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Welcome to the world of Yandere Heaven! A place where many crazy characters gather to try and win your heart <3

-Created in 15 days for Yandere Jam 2022-

(If you're a yandere fan, check out my other games :D They all feature at least one yandere character of some sort, haha.)

This visual novel is an unofficial fandub based on the Japanese audio drama CD series of the same name. Originally aimed at a female audience, each volume features two yandere characters in different scenarios who fight over you, the listener.

Yandere Heaven was one of the first drama CDs I ever listened to, and it wasn't long before I was hooked. I always wanted to make a fandub of the series, but when I heard there was going to be a yandere game jam, and knowing I had very little time to actually create something to submit before the deadline, I decided that now would be the perfect opportunity to not only make an English localised dub of the first volume but also turn it into a visual novel! 

While I tried to stay as true to the original Japanese script as possible, I did make some small alterations here and there.

The series is pretty old now, but I'd recommend checking out the original version if you can find the CDs anywhere!

  • Full English voice acting
  • Pick your pronouns (he/him, she/her, they/them are currently available)
  • Choose your yandere lovers from either male or female characters
  • A bright and bubbly world with comic-style cutaways!

This game contains:

  • Swearing
  • Threatening behaviour
  • Kidnapping & imprisonment
  • General yandere shenanigans!

Based on the original Japanese drama CD series 'Yandere Heaven'

Script Localisation & VNification by Melancholy Marionette

Voice Director - Anthony Rodriguez

Kakeru - Anthony Rodriguez

Atsushi - Brian Watts

Kasumi - Falon Echo

Aoi - Mel Valentine

Thank you so much to you all for lending your amazing talents to the project ^-^

(For full credits, please see the credits document inside the game download folder.)

I'd love to be able to give the remaining volumes in the Yandere Heaven series the same treatment, however, Darling Duality is my current main project, so I can only work on this as a side project. If there's enough interest, I may occasionally release future volumes as supporter-exclusive content on Kofi & Patreon :3

Please head here to view a list of known bugs + report any bugs you may come across :3

Need help getting the game to open on Mac? Check out this post I made with a few possible fixes!

If you enjoyed playing through the game (or even if you didn't xD), I'd really appreciate hearing your feedback in the comments + ratings are much appreciated too ^-^

If you need help with anything, or just wanna drop me a message about the game, feel free to post a comment, or send me an email: melancholicmarionette@gmail.com

This game will always be available to download for free, if you enjoyed playing it, you're welcome to buy me a coffee, or support other projects I'm working on by becoming a patron :3 


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I would love to play this but for some reason it doesn't let me play. :( I have a Mac, I dowloaded the link for Mac but for some reason when I click the game thing it says "The application “Mac” can’t be opened." I don't know why :(

So cute and so funny! I had such a great time playing!! 

Omggg It lookss Good! The Characters Detail-ly  Just wanna Ask if I can take Inspo from you I'll credit you! [it's okay if you don't want to ]


this game was amazing. i love the way you have drawn each character they all look so cute. and the story is very interesting :)

also i have a question 

are you planning on making anymore volumes?

if not its ok no need to push yourself :)

I'm glad you liked it :D I can't really take credit for the drawing of the sprites because I can't draw nicely to save my life x3 They came from an asset pack, and then I edited them to make the lines a bit softer + give everything in the game that rosy pink hue to it, haha. I always try my best to edit my assets to make them more unique to my projects rather than using them as they come :3

And I guess I can't even take credit for the story because I just adapted it to English from a Japanese drama CD x3 It's a series that I listened to many years ago and found quite entertaining! I had always thought it would make a cute little VN, so when yandere jam was created, I figured it would be the perfect time to try and start localising the first volume of the CD and turning it into a game ^-^

I do plan on eventually localising the other volumes of the CDs (there are 6 volumes total in the 1st series I think!) I'm just not sure when I will have the time because right now I'm working on some stuff for Spooktober VN jam, and then I'll probably get back to my main project. If I can though,  I might try and get volume 02 finished in time for a Christmas release or something :3

why is it so demanding on my potato pc?


I guess the potato part probably explains a lot of it x3 The PC that I make my projects on is ooooooold, but it manages to run Unity and the finished games just fine. I have a laptop as well though, and that's just completely screwed x3 The stupid thing is, way back when I bought it, I got it specifically to play VNs, and in the beginning, it was totally fine! If I try and play a VN on it now though, it will lag like crazy the moment the game boots up, if there's an opening vid, it will have a heart attack, and half the time it will just crash >.< It's basically useless T_T

Honestly though, I don't know the best way to optimise my games because I'm not a coder x3 I do make sure to use things like tinypng to shrink all the art assets that go into it, and I do use commands to destroy and unload stuff when it's no longer present on the screen. I'm sure there must be more I can do to help ease the burden on a system, but I just don't have the knowledge >.<


I had an Idea for when you get kidnapped, 2 bars one representing how much you love the yandere and how much distain the yandere has for you. if one bar goes down then the other goes up. you have to manage these until you can escape and if one reaches the top then its game over.

