my favorite characters(hope he really liked princess mc, and wanted to be with her not only because of the plan..) ,I also like Farro, he is sweet and kind , I love his voice and his shy feelings for mc are adorable(its somehow funny how I've mentioned them both, they are so different :D) But it seems they are both just a part of the program for reality simulation?...Its hard to think about them this way).
And ofc Kuro is hasubando number 1( so don't kill me,Kuro :D).

ps. Sorry for occasion mistakes, my eng is not very good :)


Well, your art is really awesome :3 I wish I had art skills like that :D

I'm super glad you like Kai :3 I don't think Kai or Farro are very popular, so it's nice for them to get some love <3 But yeah, don't tell Kuro or he might get mad x3 hehe. Kuro would be incredibly happy to know that he is number 1 though \^_^/


Even though Kai and Farro were part of the simulations and technically weren't real, they would have seemed very real to MC, so to her, they may as well have been real :3 Also, depending on what MC chooses to do at the end, she could use her power to bring back any of the characters from the simulations to live with her :D Heck, she could even implant their personalities into one of the clone bodies to bring them to life in reality if she really wanted to.

I think Kai had a pretty rough life with his upbringing and stuff, and he definitely has some genuine feelings for MC, so he's not 100% evil :3

No need to apologise anyhow, your English is great! :D

Hi I'm having issues opening the game with my Mac. Whenever I try to open it, this message appears: 

The application “Solipsism Reigns” can’t be opened.

I'm not quite sure what to do and I really wanna play.  If anyone has advice on what to do, please let me know. 

Heya :3 I wish I could help you, but unfortunately, Tyranobuilder games + macs just don't seem to get along very well at all :(

I don't know any actual statistics, but a lot of mac users seem to have this problem. It worked alright on my partner's old work macbook, but I have no idea if it's worked for anyone else on mac because I don't know enough people that use them to find out >.<

I did search online for help in the past + posted in the support forums for Tyrano on Steam. If you haven't already, you could try some of the suggestions on this page. There just doesn't seem to be any real solution to the issue though :( The English community manager for Tyranobuilder pretty much just stated that the devs say the problem is macs are awkward, and kinda just left it at that with no actual fix >.< Which is incredibly frustrating!

I'm hoping to be able to work with a new engine soon cos I'm getting pretty fed up with all the issues Tyrano has that don't seem to get fixed :(

I can't upload a browser version either because the game is too large to fit within's acceptable size guide for browser games.

I hope you can manage to find a fix somehow, and I'm really sorry that there's nothing I can do to help :( Thank you so much for your interest in the game + I hope you're managing to stay safe :3

(1 edit)

Hi, I have a mac and have also ran into issues launching games before so I have become accustomed to looking into game files to find the problem. Unfortunately this game wasn't an easy fix like previous ones because it seems that the file needed to run the game is not a "unix executable" file. There is no way for mac user to play this game because the file is not unix executable, and instead only appears as a text file. I don't know how to solve this issue because I am not familiar with the software the game was made with, but hopefully this can help a little. I look forward to being able to play this game, so goodluck fixing it :)

Update: I converted the plain text file into a unix executable file (using the chmod +x command in terminal) and it still would not work. I believe there are still files missing that prevent just converting the file from working. This is the error message [9436:1123/] en-CA.pak file not found. [warn] kq_init: detected broken kqueue; not using.: Undefined error: 0

Thanks for the info + for checking out the game :3 I'm sorry you weren't able to get it working still in the end :(

Unfortunately, all these months down the line I'm still none the wiser as to what on earth I can possibly do to fix the issue >.< The support discussion I had open pretty much just ended with the support manager saying the devs of the software say that macs are awkward, that it'll work for some and not for others... Which is not exactly an acceptable solution! It's very frustrating that the support for the software just isn't there :(

This is one of the main reasons I'm giving up on using Tyranobuilder to make stuff. I've got a new engine now which will hopefully allow me to make games which will run on mac more reliably! I still need to learn how to use it though, and I probably won't be remaking SR on there for the foreseeable future cos it would just be too much work to remake it all in the new engine :( I do hope to completely remake it with new sprites in the future, but that'll be a long way off. 

It sucks you're not able to play it either anyhow :( Really sorry about that! Thank you for the interest though + I hope you're managing to stay safe :3 


Hi! this is my favorite visual novel and I have played many. I am in love with Shiro partly because he reminds me of Ukyo, my favorite character from Amnesia. I also like yanderes and darker stories like this, but it also had cute moments as well and Kuro's actions made sense so that he was lovable.


Who is the creepy voice that talks to the player whenever you get a bad ending? I get that Anathema is referring to us, but still

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Hey hey! Thanks so much for playing through it + taking the time to comment :3 Your kind words means a lot + make me super happy to hear <3 Ukyo is my favourite character from Amnesia as well ^-^


The owner of the voice that speaks to the player when you get bad ends and such doesn't have a proper name yet, but I tend to refer to him as the Architect :3 SR was sorta like his introduction. He'll be appearing again in some of the other games I make :D


Thank you for replying! I love this game so much I look forward to other creations of yours! :)

No worries :3 Thanks for your support <3  I'm really glad you love SR! It took me a loooong time + lots of love to make it, haha. 

I hope you will enjoy the other stuff I make as well :D I'm currently working on finishing the game I started ages ago for Yaoi Jam 2018 (it's called Clarity in Qualia) and while there is only a very old rough demo available from the jam for now, I'm in the middle of completely remaking the demo with new art and other stuff + there will be an otome version of the game too :3


OMG!!! I'm so excited to see it! I can tell you put a lot of effort and time into the game it's fantastic!! and I'm sure I'll enjoy the other stuff you make!!!

I just finished the game and I am soooooooooo MINDBLOWN. So I have lots of feels right now so idk if I could express them all but AAAHHHHHHH I love it I love Kuro very very much.


Soooo ummm the Kuro that we spent all 5 routes with, I actually thought the same as you in that it was the Kuro that 26 meets in the room. I can't gandle him being dead soooo I like to think that he survived in the end amd found another MC that was a predecessor of 339 that did not get discarded. Idk I really want a happy ending for him. Alsoooo can I gush about the detective route Kuro? He and the Princess route Kuro werw my absolute favourites. But detective Kuro was my all time favourite. I really loved their sweet moments, especially at the end where they spend their last moment in the ferris wheel. But my favourite moment was at the end of the mage route where Kuro makes the MC promise to love him always even of she will forget him. Aahhhh I just love the passionate devotion Kuro has for the MC. The Kuro that was so enraged at the sight of 339, I felt so sad for him. I mean he got MARRIED to MC, that has got to hurt, finally being with your beloved in manitromony only to lose her. Aahhhh whyyyyyyy is wverything so painful.

 Oh yeah, I'm curious about S****'s yandere level, even the doll maker's yandere level. And I'm guessing that the married Kuro's yandere levrl is very high?

Also, I really got creeped out at the voice calling tye MC Anathema, especially atvthe end where the game took over my whole screen when the voice said I can'tvescape from him. Ugghhhhh. I'm curious about who it is and how high his yandere level is, if he even has a yandere level. 

Oh yeah even though the detective route is my favourite, the gamer route was the most insightful, like the parallels in it! Kuro saying he has feelings, and then thw MC in the hidden route saying she has feelibgs even if she was a clone, ughhhh that was good, like even the concept of merging realities and changing realities. This route reallt made sense to be the final one before the hidden one. Alssooo why is Kuro here having a change of heart  ompared to the others? Alsoooo where does S****'s figure shouting at MC happen chronilogically? I mean he only said his words to og! MC so when did the end sequences after every route happen? I have a lot of questions right now haha. But really I love your game, the concept is good, the philosophy is interesting, and really intrigued me. It was awesome to see how it is tackled in game. And alsoooo S**** is hot sooooo yeah. 

So TLDR, I love SR so much, and this is coming from someone who has played LOTS of visual novels: it is my all time favourite now

P.S. I love Kuro's voice, it really brought him to life and it fit the sprites so well. Also love the moments where it is so soft amd loving hehe.

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Oohhhh yeah. I also really loved the music? Especially in the detective and hidden route, also the good end 1 was so epic and sweet and the music added to that, though the true end really deserved to be the best one and is really my favourite of the bunch. But that creepy voice, I have so many questions about it like....


why Anathema? How is the MC a sacrifice cuz that's what Anathema means.  How is he able to see everything? Were they lovers? At first I thought the voice was the more murderous side of Kuro, cuz in the mage route it was as if he had two personalities, like Ukyo from Amnesia. But is Anathema actually the player behind the screen? Aaahhh I really have a lot of questions huh? 

(6 edits)

I’m glad you loved the music :3 One of my favourite things to do is find the perfect music to match scenes, haha. I pretty much knew what I wanted to use before I wrote the story in full, and I listened to the various tracks while writing the scenes, cos having the atmosphere from the music really helps a lot with the writing :D


As for the creepy voice who talks to Anathema, you pretty much hit the nail on the head with the last thing you said in your comment :3 He’s talking to the player behind the screen. His comments are all observations based on the choices that the player is making while playing the game. Then he decides to finally reveal himself :3 I can’t say too much cos I don’t wanna accidentally give any spoilers, haha, also I haven’t fully planned what’s going to happen yet, but it won’t be the last you see of him! I guess he’s supposed to be like a 4th wall breaking character? Essentially though, you, the player, are his Anathema :D

I hope I managed to answer your questions :3 If not (cos I know I kinda suck at explaining stuff xD) feel free to let me know, or ask any other questions that you have! Thank you so much again for taking the time to comment :3 I hope you’re managing to stay safe, and that you have an awesome week!

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Hey hey! I’m super duper happy you loved the game :3 Thanks so much for taking the time to comment :D


It would certainly be nice to think that that version of Kuro survived :3 He really deserved to after everything he went through! I’m glad you loved detective Kuro :3 Dollmaker Kuro ended up being my favourite, even though I didn’t think he would be, haha.

When it comes to yandere level, it’s kinda hard to judge I guess >.< There are so many different varieties of yandere these days that I can’t keep up x3 I guess Dollmaker Kuro would be one of the most yandere of all the Kuro’s. It’s hard to know if the angry one would still be classed as yandere or if he’s just gone into psycho territory, haha. I guess he probably is still yandere though since it’s his love for MC that’s messed him up so much! Then I think That S**** isn’t really a yandere at all. He’s just a regular dude in love who has had a super shitty life x3 He was in a lot of pain, but unlike the Kuro’s, it didn’t turn him yandere. I guess the Kuro’s were made yandere by all the horrible stuff that happened, and while S**** did have to watch it happen, he didn’t have to actively participate in stuff, so in a way, he was shielded from a lot of the pain over the years.

I’ll answer more about the creepy fella talking to Anathema in your other comment :3

With the gamer Kuro, I just wanted to have a little bit more variation in the endings of the original 5 routes since most of them end very similarly. Whether the Kuro from those 5 routes is the one that 26 meets in the white room or not, every Kuro is just trying their best to do what they can to enjoy the time they have with MC, even though they know it’s not going to last. Plus Kuro is always trying to think of all the possible things he can do that might make a difference. Also, while he has more awareness about the truth of what’s really going on than MC does, he is still not fully in control. It’s not really mentioned in the game, but Isaac also makes alterations to the Kuro’s as well as the MC’s, like slightly tweaking their levels of anger, levels of self-awareness, how much stuff they actually remember while going through simulations. 

