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Welcome to the world of Yandere Heaven! A place where many crazy characters gather to try and win your heart <3



(more info on that is below)

For my own original content and yandere characters, please check out my other projects :3

-Created in 15 days for Yandere Jam 2022-

This visual novel is an unofficial fandub based on the Japanese audio drama CD series of the same name. Originally aimed at a female audience, each volume features two yandere characters in different scenarios who fight over you, the listener.

Yandere Heaven was one of the first drama CDs I ever listened to, and it wasn't long before I was hooked. I always wanted to make a fandub of the series, but when I heard there was going to be a yandere game jam, and knowing I had very little time to actually create something to submit before the deadline, I decided that now would be the perfect opportunity to not only make an English localised dub of the first volume but also turn it into a visual novel! 

While I tried to stay as true to the original Japanese script as possible, I did make some small alterations here and there.

The series is pretty old now, but I'd recommend checking out the original version if you can find the CDs anywhere!

  • Full English voice acting
  • Pick your pronouns (he/him, she/her, they/them are currently available)
  • Choose your yandere lovers from either male or female characters
  • A bright and bubbly world with comic-style cutaways!
  • A faithful fandub VNification of a classic Japanese drama CD series (yes, it's goofy, yes, it's OTT, but that's what the CDs are like x3)

This game contains:

  • Swearing
  • Threatening behaviour
  • Kidnapping & imprisonment
  • General yandere shenanigans!

Based on the original Japanese drama CD series 'Yandere Heaven'

Script Localisation & VNification by Melancholy Marionette

Voice Director - Anthony Rodriguez

Kakeru - Anthony Rodriguez

Atsushi - Brian Watts

Kasumi - Falon Echo

Aoi - Mel Valentine

Thank you so much to you all for lending your amazing talents to the project ^-^

(For full credits, please see the credits document inside the game download folder.)

I'd love to be able to give the remaining volumes in the Yandere Heaven series the same treatment, however, this is just a small side project. Most of my time will be spent on other main projects. I'm hoping to release episode 02 sometime in 2024 as part of Yandere Jam 2024.

Please head here to view a list of known bugs + report any bugs you may come across :3

Need help getting the game to open on Mac? Check out this post I made with a few possible fixes!

If you enjoyed playing through the game (or even if you didn't xD), I'd really appreciate hearing your feedback in the comments + ratings are much appreciated too ^-^

If you need help with anything, or just wanna drop me a message about the game, feel free to post a comment, or send me an email: melancholicmarionette@gmail.com

This game will always be available to download for free, if you enjoyed playing it, you're welcome to buy me a coffee, or support other projects I'm working on by becoming a patron :3 

StatusOn hold
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(244 total ratings)
AuthorMelancholy Marionette
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
TagsAnime, Casual, Creepy, Cute, Dating Sim, LGBTQIA, Romance, yandere


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Just finished playing part one I must say that I really loved it!
Cannot wait for part two!!!


That’s fantastic, glad to hear it :D Funnily enough, I’m actually working on volume 02 right now! I’m hoping to have it finished for the end of this year's Yandere Jam in mid-March, but that might not happen because I have a lot of crap going on in my life and I’m struggling to function thanks to the stress and being utterly overwhelmed >.< I’m still gonna try though! If I miss the jam deadline, it’s not the end of the world I guess. I’ll just release it whenever it’s ready :3

The worst thing is, because the project files are so old, after updating to the most recent version of Naninovel to make volume 02, it’s basically broken almost everything from volume 01 T_T I pretty much have to rebuild it all manually and make sure volume 01 is working properly again before I can start coding for volume 02 >.<

Thanks so much for checking it out!


Heyo, question- I've been playing this game for a little bit now and I was wondering if the MC is able to make any decisions? because I haven't stumbled upon any yet.

Unfortunately, because this project is just an adaptation of a Japanese audio drama CD, (there are no choices in the CD besides choosing which character MC ends up with) and I wanted it to be a faithful adaptation, so I didn't add choices or anything cos I didn't want to add my own original stuff to this one x3 It's pretty much just a visual novel fan adaptation of the CD :3

Thanks for playing! 