That's a pretty cool idea, and I'm definitely tempted to implement something like that in some of my other projects (DD already has something similar, but the bars that measure that sort of thing are invisible to the player x3 I'm still debating whether to make them part of the UI or not to make it easier for the player to see where they stand). I won't be able to implement anything like that in this particular project though because that would mean making too many additions and alterations to the original content that I'm adapting, and I don't feel particularly comfortable doing that cos when I started this side project, my intention was just to make an English localisation of the Japanese CD content and stay as true to the original possible.


Are the next volumes added if so how do I unlock them?

Unfortunately, they're not available yet, so volume 01 is the only one you can play right now. I made this during a jam back in February, and I only had a couple of weeks, so I figured I'd probably only manage to get 1 volume done. I do plan to add the rest sometime in the future, but because it's a side project, it won't be completed any time soon >.< If I can manage to get volume 02 done in time for Christmas then I can release it as a sort of present :3 but I'm not sure what's gonna happen by then or if I'll have time cos I'll be spending September working on Spooktober Jam stuff, October I'm usually pretty busy in general, and then I really need to make more progress on my main project.

I'll get there in the end though :D Thanks for checking out the first volume :3


Aoi is such a pain in the butt...

Yeeeeah, but Kasumi is just as bad x3 They're all as bad as each other really, haha. I remember when I listened to the audio drama CDs thinking that every single pair of characters in each volume are just insane and the listener should probably try to get veeeery far away from both of them x3 It's been years since I listened to all the CDs, but I think some of the pairs are a fair bit worse with their behaviour than Kakeru & Atsushi/Kasumi & Aoi >.<


Yes but she keeps taking me away from my stepsister DDDDD:

No H?


I don't know what that means x3 Sorry, I'm basically clueless when it comes to abbreviations, haha. Half the time I will have to go look up what things mean on Google >.< I'm like a grandma when it comes to things like that!


i think they're asking if there's hentai xD

Ooooh, right! I did wonder for a second if that's what it might be, but I didn't wanna hazard a guess and say so in case I was completely wrong x3 But if that was the question, then nope, no H scenes in this one. It's a fandub of a Japanese drama CD, and while I'm not sure what the age rating for the CD is in Japan, I don't remember there being any sexual content in any of the volumes, so it must be relatively tame going by the rating system where I live.

(1 edit) (+2)

i love you kasumi but please stop stealing my phone because my mom called me


xD Yeah, it's just a liiiiiittle bit of an overreaction! Pesky yanderes x3


Enjoyed this game I do suggest to anyone who has not played it to try it out very well done :)

Thanks so much for playing it and for the recommendation :3 much appreciated! And glad you had fun with it as well. It was an absolute blast to make :D Even if I did spend most of the jam panicking that I wouldn't get it finished in time for the end of the jam, haha.


i really enjoyed the game! when i realized there was voice acting, i was completely shocked. the art style is really charming and adds to the enjoyment of the game. the soundtracks were my favorite part of the game especially the opening soundtrack. i was so taken with it that i looked to see whether it was available on spotify. xD thank you very much for creating such a fun game! <3

Yeah, I'm a huuuuuuge fan of voice acting, and a big part of why I got into making VNs in the first place was cos I really wanted to make more English speaking yandere characters and release them into the wild x3 So getting to work with VAs to get voicing in my projects is a massive motivator for me. I pretty much lose all my motivation to make stuff if I know it's not gonna be voiced, which is kinda why Love in Lockdown came out so crappy in comparison to my other projects >.< haha. 

Really glad you had fun with YH anyhow :3 Thanks so much for taking the time to play and comment! I'm hoping to add the remaining volumes at some point. I just don't know when cos I've got so much work to do on DD and keep getting overwhelmed by life in general x3

It is a pretty funky theme! I would offer to just send you the track, but I think that would break the terms of use cos I purchased it as part of a BGM asset pack. As far as I can remember, it said that you're not allowed to share it outside of any projects you use it in. I guess cos it would detract from sales of the asset pack by the original composer. I think it was quite a cheap pack though if you wanted me to try and find the link to where I bought it from! Once you own the pack, you get it in mp3 and wav, so you could listen to it as much as you wanted. 


you made such a fun and enjoyable game, i really did enjoy it and hey, take things easy when you make games- don't overwork yourself.
i completely understand about the whole terms of use, don't worry about that! i don't think i can purchase it but i'll definitely go back to your game from time to time to listen to the soundtrack for free. xD

I really wanna play this game but it keeps saying the game isnt accessible for my mac when i downloaded it on mac and everything

Have you tried any of the suggestions listed here? Hopefully one of them should work for you :3 I don't own a mac myself, so can't test on them and don't know how they work, but mac users have given suggestions to me over the years how they got my games to work, so I compiled it all into this list:


Also, someone recently said that if you download the game through the itch.io app rather than on the itch.io site, you shouldn't have to mess around with mac security settings, it should just work. 