For the bits that come after the 5 main routes endings where S****’s figure is shouting at MC through the static, it’s kind of hard to explain what I meant for that to represent, but I will try :3 It is supposed to be S****, but rather than it being him actually talking to MC, it’s supposed to be more like it’s part of OG MC’s memories. All the clones come from OG MC, who is in love with S****, but Isaac takes that memory from all of the MC clones. When everything goes black, that’s meant to be like when the clones are in the sleep chamber, and they are dreaming. When the image of S**** appears through the static, it’s supposed to be like a part of MC’s mind trying to grasp at the memory of S**** that was erased. So even though Isaac tried to completely get rid of it, MC’s love/bond with S**** is so strong that he couldn’t completely get rid of the memory, and small fragments still remain :3 MC can’t remember who it is, but it’s like her mind’s way of attempting to remember what was stolen from her, and piece it back together. if that makes any sense.

I feel incredibly honoured that you would consider SR to be your favourite VN ❤



Ohh woooooow! So that really cleared things up for me and confirmed my suspicions. Sooo I'm guessing that S**** screaming for her to remember him was in the early days before she was cloned but when she was now in the chamber? Idk haha. But wow I appreciate them more now, cuz S**** was right, their bond never faltered. 

But I am curious though, why was Kuro called Kuro? The MC was called by her name so why not S****? Was it because S**** or his father did not want S**** to be associated with the Kuros so they named him for the opposite thing to S****?  But woowww so if Kuro saw everything and every route, he knows everything sooooooo that means that somehow dollmaker! Kuro also lives in him albeit indirectly. So even after all this time and up to the end S**** and MC were always together. But if that was the case, I get it why S**** would have such distate for the Kuros, it's his face and voice and its her likeness that he is seeing, he must have been so envious and mad at the Kuros watching them throughout the routes.

Really though, even now I still cry when I remember Kuro ahhhhh. This really is my favourite. The concept blew me away and the thought behind it, how every event was simulated and how it was all it gave justice to the title. As a student who majors in Literature, the whole VN was cathartic to me when all the pieces lined up and the bigger picture was revealed. The plotholes in the routes and the little things that gave way to the main picture suddenly clicked. And the theme of Solipsism was really presented well. So yeaaah this fame is really unique. I have never encountered any other game such as this. And what I like best about it is that it's the same couple everytime, which is something I have been wanting to see in VNs, sooo I loved seeing their bond, even if it is so painful and tragic. So yeah, thank God for the true end. 

I'm curious though what happens to all the other clones at the end. Will they set them free? Lol this is where I kinda like to think that Kuro from the five routes finds his own MC who was a predecessor of 339 (so it's technically the same girl he romanced) and they live happily together somewhere hehe. 

P.S. since they all share the same face, I also like to think that since S**** now gas black hair, he'd let it grow and braid a certain dollmaker hehehe. But despite this though, when I think of Kuro it's detective Kuro that comes to mind. Aahhh I like that version of him so much haha. Gosh, I really love Kuro.

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Ooopss forgot to put spoilers haha


Also...I am shocked that dollmaker is THE MOST yandere of them all. Like, the sweet boy is the most dangerous of them all!?!?!?! I am not surprised but oh my hahahaha


Lol I have so many replies hahaha but I just keep on remembering more to say and I just wanna keep on gushing haha.


So ummm the moment where S**** and 339 meet in the white room. That moment was so surreal. Maybe it was the music too but, that moment was just so surreal to me, especially when they meet again in the room with Raine. Idk, it was as if I also felt the relief and awe in seeing traces of a beloved that was so far to reach. 

When it comes to soft moments, the kiss scenes were just so nice. My favourite is a threeway tie between the first one in the detective route, the cg one in the gamer route (who knew Kuro could be spicy like that haha), and the desperate one between 339 and 13. Actually now that I think about it, every scene where Kuro and the MC are alone and in a romantic mood like Kuro dancing with her in the mage route or the sweet moment whete Kuro makes breakfast for MC in the detective route...aaahhhh they are just lovely, those soft moments really sold their chemistry to me. They really felt like two pìeople in love. And then the hidden route was just beautiful, even if it was the saddest one. 

Oh yeah, I am curious about this but, when I got the good ending for the gamer route, I still have not gotten all the bad ends but I was able to access the hidden route anyways. I still went back ang got all the bad endings anyway before once again accessing the hidden route. Lol I'm just wondering how itvwas possible but hehe. 

Also how was the MC able to travel back in time in the hidden route? Like that was reality already? How did she turn back time? Or was this part of the Solipsism part of the novel, that possibly even the hidden route is not real, that even that is only constructed in Anathema's mind. So yeaahh just curious about that. I'm still really curious though on the fate of the leftover clones hehe. 

Alsoooo this might be obvious already but I am just really not sure. Sooo Raine and the director are not married? But they have a child together which is the blue haired girl, so I'm guessing that she is the youngest of the three. Lol, how would that feel though, that your siblings are actually lovers and that it is actually not forbidden cuz they are not related. Who was MC's father though? And who was S****'s mother? Sooo is S**** older than the MC? Alsoooo, I'm really curious about how they met and fell inlove, and if like the Kuros, S**** also has a bit, atleast a bit of a possesive streak. Haha I guess I'm really just too invested in the two. Sooo yeah sorry for the barrage of questions, I might have more if I remember haha.



It's interesting that you mention those parts as being surreal! For me when I was writing it, the parts where MC (clones and OG MC) is monologuing while inside the chamber during the hidden route were most surreal (because the music for those scenes just made me feel strange xD)

I'm glad that you enjoyed the softer, more romantic moments too :3 It was really difficult for me to tell if I had written them okay because I enjoy writing the darker stuff more, haha. I wanted there to be those bittersweet moments between them though to show just how in love the pair were/are <3

In regards to unlocking the hidden route, you don't technically have to see every single bad ending to unlock the hidden route :3 I can't even remember exactly how many bad endings there are now xD and not all of them have CGs. But I set the unlock requirement for the hidden route to be 5 or 7 less than the total amount of bad endings I think. There is also a bug/exploit which I kept in the game because some people were having issues with the way I've done the points and the save system. So the exploit is that you can view any bad end multiple times and it will still count towards the total needed to unlock the hidden route. You can technically just watch one bad ending 30 something times and unlock the hidden route to play x3

With the MC traveling back in time in the hidden route, like a lot of stuff in the hidden route, I kinda left it open to player interpretation on purpose because I didn't really want to just pick one absolute truth and tell people this is exactly what happened (I'm a terribly indecisive person, haha.) Some of the ways I was thinking it could be interpreted are:

1) Like you said in your comment, it could be part of solipsism, so the MC decides that she doesn't even have a way of proving what is real and what isn't, but instead of letting that upset her, she just accepts that her reality is whatever she is currently experiencing. (This one is the one I sorta had the MC talk about at the end, but it doesn't necessarily mean it's the absolute truth.)

2) Or like you said in your comment, it could all be part of Anathema's mind!

3) Another way you can look at it is just that simply none of it was real at all, and it was all just in her head. OG MC is the only thing that truly exists, and everything that happened was just part of her own imagined world... but that's a bit depressing x3

4) Oooor, you could even just say that Isaac's experiments were so successful that he created a superhuman who can actually control time somehow, haha.

There are probably more, but I have some brain fog at the moment so I can't think >.<

As for the relationship statuses of Raine, Isaac, Lilly, OG MC, and S****, I didn't really go into much detail in the game about their backstories and how everything came to be just cos I thought people might get bored if I did too much of a lore dump on them x3 I never actually gave any of the characters definite ages when I was writing, but you're pretty much right in what you said. 

When the world was normal, Raine was in a relationship with MC's dad, who we don't get to hear about at all in the game, and Isaac was in a relationship with a woman who would have been S****'s mum, who we also don't get to hear about. At some point, they would both have lost their partner's in some way. Raine and Isaac were both scientists, so would have ended up meeting through work, and then MC and S**** came to meet and became a couple before the world went to shit. At some point, Raine and Isaac would have been good friends (possibly on/off lovers.) I kind of like to think that Raine had Lilly some years before everything went to shit. So Lilly would have grown up around MC and S****. It probably would have been quite a weird situation for her like you say, to know that her half-siblings were a couple. She likely would have felt somewhat left out and easily jealous. I like to think she was a teenager when everything went badly on the surface and they all had to go underground. I never specified how many years they were all stuck down there, but it would have been a lot. So Lilly would have done most of her growing up in the lab, separated from her half-siblings and manipulated by her dad. 

I always imagined that S**** was older than the MC + that Isaac was older than Raine. Lilly would be a fair bit younger than MC and S****. Everyone in lab is older than they look though because they were using various methods to stay alive beyond natural means (like S****'s artificial implants Isaac made for him.)

As for how OG MC and S**** met, if I'm completely honest, I don't know x3 I had never really given it much thought before! When I was writing the story, I just kinda knew that I wanted to write about a couple with a bond that was so strong they could survive crazy amounts of hardship. So I just sorta thought of them as always having been in love, kinda like destiny pre-dertmined it, haha. 

I never really gave it that much thought about whether S**** has a bit of a possessive streak like the Kuro's. I think that he probably has the capacity to become like them under the right circumstances, because at the end of the day, MC is the most important thing in the world to him, and I don't think he'd ever give up on the idea of being with her. We don't see what might have happened had OG MC rejected him upon waking up... that could be an interesting alternate route, haha. I was tempted to put a choice for something like that in there, but I decided I couldn't do it, because there was already so much suffering in the game, and to me, OG MC would never reject S**** so I decided that the player wasn't allowed to make any choice about their relationship, haha.  I think it's possible he could snap in that sorta situation though! 

There's no need to apologise anyhow :3 I don't mind answering questions + it's nice to discuss the game! I'm just happy that you enjoyed it so much <3



I can't say for sure that Dollmaker Kuro is the most yandere one, I'm happy to leave that one up for others to judge, but I definitely think he is the most messed up x3 He's the most innocent seeming of them all, but probably also the one most likely to do ANYTHING to keep the MC for himself, haha. Hence why he had that big ol mountain of clone body parts in his hideout which he thought he was 'fixing' >.< haha. Bless him!

(1 edit) (+1)

I'm glad that my answers made sense! Cos I know I tend to ramble on a lot x3 haha. 


What you said about S**** screaming for MC before she was cloned is pretty spot on :D I mean, I didn't state it for certain in the game, so it's open to interpretation. It could be as you said, or it could just be that it's not technically S****, more like just part of the MC's subconscious memory fragments of him. Like her own memory telling her, you've forgotten something/someone important and you need to remember what it is. I don't mind it being either of those :3

As for why Kuro is called Kuro, you're pretty much right again with one of the things you said :3 Isaac was fine experimenting on OG MC and all her clones because she doesn't really mean anything much to him (kinda just a tool to use), whereas with S**** being his son, S**** means a lot more to Isaac, and he would prefer to sorta disassociate the Kuro's from his son. 