I don't know if it's a hug or what, but sometimes when I put the dialogues on automatic, even by slowing down the automatic delay, the text moves to the next one in 2 seconds without me touching anything. I've only noticed this with Atsushi at the moment. I'm still only at the beginning of the game, but otherwise the game is very good for the moment! I love the atmosphere and the characters' characters (for the moment)

Hmm, I'm not sure, but it's probably a bug of some kind >.< Unfortunately, all the stuff lope the settings for auto mode are all determined by Naninovel and I don't poke around with those since it's all like pre-programmed and I don't wanna break anything >.< Naninovel has had a good few updates since I released this though, so it's possible that if it was a bug there, they might've fixed that now, so the next time I load up this project to work on a new episode, I should be able to update it to the most recent version of Naninovel, and with any luck, it might work a bit better, haha. 

Glad you've been having fun with it anyhow! Hope you get to have happy holidays :3

:Parraa_Cat_Freind_: Uhm I opened this on my Lenovo Laptop window version couldnt leave the app so i had to restart my laptop and delete the app so -0 stars for u

Charming! x3 Unfortunately, that sounds like it might be a problem with your laptop rather than the game >.< As I tested it on both the windows PC that I made it on + on the family potato laptop, and it works fine on both of those. No freezes, no crashes, and the quit button works just fine... So yeah, there must be something about your laptop that just doesn't like the game for whatever reason >.<

weird bc i have windows 10 home lenovo

To be honest, I don’t think specs and stuff even matter that much, there’s just something really weird with some computers out there and they don’t play well with Unity/Naninovel for some unknown reason >.<

It sucks because if it’s only a small number of people having an issue and I can’t replicate the problem on my own computer, I don’t really have a way of fixing it :( 

I will hopefully be updating this project with episode 02 sometime this year though, and to do that, I’m going to need to update all the files to the latest version of Naninovel since it’s had a lot of updates since I started this project. So it’s possible that just having the game running in the new Naninovel version might make a difference with your computer.

It’s a bit like a weird luck lottery because, as I mentioned, even our ancient family potato laptop can run this game and some people have even managed to run it on Windows emulators. But there are always a small handful of people with decent PCs who encounter random weird problems that don’t occur for most people >.<

I think maybe if the game was made in Ren’Py, it might have a better chance of running well for everyone. There’s just something weird about Naninovel that some people’s computers seem to really not like :(


Is it normal that I can't open it in Mac? it says "Mac can't open this app"

Sorry my reply is so slow >.< I'm badly behind on responding to everything atm thanks to Christmas stress and generally being ill, haha. 

It actually is fairly normal that it's being silly on Mac x3 I don't know what it is about games on itch and Macs, but it's a constant problem that Mac users seem to have :( I don't own one myself, but people who do have told me it's like a security thing where cos games are unsigned, they can't get past Mac security >.<

The good thing is, there are some fairly easy workarounds to get games working :3 People have told me the easiest thing to do is just download the itch.io app and then download all games through that app, then they have no issues, but there are other solutions too! I put together a list of stuff people have said works for them over the years, and you can find it here:


The post is on one of my other projects, but the suggested solutions apply to all of my games here :3

Hope you get to have happy holidays! ^-^


I can see that the game is on hold, is everything alright? Can we get some news about the development (if not here, maybe on any social media? x_x)
The game just looks really good and I saw that the developer replies in the comments, so I have a big hope about that one ♥

It’s a little difficult to give a proper answer because the explanation is reeeealllly long x3 I’m actually in the middle of attempting to draft a big post about all my projects in general and my plans for what to work on in 2024 though, so I can link you to that once I eventually finish and post it :3

The short story is that there isn’t really any news about the development of this particular project >.< It’s on hold indefinitely for a few different reasons. I absolutely intend to work on and finish it at some point in the future, but it’s not particularly high up on my list of priorities is all. I definitely won’t be working on it any time in the rest of this year. It’s possible I might work on 1 more episode next year, but it really depends on how things go with irl stuff and also some of my other projects.

I really appreciate your interest in the project though :3 I’ll finish it eventually, it’s probably just going to take me a long time is all >.<


i love it so much 100/100

<3 Glad to hear it! Thanks so much for playing ^-^

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u can't name it? 

I’m not sure I understand >.<


hello im sorry i was asking if u can name the character ur playing or not, im sorry 😭

Hey there! Sorry my reply is slow, I’ve not been on my PC since the 12th October cos I’ve been really busy + ill >.< haha.