Good luck! Hope something does work for you :3

Is there any way you can make a file for all the sprites/backgrounds you used?:D


I don't think I'd be able to do that without breaching the terms of use for the sprite and background assets :( cos while I edited them myself to make them all pink and stuff, the original art is from a couple of different asset packs, and the terms of use state that you must not distribute them or make them available outside of the projects you use them in. I guess because it would potentially impact the sales of the asset packs if devs just posted the assets for download >.< So yeah, sorry about that! As far as I can work out, it wouldn't be allowed.


Ah, okay. I understand!


I Really Like It was epic as hell and I really Liked all the voices And can't wait for Chp 2 3 4 5.

Glad you had fun with it :3 Thanks so much for taking the time to check it out and leave a comment! 


very poggers, made me feel uneasy, but I'd love to have Aoi as a friend if she wasn't obsessed with me lmao; everyone is, and looks, so cute which contrasts so much with their personalities. It's amazing <3


I had to Goggle what poggers meant cos I'm not very clued up x3 I feel so old T_T haha. Glad you had fun with it! I don't think I would want any of them anywhere near me the second I saw what they're actually like xD and somehow, I feel like the girls came out even more terrifying than the guys once the voice acting was added o.o Aoi especially would make me run for the hills!

Thanks for checking the game out and taking the time to comment :3


I love the story it creeped me out and made me felt uneasy I like how it made me feel a lot of things for each character I also adore each persons voices you did a wonderful job with the game cant wait to see more of your work!!! <3 <3  <3

Thanks so much for all your kind words :3 I'm really glad you had fun with it! Cheers for taking the time to play and comment ^-^


Hello, I have a problem downloading the game hehe,, So I am using a mac and when I downloaded it said I didn't have "administration access" or "permission to open the application". Not sure if it's something to do with my computer but it lets me download the game just not open it to play(?).  I was really hoping to try it out but I just thought I should say the problem in case someone else was struggling with downloading. Thank you for your time!

Hey hey! Sorry my reply is a bit slow. I've not been doing so great recently, so I haven't been keeping on top of messages and stuff very well >.<

You might have already looked by now, but in case not, I'll link you to this post that I made all about potential solutions to mac problems :3

The very first one on the list is the most recent suggestion from another user that got it working for them on mac, so probably try that one first.

I don't own a mac myself, so I have no way of testing these things, but I've heard it's pretty common for indie games to say they don't have permission to open on macs >.< I don't know exactly why it is. Someone said it's possibly something to do with the extra security on macs and that games need to be signed to get past the security on their own, but I have no idea how you sign a game as safe for mac security.

But yeah, hopefully at least one of the suggestions from fellow mac users will work for you :3 Thanks for checking out the game!


Oh ok! thank you so much! :]


both the female and male one is amazing-

Glad to hear it :D Thanks so much for playing :3 Hopefully, I'll be able to keep making male and female options for the future volumes as well!

(1 edit) (+3)

Considering this game was made in 15 days it's pretty impressive. It has a cute art style and I like that you can pick your pronouns. The dev is honestly pretty talented overall. The weird thing is one of 2 yanderes pursuing you is your step sibling, which is kinda....weird? I guess. Like sure it's a yandere game, but siblings kinda takes it to a different level.  Also I mean this in the kindest way but kakures' dub is super whiney, the way he talks just angered me. Idk if that's what the VA was going for (if it was they nailed it) but it just made him super unlikeable. I also wish we had more time to make choices, but again this game was made in 15 days. It's a good game overall and even though I may have had some negative feelings it has a beautiful design, a clear flow, and an interesting concept.  

(3 edits)

Yeah, I was really worried at one point that I wasn't gonna manage to get it finished in time for the end of the jam cos I was having a lot of personal problems going on and wound up starting the jam quite late, haha. That's one of the reasons why I decided to do a fandub/VN version of a Japanese audio drama CD, so that I only had to localise the story rather than write something completely original from scratch. I remembered volume 01 of the CD being pretty short, so I just hoped to heck I could manage to cover at least 1 volume for the jam, haha. 

That actually pretty much explains the points you weren't so keen on with the game :3 In the original Japanese audio drama, volume 01 has the listener's stepbrother and upperclassman fighting over them for her affection. I tried to stay as true to the original story and characters as possible with my English localised script, but I too find it kinda creepy that whole Japanese trope of stepsiblings falling in love >.< I didn't wanna change Kakeru's character to make him just a friend cos that would mess up too much of the rest of the story that I was trying to faithfully localise, but I did change a lot of the ways he refers to MC. In the original CD, he calls her sis, sister, and such A LOT, haha. It's pretty creepy >.< So I tried to change that as much as possible at least. 