That's the story reason anyhow. 

Then there's the totally separate reason of just thinking of the general theme of black & white, light & darkness sorta thing. The Kuro's are all like twisted shadow versions of S****, but I couldn't just call the characters Black and White, cos that would sound a bit odd. So I decided to call them that in Japanese instead... it's terribly nerdy, I know >.< haha.

Yeah, poor S**** ended up becoming pretty twisted over time having to watch all of that going on, the poor guy :(

SR and Kuro are like my baby, haha, so it means so much whenever anyone says they really enjoyed playing it :3 I have suffered with anxiety and depression for most of my life, which has resulted in me having pretty crappy self-confidence, which then causes me to think negatively about anything I do. For example, there were many times (and there still are now) that my brain says what I'm doing sucks or isn't good enough >.< So when I hear positive comments, it really helps me to fight back against that negative part of me and help me believe in myself a little more! So thank you :3

I first heard the word Solipsism when I was playing Mass Effect 2. Thane mentioned it in a line and I just thought, wtf is that? I went to look it up immediately, ended up spending ages reading about it cos it was so fascinating, haha. I'll be honest, even now, I still find the concept a little difficult to wrap my head around >.< I wanted to be able to include it somehow though, even if I don't fully understand it!

If you take the true end as being 'reality', then I guess it would probably be a happy ending for everyone, including the clones :3 It's very open to interpretation what happened to them all, but I don't think that OG MC would have let anything bad happen to them. I like to think that they just let them freely live their own lives :D


I have another question haha


This is probably alteasy ibvious but I'm also not really sure but is MC's canon name Anathema? Or us that name actually for the player? If that is so, does the og!MC have a canon name?

Alsoooo with your confirmation, yeaahh S****'s comment about Kuro having a black heart makes sense. I don't think that Shiro meant that line for dollmaker Kuro but to all the Kuros probably because of how they treated her in the bad ends. Alsoooo since they all came from S****, was the first Kuro before he was put in a simulation and experienced bad ends, not a yandere but slowly became one over the routes or was he tweaked to be a yandere from the very beginning thus them being a shadow if S**** from the very beginning. 

In the Princess route, when Kuro disappeared, they took him out of the simulation right? How did he know that that particular scenario was nearing it's end? Was he getting instructions from Raine? 

Also in terms of bad ends, my favourite ones happened to be in the mage route where the player did not find another way and just straight up knocked on the door. It's because Kuro said that she can do better next time. That actually clued me in somehow that he knows the MC can timetravel. Sooo does he retain those memories too? Of every bad end and then becomes happy when the player chooses the better choice? My other favourite is when the MC surrendered to the villain in the detective route and Kuro says that he can't live without her, and how when she rejected life, she rejected him. It was actually the voice acting in those parts that made it my favourite, but also, because it made me think of a hypothesis. Kuro just wants to save the MC by all means. But if she made a bad choice it's game over. Kuro wants to set things right (to save her or for her to love only him), but the only way to set things right is for the MC to have a bad end, thus letting her fix her mistake. But with Kuro's feelings, he sometimes goes overboard.

I can understand now though why there are so many bad ends. Out of all the VNs I've played, this ine of those which have the most hahaha. I guess I'm actually thankful that the CGs aren't as detailed as those in commercial VNs so atleast I don't have to actually see the bad ends jn a much more graphic manner. I've played many otome games in the past so I'm used to bad ends, but I don't really like violence or gore but it's fine for me in some cases IF they make sense in the overall plot of the story. Sooo I guess I just speed read the bad endings when they became a bit more graphic but as they are integral to the plot, I was able to bear with them albeit just speed reading a lot in some of them. (Oh yeah, kudos to the sound design, because that really added alot to the immersion) Oh yeah, there was this one bad end in the detective route that also really stood out to me, the one where the MC was trapped in the cell for so long. She enjoyed snow because it was cold. I think that it was her subconsciously remembering Kuro and how she missed him, cuz Kuro is icy to the touch hahaha. Actually that might actually be my favourite now that I think about it. It was moments like that that affirmed of their love for each other that pulled me in, be it in a bad end or in the lovely soft moments, those moments were the star of the game for me. 



Alsooo now that I remember, I also enjoyed the different details on the similarities and differences between the Kuros, like all of them are cold to the touch, but the way they give power is different, like Detective route Kuro has to slit his palm and hold hands with the MC to transfer power, sooo it made them unique in their own. As if each route was a whole other life of its own, even if it was only just a simulation. 

Another thing, I also liked that Kuro was kind and considerate in some times, like when he was makimg breakfast for the MC also that he tended to blush a lot and was even almost crying in soft moments. That kind of vulnerability and openness also sold me on how real the character felt, and how real their love was soooo yeah I really really love how you wrote the characters and their interactions. 

I really like reading your explanations by the way hahaha and I'm happy that you explain them well too. 

Now that I think about it, Kuro is actually similar to another otome game character that I also loved, Ukyo from Amnesia. They are both kind, loving, and protective of the MC. And it was the bad ends that drove them to their yandere side, or split personality in Ukyo's case. But they still try their best to save the MC. That just made me love Kuro more hahaha. 

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Hello Melancholy Marionette!

I'm three routes into SR, and I just wanted to say: thank you.

I play a lot of story-driven games, be it mystery or drama or romance, free or commercial, big or small budgets... A handful of times, I've come across titles made by small dev teams or dev persons trying their best to tell new, surprising stories in spite of the limited resources they had. Those particular games are few and far between, but they have always had a special place in my heart as a player, and they end up staying with me for years. So I was pretty excited when I came across your profile and read the description for this one. And it doesn't disappoint! <3

It's super obvious that a lot of love went into it. I really appreciate you going the extra mile and having an OP (which is super catchy, by the way, I've been singing it for several days). As I appreciate you wanting to include as many CG as you possibly could - I do agree with some of the other commenters, though, CGs aren't the most important feature in an otome. Plus, you can always add more later down the line should you want to and have more funds to dedicate to them. ^^

To me, the main point of interest is the story. And while it's not always perfect (the student route could've been more developed, for example, imho), I'm loving what you're doing so far. You have a pretty interesting concept to begin with, and you're using it in really clever ways -- I just can't wait to learn more about the bigger picture, but all the while, I never want to be done with this game, I'm too emotionally invested not to be sad when it's over. Finishing each route feels really bittersweet, which might be done on purpose?

And Kuro is... fascinating. I don't normally care for yanderes; in fact, I normally hate the trope, but the idea of a constant, invisible companion who's been with you since the very beginning of your life is really interesting. Such a relationship would be both desirable in a way, and a recipe for disaster. So, I find myself excusing a lot of things coming from him that I wouldn't if they came from garden-variety yandere characters (That, or it's just the fact that you write him so well and give him depth and layers, and that his VA is doing an amazing job). Either way, I'm weak for him, even at times when I really shouldn't...

So thank you for creating him. Thank you for making this game, for all the feelings and thoughts it spawned, and in advance for the other three routes (Detective/Gamer/???) which I'm sure will be a trip. Thank you for having the guts to carry the development process through to the end, which might not always have been easy.
I love SR to bits already, and I'm glad it exists. And I'll definitely make sure to check your other works if I ever get back onto a PC. Hope you'll keep on being creative, and stay safe!

(PS: true story: I played Nintendogs as a tween; my first dog was a Shiba Inu I called 'Kuro'. So all the lines about him being a pet/a dog hit really weirdly. I think it says much about the strength of your character writing that I managed to overlook this and feel for this Kuro as intensely as I do. :D)

(Edited for clarity and to correct a couple of mistakes, because I'm not a native English speaker and wrote this at 3 A.M., still reeling from the end of the Princess route. Apologies if this comment is too long or confusing in any way ^^;)

Hey there! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment + for your kind words :D They're very appreciated <3

It's great that you play such a variety of games (and story-driven ones are my personal favourite to play too :3) and you decided to check SR out. I have a feeling a lot of people wouldn't touch it with it being a solo indie dev project with no funding, haha. So thank you for giving it a chance! I'm very honoured that you're enjoying it so far :D

I'm super happy you like the opening theme :3 There was a point where I was almost gonna give up on having one, cos the old version backing track just wasn't right >.< Then my boyfriend said he'd help make a brand new backing track. I had to change the lyrics a fair bit from what I originally had down in order to fit his track, but managed to keep the same meaning. It took weeks to make though xD 

I totally agree in regards to the student route, haha. There's a reason for it, one being that it's not a setting that I particularly enjoy in stories, but my friend wanted me to write something in that sort of setting >.< I feel like because I'm not keen on that setting it had a lot less effort put into it than the other routes. On top of that, it was the very first route that I wrote, before I knew exactly where I wanted to take the story as a whole. By the time it got to the point that I was writing the ??? route, at least a year had passed since I wrote the student one xD I did toy with the idea of completely rewriting it since I wasn't happy with it, or leaving it out altogether, but my friend said I should just leave it as is x3 I do feel like it's not to the same standard as the other routes though >.<

The bittersweetness at the end of each route is indeed intentional :3 Hopefully, it'll all make sense when you get round to reading the ??? route :D I know the feeling about not wanting a game you're enjoying to be over. I had terrible trouble finishing the Mass Effect series for that reason xD It took me a long time to start 3. I kept going back and replaying 1 & 2, always too afraid to start 3 cos I knew it would bring me closer to the end of the story :( Of course, I cried when I did eventually play and finish 3, haha. The good news is, the last 3 routes you have left to play are the longest ones :D

I'm glad you find Kuro interesting :3 There's been a small amount of debate as to whether or not he's truly a yandere. It's a hard one to discuss really because I can totally see how some might think he's just a psycho if they come across certain bad endings in the initial routes without completing the game >.< I just hope that by the end of the ??? route anyone who is still playing will see that he's not a monster. I still personally think he fits the bill for a yandere, at least he's closer to that than any other character tropes that I know of, but I guess it's probably best for people to make up their own minds on that one.

Thank YOU for playing :3 When I was in the process of making it, because I struggle with anxiety and depression, I would sometimes tell myself that it was all pointless >.< but a little part of me would always fight back and say, no it's not. In the end, I came to the conclusion that as long as at least one person gets as much joy out of playing it as I did making it, then it was absolutely worth it. So whenever I receive a lovely comment like yours, it really warms my heart and means a hell of a lot to me :3

That's adorable that you had a dog called Kuro on Nintendogs :D My partner wants a shiba inu in real life, but I bet he wouldn't let me call it Kuro x3 Hehe, I can see how those lines would come across odd though!

I would never have known you weren't a native English speaker if you hadn't said :o Your English is brilliant! You don't need to apologise anyhow, it's not too long or confusing at all :3 I really enjoy reading any comments I get about the game. 

I really hope that you continue to enjoy the routes that you have left to play through. I personally think that the ones you have left are the best 3 routes! Feel free to update your comment or write a new one as you progress through the game. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the other routes :D
I hope you have fun with it! I also hope that you're managing to stay safe + having a wonderful week so far <3

(1 edit)

Hello again!

