Walkthrough by Maetropa

Maetropa has made this handy guide which explains how to reach the true end in the game! So I figured I'd post it here where it's easy for everyone to find :3 

The first section is spoiler free, the section where spoilers begin is marked.

Spoiler free

Make sure that you're playing this all on one save slot. For example, if your save is in Slot 1, you can't save and load from Slot 2 until you are on the ??? route. Once you get there, it's a bit counter intuitive,and you will want to make a backup save at the very beginning before the first choice in addition to the main save you overwrite as you play through. Don't touch the backup save until you've finished your first "complete" ending (you will know, because there will be a large pop up text with the name of the ending.

Inside your game folder is another folder called "bad end checklist"! As you are playing through a route, you want to keep track of how many bad ends you've reached. I'll write down how many endings per route there are, if you want to avoid spoilers, but the checklists have more specific titles if you're interested in that.

Unlike most other games, you WANT to get every single bad end (with exception to ??? which I will go into depth in the spoiler section). This is how you unlock the final ??? route. Don't worry about making backup saves this early, because upon choosing the choice that leads to a bad end, the game will then roll back and let you go with the correct option that leads to the best end. 

There are several types of choices in the routes: death choices (which immediately lead to a bad end, fork choices, (which lead to a second set of choices which will either both lead to bad ends or one will lead to a bad end and the other return you to the good end path), flavour choices (this lets you explore different interactions!).

Once you get the good ending, you can replay the route again to find all the bad endings and cgs (with exception to ???, which is why you always want to keep an untouched save at the beginning.)

You can play the routes through in any order until you reach ???, but I recommend following the order they are listed in, since it feels like it's a nice drip feed of information on the broader story.

Student: 1 Good, 4 Bad
Mage: 1 Good, 7 Bad
Princess: 1 Good, 6 Bad
Detective: 1 Good, 7 Bad
Gamer: 1 Good, 8 Bad
???: 1 True, 2 Good, 14 Bad

You're not likely to have any trouble unlocking endings before the ??? route, since there are no hidden variables, and options have immediate consequences.


Now, in the ??? route, the rules change quite a bit, so I'll go into depth here. You can avoid all of the bad endings EXCEPT for the ones that I specifically say to take. Once you take them once and reach the bad end, it'll loop back and automatically choose the correct option, so don't worry about that.

To unlock the ??? route, you must view every single bad end in all the other routes.


Attack with the knife - Bad end 1
---> Run away 

---> Defy

Defy - Bad end 2
---> Obey 

Euthanise Kuro
---> Click the knife next to Kuro 

I'm Fine - Bad end 4
---> My head hurts

Don't take his hand - Bad ending 4
---> Take his hand

No I don't - Bad end 4
---> I think so

Go on the attack - Bad end 3
---> Save the Girl OR Save the Boy

Who are you?
---> Have we met before?

Refuse to go with Kuro - Bad end 5
---> Go with Kuro

This is wrong - *NECESSARY* Bad end 6
---> They're wonderful

Shout at them - Bad end 7
---> Get between them

---> Follow the Sign
Turn Back

Stay - *NECESSARY* Bad end 8
---> Go back

---> Take the note
Refuse to take the note - Bad end 9

Kill her - *NECESSARY* Bad end 10
---> Resist the urge to kill her 

[You can read them all here, they're all for flavour and don't advance the story or affect anything.]
---> I think that's enough for now

Try to talk him down - Bad end 11
---> Use Raine's gift
[You have to unlock all of the good endings of the other routes, otherwise you reach Bad ending 12.If you've viewed everything, this won't matter to you.]

---> Type Shiro 
Type anything else - Bad end 13


[At this point, you have viewed all three of the necessary bad ends.If you've viewed none of them, you automatically reach bad ending 14. If you view 1, or 2, the option for the true ending doesn't show up, so the ideal is to just view all of them by making a second backup here and reloading.]
This world is too cruel - Good end 1
This world is too damaged - Good end 2
---> This world still has hope left - TRUE end

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Hey great game.  The story is really good.

Spoilers below











Spoiler territory:

Dollmaker Kuro was honestly my favorite. Also the over arching meta narrative is so interesting! Does the over arching meta with Anathema continue in any of your other games? Also ngl still kind of wish we could kill issac and get a good end just for the sheer fact man really caused everything. 

