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I'm in love, I love Aoi but like when do I get a decision to do something :')


Glad to hear it :D But sadly, there won't be choices in any of the volumes >.< I know all of my other games have choices, but this project is different from my other stuff because rather than it being an original story, this project is essentially a fan localisation and vnification of an old series of Japanese audio drama CDs aimed at women x3

I wanted to stay as faithful to the original material as possible, and since the original content is just a CD with audio-only, it means that the listener doesn't get any choices aside from which character to end up with at the end of each volume by picking the corresponding track on the album >.< I wanted to keep it the same, so sadly, this project plays more like a kinetic vn.

I've done it like that for a couple of reasons. One being that I'm not comfortable altering characters or stories that aren't my own because I don't want to mess with other people's characters x3 But also because I'm working on multiple original projects that do contain lots of choices, so I want to spend more time on those. This was just supposed to be a fun little side project that doesn't take up too much time x3

Thanks so much for checking the project out! :3


ahh I see that’s oki your game is still amazing and I love it <33



Any plans on android?

Hey hey! Sorry my reply is so slow, I've been ill since before Christmas, and only just starting to feel well enough to get back on my PC >.<

Honestly, I would love to have all of my games on android, but right now, I just don't have the knowledge to make it possible T_T I tried to make a few android test builds last year, but so far, I haven't managed to get a single one of them to actually run despite following all of the instructions step-by-step >.<

I don't really know where I'm going wrong, so unless someone can teach me, I'm kinda stuck for being able to get my games playable on mobile for the time being :(


kakeru is perfect and no one can change my mind

Aww, loving the Kakeru love <3


kakeru marry me

Hehe x3

What should I do while coming across this?  the text isnt in the text box. I already reloaded the game twice and started a new file already. Thank you!

Hey hey! Sorry my reply is so slow, I've been ill since before Christmas, and only just starting to feel well enough to get back on my PC >.<

Were you playing on Windows or Mac?

Either way, it's probably an issue with screen resolution not matching the settings that the game was optimised to be played in (16:9 - 1920x1080), so if it's possible, you could try going into the settings and changing them to that. If you already have it set to that though, I don't really know if there's anything I can say that would help >.< It doesn't display like that on my PC, but I know it has displayed like that for a few other people with different monitors than my setup :(

Most likely it will be a case of me having to try and lock to one resolution in a future update or something to stop it from happening.

And if you happen to be playing on Mac, even if I update the game, it might not help because weird bugs seem to happen on mac that don't happen on windows T_T and since I don't have a mac to test on, I have no way of knowing they exist or how to fix them >.<

Thank you for checking out the game anyway :3


I loved this game so much! The voice acting was perfect, the effects were amazing and each characters emotions were presented perfectly. I would definitely recommend playing this game!! <3


Thanks so much for playing and for your kind words ^-^ The original CDs of this were one of the very first pieces of yandere content I ever came across, so even if they are a little cheesy, they have a special place in my heart, haha.

I didn't have a lot of time to complete a localisation and vnification of a volume in time for the end of the jam I hoped to submit it to, but I wouldn't have been able to do it without the awesome voice actors! Cos what would a fan localisation of an audio drama be if there wasn't any voice acting in it >.< haha.

And I tried really hard to come up with some cute and comedic special effects to match the vibes I remembered getting when I first listened to the CDs years ago, so I'm really glad you thought they worked well :3

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Ohhhh,I must say that i love Kakeru so much.And i like the way the main character gets along with the two men,it's so cute:3

In the beginning when the two boys bicker it's like they're the kind of bad friends who love the girl but end up wanting to monopolize the girl enough to get rid of the other one. Maybe I can look forward to a threesome😍

Glad you had fun ^-^ I feel like Anthony did a much better job with the character of Kakeru than the CV in the original Japanese drama CD x3 I know that's probably like blasphemy to say xD but I found Kakeru's character so annoying in the old CD, whereas I think Anthony captured the flavour of the character while improving on the performance, making him bratty but more in a way that I would cheer him on than just straight-up hate him, haha.

I hoped to have volume 02 out last year, but that just didn't happen >.<


Loved the game :)

Woo! Glad to hear it ^-^ Since I failed at getting volume 02 out last year as I hoped (didn't even manage to start the localisation T_T) I'm really hoping I can get it out sometime this year!


Honestly, I really don't get the main character. It might be because they're very quiet, self insert-y, but don't they think that their sibling is being weird/going to far? I have to agree with the other love interest, it's weird and I don't get why the main character lets it happen. I don't even think the "It's just always been that way so no need to question it" reasoning works because even the status quo can become extremely annoying or overbearing. Just doesn't make any sense to me I guess.

Hey hey! Sorry my reply is so slow, I've been ill since before Christmas, and only just starting to feel well enough to get back on my PC >.<

But yeah, I mean, I totally agree with you! x3 And I think the whole step-siblings in love trope in Japanese stuff is kinda creepy in general >.< So it's not the sort of thing I would choose to run with in my original stories, haha. But since this is just a fan localisation/vnification, I was trying to stick as closely to the original script from the audio CD as possible x3 I'm not really a fan of MC's in VNs that just kinda stand there and take everything without making any effort to question stuff or defend themselves >.< I find it super frustrating to play as characters like that cos I just wanna scream, wtf are you doing?! xD Sadly though, it was pretty much unavoidable with this project since there isn't really an actual MC in the source material.

So yeah, in the CDs, MC is basically just you, the listener, and since it's a CD, MC can't physically say or do anything. The only choice you can make is which guy you end up with in each volume (by choosing between each guy's track at the end of the CD). Which meant making MC in the VN version a complete doormat xD

I know I could have put more of my own spin on it and given MC some sort of personality and more input, but I just really don't feel comfortable messing with stuff when it's not my story if that makes sense >.< With something like this where I'm not the original writer of the story, I prefer to just be faithful to the original content and try to change as little as possible because I don't feel like I have the right to mess with other people's characters and stories unless I'm making like a full-on adaptation or something, which isn't what I wanted to do with this project. I just wanted it to be as close to the CDs as possible when localised in English :3

Annoyingly, it seems like a common occurrence for the listener character/protagonist in these sorts of CDs, but then I suppose that's one of the restrictions of writing a script for a project that's strictly audio-only. Actually, my original plan was to just make a localisation in English and have it as audio-only videos on YouTube or something, but then when I found out there was gonna be a Yandere Jam, I really wanted to make something for it. At the time though, I wasn't in a position in my personal life to be able to concentrate on creating a brand new original story and game within the time limit of the jam, so I decided, screw it, I will start my Yandere Heaven localisation but also turn it into a VN for the jam, haha.