I'd be happy to tell you what I thought of the last three paths, if/when the drive to play the game juuuust a little bit longer manages to be stronger than the fear of it being over ;:D (one more coincidence: as a Mass Effect superfan who has yet to properly finish ME3, I relate to everything you wrote to an almost frightening degree).
You are doing a terrific job of introducing what's to come, though, and I really want to experience all of it! I think I'll get to Detective as soon as I have enough time to properly enjoy it. :) And then the others two, gradually.

On that note: boy oh boy, I did *not* think it was possible for me to get more hyped than I already was about the ??? route, but you somehow made that possible. Here's the thing: I LOVE true routes. They might be my favourite aspect of the genre (I think they're more of an otome thing than anything else, I'm not sure about many of those being in typically male-oriented dating sims...). So much so that if someone were to contact me tomorrow asking me to write a thesis on them, I'd be grateful. So much so that I'm currently teaching myself to code and write tiny multiple-choice stories for the sole purpose of one day being capable enough to release one specific game, which is basically just a huge pretext for having one of those :D (E.T.A.: 3430, if ever, given my current learning curve > <;) The idea of an entire dimension of the story not being accessible to the player at first is wild. 

Kowing that, the fact that there is a true route in SR is reason enough for me to be giddy; doubly so because, judging from the game description, it seems pretty meaningful to the story as a whole and not there just because. And now you're teasing more character development, including a possible redemption arc, for our favourite Not-Yandere Yandere? Be still my heart.~

Again, this game has brought me so much joy already, and I'm not even at the halfway point. <3 If, as you wrote, making players happy was the mission you gave yourself when developing the game, then mission friggin accomplished.

I'll let you know when I'm done, then! In the meantime, thank you for sharing all of these details about your experience, as well as what went through your head during development. It was really interesting, and really pleasant to read. It's always neat to see how a project evolves from beginning to end. Also, getting SR all the way to release is all the more commendable given the effect anxiety/depression can have on productivity and the perception people have of their own work. All the kudos to you.

Have a lovely week as well (and then some ^^) and take care! <3

Hehe, well I hope you manage to finish ME3 someday too :3 I mean, I cried when it was all over, a lot xD But I'm so glad that I did finish it in the end. I think that I wasn't just scared of the story as whole being over, but also my Shep's romance with Garrus! In all the games I've ever played, Garrus remains my favourite romance option x3 I'm still hoping to play an otome someday with a LI that finally puts Garrus in second place, haha.

I'm a huge lover of true routes too :D I had no idea that it was more of an otome thing though :o That's really interesting! I wonder if that means when I finally release the BxG version of SR, dudes will be like, wtf?! at the true route x3 I think the first time I experienced something like it was when I played the otome game, Amnesia, and my mind was just blown xD It left so much of an impact on me that I just thought I have to make something like this someday, haha. Good luck with your learning and creating :D I'm sure you'll get there in the end! You're doing better than me... I'm too lazy to learn to code properly which is why I used Tyrano >.< haha.

Yeah, I don't wanna say too much regarding the true route stuff and accidentally spoil anything for you, but you're right, it is absolutely meaningful to the overall story rather than just there for the sake of it :3

Also, sorry for my slow reply x3 I didn't know whether I should actually reply or not! I'm kind of terrible at knowing when to stop a conversation xD In the end I just thought, why not? So feel free to tell me to shut up and go away, haha. Hope you've been well + having many super duper days :3 Stay safe <3


I can't open your game and I really don't understand why. So I have a 2019 macbook air with the latest update, I don't think it's a security problem and I tried to open both the standard and smaller version (also tried downloading it via MEGA, same problem). 

This is the message I get every time I try to open the file, I read the "Known issues" file too and my problem doesn't seem to be listed. When I click on the little "?" I just get a blank white screen.

I hope you can help with my problem,

Have a great day,


Hey hey! I'm really sorry to hear that you're having issues opening the game >.< 

Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to be of much help :( I have never owned a Mac myself, so I don't really have any idea how they work. My boyfriend has a macbook for his work, so before I released the game, we tested it on his work macbook and it was all fine, but I have no idea what version his is or how old it is and stuff (I don't think it's particularly new though.) I can ask him, but I probably won't get a reply very quickly cos I'm at my dad's at the moment and my boyfriend doesn't respond to my messages much when I'm away xD

You're not the only person to have this issue though! I posted about it on the Tyrano support forums a while back when I was first told by someone using a mac that they couldn't get it to run on their device. The Tyrano devs themselves never got back to my support request >.< but other Tyrano users gave a few suggestions which I posted here. However, there's not much there to try, and you said you've looked at the document, which I think contains mostly the same info, so sadly, there's not much else I can suggest :(

It must be something to do with the way the game is packaged, but I don't know a whole lot about coding and stuff (which is why I chose to use Tyrano in the first place, haha.) The Tyrano devs haven't really given people who asked about it much in the way of help or answers to fix the issue. They sort of just concluded that it works for some people and not for others, then just left things at that >.< The following is a quote from one of the Tyrano (devs? not sure exactly who they are, but they're related in some official sort of capacity) people in response to a user support request:

'See if they are running mac or linux versions... they tend to have a love/hate relationship with nw.js and will sometimes work and sometimes not, just have them reboot their system and try again.'

That sorta suggests that they know there are issues there in general, but don't really know how to fix them for individual users. I guess it's probably very difficult to troubleshoot, and if I was a techy person, or had a studio with savvy people to turn to for advice, I might stand a chance of getting to the bottom of the issue, but as it is, I seem to be buggered T_T I will have to try and get a browser version of the game functioning at some point, so that those who can't launch it as a downloadable game will have an alternative option.

As a solo dev, it's very frustrating, because I put a hell of a lot of time and effort into the game, and then when I hear it doesn't work for some people who want to play it, and there's nothing I can do about it, it really sucks :( I'm sorry that there's not more I can do to help you. The Tyrano devs are well aware that there are issues with exporting games made using their software to Mac, but they just don't seem to be bothered about finding fixes for it. My support request was just sorta left hanging with no definite fix that works for everyone >.<

I know that's probably not the answer you were hoping for, but I really appreciate your interest in the game, and I'm sorry you aren't able to play it :( I hope that you have a lovely week + are managing to stay safe! :3


Sorry for the late response just started school a week ago TT. Uhh I am so bummed to not be able to try your game, it seems super interesting with great artwork. It's not the first time I had this problem so I kinda expected to be nothing else to do. Don't worry I understand your frustration, it's 100% valid. Hope to be able to play one day. 

Have a wonderful day<3

No worries, you don't need to apologise :3 You must have been super busy! I hope you're settling in okay with school, especially with how tough times are across the world at the moment.

Yeah, I know I already said it once, but I'm so sorry that I'm not of much use when it comes to troubleshooting that sorta thing :( It really sucks that you're unable to check the game out because it won't run >.<

I did also try to create an android app version, but I had to give up for now because it's so darn confusing! I might have another go at that sometime though, alongside trying to eventually get a browser version to function. I wanted as many people as possible to be able to play it, so it's a real bummer that it's only really working properly on windows.

Thanks again, stay safe, good luck with school, and I hope your week is awesome :3

Hello!! ^w^ I hope i'm not bothering you but I just finished up the game and I can't explain how AMAZING this game is. You see I'm a visual novel lover and lately I haven't found anything good but then I came across this and i was BLOWN AWAY. When I first came into this game I thought it was gonna be something that would shock me at times or have some cute/gore moments but I had so many emotions playing this game. Mostly Joy (( and screaming at the bad endings cuz DAMN! 🤣 )) 


When i was playing these routes my favorite  yandere ended up being the Kuro from the Mage route and I was a little upsetti when I had to part with him to go onto another route but my second favorite is definitely the Kuro from the detective route. I always had a love for Male Yandere characters and it's  sad that there is not much out there for Male  yanderes so when i found this I was beyond excited. I first decided to play the game normally then try to go for the ??? Route by triggering all the bad endings (( and lemme tell you, to get the bad ending with Kuro from the detective route by kissing Farro i was screaming my head off knowing the moment I stepped into my house I would have an angry yandere waiting to murder me! 🤣)) and once I unlocked the ??? Route I cannot look at the past Kuros/MC's the same again. I didn't really feel a connection to Shiro and the OG MC as I thought I would but I had a connection with 339 and 13 (( i think that's the Kuro with the braid)) and i cried for a few minutes when they died (( i was just praying they are together and happy wherever they are Q~Q )) Anywho~! Enough of my rambling (( since I ramble a lot 🤣)) I was hoping if you could answer a few questions of mine? 

1. What happened to the MC's in the previous routes? Did they fail and end up being terminated like the other previous MC's? Or are they alive?

2. Why did Isaac only make a low number of Kuro's then MC's? I know Shiro hated the whole thing so I was wondering. 

3. Since I'm an explorer I noticed that in the extras there is another ??? And I clicked on it and it took me a website that requires a password. Is there any hint to it? Or is it no longer available anymore?

I hope I didn't take too much of your time!! and i hope you can understand my rambling! 🤣 Thank you so much for making this game and helping me get this whole virus situation off my mind for a bit and I hope you are safe throughout these troubling times! 

Hey hey! You're not bothering me at all :3 I really love hearing from you guys <3 It means so much to me when anyone takes the time to comment about the game ^-^

I'm super duper happy you enjoyed the game :3 I know it's not exactly your standard otome, but I'm really glad that there are people who still like it. Positive comments like yours really brighten my day, and as a sufferer of anxiety and depression, it can have a huge impact on my mood, so thank you very much for being so sweet <3

I'm a big VN fan myself and have also struggled to find stuff I really enjoy lately! I've got quite a big backlog built up which I've been working on very slowly, but it seems like a lot of the stuff I've been reading has been quite samey, almost as though all the characters are just copy pasted into a different setting and given a new look >.< I'm sure there will be something in my backlog that will blow me away though! I just have to be patient, haha. I feel very honoured that you consider SR to be amazing :3

It also makes me really happy to hear that the game helped distract you from the virus situation for a bit :3 Honestly, those last few months of making SR helped me deal with the lockdown due to the virus. I think if I didn't have the project to finish/work on, I might have gone insane x3 When the lockdown was announced, I was in pieces cos I was due to go back and visit my family, but that plan was ruined. I knew I wouldn't be seeing my family for ages (and we're super close to the point that my normal life involves traveling up and down the country between my boyfriend's place and my dad's so that I can live with both of em equally) so I was pretty devastated. Focusing on SR was a real saver for my sanity!


Aww, that's cool that you liked mage Kuro the best :3 I don't think anyone else has mentioned him being a favourite so far! 
I really wish there was more male yandere content around since they tend to be my favourites in any games with romance, haha. I will always include at least one yandere romance option in any game I make in the future cos they absolutely need more love and attention :3 

Speaking of yandere characters in general, it seems to be quite hotly debated what actually makes a yandere a yandere, and not just a psycho, or a yangire. I know Kuro isn't exactly a typical yandere, and that yandere characters generally wouldn't kill their S/O, but I'm really hoping that the ??? route explained things well enough for anyone who plays the game to see that Kuro isn't a monster at least x3 Cos I know one or two people started the game wanting yandere content, but got to a few bad endings and stopped playing cos they said Kuro isn't yandere >.< The trouble is, unless a player finishes the ??? route, they won't have the full picture, so I guess in that sense, Kuro could come across as a psycho instead of a yandere.