Mostly just wanted to say I really enjoyed the experience though and would love to know if theres going to be any future connected series or is any existing series! 

Glad you had fun with it :D

Hooray! *High five* cos that particular Kuro wound up being my favourite too, haha. I didn't think he would be, but the more stuff I wrote for him, the more he kind just wormed his way into my heart x3

Thanks so much for playing and taking the time to comment ^-^ I'll put the rest under spoilers I guess :D


The Anathema stuff does sort of continue in little bits and pieces in a couple of my other games, yeah, but nowhere near as much as I had hoped to include! The problem is often a lack of time with most of my games being made for game jams with deadlines and time limits of 1 month to make from scratch >.<

The next biggest appearance is in the otome version of Apartment No.9, but it's nowhere near as prevalent as in SR, so I feel like if anyone were to play A9 just for that, they'd probably be disappointed >.< But if A9 looks like your cup of tea anyways, then it's more like a happy little bonus to come across while playing that and does include audio.

Then there is an even smaller reference in Limbo Line as part of one of the side stories. Sadly, it's nowhere near as fleshed out as I hoped it would be, and is only a reference rather than an actual appearance from the character, though it does hint at stuff related to that narrative. It's just a very loose sort of connection.

Hehe, I don't blame you one bit for wanting to kill Issac x3 he doesn't exactly deserve mercy after everything he did, haha.

I'm so happy you enjoyed the game anyhow! The main thing I wanted to do was actually remake this game with new content :3 Because since making it, I've switched to a different engine, and there were a lot of things I wasn't happy with about the original version of the game. So yeah, someday I hope to remake it completely with things like new sprite art, to expand on some of the existing routes with a rewrite, like the Student Route because it's far too short in comparison with the rest! And then I also hope to add a couple of additional routes because I did have more ideas for routes, but I didn't have time to write them as Kuro's voice actor was moving away to a different country to start a new job, and since he's so perfect as Kuro, I didn't want to lose him. I tried my best to finish what writing I could in order to tie the story up and get it all done before he was gone.

It was pretty stupid of me to cast voice actors before finishing all of the scripts really because of course situations could pop up any time that mean a VA can't continue voicing in the project. I didn't really think of things like that though since it was my first project and I had no experience, haha.

But yeah, there was that, and also making the BxG version of the game. I have no timeframe on that or the remake though just because I always seem to be busy working on other stuff or having some sort of breakdown and not working on anything x3



I did not want to sacrifice my clone self for the original cmon it was much more fun and idc if shiro loved her i dislike her even if its myself or smth <3

Sorry about that x3 Maybe when I eventually get around to the remake, the player will be able to choose what to do about that particular dilemma. 


I kinda did enjoy killing them off though even though they were my favourite pairing in the game xD *Evil laughs* At one point, I wasn't even gonna have any sort of 'happy' ending at all, but then I figured that would be tooooo bleak, haha.



I loved the scene where Kuro refused to fight the copies/clones of the clone mc! It showed how he could not bring himself to hurt his own lover even if it's mentally someone else! ...And it's sad he's been going insane for so long he even puts corpses together. 10/10 Kuro even tho there were like 3 of those in that route.

Yeah, that particular Kuro wound up being my favourite Kuro of the whole thing x3 It wasn't always that way because of his shota-ness since I'm not a huge fan of shota-like characters in stuff! But the more I wrote for him, the more he kinda just stole my heart with his innocence and devotion, especially when it came to adding Tim's voice lines for the character :3

Just finished it and I also agree with this- (´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)

How do I view bad ending 12? I tried restarting the ??? route from the beginning so that I'd have a save that hadn't viewed the good endings, but it took me to the naming sequence instead.

(2 edits)

Unfortunately, that's a really hard one to view because just restarting the ??? route won't be enough to get it to trigger :( It only happens if you didn't see all of the good endings from the Student, Mage, Clan, Detective, and Gamer routes >.< So you'd have to go back to a really old save that was missing a good end from one of the original 5 routes.

You're not missing much though because it's a very short bad ending and if I'm remembering correctly, it doesn't have a CG either. I'd say it's not worth the effort to view, haha.

i'll trust you on that. have a good week.

The Gamer route seems to have two similar endings, but it's not a big deal if you count it otherwise. It was just surprising.