And funnily enough, whiny and annoying is exactly Kakeru's character in the Japanese version, haha. I actually despised the character in the original Japanese version because he's extremely whiny, irritating, and just downright unlikable really. I feel like Anthony not only captured that same sort of vibe as the original Japanese performance, but actually elevated it because I love his version of the character despite hating the original Japanese version. Anthony's English Kakeru has a sort of bratty attitude and sassiness to it that makes him cooler and more likeable than the 100% whiny Japanese original (who I pretty much just wished I could slap xD) But that's just my personal opinion anyhow.

Personality-wise, I don't think any of the characters in the entire series are particularly likable x3 They're all very sorta shallow and unreasonable. But that didn't stop me from enjoying listening to the series :3 It's the sorta thing where you don't go into it expecting a particularly complex story or deep characters. It's more sorta just casual fun and madness with yanderes, haha.

And as far as I remember, volume 02 was set in a hospital where the listener is a medical student or something and the 2 yanderes pursuing her are doctors or nurses or something working there. Something tells me I preferred it to the first volume, but it's hard to remember cos it's been so long since I listened to em all! 

Overall, I feel like anyone who hasn't heard the original Japanese series probably won't like this version as much as fans of the series might just because, out of context, I feel like the game feels a bit empty with not having choices and stuff throughout. It is tempting to add some + write some original content for future volumes, but at the same time, I don't really want to stray into fanfiction cos I'm not really comfortable with writing for characters that aren't mine. So I'll probably just stick to keeping it as faithful a localisation/VNification as possible to save myself the stress of worrying about messing with someone else's characters, haha. 

I'll shush my rambling anyways x3 Thanks so much for checking the game out and taking the time to comment ^-^ I'm glad you still enjoyed it despite those few negatives! :3


OH this is from a series! Yeah I didn't know that so that makes a difference. Yeah I've never heard of this series, so its def out of context! If that's what the original character (kakure) is like and your just putting that character into a game then I can't fault you for it. Also the VA killed it in that department now that I know bratty was what he was going for (I'm happy that I actually wasn't shading his VA, I don't like putting people down.) Honestly I never thought you'd actually respond to my comment lol. But yeah totally understand not wanting to do stuff to other peoples characters, and now that you told me that its from an actual anime I defiantly can look at it from a different perspective! So thanks for that and just taking the time to respond! I enjoyed myself regardless of the negatives and look forward to your future stuff!  


1. The artstyle and the overall aesthetic is WONDERFUL AND I LOVE IT
excited for the new voulmes, ill def try out ur other games too lol ! ;)

I'm glad you enjoyed it :D I'm hoping to maybe get one more volume done before the end of the year, but who knows what'll happen x3 I don't like to plan tooooo much cos life has a way of throwing random surprises at you that derail plans xD

Glad you like the aesthetics :3 I can't draw to save my life, so I can't take credit for the original sprites and stuff, but I did heavily edit everything to get that funky rose-tinted look I was trying to pull off for the project :3 And for once, I managed to design the UI from scratch with a mixture of edited assets and completely original assets. I wasn't sure the idea was gonna work cos when I started making everything highly saturated pink, I thought it was gonna look too bright and give people a headache just looking at it x3 But I persisted with it and somehow it ended up looking how I imagined in my head, haha.

I can't take credit for the characters either really x3 Cos I've pretty much just localised the drama CD! So their personalities and stuff are the same as they were in the original Japanese CD. Though, I feel like all the voice actors were so awesome that I actually like the characters more in this fandub than I did in the original, haha.

But yeah, the original CD made me laugh so much that I just had this whole sorta comedic vibe playing in my head as I listened, and I really wanted to try and find a fun way to show that visually :3

Hope you end up enjoying my other games if you do decide to check em out! Thanks for playing + your kind words ^-^


OMGGG this was so good! you know when I was done playing this and checked the description, I saw you are the same person who made darling duality!! I really liked that game as well!! I enjoy the voice acting and the style :D! (Kakeru for the win like-) anyway! great job on this game! hope to play more of your games!

Aww, I'm super glad you had fun with it :3 At some point I'll get around to giving the other volumes the same treatment! But yeah, I'm trying to get an update for Darling Duality done as well x3 If I'm lucky, I might manage to get vol 02 of Yandere Heaven done before the end of the year though!

If you decide to check out any of my other games, I hope you'll end up liking those too ^-^ Thanks for playing + the kind words! 


truly an amazing experience (the voice dub made had me down on my knees). the graphics, special effects and script adapting were charming and smooth. (the soundtrack especially was one of my favorite parts) a huge thank you to the game developers!!