Admittedly, volume 01 of the CD series isn't even my favourite, but I figured I better start at the beginning x3


I haven't tried this game, but please let me know if this is like DDLC. Again, no spoilers but I'm just wondering because I'm going to play it sometime.


I can't help all that much cos I've never played DDLC myself x3 But unlike my other projects with original content, this one is just my attempt at a fan localisation/VNification of an existing Japanese drama CD series of the same title :3

My other games fall more into sorta horror/psychological horror (sometimes with romance, almost always with at least 1 yandere) but this is more like slice-of-life comedy I guess! It's hard to describe really.

Every different CD/volume features a different pair of yandere characters who are at each other's throats fighting over the listener. I can't remember how many CDs there were, I think maybe 6 in the original series. But I've only localised the first CD/volume 01 so far! 

Thank you for the reply, I understand if it took some time to make this. I know this is a late reply (trust me I have issues with emails btw) but I wanted to say I'll do a full playthrough and let you know how it goes. So far it's looking great! I can't wait to see this game when it's fully developed!



whenever i play a game like this, i always make sure im saul goodman, its hilarious

I wish I knew the relevance so I could get it T_T haha. I mean, I've heard of the dude, but I just haven't seen Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul, so I'm just in the dark >.<


hey bruh its all good there are times im "ronald mconald" maybe "Nicholas's cage", goofy stuff, heck i was spongebob once, next time you play a game like this, consider naming yourself something goofy, its great

Oooh, I get ya! x3 I do that sometimes myself, usually when I'm testing stuff just to make it more entertaining when I'm reading the same crap over and over again >.< usually I just put swear words or made up stuff though, haha.  


Walter White.



I think the only thing I didn't love in Kasumi, is the fact she allows herself to leave the house, while keeping me in and using her dad as her muscle instead of doing the dirty part of being a yandere herself...

Aoi on the other hand seemed a bit out of character to side with, as we barely knew much about her...

With male characters I assume would be the same, or similar story, just with male characters, but I may be wrong. Either way a good one for such a short time!


Haha, yeah x3 Well, I can't be blamed for any of that cos I didn't write this one. This game is pretty much just a fan localisation of an old Japanese drama CD series. Cos of it being someone else's story, I didn't wanna poke my nose in and change too much as far as the story and characters are concerned, so I've basically taken my friends' rough English translations of the CDs, tried to localise em and write a more fluent script for English language, and then turned it all into a VN :D In the CDs though, it's only dudes. I just figured it would be more fun and inclusive if I also made female versions of all the characters in the series :3

Admittedly, none of the characters in the entire series are particularly strong yandere characters, despite the series' title, and I feel like the whole thing has a more kinda comedy element to it with how over the top they can end up becoming with their yandere antics xD It was a series that I had fun with though and which made me smile as I listened, so I'd hoped to localise it at some point as a fan project just out of appreciation for it pretty much!

You're right though, it's the same with the male characters :3 It's possible that maybe the story fits better with the male characters since the original characters in the CD are all male. Maybe some parts come across a bit dodgy with the female versions cos I didn't change any of the script I don't think.

Also, each volume in the CD series is a completely new pair of crazy characters, haha. And as far as I can remember, that first volume wasn't one of my favourites in the series because I wasn't really a fan of either of the characters! I feel like the voice actors for this fan version though make me like all the volume 01 characters more though :3

Cheers for checking it out :D


I get that and respect it strongly!

The female version felt a bit overly nice... Normally when a guy cooks for 2 females and is offered to have a woman work while he stays at home it ends with everyone at the school making fun of him... but I realized quickly I was supposed to be a girl hit on by 2 guys... well... too bad I am not xD

I enjoyed it! I loved half of each character and hated half as well... The step sister made sense as a love interest to me much more, because we already had emotional connection. I loved that she didn't threaten to kill me, but I didn't like how the PC didn't address her leaving while not letting us leave... I would 100% use that as an argument! Like... "If you want to ever leave my room, you MUST take me with you!" I wouldn't escape or try to escape tho... She would have to agree with that argument as I was using her own logic and if she wanted to stay I would argue "If we die, then we were together for less time! We must live longer and be together longer! I can't have it end now!"

Maybe I am too much of a yandere fan tho...

The co-worker made little to no sense to be a love-interest. As I barely knew her... However the fact that a girl is strong enough to ride a bike with 2 additional people on it and still make it on time to school and work did make me stop questioning it xD
Things I like in women are usually what women like in men, which is weird I admit, but made it work... She was also pretty nice and yes the calls were annoying and she made very logical points... The moment when she LOST ME was when she was contemplating getting someone else to kill her rival instead of doing it herself... at least my sissy kills people with her own hands, or whatever she used during that fight... her punch was supposedly "nothing" so I guess probably a kick? Can a kick even be strong? I guess she might have strong legs? No clue... but I just wrote a whole thesis on a fan project of yours xD

In the end I would pick Kasumi here. She made 100% more sense, was much more fun to be with, she did the dirty work by herself instead of hiring hitmen and ordering food... except for that time she got her (or our) dad involved, but I don't blame her... he did it himself, she just didn't oppose it, which makes sense... 100% that is a better situation and with high enough manipulation/charisma skills you can end up in a happy life with her...

Aoi just took us to a hag's house to die, with Kasumi probably dead in the basement, or slowly dying there. I mean... Ok it is an often explored trope, but not my thing... I much prefer a reasonable yandere that does have expectations. Instead of just "I wanna be with you and kill you whenever you do one thing wrong" I liked more what Kasumi did "I want to be with you, but I still want us both to have a life... together but still be alive... I'm just super jelly of everyone..." with the second one you can easily try to use logic, to apply the same rules to both, the first one is just seeing you as an object, that unless acts perfectly is disposable... not really love, just using a person to fill an idea of a loved one... Not my type of thing...