You don’t need to apologise anyhow :3

You can’t name the character that you’re playing as, but you can pick your character’s pronouns so that the other characters in the game will refer to your character as he/him, sher/her, or they/them.


ohh thankyou so muchh for answering my questionn! i was really waiting for someone to respond to my question, anyway thanks againn!! ^^


Very good game, but what happend to the soup???????


Cheers for playing! I don’t remember any soup, so I can’t help with that x3 my memory is pretty bad, haha. Sorry T_T


This has been excellent, I'm so tired of all games with romance always portrait the healthiest, boring , so safe relations with zero passion (almost as if designed to make sure the next day after a breakup you could go to work without crying) this is unique, this one show the flaws, the human face,the offense to the norm and the moral and without idealism due to that perfectly displayed endings, the voice actors specially the girls are a renaissance for my ears, so professional, you have a talent for the genre if this was made in 15 days, I'm buying you a ko fi since it takes less percentage than itch and following anything similar you make, i also hope your anxiety get better ♡ ♥♡ 


Aww, I’m so glad you enjoyed it :3 One day I will eventually get around to finishing the remaining volumes, but for now, I have other projects and irl stuff going on that take priority >.< The good news though is that pretty much all of my projects feature at least one yandere and/or unhealthy relationships xD

A big part of the reason I got into making games in the first place is because I adore yandere characters and psychological stories that focus more on the darker side of human behaviour x3 I do still enjoy the fluffy, happy, warm, fuzzy sorts of romance games out there too! Heck, otome games were how I discovered visual novels in general! But at the same time, I do tend to get bored quickly if it’s all fluffy romance and no darker aspect somewhere, haha. 

Thank you so much for checking out the game and for your kind comment and support ^-^ <3

bro really said kidnapping is passionate


kasumi x aoi canon


i love kakeru!! (i love him but i did not expect him to be our steb sibling tho) anw onto the game i love it and the art style!!1! i reeeeeally enjoyed it actually☆! (im willing to wait years if thats what it takes for it to be finished) though take your time on projects you want to finish first!! have a great day ahead!!, im getting quite attached to kakeru, i dont know if thats a good thing but yeah i'll think of it as a good thing also THIS IS AMAZING FOR SOMETHING MADE IN 15 DAYS YOUR SO TALENTED MARI-CHAN!! hope you dont mind the nickname ;D

Haha, yeah, you can blame that one on the Japanese writers who wrote the original story x3 I still don’t understand why the whole stepsibling romance thing is a trope cos it’s kinda creepy >.< I did debate whether or not to get rid of it while adapting the story, but I wanted to stay as faithful to it as possible, so I decided not to in the end because it would have meant changing too much. I did remove a lot of him referring to MC as “sis, sister, etc.” though, haha.

Anyways, I’m glad you had fun with it ^-^ Honestly, it probably will take me years to finish it T_T haha. I haven’t actively worked on it since uploading the current version over a year ago! There’s just so much I want to work on and never enough time to actually do it all >.< If I were to work on nothing but this for the next few months, I’d probably manage to get all the volumes completed, haha. But that won’t be possible cos I’ve got other stuff both irl and with my game dev that is more of a priority. So yeah, I really appreciate your patience :3 

I don’t mind the nickname at all ^-^ I think it’s very cute! I hope you have a lovely day yourself and thank you for being so sweet :3

(3 edits)

no offence, but you love yanderes yet think stepsibling romance/calling MC "sis" is whats creepy? that's very hypocritical, they're not even related


The game was exceptional. I am dying to see the next volumes haha. When do you plan to make them? I just can't can't with the art style >~< It is so cute :3. Keep up that good work Mari-san!! (Imma call you that :P hope you don't mind ;P ) 

I'm glad you liked it :3 I can't lie, while I do still currently intend to eventually finish the other volumes, it's not likely to be any time soon >.< Weirdly, of all my projects, this one that was just supposed to be a silly sorta side project having fun making my first fandub/localisation has been the thing that's wound up netting me a lot of random negativity even though I didn't write the darn thing T_T So I came very close to just scrapping the idea of finishing the other volumes and maybe even deleting this one from itch.

I don't think I'm gonna do that though because I do still want to get the remaining volumes done as a fan project + it would be unfair to the kind people like you who've checked it out, actually liked it, and been nice enough to leave a sweet comment :3 It's just, for a time, the hate and stuff was extremely demotivating >.<

The main thing stopping me from getting anywhere with it now is just time, haha. There's never enough of it in a day to do everything I want to do x3 I haven't made any progress on this at all since I released the first volume. So it's very difficult to say when the next volume will be completed, and even harder to say when the whole thing will finally be done. Sorry, I know that's not very helpful :( But I will do it at some point :3 I don't intend to abandon any of my projects. It's just gonna take me a while to get them all finished, haha.