So glad you enjoyed it ^-^ It was a lot of fun to make, haha. I wasn't sure I was gonna manage to get it finished in time for the jam deadline since I started a bit late + had to finish a bit early x3 Ever since I first heard the original Japanese CDs, I wished there was an English dub available, but I never found any. I'd wanted to have a go at localising the series for years, but when yandere jam appeared and I needed an emergency project that I could complete in under a month to contribute something, I thought it would be the perfect thing to work on not just as a localised fandub, but to make it into a VN too since I always had this funny idea in my head when listening to the old CDs that MC is wearing rose-tinted glasses to not run the heck away from these dudes, haha.

Thanks so much for playing + taking the time to comment :3


Hello nwn, right now I am speaking through the translator since the language I speak is Spanish, but I wanted to ask if they will ever release the game in Spanish? It looks very good and I would love to try it.

It would certainly be cool to have the game available in multiple languages :3 I also remember someone contacted me a while ago about a Spanish translation for one of my other projects, but my mental health was too bad at the time to even think about working together on that >.< It's definitely something I'd love to have at some point though! I'll have to drop them an email when I get a chance and ask if they'd be interested in helping out with a translation for this project too :3


thank you very much for answering i love your games and my screen translator stopped working properly so i couldn't play yandere heaven :(, sorry for disturbing (┬┬﹏┬┬)


I was able to find another translator, I tried to play and I succeeded, so I can happily say that this is another one of your amazing games, you really are amazing nwn

Oh, that's awesome you managed to find a different translator! Congrats :D That's definitely faster than me being able to get an official translation patched in, haha. 

I used to use a translator to try and play Japanese language VNs, and sometimes my net would break, and then the translator wouldn't work, so I know frustrating it can be x3

I'm so glad you were able to play it in the end :3 And glad you enjoyed it! 

Thank you so much for all your kind words ^-^ It means a lot <3


I thank you very much the game is very good and I expected it since you were always the best creating games, in the end the translator ended up failing and I couldn't use it again ╯︿╰ but luckily I was able to use it to play your magnificent game, you are excellent continue so I give you my most sincere support

That sucks your translator stopped working again >.< I hope you can manage to get it to work or find a different one. Once I'm less busy with trying to get content released and stuff, I'll try to take some time to work with translators or getting different language options available for my games :3 I'm glad you were able to play still though at least. Your kinds words and support mean a lot to me ^-^ Thank you again for being so sweet :3


Loved it holy shit- you're a blessing for making this free oml. I so can't wait for vol 2! :D loved Kakeru but DAMN hope theres a everyones happy end

Funnily enough, in the original Japanese drama CD, I couldn't stand Kakeru even though I loved the scenario as a whole for how hilarious and frightening it was, haha. The voice actor was great, but the character just came across as whiny and annoying to me >.< But Anthony's performance as Kakeru in this fandub made me wanna cheer on Kakeru over Atsu just because I feel like Anthony turned him into kind of a badass (even if the character is still a whiny little brat, as Atsu would say xD)

With some luck, I might manage to get volume 02 done by the end of the year, but I dunno if I'll manage it or not x3 If I'm remembering correctly, I think it was set in a hospital or something where MC is a student nurse! And as far as I can remember, there weren't really any truly happening endings in the entire series xD Just one crazy yandere or the other getting their way, haha. It's been a looooong time since I listened to any of em though, so I might be wrong!

I really want to play this game but every time i try and open it it says it can't be opened :( I'm on mac and I'm looking for the security alert to approve and I can't find it 

Sorry my reply is so slow >.< I wasn't on my PC at all over the mini Easter break. Unfortunately, I don't own a mac myself, so there's not much I can do to help other than point you towards this post I made for mac users. So far, it seems as though at least 1 of the suggestions on the list by other mac users often fixes things for those who are stuck with opening the mac versions, so hopefully, something on there will work for you if you haven't already found the post and tried any of em by now :3


The post is under a different game, but the same things apply.  I would suggest trying the 2nd suggestion on the list first (the one by the user named 'benevolent-beaver) because they originally posted their fix in the comments for Yandere Heaven, so it's the most recent suggestion :3

From what I understand, it's something to do with indie games and mac's security >.< Anyways, I hope you manage to get it to open :3


I love this game! i can't wait for vol 2

Glad you liked it :D With any luck, I might be able to get another volume out by the end of the year, but it's hard to know for sure if it'll be possible x3



My name is Lina, I'm a team leader of a russian fan made group "VNka": https://vk.com/vnkavk

We translate japanese and english visual novels.

Our group have many finished projects: https://vndb.org/p11146

I really like your novel "Yandere Heaven".

Could you possibly give us the permission to translate it?