Thank you for reading this post which was way too long! I may have looked into it way too much as it was a comedy, but hey... I hope that dollar helps with... ummm... what costs a dollar since inflation in your country? I know a dollar in my country can buy ummm... hmmm... a cookie? xD

It's interesting that you even enjoyed half of their characters really because I remember when I listened to the CD for the first time, I was like... wow, both these dudes are absolute assholes xD but it was still funny to listen to the shenanigans unfold, haha.

I get where you're coming from though cos the protagonist has an immediate connection from the beginning of the scenario with their step-sibling. In the CD, the character repeatedly refers to you as sis or sister. That was something I did choose to attempt to edit because I felt it made things kinda creepy but not in a good way xD I know it's like a trope in anime and stuff, especially in certain romance sims for their to be like a childhood friend character, or like in this case, a step-sibling situation that turns to romance, but I've personally always found it kinda eww >.< And because of that personal bias, it did make me wonder if others might feel the same since it's less normalised in western media. It just felt like something I should tweak. It would appear that others do feel similarly cos I have a number of 1* ratings on the game where people have mentioned that it's gross that their step-sibling is coming on to them xD And, rather frustratingly, because that's in the ratings section rather than the comments, I can't even reply to them and explain that it's not my story or my characters T_T haha. I wasn't gonna change the fact that 1 character is supposed to be your step-sibling because that would be deviating too far from the original material >.< But anyways, I'm going off-track with my rambling!

But yeah, totally agree that the step-sibling would be the better outcome if you wanted to try and live some semblance of a normal or happy life post-yandere shenanigans, haha. And your argument is a good one. I can definitely see that working on him/her!

And yeah, I'm also not a fan of characters, yandere or not, who get others to do the dirty work for them, haha.

As for punches and kicks, well, I think my own kick is probably stronger than any punch I could throw xD Dunno why, but I have quite weak arms and much stronger legs, haha. I guess maybe cos I do a lot of walking and pretty much no lifting x3 If I were in a fight, I reckon I'd do more damage with kicks anyways! I think in the CD, the dudes were just supposed to be punching each other, but then it's that little fight scene that I did a small amount of my own writing and new dialogue for the characters because it kinda needed it to work in the format of a VN. In the CD, one track ends, and then you just choose which ending you wanna listen to by selecting Kakeru's track or Atsushi's track. But I had to make it flow better than that as a VN, so had to turn it into a proper choice. The thing is, I actually can't remember exactly which bits were my additions now without going back and listening to the CD again xD But I tried not to add or tweak much in general cos I just don't feel comfortable messing with other people's characters and stories. I'd be awful at trying to write fanfiction x3

But yeah, I agree with everything you've said, and if it were me, I'd probably pick Kasumi/Kakeru too :3

I like all different kinds of yandere, and I'm not opposed to the type you described who just see you as an object if that's what I'm in the mood for at the time x3 But yeah, Aio/Atsushi just doesn't really do anything in this scenario that makes them endearing. I feel like you need a lot of nice stuff prior to the creepy if you're gonna fall into that sort of trap, haha. I guess they didn't really have the time to explore much of either character in such a short scenario though x3

I think my favourite kinds of yanderes are probably the clever manipulative ones that do a decent job of hiding their crazy, but their brand of crazy turns out to be the most terrifying kind when you actually do see it, haha. The ones who can weave such an intricate web that you slowly lose your mind over time but you don't realise it until it's too late xD

And then I'm not so keen on the super clingy kind who are so afraid of hurting their love interest that they'd let them slip through their fingers or allow themselves to be killed by their love.

Nah, nothing can ever be too long when it comes to discussing all shades of yandere, haha. It's a fun topic :P But yeah, inflation has gone crazy! I bought 1 pint of milk the other day and it cost £1.06... you used to be able to buy 2 pints for 82p not so long ago! And some of our supermarkets now have security cages around butter because it's become such a high-value item >.< That aside though, I appreciate the support and you taking the time to write what you did :3 Everything helps! Whether it's kind words, donations, or a mix of both ^-^

You don't have to reply to this, but I have to ask now cos I'm curious, but when you say that a dollar can buy you a cookie, is that like a decent-sized cookie? :o Like a fresh one? Cos here you can get packs of supermarket own brand little hard cookies for like 65p, but I reckon for a proper full-size cookie that's fresh it would probably be more than £1 in most places, haha.  


Now... If you want an answer to your economy question you will have to read my next long ass reply again! xD

I believe I am a male who likes female yanderes and you may be a female who likes male yanderes at this point... I may also be wrong... I am guessing based on the original story, you being a fan of it and your profile picture...

I was assuming the "yandere stuff" was not going to end... like... ummm... Have you ever seen yandere wife stories? Where the yandere is happily married to a willing partner? She does keep being creepy, she does the creepy scary death threats or something... she may even keep the partner locked up and so on, but then again... if the partner is willing... even if someone calls the police, they will just see the two as a kinky marriage and if they happen to be above 30 that would be kind of romantic in the eyes of the others that they still have "the fire" for that kind of stuff...

Personally I believe that the perfect yandere was and always will be Yuno Gasai. She was not the kind to be afraid to kill her loved one, but only attempted it at the very end because of (spoilers). But the kind that is too afraid to hurt their loved one is one I never heard about... It does sound fun however, but hear me out...

The kind that hides shenanigans forever, or instead of being a creepy crazy "wack em all and kick them to death" gal, being a social manipulator I would rather keep for the Sith Lords rather than a yandere to be honest.

I prefer male characters who manipulate and are scheme masters and female characters who are more dirty-handed... Yes I am aware of how twisted that seems, but oh well... I am assuming you don't mind that at this point...

Here will be the answer yo your economy question. I am not actually from America, or any country that actually uses dollars... Translated to my own currency it comes out as almost a fiver, so for that amount I can get a regular bakery cookie. No idea what you see as decent sized, but if internet comparisons are correct... What the west sees as decent sized sweets, we here in the eastern side of Europe see as the big option xD

I am from Poland if you wish yo know ;)

Now for the rest of my second thesis on the art of yandere characters... My best yandere is the kind that hides the crazy from you, only until the crazy is about to get known. So if she kills her parents, unrelated to you and manages to hide their bodies and get them determined as "missing" that she hides... but when she kills your friend... she doesn't lie, just stays quiet until you ask directly or begin to find out...