Yeah, there are a couple of very similar bad endings in the Gamer route, and then 2 slightly different good endings as well depending on one of the choices towards the end :3


is the good ending the part where we save the world? cuz i'm crying Kuro isn't here with me :(

Sorry about that >.< That's about as good as it gets for everyone in this story :( To be honest, originally, I wasn't even going to have that as an ending, I was going to make every single ending a bad ending, but that felt toooo mean, haha. But yeah, it's supposed to be a bittersweet story, unfortunately x3 Technically, a part of Kuro is always gonna live inside Shiro though :3

However... I plan on remaking the game entirely at some point in the future with new routes and new art and stuff, so I might put in one or two much happier endings when I eventually get working on that :3

Thank you so much for playing! 

It's alright! I really love the game it's so amazing! I just get too attached to otome game characters I'm basically torturing myself!!! Every version of Kuro is too endearing to let go :(

I keep getting bad ending 12. I think I got all of the good endings though. I even played them all another 2 times just in case. You get the good ending when they give you a letter at the end right? If so then I don’t know what else I did wrong lol

That's odd, I've never had anyone report getting stuck on that before :o Usually it's the one bad end that gets completely missed cos the requirements tend to be met to pass it almost by default. 

You're correct that you get the good ends when you get the letter at the end of each route, yeah. 

Did you reload saves at any point when completing the original 5 routes? Like with counting bad end points, if you go through a good end, and then reload an older save to pick a different route, the good end point won't register. 

So for example, if you are at bad end 12 now and you reload an older save to go get good endings of the other routes, then save and reload back to your save at bad end 12, that won't count those good end points, and you'll remain stuck at bad end 12. If you were missing any good ends from the original 5 routes, you'd have to get them and begin the ??? route again on the same save. 

Did you get both good endings in the gamer route? It's the only one of the 5 initial routes that has 2 good endings instead of just 1.

Also, are you missing anything in your gallery from the initial 5 routes? 

Just so you know, I'm gonna head to sleep now cos it's almost 3am here. If you can't manage to get past it, I can always send you a save file when I get up in the morning that will bypass that bad end for you if you want :3 Just lemme know what name you entered for your character. 

I had did the point thing with the student route because I was saving and loading in different files. But I see that when I did go back and completed the good ends again, I loaded back into where I was in the ??? Route, so I guess that was my problem lol

But yeah can you send me the save file please? I don’t feel like doing it again haha my characters name was “Laella”

Thank you!

Ahh, right! That probably is what messed it up then x3 

I'll try to get you the save file asap but might not be able to do it until tomorrow cos I'm heading to bed for the night pretty soon >.< 

Forgot to ask ya as well which version you're playing? Hopefully the windows one cos if it's mac then I can't help as I don't have a mac I can play through it on to generate the save file :( If it is the windows version, did you go for the full size one or the smaller one? :3

I went for the full size one in windows! 

Okie dokies :3 Takes my laptop about 20 mins just to open that version, haha. Got there in the end though :D

I guess you should probably make a backup of your save files first + put them somewhere safe. Then you'll want to grab both of the files in this folder. Put em in your game folder where the .exe is + overwrite your versions of the files that are in that folder.

When you load the game, you'll see 3 saves. It's the 3rd save that you wanna load to continue from where you were in the game and avoid bad end 12 :3

I don't know if you've been following the walkthrough or not, but if so, you'll know that there are 3 required bad ends in the ??? route to be able to unlock all of the final endings. I didn't know how many of those required bad ends you've seen, so save 1 is just before the first of the required bad ends in case you hadn't viewed them all and wanted to.

Save number 2 is at a place where you can get stuck at bad end 14 if you haven't viewed the 3 required bad ends of the route. I just left you a save there so that you can view that bad end if you want to. (Don't look at it first though, as it's quite a past the point where you were stuck before so it has spoilers/won't make sense until you've played more from where you last left off.)

And yeah, like I said, save number 3 is the one you wanna load first cos it should be where you left off :3 I already got you the 3 required bad ends on that one, so you should be able to eventually get to see all of the final ends from this save without having to go back and do anything else :D I suppose to be on the safe side, if you wanna make more saves as you play, make em in save slot 4 and onwards rather than overwriting anything in slots 1, 2, and 3.