Hey hey! I think it's great to have games available in as many languages as possible so that they're more accessible :3 So it would be awesome to have it translated. 

As far as I know, the engine I'm using has the ability to include multiple languages, but it's not a feature I've ever used before, so I'd have to try and figure out how it works so that players could select their desired language in the game.

How do you guys normally go about your translations? :o Do you use a game's scripts, or do you just work straight from the game itself? Sorry. I'm clueless how these things work x3 haha. 

Usually Developers give us permission and we work in translation project ourself and publish it in russian or english community ourself.

We can send you final version of the translation game, if you want.

What do you think about it?

For example, we translated Anise Flowers in last year.

Here english project: https://sashaines127.itch.io/anise-flowers

Here russian version of the VN: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QsnTGbpeDesP_0JwARjwRPrf6uUDuxNB/view

You can download it and see how it's looking.


Uh hello again when is vol.2 coming out?

Unfortunately, I can't really even give a rough estimate cos I knew I could probably manage to finish 1 volume in time for the end of yandere jam, but after that, I'd already said to myself that I'd be working full-time on Darling Duality since it's long overdue an update. So yeah, I'll just be focusing on DD for the foreseeable future.

It's possible I might try and get another volume of YH done in time for Christmas or something, but I just don't know if I'll have the time to manage that. So yeah, the best I can say is just sometime in the future but I don't really know when x3

okay I'll wait

It might not be possible for me to make it at all if I can't afford the voice acting, which is why I also said I might have to make future volumes exclusive to Patreon + Kofi supporters if anyone's interested in the continuation of the project cos I just don't have the money to fund it myself, sadly >.<


This game was so good, i can't wait for vol 2 ;-;

So happy to hear you enjoyed it :D It's probably gonna be quite some time before I get round to making volume 02 since DD needs to be my main focus for the foreseeable future, but I definitely hope to eventually get all 6 volumes done someday :3 Maybe even the YHBlack ones too!

(1 edit) (+3)

I haven't played it yet but I just wanna say beforehand, the choice of pronouns made my day so thank you :)

I'll come by later when I'll have finished it !


Aww, that's great :D Well, it's something I plan to include in all my projects going forward now that I've figured out how to do it :3

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From Apartment 9 to Solipsism Reigns (my personal favourite) your games amaze me like no other. I can see the passion and dedication in all of them. I have never found someone encapsulate the Yandere trope so well! I swear I fall in love with all your characters. I really hope you do the rest of the the Yandere Heaven series because volume 5 (the twins) is my favorite! Will definetely be donating for a hopeful continuation! Lots of thank you's to the game dev and the amazing team. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with next. Keep up the amazing work.

Aww, that's so sweet of you to say and I'm super glad you've enjoyed them ^-^ A part of me is pretty surprised that you'd consider SR to be your favourite :o I always just assume that because it's the first one I made, people might think it doesn't compare to my more recent projects since I've switched engines + learned a lot in general. It's nice to know SR can hold it's own compared to my newer stuff :3 I wish I could clone myself so I could work on the SR remake faster, haha.

And it really means a lot to me that you think I do the yandere trope justice :3 That was my main mission when I first started out trying to make games x3 I just wanted to make more male yandere characters, haha. And now I just wanna birth yanderes of all sorts xD Speaking of which, I don't know if you've played Limbo Line yet, but there's a platonic yandere in there (since it's my only game without romance) if you're interested :P

It'll probably take me a loooong time since I need to focus on DD, but I sure hope I get around to eventually making all the YH volumes eventually :3 I can't even remember which was my favourite cos it's been so long since I listened to them all >.< but I know for sure it wasn't volume 01, haha. I've never been a fan of shota-type characters like Kakeru with a sister complex x3 Though, I have to admit, Anthony's performance for the character in this fandub version did win me over to the point that I was cheering on Kakeru over Atsushi xD Whereas in the original, I just couldn't stand Kakeru >.<

Thank you so much for all your kind words + support :3 

PS. Your avatar thingy is awesome! :D


Such a fun visual novel! I admire the voice actors playing the role, as of now I'm just at Kasumi and Aoi's part but I'm seriously amazed at how they were able to portray multiple emotions just from their voices! Gold star!