A creepy confession of "I killed her. I'm sorry" during the best date you've ever had is... weirdly one of the things I find enticing in a yandere... when the lovely and cute leads to the creepy and vice-versa... She kills a random dog in front of you, but then turns back to you with a smile and says "that was the dog who bit you 2 years ago! I wouldn't let that slide! Hope you enjoyed!" Obviously the second thing would happen far into the whole "willing relationship" thing, or be a sick form of torture, but still...

Long story short, my bestie type of yandere is the one who would lie, manipulate, kill and hurt anyone, except their loved one, but still only when necessary. Still having reason is important part of it for me... Using me as a toy, is not a yandere for me, but just a monster slave master, that is a completely different thing imo, which can still be a fun horror thing (in case you didn't get it... I do like the horror side of yanderes very much and not the sexy side at all xD I find the fact they are creepy appealing enough).

If you wish to know what kind of married life with a yandere I most like for some reason... There is plenty of that on youtube if you search for "yandere wife willing" or "yandere wife wholesome" or just "yandere wife" and watch some videos... I will link you my favorites tho if you want and don't mind female yanderes xD

I don't mind cos I could discuss yandere stuff forever xD

It's interesting how everyone has their favourite kinds of yanderes! I have some friends who feel that hurting the loved one is a massive no-no and they will immediately begin to hate the yandere if they physically harm their love. But at the opposite end of things, I also have friends who would be bored with the yandere if they didn't hurt their love at least a little bit x3

Really, I'm just happy to come across yandere characters in general, no matter what kind they are, haha. They just make things more fun :D I still don't think I've found my ultimate favourite character yet, but I'm sure they're out there somewhere!

But anyways, you're correct cos I am indeed female and tend to lean towards preferring male yandere characters :3 Actually, the main reason I got into game dev was cos I wished there were more English-speaking male yandere characters, haha. I'd seen female ones in anime, manga, and games, but nowhere near as many males, so I kinda made it my mission to add more male yanderes to the world of visual novels!

After finishing my first game though, I decided that I'd rather make my yandere characters male and female :3 Because I generally don't write my characters with gender in mind, so I always figure they can be either! That means that all of my games aside from my very first one feature both a male and a female version of the yandere/s within the game :D Or at least 1 feminine and 1 masculine voice for the character!

And since I was doing that with my own characters, I figured I might as well continue making both when it came to this fan project too :3 

I haven't really seen that much in the way of happily married to a yandere type content. I've seen endings like it in a few VNs, but they're usually pretty brief and kinda categorised as bad ends, haha. That's probably cos I generally only consume content featuring male yanderes though! I've probably missed a lot of great stuff in the last few years cos starting game dev pretty much stole all of the time I used to spend actually playing games and watching stuff >.< 

Makes sense that police and the like would see them as a kinky couple though xD

I didn't mind Yuno at all :3 She was probably my first introduction to what a yandere was, even if I probably didn't know the term at the time! She's not really my personal cup of tea, but I can totally see why so many love her. Actually, Kish from Tokyo Mew Mew was probably the first yandere I ever saw in anything, but I was a kid so I would've had no idea whatsoever what a yandere was xD

I think a character called Tei from the game Nameless is probably the closest I've gotten so far to a yandere that I adore more than most, but I still have some issues with his character, hence why I say I still don't think I've encountered my perfect yandere x3

That made me chuckle about the Sith Lords stuff :D Yeah, I would be bored with a yandere if they hid their yandereness forever and were just a master manipulator behind the scenes without ever showing it or rubbing it in their love's face x3 I prefer the manipulation to be hidden in the sense that you don't suspect anything until it's too late. So you feel safe, and that's when they let their crazy out with a smile, say 'gotcha!' and then you go from feeling fine to being in absolute despair xD

Whether it's a male or female yandere, I always find them more fun if they're intelligent enough to be able to manipulate as opposed to trying to solve everything with violence. The more childish kind who just throw tantrums and go on a rampage can be entertaining too though in their own way!

Going by how you described your best yandere where you mentioned hiding the crazy until the crazy is about to get known, that's probably pretty close to my favourite kind really! I suppose it depends what sort of mood I'm in though x3 Sometimes I feel in the mood for one who is cuter and more caring with their crazy, and sometimes I prefer one who is more focused on sadistic traits without much of the cute side. As long as the love is there, of course. Because if there isn't any love there, then they can't even really be a yandere anymore x3

I mean, I do love crazy, loveless villains too, but that's for another discussion, haha. The whole 'anything for love' attitude that yanderes have is what makes them so special :3 It's a rare kind of personality that would be willing to do whatever it takes to ensure they get to be with the one they love. In fiction, I absolutely adore it! In reality, not so much, haha. I'd feel too smothered by a real yandere I think because I'm super close to my family and also need time to myself >.<

I've seen countless arguments online about what makes a character yandere or not. I've seen some people argue that if the yandere hurts their love interest, they're not a real yandere because if it was true love, they would never hurt them. Buuuut, I dunno. I think it's a big grey area x3 Even in reality, people do some crazy stuff in the name of love! And even if it might not look like love, it's not really for us to judge. I mean, we have the right to sit there and say, wtf, that's not love! That person is just a twisted monster!! But we're not in the head of that person or character, so we can shout all we like about what is and isn't love, but we can't physically inhabit that person or character and change their feelings x3 For all we know, their love might be genuine to them. Oooor, it might not be, but we'll never know cos we're not them, haha. 

I feel like if a character is motivated by true love (or at least what they think is love), then whether they hurt their love interest, themselves, or others doesn't matter. If they're motivated by true love and willing to do crazy and unhealthy things in pursuit of it, then they're yandere. Heck, even if a character is completely deluded and what they're doing doesn't seem like love at all from the outside, I'd still say that if the character is convinced they're doing what they're doing out of love, then they're yandere, regardless of what outsiders looking in make of their actions.