I would like to think 339 and 13 are happy :3 They got to go out on their own terms, and in a way, they both live on inside the heart of OG MC, so they're not completely gone from the world. They ended up becoming my favourite pair (339 and 13) so I think they accidentally stole the show from OG MC and Shiro x3

*High five* for the rambling :D I'm terrible for rambling on myself, haha. I don't mind people rambling at all, I just hope that you don't mind me rambling right back at ya xD I'm more than happy to answer questions :3 I know that in regards to the ??? route, I didn't actually write anywhere near as much of what was in my head into the final story, so there's a lot of backstory and stuff that never really got touched on in the game cos I was worried people would get bored if I did a big lore dump on em, haha.

1. I left this kinda open to the player the same as I did with not really stating for sure where the Kuro's from those routes ended up (mainly cos I couldn't decide for sure exactly how I wanted it to go.) It can certainly be interpreted that both the MC's + the Kuro's were terminated, but in my head, I liked to think that all the Kuro's were the weary Kuro that you meet in the white training room (the one you kill to set free), and all the MC's are number 26 (the protagonist who commits suicide to try and escape the whole cycle.) Meaning the pairs you play as in the initial 5 routes are all that particular Kuro and 26. 

They are a successful pairing cos despite all the horrible stuff that happens during bad endings, that pair always make it to a good ending together :3 26 has her memory wiped each time, so she doesn't really have much awareness as to what's going on, whereas poor Kuro only gets partial wipes, so he pretty much remembers all the horrible stuff, but can't do anything to stop it, which is why he's so worn out and hollow when you see him in the white room.

However, where it gets kinda confusing in terms of stuff I didn't explain in the game, sometimes a unit may be destroyed even if it's successful due to various reasons. Isaac just keeps transferring the mindset of each successful version of the MC into a new body whenever old bodies begin to fail. And even though there were only 5 routes for the player to go through, in my head, this had been going on for a looooong time, so there would have been tonnes more simulations going on. 26 basically has the minds of every successful MC inside her + her own sort  of consciousness too.

Then when 26 commits suicide, her experiences get transplanted to 339. Of course, Isaac always gets the lab workers to make tweaks so that the subjects only remember what he wants them to, but Raine interferes with that in 339, so that 339 can access all the experiences of 26 and the other MC's that were a part of her. That then happens again when 339's consciousness is transferred to OG MC to save her, so then OG MC is herself, but she also has countless versions of her clone's minds inside her head as well, including 339 and 26.

I'm sorry if that's super confusing x3 I know I just basically splurged all my head ramblings out there and I don't know if it makes much sense, haha. At the end of the day, I'm happy for people to interpret it the way they want to, but in my head, all those previous MC's the player plays as are a part of 26 in the ??? route, so in a way, they're alive still, and stay alive by being a part of OG MC at the end.

2. This is another thing I didn't really explain in the game, but in my head, there were about an even number of Kuro's to MC's in the lab. However, they went through more MC's than they did Kuro's since she was being more heavily tested than the Kuro's. So a lot of the Kuro's they made would have remained sorta in storage xD I was imagining that there were huge blocks of cells, separated into Kuro's and MC's, with some blocks just containing units that hadn't even been activated yet, and others being more like prison cells where awakened units were kept under tight control when not being tested. In the game, you only really see Isaac and Raine working there, plus the odd few unnamed lab workers, but in my head, I was thinking it was a huge lab with loads of workers doing the same experiments that Isaac was doing. It's just Isaac paid more attention to the candidates most likely to succeed, so the story focused on his work, rather than the countless unsuccessful trials going on throughout the rest of the lab.

In general though, the experiments were more focused on the MC than they were on Kuro, cos it was the MC that Isaac wanted to weaponise. The Kuro's were more like a tool used to cause extra pain and suffering for Isaac to extract I guess >.<

3. The page should still be available, and provided it's still functioning correctly, you should be able to access it using the password: Anathema (I think I set it so you have to type it like that was a capitol A at the start, cos it didn't give me options to allow multiple versions of the password.) There isn't a whole lot on the page just yet, but I plan on expanding it. For now, it's just a tiny little bonus :3

You absolutely didn't take too much of my time! As I said earlier, I really love to hear people's thoughts on the game, and I enjoy discussing it :3 Sorry for rambling on in my answers to your questions, and sorry if I didn't answer them particularly well >.< Feel free to ask away if you want anything clarified or you think of other stuff to ask :D

Thanks again for your kind words, they mean a hell of a lot to me <3 I hope you have a wonderful week + that you're managing to stay safe in this crazy world ^-^

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR REPLYING! And I really do think this game should get more recognition! (( i already told my sisters about it 🤣 )) I find everything about it beautiful and your answers to my questions are perfectly understandable don't worry! I will  also definitely support any game you upload because thats how much I enjoyed this game! I look forward to what you plan in the future! Thank you again for replying and im glad I made you happy with my review! (( And * high fives* GLAD TO KNOW THERE IS MANY OF PEOPLE WHO RAMBLE AS MUCH AS I DO! 🤣😁)) I hope you have a wonderful day!

Thank YOU for playing and taking the time to comment :3 I hope your sisters enjoy it too if they decide to give it a go! 

I'm currently working on the writing for CiQ (and there's gonna be an otome version as well as the original yaoi version I started for the jam) + a secret side project (which is part audio drama, part VN) haha. So hopefully, you'll enjoy those when they're released ^-^

Thank you again for your kind words and support :3 Hooray for ramble power xD Hope you have a wonderful day yourself! 

Consider my mind officially blown :DHow you managed to put together such a heartwrenching game of this length as a solo dev for free (I presume this wasn't funded cos I couldn't find anything online about it) I don't know! It's clear a lot of love and work went into the project and it shows. 

My biggest criticism is the art really. I alsmot didn't play at all cos I don't like the look of the sprites. I'm so glad I decided to give it a chance just for the story though cos it's the best VN I've read in ages!! All the big otome commercial releases have been pretty dull recently so it's nice to find something completely different. The writing is so much more engaging than the usual otome with the same boring descriptions of stuff in every game. Honestly if the art was nicer this would probably be my favorite VN of all time! 

If anyone is reading this make sure you get the??? Route unlocked and get all the endings cos its just O.O I knew there was something going on but I guessed completely wrong what it was. 


I already got tricked a few times when I thought the game was over and it wasn't cos there was that surprise bit at the end as well :P That dude is hella creepy but I love iiiiiit!!! Can't wait to see more about that mysterious character. That??? Route though is just awesome :D It's like a whole other standalone game! I thought it was gonna just be like a bonus little thing or something but it was like the length of all the other routes combined. Reminded me of new game + in rpgs!! I kinda wanted 13 and mc to live happily ever after cos they were my favorite pair so I will pretend the ending where they leave together is the true one T_T but I still loved the real true ending!! 

Keep up the good work :D


I'm so sorry for my super slow reply! For some reason, I didn't get any kind of notification for your comment >.< so I only just saw it after getting notifications for a couple of other comments recently.

Thanks for taking the time to comment! I'm really glad you enjoyed the game :3 You're correct that it wasn't funded. The only money that went into it was what little I could afford from my own pocket, haha. Which for me (being perma poor) was actually quite a lot of money T_T The sprite creation software alone cost me over £100, as did the purchasing of background art and stuff, but it was still much cheaper than hiring artists, which I definitely couldn't afford >.<

I'm glad you decided to give it a chance too :3 As I've said in previous comments, I'm not particularly happy with the sprite art myself either, haha, sadly, it was pretty much my only option since I'm not a very good artist myself and lack the money to hire one. If I ever do happen to have the funds at some point, I'd love to remake the game with better sprites!

Thanks so much for playing + stay safe :3

Just wanted to say I love this so much!!! Not finished it yet so will update with a proper review when I do. Really enjoying it so far and can't believe you would make such a unique and awesome game for free! The voice acting is just <3 I'm in love. Thank you for this!

Aww, I'm super glad that you're enjoying the game so far :3 I hope you continue having fun with it! It means a lot to me when anyone lets me know that they like it ^-^

Happy reading + stay safe :3

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

Oh boy so i'm writing this as I play the last of the true route, (at least I THINK its the last....i got faked out once already e.e), so i'm sorry if this review is a bit disjointed as I literally just rolled out of bed and realized 'oh yeah, i need to scream into the void more about this game'.

So here we are! First the spoiler free stuff obviously.

Now knowing what I do about the hidden route most of my complaints about the main routes kinda fizzles out. Kuro's slight apathetic reactions despite supposedly being yandere, why tf kuro was drugging me at the end of every. goshdang. route, the plotholes i noticed in a few of the routes, all that pretty much evaporated once I got into the hidden route (bless my parents heart for not asking why I was screaming what the f at my monitor yesterday afternoon xD). 

Overall, while hindsight is/was 20/20, for what they were revealed to be i feel like the main routes were perfect and a fun little trip into different worlds with my favorite yandere boi.

Then we got to the hidden route.


Okay, hopefully the fresh eyes are gone now and I can rant because OH MY GOD.

Like i had nailed pretty quickly I was in a sort of simulation but I had not imagined the exact way in which I was correct. I assumed the hidden route was gonna be me busting out of my controlled stasis, tracking down kuro, and smooching him as we ran off into the sunset (which, i mean, there was an ending for that xD).

Boy do I miss those days of innocence.

So full disclosure, I haven't read the comments, so maybe we have some word of god clearing some of this up but I guess i'll get onto my main complaint.

Kuro 13 is very obviously not the one we experienced the routes with, and as Isaac said, he needed a bonded pair for his plan to work. I kind of get the feeling Student Route!Kuro (he looks the most simillair and lacks a number so i gotta make him some kind of alias) was the one we went through the routes i was kinda dissapointed that he and 26(did i get the number right? xD) weren't the protagonists of the main story as i felt that through hell and high water bond didn't really transfer to 336 and 13.


God, once i got into 336 i was fighting my rapidly growing attatchment to 13 because I always assumed Shiro was the endgame but I did appreciate how neither he nor 336 were ever attracted to one another. The way he recognized she wasn't the woman he loved, despite sharing some memories, and she viewed herself as fundamentally a different person than her originator was a really nice twist on the usual way I see these stories go.

I was already planning out fairly humerous family dynamics between 336, 13, raine, lily, and shiro when the end of 336's route hit me like a gawddang truck. Not that I minded how it ended, there was never going to be a truly happy ending for the pair in the real world (or maybe in the desert ending the saved the world on their own rather casually, as 13 is rather good at combat and 336....well she's MC's final form).

But then after 336 and 13 sacrificed themselves I lost what remaining emotional ties I had to the character I was playing. Like Shiro is/was great and MC deserved to live after what she went through. But everything I felt after that just came down to empathy, i felt like I was reading a story rather than living it, which maybe was the whole point and i'm just an idiot.