Yeah, I owe a lot to everyone who volunteered their time and talent to bring the characters to life :3 It wouldn't be the same without them! Especially considering it's a fandub of a series that's originally audio-only. It would just have been weird and wrong for it not to have voice acting >.<

I'm really glad you had fun :3


Really cool, It was like a breath of fresh air xD loved the VA and story. I like how it kept a sweet vibe and didn't forget what yandere and everything is actually about. The ending was kinda surprising :)


I'm glad you enjoyed it :3 For quite a while I didn't think I was gonna manage to get it all done in time, haha. Had to go into super crazy jam mode where everything else in my life, like exercise, eating properly, and sleep all just sorta got ignored >.<

I can't take credit for the story though since I essentially just localised the original version x3 It's not my favourite volume of the 6 in the series, but it would have irritated me too much to begin with a volume that wasn't the first one xD


You did a good job regardless :) I hope you went back taking care to eat and all tho xD as a writer I can understand what you mean tbh. Sometimes you want to leave to a mountain and just work on your stuff once and for all  😂 

You'll get to that one too. Sometimes you want to eat the cherry before the cake xDD


Well, I'm exercising again + eating properly, buuuuut, I still haven't quite nailed the whole sleep thing yet xD I accidentally stayed up until almost 6am earlier in the week working on a track for DD, haha. I told myself I should go to bed no later than 3am, but 3am came and went x3 I've been paying for it since though cos no matter how late I go to bed, I always make sure to set an alarm no later than 10am because I don't wanna sleep in too much, haha. Think I might have an early night tonight though to try and get ready for the week ahead!

Yeah, that's pretty much how I end up getting, haha. And then before I know it, I've neglected everything other than my projects >.< I'm not great at juggling x3 I try my best, but usually fail, haha.

Funnily enough, if a cake does have a cherry on it (or any topping really) I always eat that first before touching the cake itself xD

Hope you're doing okay yourself :3


That's still a step :) After 1 am the time almost flies tbh, you're either tired or busy with something (and if it interests you then it passed even faster). The problem is that the night is beautiful too and we gotta sleep at some point :")   I get what you mean with putting the alarm, I also do that xD but it's usually a 9 or 8 am one.

Some things are just kinda hard to do especially if they are not something you are used to doing. Maybe a schedule could help?

That's nice :)) I usually TRY but fail not to eat the cake. Or too much of it. If I could switch I'd just eat sweet stuff all my life

Doing pretty okay, thank you :) will have to wake up early and fight these weeks until I get used to what's to come xD Hope you had a good day :3

It really does x3 Time keeps vanishing during the day as well lately T_T haha. I eventually stop for a break to exercise and grab something to eat, and then realise I've hardly achieved anything in like 4 hours >.< then I get annoyed at myself, but then another part of me steps in and says, why are you beating yourself up about this?! You're literally creating stress for yourself out of nowhere, for no reason, ya big dummy, haha.

Summer is my most hated season, and the fact that the nights are shorter is just one of them, haha. I cannot stand the fact that it starts to get light as I'm heading to sleep because I can't sleep properly when it's light, but I also don't want to go to bed before sunrise half the time in Summer cos I'm still trying to do stuff xD

I do have a sort of daily schedule that I like to stick to and get a little stressed out with if things don't go according to plan, but the big problem is, things don't go according to plan most days x3 

Haha, aww :3 I just like eating in general if I'm honest xD But I'm also incredibly paranoid about consuming too much because I used to be pretty overweight and managed to lose it all, so my life is a constant battle between wanting to eat something tasty and not wanting to put weight on x3 I try to sort of cheat by making sure I only eat healthy and nutritious stuff for breakfast/lunch + do some form of exercise every day, and then I can just about manage to get away with having a tastier meal for dinner + some form of small dessert, haha.

Well, I hope you manage to get many a good snooze + plenty of even greater days ahead :D


These girls got me paying there rent,,,, Jokes aside love this game and artstyle took a hard left in the end and almost cried

Thanks so much for playing! Glad you had fun with it :D I laughed out loud at the bit in the video where you had to choose and you were like, "This is a tough decision cos both of them are terrible!" And I was just sat there nodding my head in agreement xD Yes. Yes they are, haha.


This game is so amazing. I love the artwork as well as the color schemes. Everything looks so pretty in the game. I actually had my computer on mute while playing and didn't know there was voice acting so i'll have to play again to hear it. Gonna def check out more of your games if you have any more!

(2 edits)

I'm glad you enjoyed it :D Thanks for playing ^-^

None of the artwork was drawn by me cos I can't draw to save my life, but I do always try my best to edit the assets I own in interesting ways to make them unique to my projects, and I had a lot of fun making the whole rose-tinted colour scheme :3

Oh no xD haha. Ahh, well, I hope you enjoy the voice acting! I think it really brings the characters to life :3 All of my games are fully voice acted thanks to various wonderful VAs out there who were willing to volunteer their time and talent to help out with my projects.

I have a fair few games out now :3 Most of em aren't all that long besides Solipsism Reigns which is a full-length VN. That only has GxB at the moment though, and since I don't know your preferences, I have no idea whether you'd be interested in that one or not, haha. It's also my oldest project so it's far less flashy than my more recent ones cos I was a noob at making stuff back when I made it x3

If you're into yandere characters though, they all have at least 1 yandere in them :D

Solipsism Reigns - Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Horror/Romance
(Nameable Female MC x Male LI)

Clarity in Qualia - The demo is really old, I would advise against playing it because I have a new demo for it unreleased + the project is on hold due to lack of interest.