I totally feel you on there needing to be a reason for stuff as well! I guess thinking about it, being used as a toy would probably fall under one of my liked traits of just general sadistic characters rather than yanderes. Because if a yandere is just using you as a toy and there isn't actually any love there, then they can't even really be a yandere x3

Actually, there needing to be a reason behind stuff is another thing that made me want to try and start writing yandere characters myself. I'd come across far too many stories online where they were tagged as having a yandere, but the yandere turned out to just be a plain old psycho, as though the writers had forgotten to include the element of love >.< And like I said, don't get me wrong, cos I do love me some pure psycho characters too, haha, but it did start to get on my nerves that these 'yanderes' I was encountering appeared to have no motives behind their crazy actions. They were just crazy. 

As you say, they're not a yandere if they're just using you and there's no love there >.< As fun as that can be in a horror way like you said, haha. 

When it comes to any kind of crazy character, yandere or not, I really prefer that they have something at some point in the story that explains how come they ended up the way they did and why they act the way they do. 

It's interesting as well that you say you like the horror side of yanderes and that the creepy alone is enough. I'm the same, haha. I'm asexual, so for me, there isn't really a sexy side to yanderes anyhow xD I will still find certain characters to be 'hot' but in a non-sexual way, if that makes any sense at all x3

It's weird really that I tend to lean towards preferring male yandere characters because I don't consider myself to be straight when it comes to romance! I do have a preference for masculine over feminine voices though cos they just sound nicer to me. I'd say that the best way I could describe myself is being panromantic but asexual, which I realise is a confusing combo >.< I know that I have the capacity to be attracted to non-male characters, but they have to possess certain traits. I think maybe a lot of female yandere characters are TOO cute for my tastes? Like they make me feel a bit ill with their cuteness xD I feel similarly repulsed by overly cute male yandere characters too though, haha. Age might also have something to do with it, as a lot of the femme yanderes I come across are pretty young, often like high-school age, and that age does nothing for me regardless of gender really cos it's just too young appearance-wise. For example, Kanato from Diabolik Lovers is pretty cute to look at, but he does absolutely nothing for my yandere goodness tingles cos he looks and sounds too young, haha.

I think perhaps part of the problem as well is that I like the idea of a constant kind of power struggle going on in the relationship dynamic, and I find it easier to believe that a male yandere would be capable of finding a way to dominate, whereas I tend to look at female yandere characters more like they're competition xD As in, I reckon I could take her in a fight an protect the person she's obsesing over x3 Or, if I were yandere myself for the same love interest as her, I reckon I could get crazier than her! So that weird sort of fantasy competitiveness gets in the way and stops me from feeling even remotely scared of female yanderes, and if I don't feel even the tiniest bit scared or creeped out by them, then they're just not that much fun to me >.< I want a yandere to be able to genuinely creep me out x3

I have the same problem with female villains in stuff xD They have to be truly terrifying for me to actually be afraid of them, and even then, I still feel like attempting to beat them into the ground rather than enter a relationship with them x3 It's odd because, in reality, I'm not a competitive person at all. But when it comes to fiction, I get weirdly feisty!

So yeah, I probably wouldn't get much enjoyment out of yandere wife stuff cos I'd probably just want to kill them xD To be fair, I probably wouldn't get that much of a kick out of yandere husband stuff either because I wouldn't particularly want to be married to one x3 I guess it really depends on how the protagonist of the story reacts to the yandere though. Presumably, to get to the point of marriage, the protagonist must've had to play along or be really clever and manipulative to get to the point where they actually have a life with the yandere. And while I'd probably find it kinda fun to write that sort of stuff, I most likely wouldn't enjoy consuming it as much because it feels like there maybe wouldn't be enough conflict or danger for my personal tastes. I could be totally mistaken there though! It's just, from a personal role-playing point of view, the type of protagonist I prefer to inhabit is one who never gives up the struggle. So it would frustrate me to step into the shoes of a protagonist who willingly submits to the yandere or lets them have their way in an attempt to make the relationship work x3

Aaaaanyways, that's awesome that you're from Poland :3 My family is British and Polish :D Sadly, because the Polish came from my grandad and he moved to England after the war, we are split between the UK and Poland, so we don't get to see all our relatives very often. We did go to Poland for a family wedding years ago though, and then my cousin here got married this year and some of our Polish relatives flew over to the UK, so we keep in touch at least :3 I'd like to learn Polish, but my relatives told me it's one of the hardest languages to learn x3 I'm still trying to learn German at the moment, so probably not a good idea to start Polish as well or I'll confuse myself, haha. Some of our Polish relatives moved to Germany and learned German, so at least we might have some sort of middle ground language-wise if I can learn enough German x3 cos most of them speak more German than they do English.

And as for decent-sized cookies, I was just thinking of one at least the size of my palm (though my hands are quite small xD) rather than those tiny ones that are only like 3cm across x3 I know different parts of the world have totally different ideas of what a big or small portion is though cos my brother has showed me some food comparison videos of takeaways, haha. Some of the UK vs US ones have me really shocked at how massive the portions sometimes are in the US o.O


It looks cool

Glad you think so :3


Wow I can't believe someone made a game based on a drama CD I enjoy!  Such a cool thing, can't wait to see the next volumes in the future sometime! :D

I can't believe someone who actually listened to and liked the original CDs has found and played this, haha. It seems as though most folks who have checked it out have never heard of the CD series x3 So it's always nice to come across people who have! It may not be the greatest series of drama CDs in the world, but I do remember immensely enjoying listening to them years ago because they're just silly, fun, and a little creepy, haha. Hoping to have volume 02 out for Christmas, but we'll see how it goes :3


Can't wait for it!  Don't push yourself too hard though, you health is more important remember! <3

Thank you :3 I'm still hoping to start working on the initial localisation side of things very soon, but not sure if I'll be able to actually get vol02 released in time for Christmas now because I was hoping to have the script done by the end of November, and that probably isn't going to happen because I've had too much other stuff on my plate >.< But it's fine :3 I'll just do what I can.

(1 edit) (+1)

i really like it and its like a diamond among (us) the trash but are you going to continue updating it? (don't force yourself if you don't want to)

Glad you like what there is so far :D And I do indeed plan on adding the remaining volumes :3 I don't really have a timeframe, but I'll get there eventually. I was hoping to get Volume 02 out for Christmas, but I don't know if that's gonna happen or not. It's too hard to predict what might pop up and prevent me from working on stuff >.<


I hope nothing bad will happen


I can't wait for the other volumes! I've instantly fell in love with the game, and I just love Atsushi's voice! Very nice work, I'll be sure to check out your other games to keep me company while waiting for the rest of this one! Also, do you have a discord server or place I can send you fanart? I'd love to make some for this game!