And that concludes my review, final result: how dare you make me feel these feels 

okay in all seriousness though xD This is/was an amazing ride and I fully intend to update this review when I finish the true end fully but as I kind of lost that emotional connection to the protagonist when she died to save her predecessor I figured this was a good time to sit down and compose my jumbled thoughts into a review/comment.

I've been following this project since I first found it posted as a game where the yandere love interest was the main focus (which huge props for pulling off and still managing to make engaging!) and i'm so glad to see it made it to completion, since it was a free game and all i had my doubts/worries, but this game has made me feel things that most commercial vn's rarely do nowadays, and much as I hate myself knowing what's in store I will definitely be back if/when the GxG version is out (would be back for the others but i really can't play a male protag xD)

Take care of yourself and have a great day! <3

Edit: I'm back, MC is happy, and I would very much like to bang/romance the mysterious voice even if it's a terrible idea kthxbai!

Hey hey! I read your comment/review when I first got up this morning, and it gave me a huge smile to start the day (especially that last PS bit xD That made me laugh out loud!) Thank you so much for sticking with SR all the way through to the end + taking the time to share your thoughts on it afterwards, it's much appreciated :3

I'm super glad you felt slightly differently about the main 5 routes after playing through the hidden one, as one of my main worries with this project is that people may not feel like getting that far, which will end up leading to misunderstandings >.< I guess I probably shouldn't say too much on that subject in case I accidentally manage to spoil something xD but the main point is, the hidden route is pretty essential to the overall story of the game, so without going through it, people could draw some very different conclusions about the story, and about Kuro in general. So yeah, thank you very much for choosing to complete the story!


I'm happy to hear that the theme/reveal of the hidden route still managed to surprise you somewhat, cos I wanted to give the reader some hints throughout the other routes that something wasn't quite right, but I didn't really know if I was maybe giving too much away to the point that people might guess exactly what was going on. 

I don't know if you will have ended up reading any of the comments for possible clarification of anything since I'm only just getting a chance to write a response now, but if you did want to know the answers to a bunch of stuff related to the hidden route in more detail, I wrote quite a lot in a recent couple of comments in response to user Sayana34, and I think I also answered some stuff in earlier comments too :3 I would type out more stuff here, but I think I'd probably end up repeating myself a lot + rambling on like I usually do xD I hope you don't mind walls of text though, cos I'm still gonna respond to stuff I haven't covered before, haha.

I did cover the first main pairing of the hidden route with 26 + the Kuro who I tended to just refer to as the defeated/weary Kuro (the one whose throat you slit) in my reply to Sayana34, but I did kinda ramble a lot, so I'll try to summarise for a shorter answer x3 Basically, in my head, the Kuro who you go through the training with in the white room + slit his throat, is the "real" version of the Kuro you were with in the main 5 routes, BUT, only in my head xD I didn't say so in the story cos I couldn't decide if I wanted to state that as the absolute truth >.< Because in some ways I wanted those 5 main Kuro's to be various Kuro clones, rather than all the same one. So I guess the player can choose what they prefer to believe on that front x3 I'm sorry for killing them off so fast though! I mean, 26 technically survived by having some of her memories transferred to/becoming part of 339, haha, but I know it's not really the same thing. They were just kinda in the way when it came to wanting to tell 339 + 13's story >.< But yeah, if you wanna read a giant wall of text with more details, feel free to check out that other comment :3

In a roundabout way, Isaac's crazy plan kinda succeeded, though not really in the way he had intended. It was more like 339 + 13's sacrifice in order to save OG MC had the happy side-effect of creating the sort of weapon Isaac was trying to create. 13 definitely wasn't ideal for Isaac since he had essentially been discarded a long time ago. I guess 339 was closer to what he was hoping for in the MC (though he certainly didn't want all the non-compliance that came with 339 after what Raine did xD) I'm rambling again so I'll move on >.<

You're absolutely not an idiot for feeling the way you did regarding the switch to playing as OG MC with Shiro. I also covered the switch to them in my reply to Sayana34, as they pretty much said the same sorta thing as you regarding feeling that way towards playing as OG MC, haha. Now, I would love to be able to sit here and state that that was my intention to make the reader feel that way, but that would be a lie xD It's more like something that just happened by accident! >.< In a way, I'm kinda pleased that people feel somewhat detached from OG MC + Shiro's story at the very end. The way you put it, as though you're reading a story rather than living it, sorta seems like a fitting way for it all to end! I actually wish I had written it that way intentionally x3 I just like the fact that you can get into being the clones, but OG MC is like someone totally separate that you watch from afar, cos then it's like you're still one of the clones when it switches to OG MC, in the way that you've been transferred to her, and you're a part of her, but you're not her, you're a passenger rather than the driver.

 I get that it could be seen as a bad thing too though, and it's my fault for getting way too attached to 339 + 13 when I was writing their story. The pair of them wound up becoming more important to me than OG MC + Shiro, and I guess that ended up showing in my writing of OG MC's final story. To me, 339 + 13 were the true heroes of the story, and without them, there couldn't have been anything close to a happy ending for everyone else. I reckon if the pair of em were selfish, and hadn't sacrificed themselves, they probably would've been capable of saving the world as they were, just the two of em! Man, I'm rambling again xD As I said though, feel free to check out the other comments if you're not bored with my rambling by now and want to read more detail, haha.

I'm super happy you enjoyed the game overall anyhow :3 It sounds like you're a similar kinda player to me, haha, I can't play as a male protagonist either x3 usually cos I'm self-inserting when I read VNs, so a male protagonist just kills immersion for me! I'm probably not gonna be releasing a GxG version anymore, cos it's just too much work :( however, I probably will make a version with female Kuro where the protagonist is gender neutral (and the same with male Kuro x gender neutral protagonist to replace the BxB version.)

In regards to your PS, you might get what you wish for someday xD I have a lot of future plans for that character, but haven't quite worked out how I wanna execute em yet, haha. So all I can say for now is, that definitely won't be the last you hear from him x3

Thanks so much again for taking the time to write up your comment/review, and for your support in general, it means a hell of a lot to me <3 Stay safe + have a wonderful week! :3

Hi! I especially made this account so that I could comment about this game and my god, I must say the game was quite mind boggling and till the end I was on the edge of my seat. It was so different from any other type of games I had played pertaining to this type of genre I.e. otome. Everytime i made any choices it was very hard to predict how the character interactions would be and everytime i would get anxious because i must say even the good choices would have a huge amount of angst to them before something good actually happens but that made this game even more than unique actually and it made me love it even more. Weirdly i digged the yandere ML a lot and i who usually avoids bad endings like plaque in any game secretly digged all those bad endings and enjoyed it immensely. They were very creative and fun to read. I loved princess route kuro the most for I found him the most sensible out of all kuros. I liked the fact that each character in the story had actual depth to them and lot of thought was put into constructing their character which makes us understand why kuro is the way he is. Although there are still some stuffs which I am a bit confused about and I want to ask about in the spoiler section below.


Firstly I want to ask what happened to the kuros of other routes? I read in one of the comments replies before that you had in mind that all the kuros appearing in other routes were one and the same. So I was wondering what happened to that kuro, was it 13 that we saw or someone else altogether. 

Secondly I felt kinda confused (although I may be a bit stupid to not have been able to catch it) that in order to create the ultimate weapon why was it necessary to run so many simulation trials as such and what was kuros role in that? I kinda get the fact the OG MC was designed biotechnologically to have those amazing super powers so her body became weaponized but I am still a bit lost about all those simulation trials and kuros role in it especially and why did shiro's organs stopped functioning? (my poor shiro!)

I feel there was lot of breaking of fourth wall right? I mean in the secret route even if we get some bad ends it would toggle up and my suspicions were confirmed especially after the true end. At first I thought that even the secret end was nothing more than some dream and after I am done with this route I will get some scenery change where I may finally confront the mysterious voice calling me anathema, i mean knowing this otome i felt it was highly likely but that was a v funny surprise. 

I really wanted to know more about the backstory of OG MC and shiro relationship and their dynamics with isaac, Raine and Lilly even in a brief backstory. That would have made me feel more attached to the og characters more because as someone else said I still keep on feeling that 339 and 13 r the true protags in my heart because of sheer amount of attachment I felt for them and their not so cute love story hehe.

Lastly i greatly enjoyed the game and i must say i am so so surprised that it was a solo project without any kickstarter backup and to top it all it's free! In my opinion the story is so well written that it could easily become a commercial project and I wouldn't mind purchasing it. However, my only problem is regarding the sprites where I would have preferred a more mature looking kuro than the feminine one and more polished art work but hey I ain't complaining, the story more than makes up for it and plus it's free! I am really very happy and grateful that u put out such an amazing story for all of us to enjoy and I can see lots of thought had gone into it. Although the narrative sometimes felt like it was coming in bits and pieces especially when truth was slowly coming over to surface but it was also great in it's own way, it gave an atmospheric feeling to it and kept on building up the suspense till the climax and must I say the voice acting was so amazing especially the sound effects for kissing scenes haha and the opening and ending themes were amazing! U really broke the stereotypes of otome genre and also the cliched storyline which I was kinda expecting like the mc travelling to different dimensions or something like that. Thanks once again for this amazing game and sorry if somewhere I came off as a bit critical in my comments.

I will kinda stop with this long comment now haha, but I would be very happy if my confusions can be cleared and keep on doing the good work as ur really v talented!

Hey hey! Aww, thank you so much for taking the time to type out your thoughts on the game :3 I really appreciate it <3 I saw the notification of your post when I woke up this morning, and reading everything you wrote gave me a smile to start the day :D Sorry my reply is a bit slow >.< I started typing it out earlier, but then I was rambling on so much that I realised I had to stop to get other stuff done xD

I'm super glad you enjoyed the game :3 I guess the high amount of bad ends + the yandere-ness will put many people off >.< but it was important for me to show that Kuro isn't a monster. 

I feel like if I had some kinda funding then I could have made the game even better, because I wasn't 100% happy with the sprites myself >.< Tim (who voiced Kuro) made a good point when I spoke to him that the sprites suit his voice pretty well, which I agree with :3 Buuuuut, at the same time, I feel like most of the Kuro's look a little too feminine. If I had the money to hire a sprite artist, I could have had Kuro look the way he did in my head while I was writing, but instead, I was stuck with doing my best using the creator I bought because it was the only thing I could afford, haha. It didn't really contain much to help you make male characters, so I had to try and make Kuro look as male as possible while using female parts xD Which is why the bodies look kinda odd, cos they're technically flat-chested female sprites (aside from you know who in the hidden route, cos that was the only male sprite body in the set!) >.<"

It makes me super duper happy that you think the story is of a commercial sorta standard :3 I think a lot of people pass over playing indie VNs (especially free ones) cos they just assume that they will suck/be low quality by default >.< So I'm glad you decided to give SR a chance \^_^/

You don't need to apologise anyhow :3 I really enjoyed reading your opinions, and constructive criticism is great because it's helpful to know what sorta things people like, and what they dislike about it for future projects :D It would be cool to remake the game in the future with better sprites, but it would require quite a lot of money I think because of how many there are >.<

I'm also glad you enjoyed the voice acting :3 A lot of people seem to be pretty put off by English voice acting because of bad dubs and stuff, haha, but I think the cast did an awesome job, and I'm so grateful that they gave their time to help me with the project! I guess a lot of VNs come from Japan, so people are used to hearing Japanese voice acting, but I love English voice acting too, so ideally, I'd love to have all my projects voiced in English. When it came to telling the voice actors to make kissing sounds in the script, I was so embarrassed to ask them to do that x3 but I guess it's all part of the job for them.