Impostor - Psychological Horror
Gender-Neutral Player x Male or Female Partner

Love in Lockdown - Sci-Fi/Slice of Life/Romance (My most hated project because it didn't come out close to how I wanted it to turn out xD)
Gender-Neutral Player x Male or Female Android
https://melancholy-marionette.itch.io/love-in-lockdown-ella-version + https://melancholy-marionette.itch.io/love-in-lockdown-eli-version

Apartment No.9 - Slice of life/Psychological Horror/Romance
(Named Male or Female MC x Male or Female LI)
https://melancholy-marionette.itch.io/apartment-no9-bxg-version + https://melancholy-marionette.itch.io/apartment-no9

Limbo Line - Psychological Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Mystery (I would recommend this one the most :3)
(Named Gender-Neutral Player x Various Characters - No romance but there's a platonic yandere in it :P)


I absolutely adore this game! I wish there were different storylines between the male and female yanderes.


I'm glad you liked it :D Thanks for playing and commenting :3

Sadly, it would be too difficult to give different stories because this game is a localised fandub of a Japanese audio drama CD. In the original, there is only Atsushi & Kakeru as characters because the CD series was aimed at a female listener audience, but since I was turning it into a VN, I just wanted to try and be more inclusive by adding pronoun options + giving the player the choice of interacting with guys or girls.

In the other volumes, each volume has a brand new pair of characters with a completely different story. So if I ever manage to release the remaining volumes, there will be different pairs of characters to choose from with different stories :3


That's fair. If it's possible, the ability to make more decisions in the potential remaining volumes would be cool too. Thank you for replying!


No problem ^-^ Thank YOU for playing :D

Unfortunately, I probably won't be adding choice stuff to any of the future volumes of this project just because I don't really way to stray into it becoming fanfiction when my original intention was to create a faithful localisation of the original :3 And since the original is just an audio CD, there aren't any choices at all besides choosing which final track you want to listen to for the character you end up with.

All my other games are original stories with original characters, so those will continue to have plenty of choices in them :3 But for this project in particular, because it's just a fandub, I don't really wanna mess around with someone else's story and characters by adding too much stuff that wasn't in the original work x3

I'm on mac and whenever I try to launch the game it just gives me a popup saying that "You do not have permission to open the application contact your computer or network administrator for assistance"

do you know how to fix this? thanks

Yeah, unfortunately, there are a lot of problems with playing indie games on macs :( I don't own a mac myself, but I've compiled a list of solutions over time with contributions from mac users who have found ways to get the games to open :3 Actually, one user in the comments below recently posted what worked for them. 

User benevolent-beaver said:

"Heya, I'm on a Mac too and used to have a similar problem for a lot of games I find on itch.io. You can either:

1: Download the itch.io App (https://itch.io/app) and download the game through there instead of through the site, it should open properly

OR 2: Follow these steps

- Open the folder the game's in, right click on the game and select "Open Package Contents", then click Contents, click MacOS, you should see a file called "Yandere Heaven"

- Open Terminal, write the following command:

chmod u+x 

(make sure there's a space after x)

then drag the "Yandere Heaven" file and drop it onto the Terminal window, then press Enter. The file's icon should change. Then try opening the game again."

If that doesn't work for you, you can try checking out the other possible solutions here: https://melancholy-marionette.itch.io/darling-duality-winter-wish/devlog/227880/...

Hope at least one of them works for you :3

it worked thank you!!! im looking forward to playing the game


That's brilliant! Thanks for letting me know :3 I did add benevolent-beaver'comment to the little mac post, I guess I could bump it towards the top though as one of the first things for people to try. 

Hope you end up enjoying it ^-^


I love yandere characters, and i love vn, and finnaly i can play a vn about yanderes!


Thank you for checking the game out ^-^ I don't know if any of my other VNs would be your cup of tea, but all of them feature at least 1 yandere character, sometimes more :D


This VN is absolutely amazing, I had a really fun time playing it , as I am writing this I am still amazed someone managed to make a game of such high quality and voiced in such a  short time, you people are really talented.

Keep the good work!


Thanks so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it ^-^ I do tend to work crazy hours during game jams, haha. I don't have a job due to my crappy mental health, so I can afford to spend like 12+ hours a day working on projects like a crazy lady xD Even though it's my hobby to make stuff like this, I do also treat it as my job :3

It wouldn't have been possible to get all the voice acting in there in such a short space of time without the help of my good friend Anthony though :3 Not only did he voice one of the characters, but he also directed + helped me find a cast in a few of the days where I was away from home and couldn't work on the project!

Thanks for all your kind words ^-^

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