Woo! I'm glad you had fun with it ^-^ I'm really hoping to get volume 02 released in time as a Christmas present, but it's too hard to tell at this point if that'll happen x3

I hope you end up enjoying my other stuff if/when you check em out ^-^

And I actually do! I didn't until recently, but very kindly, Sandstorm made a server :3 It's here!

That would be so cool if you did end up making fanart :D You're also welcome to tweet it to me if you use Twitter, and then I can retweet it :3

Thank you so much!

are you working on new volumes?


I will be :3 I haven't worked on this project at all since releasing volume 01 for yandere jam earlier in the year because I've been busy with other stuff + mental health problems crippling me for a lot of the year >.< haha.

I just finished making two brand new games for Spooktober VN Jam that I released last Friday, so right now, I'm taking a mini break for a couple of weeks to recover from working my butt off throughout September to get them out in time for the jam deadline + so I can play some of the other games that people made for the jam :3 

I'm probably gonna start working on volume 02 in late October/early November though so that I can hopefully have it out in time for Christmas :3 As always, ya never know what might go wrong between now and then though, so no promises on the release date for that x3


I would love to play this but for some reason it doesn't let me play. :( I have a Mac, I dowloaded the link for Mac but for some reason when I click the game thing it says "The application “Mac” can’t be opened." I don't know why :(


Hiya, I have a Mac as well. What you need to do is go to your "system preferences," then click on "security & privacy," and then at the bottom, it should ask if you want to allow the app to play anyway. Hope that helps :)


Omgggggg tysm!!!!!!<3333333


So cute and so funny! I had such a great time playing!! 


Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for taking the time to play and comment ^-^ I'm hoping to get volume 2 out sometime late this year/early next year, but that might not go according to plan, haha.


Omggg It lookss Good! The Characters Detail-ly  Just wanna Ask if I can take Inspo from you I'll credit you! [it's okay if you don't want to ]

Sorry my reply is so dreadfully late >.< I was working my butt off all through September trying to finish two projects for this year's Spooktober VN Jam, so I'm only just catching up on stuff now that the jam is over x3

Sure, feel free! Just so you know though, the sprites themselves aren't my original work. I got them in an asset pack from a Japanese artist, and then I recoloured them myself because I like to edit all of my assets just so that they're unique to my projects :3


this game was amazing. i love the way you have drawn each character they all look so cute. and the story is very interesting :)

also i have a question 

are you planning on making anymore volumes?

if not its ok no need to push yourself :)

I'm glad you liked it :D I can't really take credit for the drawing of the sprites because I can't draw nicely to save my life x3 They came from an asset pack, and then I edited them to make the lines a bit softer + give everything in the game that rosy pink hue to it, haha. I always try my best to edit my assets to make them more unique to my projects rather than using them as they come :3

And I guess I can't even take credit for the story because I just adapted it to English from a Japanese drama CD x3 It's a series that I listened to many years ago and found quite entertaining! I had always thought it would make a cute little VN, so when yandere jam was created, I figured it would be the perfect time to try and start localising the first volume of the CD and turning it into a game ^-^

I do plan on eventually localising the other volumes of the CDs (there are 6 volumes total in the 1st series I think!) I'm just not sure when I will have the time because right now I'm working on some stuff for Spooktober VN jam, and then I'll probably get back to my main project. If I can though,  I might try and get volume 02 finished in time for a Christmas release or something :3

why is it so demanding on my potato pc?


I guess the potato part probably explains a lot of it x3 The PC that I make my projects on is ooooooold, but it manages to run Unity and the finished games just fine. I have a laptop as well though, and that's just completely screwed x3 The stupid thing is, way back when I bought it, I got it specifically to play VNs, and in the beginning, it was totally fine! If I try and play a VN on it now though, it will lag like crazy the moment the game boots up, if there's an opening vid, it will have a heart attack, and half the time it will just crash >.< It's basically useless T_T

Honestly though, I don't know the best way to optimise my games because I'm not a coder x3 I do make sure to use things like tinypng to shrink all the art assets that go into it, and I do use commands to destroy and unload stuff when it's no longer present on the screen. I'm sure there must be more I can do to help ease the burden on a system, but I just don't have the knowledge >.<


I had an Idea for when you get kidnapped, 2 bars one representing how much you love the yandere and how much distain the yandere has for you. if one bar goes down then the other goes up. you have to manage these until you can escape and if one reaches the top then its game over.

That's a pretty cool idea, and I'm definitely tempted to implement something like that in some of my other projects (DD already has something similar, but the bars that measure that sort of thing are invisible to the player x3 I'm still debating whether to make them part of the UI or not to make it easier for the player to see where they stand). I won't be able to implement anything like that in this particular project though because that would mean making too many additions and alterations to the original content that I'm adapting, and I don't feel particularly comfortable doing that cos when I started this side project, my intention was just to make an English localisation of the Japanese CD content and stay as true to the original possible.


Are the next volumes added if so how do I unlock them?

Unfortunately, they're not available yet, so volume 01 is the only one you can play right now. I made this during a jam back in February, and I only had a couple of weeks, so I figured I'd probably only manage to get 1 volume done. I do plan to add the rest sometime in the future, but because it's a side project, it won't be completed any time soon >.< If I can manage to get volume 02 done in time for Christmas then I can release it as a sort of present :3 but I'm not sure what's gonna happen by then or if I'll have time cos I'll be spending September working on Spooktober Jam stuff, October I'm usually pretty busy in general, and then I really need to make more progress on my main project.

I'll get there in the end though :D Thanks for checking out the first volume :3


Aoi is such a pain in the butt...

Yeeeeah, but Kasumi is just as bad x3 They're all as bad as each other really, haha. I remember when I listened to the audio drama CDs thinking that every single pair of characters in each volume are just insane and the listener should probably try to get veeeery far away from both of them x3 It's been years since I listened to all the CDs, but I think some of the pairs are a fair bit worse with their behaviour than Kakeru & Atsushi/Kasumi & Aoi >.<


Yes but she keeps taking me away from my stepsister DDDDD:

No H?