And you're more than welcome to call me that if you want to ^-^ Thanks for checking out the game and taking the time to write something so nice!


It's alright. Take your time. But the most important fact is you take care of your mental and physical help :3 


good job on this !! i cant believe you managed to create this much content within 15 days.. thank u !


Cheers for checking out this one too! :3 This one was pretty rushed x3 haha. But it was a biiiig help that I didn’t actually have to write the story for this one since it was just localised from the original Japanese CD :D One day I will finally finish the rest of the volumes >.<


Marie chan(can I call you that?) thank you for adapting one of the yandere heaven drama CDs into English and making a game with it! (☆▽☆) I really loved this game! I really liked Kakeru's voice! <3 and although many give bad comments about incest, do not give them importance! I look forward to playing many more of your games in the future (≧▽≦)

Sure, you're welcome to call me that ^-^ If I had more time and motivation, I probably would have adapted the rest of the series by now x3 but just been too busy mostly >.< I know I should do what you said really and just ignore any of the negative comments, but the trouble is, the second I see them, I feel instantly demotivated like there’s no point in bothering to adapt the rest of the CDs if people are gonna give me hate over it or be mean about it >.< I guess I’ll still try and get them done someday though! Just got other stuff I wanna prioritise x3

Thank you for checking this one out too though and for being so nice :3


I really understand that bad comments demotivate you, it's happened to me a lot, sometimes I draw pictures or sing a song or write something and my friends or other people, instead of supporting me, demotivate me and make me wonder why I do it if in the end it works to be received like this, if you adapt the other parts I will come flying to download it! You have my support Marie chan! (*≧∀≦*)

That’s awful if your friends demotivate you >.< It’s bad enough when strangers do it, but friends should be the ones who lift you up! If they have a negative opinion of something you’ve done, they should try their best to think of a way to put their thoughts honestly without hurting your feelings and maybe even give some constructive criticism or something >.<

I know it’s hard to keep doing stuff if people are mean about it cos it can be super demotivating, but the main thing is, if you enjoy doing it, you should definitely keep doing it :3 

Thank you for all your kindness and support <3


Thanks for encouraging me Marie ^^ 

you can assume that if my self-esteem allows it I'll keep trying! ùvú

(1 edit) (-4)



But there isn't any incest in the game >.< and even if there were, it's not my story. I've just localised a Japanese drama CD to English and turned it from an audio-only CD into a playable game.

I get what you mean though because the strange step-brother/sister trope appears in the first volume of the CD. I don't know why it seems to be a thing in Japanese media that characters have the hots for their step-siblings, and it's not a trope that I personally enjoy as I also find it quite weird and a bit creepy. Still, I wanted this fan project to be as faithful to the original Japanese content as possible, so I kept it the same. If there were actually incest in the content though, I wouldn't have localised it in the first place >.<


so who are we tried to "eliminate" here, the lover or rival?


I'm not 100% sure that I understand your question, so my answer might be a bit useless, but I will try x3 sorry if I'm not much help though >.< Both of the love interests are trying to eliminate each other so that they can claim the player/MC all for themselves. And the player is pretty much just stuck in the middle with no particular agenda other than going about their daily life x3 Even when choosing between the two pursuing the player, MC doesn't really harbour any ill will towards either of them (despite the fact that they should probably run the heck away from them both xD)


thanks for the reply :)


this game was so fricking cute! i loved it<3


Aww, so glad you liked it ^-^ Thanks for checking it out <3


okay, this game is cute=))). i'll wait for the next upload 


Glad you think so :3 Thanks for playing <3


-i love this game just wish for more options.-
like i love the voices the art everything just wished there was more choices.
can i be honest? i am a sandere.
my wife is my  yandere sort'uve they stole my clothes and such to get me to go to there house and pick it up.they told me years later that they did this.while we were dateing i had no idea.like i thought i forgot my stuff over there.
so if there is an option to love them back that would be great.
i loved every minute of this game.my yandere wouldn't dream of hurting me and hate to see me disappointed.