I'll go ahead and try my best to answer your questions below :3


In regards to all the Kuro's that you meet in the initial 5 routes, I hadn't decided 100% on exactly what their place was in the hidden route. They could either be a bunch of different Kuro's that you don't actually meet, or, as you mentioned, they could all be the same Kuro. The same goes for the protagonist that you play as in those 5 routes I guess, it could be either way since I decided not to actually go into detail within the game. However, the way it was in my head was that the protagonist you play as in the first 5 routes is the same person, and the Kuro that you meet in those routes is the same Kuro. So in the hidden route, that particular pairing is considered a successful pairing :3 Whereas when you start the hidden route, you play as clones in the idol and cadet scenarios who are considered unsuccessful, and so they are terminated. 

I always thought of it as though protagonist number 26 in the hidden route is the same protagonist you play as in the original 5 routes. The first Kuro you meet as 26 (the one whose throat you slit to set him free) in my mind, is the same Kuro that you were with in the other 5 routes. 26 knows that he's Kuro, but she doesn't really remember much else because of all the wipes, and poor Kuro is forced to remember everything, which is why he's so weary and defeated. That Kuro has been through the 5 routes with you that you play + many more that you don't get to see in the story, so he's kinda just given up on life cos he can't see a way out of just being treated like a lab rat. He still dearly loves the protagonist, but he's so broken down that he just does what Isaac tells him to by that point because he no longer has the will to resist. 

That's how it was in my head, but if you think about it like that, it's kinda sad because you spent all that time with that particular Kuro, and in the end, the only way you could save him was to kill him >.< and killing him doesn't even save him because they can just transfer his consciousness to another unit. I figured it would be better to just be kinda vague about him in the end, because I wanted to move the story on to focus on 339 and 13's story together. In a way, I suppose 26 lives on in 339 since parts of her mind were transferred after she eventually kills herself. I probably didn't explain the significance of 26 committing suicide in the story either >.< cos she is doing it so that she can escape the cruelty of the world around her, but also, she's been pushed to resorting to that because of Isaac, and Isaac was waiting for one of the clones to make that move because he wants his weapon to be willing to sacrifice everything to save humanity. 

Since you don't actually see what happens to that Kuro whose throat you slit, anything could have happened to him, though probably nothing too good xD In my head, he was just locked away again (like he usually would be in between training sessions) after 26 kills herself. Later on when Raine opens all the cell doors + sets the alarm off though, he would have been freed from his room. We never see that version of Kuro again though, so after he was able to get out, anything could have happened to him. I guess I probably should have given the poor guy a little more attention to help clear things up with his personal story!

Kuro number 13/Dollmaker is one of the oldest/first units in the lab. He went through a fair few simulations in the beginning, but ultimately, they decided he wasn't performing as well as they would like. At that point in time, they didn't have tonnes of clones, so rather than eliminating them, they would just sorta dump em in a part of the lab that wasn't used. So 13 was replaced, the experiments continued over the years, but instead of being deactivated like what happens to the newer clones while you're playing, 13 was just wandering around the restricted section on his own for years, which kinda made him even more messed up >.< So when they started dumping the failed protagonist clones down there, it finally gave 13 some company. That's when his obsession with trying to fix the broken protagonist clones started x3

In regards to running the simulations and such, you're not stupid at all, I didn't really explain it very well in the game :3 Isaac was pretty crazy, so he probably could have found a much easier/better way to build a weapon. The main reason he opted for the method he did, is just cos he had gone a bit mad xD None of this is explained in the game, but in my head, after it became too dangerous to live on the surface, OG MC + Shiro would have been living a fairly normal life together underground when Isaac was more stable. Isaac was trying to think of ways to fix his mistake, and after lots of failed attempts to eliminate the creature, he just went kinda insane and got the idea in his head to start using his own son, and his son's girlfriend. Raine would have just been a colleague at the time they first went underground, and she slowly fell in love with Isaac over time (before he went crazy xD) Anyways, I'm getting off-topic from your original question, sorry >.<

The reason they ran all the simulations was because they wanted to create some form of suffering between the protagonist clones and the Kuro clones. Isaac was super duper insane, and he was convinced that in order for the OG MC to be the ultimate weapon, her mind also needed to be altered, not just her body. He knew that OG MC and Shiro were deeply in love, and he thought that the perfect combo of that love + suffering would increase her powers exponentially. Isaac wanted the clones to suffer, but ultimately still love each other like the originals, so that he could implant all of that love and suffering from the clones into OG MC eventually. This is why you see the idol and cadet clones get scrapped, because they're not showing the right sort of emotions he wants to see in a scenario. Isaac just wanted to extract all the love and pain that he could from the pairings. Admittedly, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but Isaac is supposed to be kinda losing it. Although, I guess his plan actually kinda worked in the end, even if it wasn't exactly how he intended things to play out xD

Isaac still loves Shiro deeply, and can't bring himself to hurt him as much as he's happy to hurt the protagonist. Which is why he chose OG MC to be the weapon, not Shiro. He couldn't bring himself to potentially sacrifice his own son. So instead, in his own twisted way, he thinks he's kinda doing Shiro a favour by making him watch the progress of his experiment. The Kuro's are all forced to remember things, unlike the protagonist's, because much of the suffering Isaac wants is taken from them, not the protagonist. Isaac wants to watch the Kuro's try to save the protagonist over and over again in the scenarios, forcing them to sink into deeper despair when they realise that there's no way out. The Kuro's are in love with the protagonist, so they can't help but keep trying, even if they know they can never succeed. This is one of the reasons their love for the protagonist becomes more twisted over time. They have some idea as to what's going on, sometimes they wanna lose themselves in the simulations just so they can have some form of a life with the protagonist, even if it's only temporary. By repeatedly wiping the protagonist clones, it's like torture for the Kuro's, because they remember the love that they shared (from the faint memories they have of OG MC + Shiro) but the protagonist clones remember very little. So a lot of the suffering comes from the poor Kuro's trying to get the protagonist to love them again the way it should be. In the end, because the Kuro's get so messed up trying to pursue love, it results in all those bad ends for the protagonist, so then the protagonist is also suffering too, which gives more suffering for Isaac to extract from the protagonist as well as Kuro. It's weird, I know xD Blame Isaac for being so crazy x3

As for poor Shiro's organs ceasing to function, that was just because they had been underground for a very long time. I didn't really say specifically how long, but it would have been many, many years. By the time it's reached the point where the story within the game is taking place, Shiro is much older than he would've been when they first all went underground. Living underground in the lab for so many years with the same recycled air was pretty unhealthy, so a lot of the folk still alive down there have slightly modified bodies to survive. Isaac was able to solve the problem of Shiro's failing organs by creating artificial ones for him, but they're kind of experimental and not really designed for being used in the outside world where the air and stuff on the surface is different. Along with the organs, Isaac also made other modifications to Shiro (like the sword weapons he's able to summon.)

I was a little unsure as to whether or not to include all the fourth wall breaking stuff, but I decided to in the end. I kinda wanted the reader to feel similarly to how the protagonist would feel in that they couldn't exactly be sure of what was real and what wasn't. I find the concept of solipsism pretty fascinating, so a part of me wanted the final ending of the story to be that only the protagonist was truly real, everything else in her world was just part of her own mind. So while it did technically happen, it possibly only happened within her head, and she had no way of telling, but at the same time, I didn't want it to be that, which is why I didn't actually specify anything in particular xD So the ending is pretty open to interpretation I guess! The reader can decide for themselves what the truth is. I just kinda thought, it doesn't really matter if something is real or not, if you're living it, and you believe in it, that's enough because it's real to you. To be honest, I kinda confused myself in the end >.<" haha.

When it comes to the guy who is constantly breaking the fourth wall and calling the player by the name, Anathema, who you finally get to meet at the end, this is a character that I hope to develop over time :3 I want to try and feature him in most of the projects I work on somehow, so that players can slowly learn more about him over time, which is why it's kinda just like a little introduction in SR. I'm not 100% sure how I wanna have his story play out yet, but you definitely haven't seen the last of him :D

I feel you on the not having much of a connection to OG MC + Shiro front, haha. I should probably have tried harder to show more of their backstory. I think the reason it came out the way it did in the end was because I was supposed to care about them, but while I was writing the story, I ended up falling in love with 339 + 13 instead, so they kinda ended up stealing the show with their story. I kinda wanted to just end the game on the scene where 339 and 13 sacrifice themselves, but I figured that would be too cruel x3 If I had of had the resources, I think it would have been cool to have some flashback scenes of the past showing OG MC + Shiro  + the others from before everything went to shit! I was very limited with what I could do with sprites though since I had to rely on creator software T_T haha. I would love to be able to work with artists in future who can draw sprites for me instead :3 If I had money, I would've hired an artist, but I'm incredibly poor >.< I tend to survive on a diet mainly consisting of 40p cans of baked beans xD I will try to use Kickstarter in the future though, because if I could get some kind of funding, it'd be a huge help, and would allow me to make things even better :3

But yeah, I totally get why people wouldn't care too much for OG MC + Shiro, I guess it's because I ended up not really caring about them that much either (compared to the other MCs + Kuro's anyways) so that ended up showing in my writing >.< In my heart I think 339 and 13 were the true heroes :3 

I hope I managed to answer your questions :3 If not, feel free to keep asking away cos I don't mind at all! I know I kinda suck at explaining stuff cos I tend to just ramble on forever, and then I get myself lost and confused xD So yeah, feel free to ask anything else. Thank you once again for all your kind words! It really means a lot to me to know that you've enjoyed playing through the game, and I hope that you'll also enjoy my future projects too :D Aaaand, I'm sorry my reply ended up being so long x3 I'm so terrible for rambling, haha. Hope you have an awesome week, and that you're managing to stay safe! <3


Hi! Thanks for replying and I hope you are staying safe as well. I am quite happy that u answered my queries and cleared most of my confusion about the game's plot line. As I said earlier the game's plotline is quite rich but the narrative was coming in bits and pieces which made the story more atmospheric but the drawback was it does create a lot of confusion. I think if the writing style is more polished and fine tuned then the delivery will be more impactful and enriching. I do feel u should have explored more on the backstories so that we could have understood the plot better and the characters and their motivations as well, especially Isaac *coughs* the most controversial one and also the OG MC and Shiro, it would have made the story more enriching. When I read through ur reply I realised u have indeed dropped hints here n there regarding isaac going insane with his experiments about altering the personality of MC and also about past kuros in other routes but I think it would have been better if the story was little more explanatory about it so that it would have felt more enriching. I think it would have been interesting if there were side POV stories of important characters like kuro and isaac to get more 360 degrees view about the game which would have made the story more streamlined, however I do understand that would have been more difficult as such due to lack of resources but I hope u do consider it in future. Personal opinion but I really would have loved to see more of original kuro in main plotline as one of the protags as i felt a bit disconnected after spending so much time with original kuro and the 26 who was the mc in previous routes but they weren't given much showtime and the role was passed over to 339 and 13 (although I loved them a lot!). It would have been quite interesting if there was a section for character profiles haha like shiro, OG mc, isaac etc with ages and anything important, because u said shiro was quite older by the time game started and they had been living underground for many years which led to his organ failure, however xD the guy looked at best in 20's, even isaac who looks quite hot to be old *coughs* (although I am curious how old shiro and rest of the cast is?). As for the sprites,I do understand your dilemma because in detective route I had to convince myself that kuro is a guy and not some cute flat chested girl (thankgod for voice acting or else it would have been hard for me to think he was a guy), although guys other than kuro in other routes looked far more mature so I was wondering if u used some other softwares to create those sprites? I also, in fact kinda dig the idea the whole thing was nothing but a dream especially at the end when og mc is like it doesn't matter if it was a dream and u urself kinda confirmed it with entire solipsism concept. As I said earlier, I was more than ready to see that after finishing secret route I would get a scenario change and find this was all nothing but a dream and confront that mysterious voice in the end. I really do want to see more of that mysterious guy that ur planning on creating.