I don't know what that means x3 Sorry, I'm basically clueless when it comes to abbreviations, haha. Half the time I will have to go look up what things mean on Google >.< I'm like a grandma when it comes to things like that!


i think they're asking if there's hentai xD

Ooooh, right! I did wonder for a second if that's what it might be, but I didn't wanna hazard a guess and say so in case I was completely wrong x3 But if that was the question, then nope, no H scenes in this one. It's a fandub of a Japanese drama CD, and while I'm not sure what the age rating for the CD is in Japan, I don't remember there being any sexual content in any of the volumes, so it must be relatively tame going by the rating system where I live.

(1 edit) (+2)

i love you kasumi but please stop stealing my phone because my mom called me


xD Yeah, it's just a liiiiiittle bit of an overreaction! Pesky yanderes x3


Enjoyed this game I do suggest to anyone who has not played it to try it out very well done :)

Thanks so much for playing it and for the recommendation :3 much appreciated! And glad you had fun with it as well. It was an absolute blast to make :D Even if I did spend most of the jam panicking that I wouldn't get it finished in time for the end of the jam, haha.


i really enjoyed the game! when i realized there was voice acting, i was completely shocked. the art style is really charming and adds to the enjoyment of the game. the soundtracks were my favorite part of the game especially the opening soundtrack. i was so taken with it that i looked to see whether it was available on spotify. xD thank you very much for creating such a fun game! <3

Yeah, I'm a huuuuuuge fan of voice acting, and a big part of why I got into making VNs in the first place was cos I really wanted to make more English speaking yandere characters and release them into the wild x3 So getting to work with VAs to get voicing in my projects is a massive motivator for me. I pretty much lose all my motivation to make stuff if I know it's not gonna be voiced, which is kinda why Love in Lockdown came out so crappy in comparison to my other projects >.< haha. 

Really glad you had fun with YH anyhow :3 Thanks so much for taking the time to play and comment! I'm hoping to add the remaining volumes at some point. I just don't know when cos I've got so much work to do on DD and keep getting overwhelmed by life in general x3

It is a pretty funky theme! I would offer to just send you the track, but I think that would break the terms of use cos I purchased it as part of a BGM asset pack. As far as I can remember, it said that you're not allowed to share it outside of any projects you use it in. I guess cos it would detract from sales of the asset pack by the original composer. I think it was quite a cheap pack though if you wanted me to try and find the link to where I bought it from! Once you own the pack, you get it in mp3 and wav, so you could listen to it as much as you wanted. 


you made such a fun and enjoyable game, i really did enjoy it and hey, take things easy when you make games- don't overwork yourself.
i completely understand about the whole terms of use, don't worry about that! i don't think i can purchase it but i'll definitely go back to your game from time to time to listen to the soundtrack for free. xD

I really wanna play this game but it keeps saying the game isnt accessible for my mac when i downloaded it on mac and everything

Have you tried any of the suggestions listed here? Hopefully one of them should work for you :3 I don't own a mac myself, so can't test on them and don't know how they work, but mac users have given suggestions to me over the years how they got my games to work, so I compiled it all into this list:

Also, someone recently said that if you download the game through the app rather than on the site, you shouldn't have to mess around with mac security settings, it should just work. 

Good luck! Hope something does work for you :3

Is there any way you can make a file for all the sprites/backgrounds you used?:D


I don't think I'd be able to do that without breaching the terms of use for the sprite and background assets :( cos while I edited them myself to make them all pink and stuff, the original art is from a couple of different asset packs, and the terms of use state that you must not distribute them or make them available outside of the projects you use them in. I guess because it would potentially impact the sales of the asset packs if devs just posted the assets for download >.< So yeah, sorry about that! As far as I can work out, it wouldn't be allowed.


Ah, okay. I understand!


I Really Like It was epic as hell and I really Liked all the voices And can't wait for Chp 2 3 4 5.

Glad you had fun with it :3 Thanks so much for taking the time to check it out and leave a comment! 


very poggers, made me feel uneasy, but I'd love to have Aoi as a friend if she wasn't obsessed with me lmao; everyone is, and looks, so cute which contrasts so much with their personalities. It's amazing <3


I had to Goggle what poggers meant cos I'm not very clued up x3 I feel so old T_T haha. Glad you had fun with it! I don't think I would want any of them anywhere near me the second I saw what they're actually like xD and somehow, I feel like the girls came out even more terrifying than the guys once the voice acting was added o.o Aoi especially would make me run for the hills!

Thanks for checking the game out and taking the time to comment :3


I love the story it creeped me out and made me felt uneasy I like how it made me feel a lot of things for each character I also adore each persons voices you did a wonderful job with the game cant wait to see more of your work!!! <3 <3  <3

Thanks so much for all your kind words :3 I'm really glad you had fun with it! Cheers for taking the time to play and comment ^-^


Hello, I have a problem downloading the game hehe,, So I am using a mac and when I downloaded it said I didn't have "administration access" or "permission to open the application". Not sure if it's something to do with my computer but it lets me download the game just not open it to play(?).  I was really hoping to try it out but I just thought I should say the problem in case someone else was struggling with downloading. Thank you for your time!

Hey hey! Sorry my reply is a bit slow. I've not been doing so great recently, so I haven't been keeping on top of messages and stuff very well >.<

You might have already looked by now, but in case not, I'll link you to this post that I made all about potential solutions to mac problems :3

The very first one on the list is the most recent suggestion from another user that got it working for them on mac, so probably try that one first.

I don't own a mac myself, so I have no way of testing these things, but I've heard it's pretty common for indie games to say they don't have permission to open on macs >.< I don't know exactly why it is. Someone said it's possibly something to do with the extra security on macs and that games need to be signed to get past the security on their own, but I have no idea how you sign a game as safe for mac security.

But yeah, hopefully at least one of the suggestions from fellow mac users will work for you :3 Thanks for checking out the game!


Oh ok! thank you so much! :]


both the female and male one is amazing-

Glad to hear it :D Thanks so much for playing :3 Hopefully, I'll be able to keep making male and female options for the future volumes as well!