Oh, and there will be some stuff unlocked in the gallery from sections of the game that you haven't seen yet, so maybe don't look in there until you've played through some more if you wanna avoid spoilers, haha.

Hope it works okay for you :3

I cant get ??? Route even i unlock all bad endings and the pics from it T.T

Have you ever reloaded after getting a bad end at all? Cos you have to have all the bad ends on the same save/playthrough for the unlock to work :3 If you get a bad end with a CG, then reload an older save and carry on, the CG will stay unlocked in the gallery, but the point from the bad end won't count :(

Also, not all of the bad endings have CGs, so it can be awkward to keep track of those ones.

 There is a cheat that you can use as well if you want me to tell you that instead of going back through the game :3

oh so its same save... When i played i always restart it in new game then skipping it ugh geez i have to go through it again? 😂

Yeah that's what I saw too like no cgs at all but i've got a bad ending.

A cheat?! Yes please tell me  i want to play ??? Route (╥﹏╥) thank you so much! 

(2 edits) (+1)

Yeah, unfortunately, if you reload or restart after getting the bad endings, you will lose the points associated with them x3 It's cos you're supposed to collect the bad endings on purpose in this cos they are needed for the overall story, so I designed it in a way that whenever you get a bad ending, it allows you to continue playing instead of it being a game over and needing to reload. You're not the first person to run into this problem though :3 I guess people are just used to reloading after bad ends so they don't realise that you're not supposed to with this one.

I will put the cheat below this giant spoiler sign :D


Okay, so you can kind of cheat the bad end points system with a bug that I purposely left in just in case anyone got stuck with not getting enough points to unlock the ??? route :3

It can be done with any bad end in the game, but the fastest and easiest way to do it is to play the Student route.

  • On the first choice, make sure not to pick the bad end, pick that you agree with Lana to continue. 
  • On the second choice, the one about having lunch with Seth, pick the one that leads to the two bad ends (say that you will have lunch with Seth.) 
  • Once you have agreed to have lunch with Seth, get to the next choice, you can pick either one since both lead to a bad end. 
  • After you get the bad end and the female voice asks if you still want to have lunch with Seth, keep saying yes. You will end up in a loop of getting thrown between those two bad ends. Don't reload anything. Just keep saying yes to having lunch with Seth and skip through all the text. 

  • If you want to be extra safe, occasionally make a save, as sometimes skipping text can cause Tyranobuilder made games to crash >.<
  •  I don't know how many bad end points you're missing, but I think the points requirement to unlock the ??? route is either 28 or 32 (it's been so long I can't remember xD) To be extra safe, you could do this 32 times. 
  • Once you've swapped between those two bad ends 32 times, make a save. Then when the lady asks if you want to have lunch with Seth still, say no this time, and just finish the Student route until you get to the good end. 

That should give you enough points to go straight on to the ??? route :3

Sorry if it's not a very good explanation >.< I suck at explaining stuff :( haha.

I cant seem to get bad end 4.

(2 edits) (+2)

Hey hey :3

Bad end 4 in the ??? route is a little more complicated than some of the others cos it requires 3 'wrong' choices made in a row to raise suspicion level high enough. If you only pick 1 or 2 'wrong' answers, you will be safe and the bad end won't trigger. 

If you're following Maetropa's walkthrough, it is correct, but I'll explain in more detail. 

So the 1st choice that counts is: I'm fine OR My head hurts. Pick the option 'I'm fine'. 

The 2nd choice that counts is very shortly after: Take his hand OR Refuse to take his hand. Pick the option 'Refuse to take his hand'. 

The 3rd choice that counts is shortly after: I think so OR No, I don't. Pick the option 'No, I don't'. 

Then there will be 3 choices: Save the woman, attack, or save the man. Pick either 'Save the woman' OR 'Save the man'. It doesn't matter which, just don't pick 'attack' as that leads to bad end 3 instead.

If you picked all 3 answers that raised suspicion, the scene will continue. The bad end doesn't trigger immediately. You have to finish the scene in the screen room all the way to the end until you get sent back to sleep. The bad end will trigger when you next wake up. 

I hope that helps :3 Sorry I kinda suck at explaining things, haha. 

ooooohhhhh I get it now. Thank you! :D

No problem! I hope you're enjoying the game so far :3