Lastly i want to say despite the drawbacks i mentioned above i do feel that the game is great in its entirety as the storyline is very rich and deep and even though there r certain cliched parts but at the same time it wasnt cliched at all! I really loved the fact that u broke the stereotypes of otome genre and fleshed out kuro so well.  He was deranged but a balanced deranged where we can see he really is struggling not like completely weird and downright creepy like many other yandere mls we come across in other otomes. I personally feel if the drawbacks are taken care of then this game can be pegged as a commercial project with ease because it's really that good and has lots of potential for more fine tuning. I really do hope that maybe someday in future u think of releasing this game with polished artwork and sprites and more fine tuned storyline as a commercial one, I would be one of the first to buy it actually. I really look forward to your future projects because ur quite talented in ur story telling style and ur game making style is quite unique in itself and despite the lack of resources u did an amazing job. It was rough around the edges but I can just imagine how far u as a developer can go if provided with sufficient funds. I wish u luck with your future projects and see you growing further. I hope u advertise your work more because I do feel u deserve more recognition. All the best! And congrats on successful release.

PS: English isnt my first language so I am not sure if I was able to deliver my points properly but I hope you understand I was trying not to be too critical and even though u said ur fine with constructive criticism but I dont wanna hurt ur confidence so I hope u grow more in future and thanks again for this amazing game.


No worries! I really enjoy hearing feedback so everything you've said is much appreciated :3 Plus, hardly anyone discusses the story of SR, so it's nice to kinda talk about it a bit more :D

In regards to my writing, I think sometimes as well, when I have everything in my head, I can occasionally forget that the reader can't see inside my head to know everything that I know xD So I will be writing stuff down, and I think it makes sense because I know the full picture, but I forget that other people don't know the full picture >.< so that probably doesn't help with certain things being confusing as well, haha. I will try in the future to make more of an effort to go into detail with stuff so that the reader is better informed :3 One of the things that worries me sometimes is that if I go into too much detail, people would be bored. So I guess it would be good to find the right balance so it's enough detail to have a good understanding, but not so over the top that it becomes, dull, haha. Hopefully, my writing will improve over time, as I'm certainly no expert xD

I think side stories and POV stuff would be cool :3 Like you say, it would indeed help to give the reader more insight into the background of some of the characters that you don't learn that much about. If I ever do get the opportunity to remake the game sometime in the future, I'd absolutely think about adding that sorta thing in there. 

With 26 and the Kuro/s from the original routes, I did kinda always plan to kill them off, mainly to show just how cruel the situation was x3 But I feel like I should have wrapped up that particular Kuro's story better, instead of just leaving him in limbo. So if I remake the game I will probably tweak that so that he has a proper ending to his personal story. I feel like I could have just written about 339 and 13 forever x3 It's weird, cos in the draft, I wasn't that attached to them! They were just another pair that were part of the story, but somehow, as I was writing the bits for 339 and 13, they just grew on me. They ended up becoming my favourite pair :3 By the end of writing, 13 wound up being my favourite Kuro, haha. I think Tim's voice acting was probably what swayed me on that! It just made me wanna give 13 a big hug.

As for character profiles, and more specifically, ages, I couldn't actually tell you how old the lot of them are because I never did settle on an exact age for any of the characters x3 I don't know why I didn't. Even when I was holding auditions for voice actors, I would just describe a character as young, or middle aged, stuff like that xD Most of the 'real' characters that are in the lab have modified bodies in some form, and would appear younger than they actually are,  cos Isaac was experimenting with the clone tech to help extend their own lives using machine parts and stuff, but again, I never really mentioned that at all in the story >.< I will probably pay more attention to character profile stuff in the future though, and make proper profiles for any characters I come up with :3

You're absolutely correct that I did use other software for a lot of the side character sprites. Well, it wasn't really software like what I used for the MC's + Kuro's, it was more just like PSD files of base sprites with limited options for changing the hair and stuff. For the most part, all I could really do was change colours >.< That's why I only used that for more minor characters, because it didn't have anywhere near as many customisation options as the thing I used for MC's + Kuro's. It was pretty frustrating, because you can tell the art style is different between the sprites, but because I have the story taking place in various settings, it meant I needed a tonne of sprites to fit in with each setting, so it was the cheapest thing I could do T_T I couldn't use the creator software to make enough sprites either, cos that only had a limited number of body poses, and I pretty much used all of em up to make the MC's + Kuro's >.< which is why they're the only two that use that style. It was important for me that Kuro looked as unique as possible with the resources I had though, it just sucks that the people who made that software didn't include more options for creating male sprites :(

I don't know if you will have seen this before, as it's a pretty old post, but a looooong time ago, I was working with an awesome artist who was going to draw all of the sprites for me in her beautiful style. Sadly though, she got really busy with studies so she had to stop. The only sprite that was finished in the end was for student route Kuro, but it's soooo pretty <3 haha.

It would be a dream come true if one day I could somehow have all the sprites in the game looking as good as that!

It makes me super happy to hear the way you describe Kuro :3 Cos I know a lot of people don't like yandere characters due to how crazy most of them are, and I feel like yandere guys kinda get a bad name because of all the violence they tend to be associated with. So I really hoped that people would understand Kuro, and love him despite his faults. Cos the poor guy has been through a lot x3 He just wants to be with the MC cos he loves her from the bottom of his heart despite all the horrible stuff he's had to go through. Don't get me wrong, I love a good psycho too xD I just wanted to make sure Kuro was more than just a psycho, haha.

Maybe if I end up with money someday, I can remake the game and call it, Solipsism Reigns - Reborn, or something :3 My partner actually does some amazing art, but sadly, he doesn't really have the time to help me out with my projects >.<

Some of the voice actors I worked with on SR are thinking about making a small team sometime in the future to try and make some games, so I might not always be working on my own :3 I think working with a team would really help since I can't handle stuff like art, haha. I will probably try to use Kickstarter for my future projects though, so that I can try to make things better, instead of struggling with limited resources x3 Even if I don't get funded though, I will still try my best to make things work with what I've got! One of the things I find really difficult is advertising my stuff, because I don't really use social media much due to my anxiety >.< So I don't have much of a reach by myself, and rely on word of mouth from people who come across my stuff to spread the news, haha.

I would never have guessed that English isn't your first language! I'd say your English is better than many English people who I've spoken to online where it is their first language :D I really need to take some time at some point to learn another language myself! I started to learn Japanese a few years ago, but I stopped when I reached the paid levels of the tutoring site I was using cos I couldn't afford it >.< Anyways, I think you made your points very well :3 Also, I don't think anyone could ever hurt my confidence anyhow, because I never really had any to begin with xD I have had very low self-confidence + anxiety ever since I was a kid, but I am trying to work on it slowly ^-^

Thank you so much again for all of your kind words and support <3 They mean more to me than I can put into words \^0^/

Hi! I'm really interested in playing your game. I was wondering if you could make a Mega link. It's just because it would be a lot easier for me to download. I'm sorry for bothering you.

PS: Mi idioma materno es español, así que perdóname si me equivoqué en alguna palabra XD

Hey hey! Thanks for your interest in the game :3 I am just about to go to sleep, but I will look into uploading to Mega for you tomorrow :D It might take a while because the internet is quite slow here, haha, but I will hopefully have it ready by the end of tomorrow! 

Also, I used Google translate for your PS, and if it was correct in translating your message, you didn't make any mistakes :3 I would never have known that English wasn't your first language if you hadn't said ^_^

(1 edit)

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ANSWER! I really appreciate that you even take your time for answer me. Also, I look forward to play your game. <3

You're welcome :3 I really appreciate your interest in the game :D I have just updated the page with download links for MEGA. I figured I might as well upload all current versions there in case others would prefer to download from MEGA as well!

I hope you enjoy the game :3 

Stay safe ^_^

You're such a sweetheart! Thank you so much!


Hey! I'm playing through your game right now and it's incredibly fascinating. But I've been wondering what character creation software you were using for the sprites? I saw you mention that in some of the comments but I'm curious as to what it was? It's recognizable yet foreign at the same time, haha. 

(1 edit)

Hey hey! Thanks for checking out the game  :3

For the sprites, it was a creator software I purchased years ago from a Japanese site I stumbled across somehow. I don't remember what the site was with it being so long ago, but I remember it saying that the people who made the software were called T.O.P (or something like that) cos they were the only English characters on the page, so it stood out. 

I think it was a very popular product! I imagine that it's been used to make sprites for many games + other kinds of projects, so you probably would've seen the art style before :3 The great thing about the software though is that there are so many individual pieces to create hairstyles from, lots of eyes, lots of clothing and accessories, etc. that you can make some pretty unique sprites with it :D It's just a shame that they were mainly for making female sprites and not much available for male ones :(

It wasn't just a one off purchase though. I think I had to buy it in parts. Like each part has 1 base body and a whole bunch of stuff exclusive to that set. It wasn't particularly cheap, cos I think I paid about £150 for 10 sets to have enough base bodies for the number of sprites I needed. Still, I guess that's much cheaper than paying an artist to draw the sheer number of sprites I used, haha. 

Since I can't actually read Japanese, it was a bit of trial and error to use it x3 The interface is simple though so you can just kinda figure out what does what by changing things and seeing what happens. It can be quite laggy sometimes >.< so it took a looooong time to make all my sprites, but I got there in the end xD

Also, I think they might have been designed for use with 18+ stuff cos you can take their clothes off, have em in some suspiciously suggestive naked poses, and make them pull ahegao faces, haha. 

Sorry I can't be of more help >.< My memory kinda sucks x3 If it was all in English, I might've stood a better chance at recalling more info, but with everything being in Japanese, that's about as much as I can remember about it! 

I hope you enjoy the rest of the game :3

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