(1 edit) (+3)

Considering this game was made in 15 days it's pretty impressive. It has a cute art style and I like that you can pick your pronouns. The dev is honestly pretty talented overall. The weird thing is one of 2 yanderes pursuing you is your step sibling, which is kinda....weird? I guess. Like sure it's a yandere game, but siblings kinda takes it to a different level.  Also I mean this in the kindest way but kakures' dub is super whiney, the way he talks just angered me. Idk if that's what the VA was going for (if it was they nailed it) but it just made him super unlikeable. I also wish we had more time to make choices, but again this game was made in 15 days. It's a good game overall and even though I may have had some negative feelings it has a beautiful design, a clear flow, and an interesting concept.  

(3 edits)

Yeah, I was really worried at one point that I wasn't gonna manage to get it finished in time for the end of the jam cos I was having a lot of personal problems going on and wound up starting the jam quite late, haha. That's one of the reasons why I decided to do a fandub/VN version of a Japanese audio drama CD, so that I only had to localise the story rather than write something completely original from scratch. I remembered volume 01 of the CD being pretty short, so I just hoped to heck I could manage to cover at least 1 volume for the jam, haha. 

That actually pretty much explains the points you weren't so keen on with the game :3 In the original Japanese audio drama, volume 01 has the listener's stepbrother and upperclassman fighting over them for her affection. I tried to stay as true to the original story and characters as possible with my English localised script, but I too find it kinda creepy that whole Japanese trope of stepsiblings falling in love >.< I didn't wanna change Kakeru's character to make him just a friend cos that would mess up too much of the rest of the story that I was trying to faithfully localise, but I did change a lot of the ways he refers to MC. In the original CD, he calls her sis, sister, and such A LOT, haha. It's pretty creepy >.< So I tried to change that as much as possible at least. 

And funnily enough, whiny and annoying is exactly Kakeru's character in the Japanese version, haha. I actually despised the character in the original Japanese version because he's extremely whiny, irritating, and just downright unlikable really. I feel like Anthony not only captured that same sort of vibe as the original Japanese performance, but actually elevated it because I love his version of the character despite hating the original Japanese version. Anthony's English Kakeru has a sort of bratty attitude and sassiness to it that makes him cooler and more likeable than the 100% whiny Japanese original (who I pretty much just wished I could slap xD) But that's just my personal opinion anyhow.

Personality-wise, I don't think any of the characters in the entire series are particularly likable x3 They're all very sorta shallow and unreasonable. But that didn't stop me from enjoying listening to the series :3 It's the sorta thing where you don't go into it expecting a particularly complex story or deep characters. It's more sorta just casual fun and madness with yanderes, haha.

And as far as I remember, volume 02 was set in a hospital where the listener is a medical student or something and the 2 yanderes pursuing her are doctors or nurses or something working there. Something tells me I preferred it to the first volume, but it's hard to remember cos it's been so long since I listened to em all! 

Overall, I feel like anyone who hasn't heard the original Japanese series probably won't like this version as much as fans of the series might just because, out of context, I feel like the game feels a bit empty with not having choices and stuff throughout. It is tempting to add some + write some original content for future volumes, but at the same time, I don't really want to stray into fanfiction cos I'm not really comfortable with writing for characters that aren't mine. So I'll probably just stick to keeping it as faithful a localisation/VNification as possible to save myself the stress of worrying about messing with someone else's characters, haha. 

I'll shush my rambling anyways x3 Thanks so much for checking the game out and taking the time to comment ^-^ I'm glad you still enjoyed it despite those few negatives! :3


OH this is from a series! Yeah I didn't know that so that makes a difference. Yeah I've never heard of this series, so its def out of context! If that's what the original character (kakure) is like and your just putting that character into a game then I can't fault you for it. Also the VA killed it in that department now that I know bratty was what he was going for (I'm happy that I actually wasn't shading his VA, I don't like putting people down.) Honestly I never thought you'd actually respond to my comment lol. But yeah totally understand not wanting to do stuff to other peoples characters, and now that you told me that its from an actual anime I defiantly can look at it from a different perspective! So thanks for that and just taking the time to respond! I enjoyed myself regardless of the negatives and look forward to your future stuff!  


1. The artstyle and the overall aesthetic is WONDERFUL AND I LOVE IT
excited for the new voulmes, ill def try out ur other games too lol ! ;)

I'm glad you enjoyed it :D I'm hoping to maybe get one more volume done before the end of the year, but who knows what'll happen x3 I don't like to plan tooooo much cos life has a way of throwing random surprises at you that derail plans xD

Glad you like the aesthetics :3 I can't draw to save my life, so I can't take credit for the original sprites and stuff, but I did heavily edit everything to get that funky rose-tinted look I was trying to pull off for the project :3 And for once, I managed to design the UI from scratch with a mixture of edited assets and completely original assets. I wasn't sure the idea was gonna work cos when I started making everything highly saturated pink, I thought it was gonna look too bright and give people a headache just looking at it x3 But I persisted with it and somehow it ended up looking how I imagined in my head, haha.

I can't take credit for the characters either really x3 Cos I've pretty much just localised the drama CD! So their personalities and stuff are the same as they were in the original Japanese CD. Though, I feel like all the voice actors were so awesome that I actually like the characters more in this fandub than I did in the original, haha.

But yeah, the original CD made me laugh so much that I just had this whole sorta comedic vibe playing in my head as I listened, and I really wanted to try and find a fun way to show that visually :3

Hope you end up enjoying my other games if you do decide to check em out! Thanks for playing + your kind words ^-^


OMGGG this was so good! you know when I was done playing this and checked the description, I saw you are the same person who made darling duality!! I really liked that game as well!! I enjoy the voice acting and the style :D! (Kakeru for the win like-) anyway! great job on this game! hope to play more of your games!

Aww, I'm super glad you had fun with it :3 At some point I'll get around to giving the other volumes the same treatment! But yeah, I'm trying to get an update for Darling Duality done as well x3 If I'm lucky, I might manage to get vol 02 of Yandere Heaven done before the end of the year though!

If you decide to check out any of my other games, I hope you'll end up liking those too ^-^ Thanks for playing + the kind words! 

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