I'm glad you had fun with it :3 Sadly, this isn't the type of project that will ever have choices because, unlike my other projects, it's just a fandub VNification of a Japanese drama CD series, and I wanted to stay as true to the original as possible with my localisation. Including choices would mean writing new content for a story and characters that aren't mine, and that's not something I wanted to do with this particular project.

My other projects with my original content have plenty of choices though :3 And if you're interested, a couple of them do allow you to make choices to love the yandere back ^-^ Two, in particular, can result in loving relationships with the yandere love interest where MC is a willing partner (Darling Duality Demo and Bitter/Sweet Blythe

Thanks for checking this one out ^-^


i will do so gladly!!


this game is the GOAT!! I had so much fun playing it! looking foward for the next volumes!! :D no rlly, this game is amazing! I love it smmm!!!!!!!! You guys did the perfect work! :)


Glad you had fun with it ^-^ Thanks so much for checking it out!


HI I just wanted to say that I loved this game. OELVNs aren't usually my cup of tea (I know this was based on a Japanese audio drama but you know what I mean lol) but I really enjoyed this one. It's silly and fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'll definitely check out your other stuff while I wait for Volume 2, but I just wanted to share my appreciation since I saw you mention getting hate in another comment. I was especially pleased about how inclusive this was with being able to select the gender of your love interest and your pronouns. You made this lesbian very happy with that feature <3

Aww, well thanks so much for checking it out and taking the time to comment :3 I'm so glad you had fun with it!

Yeah, the hate is not fun, haha. And most of it is either via email or in the ratings section of the page rather than comments, where, sadly, I can't even reply cos itch doesn't let you respond to ratings >.< It's so frustrating because if I could respond to those bad ratings where the main issues mentioned are related to disliking the characters or content of the story, then I could at least explain to them that they're not my characters or story >.< but the option isn't there, so then people just leave those crappy ratings which hammer down the game's visibility in searches and then leave without even realising what the project is supposed to be. It just sucks x3

I guess maybe I shouldn't let that stuff outweigh the positives though since it seems like more people have enjoyed it than not. It's just easy to get dispirited when those sorts of remarks are coming at me and I can't even explain anything, haha.

Well, making someone happy makes my day ^-^ I try to be as inclusive as I can in my projects :3 I'm a little limited by the fact that I can only edit assets since I can't draw to save my life, which means if I'm not working with an artist on something, I can only use what I have in my collection of assets. As far as pronouns and the gender of love interests go though, I've managed to make that available in most of my projects :3 It's an option in IMPOSTOR, Darling Duality, Love in Lockdown, and Bitter/Sweet Blythe. Then there isn't any romance in Limbo Line, but you can pick MC's pronouns + pick a masculine or feminine voice for your boss and build platonic friendships. And in The Graveyard shift, there's also no romance, but you can choose the gender of the protagonist and your partner :3

I had hoped to make GxG and BxB versions of Solipsism Reigns and Apartment No.9 at some point, but because they're longer games, it's just too much work T_T Maybe I still will someday. And going forward, I always want to try my best to continue having as much inclusivity as I can :3


Ahh!! Super cute!!! Thank you for blessing me with another yandere vn <3 Also, perhaps I missed something, but do you intend on adding Vol. 2 anytime soon? :) If you do or choose not to, it's all good. I'll most likely go and listen to the CDs lmao, I  just like vns more ^^''

So glad you had fun with volume 01 ^-^ It's probably one of my least favourites of the series if I'm honest, but it just seemed wrong to begin on a different volume rather than go in the correct order, haha.

As for volume 02, it's a bit of a sticky situation >.< I had planned to have it out before the end of last year, and when I didn't manage that before I got ill pre-Christmas, I was thinking I might possibly get it done for Yandere Jam 2023. Once I was ill though, I figured I wouldn't even get to participate in the jam cos I remained ill throughout January. And then as Feb started and I felt well enough to go on my PC again, my friend said she was free to team up to work on art for a project for the jam if I had any ideas. Since I'd been away from my PC for a while, I was kinda itching to make something short and original rather than localising volume 02 of this, and I love her art so much, so we wound up making Bitter/Sweet together instead of me trying to do volume 02 for this :3

And now I have really mixed feelings about localising any other volumes for this project because waaaaay too many people are playing it and rating it badly without reading that it's a fandub localisation/VNification of a Japanese drama CD series >.< I'm getting flack for story and characters that aren't even mine just because somehow people have managed to miss the info at the top of the page where I stated as such T_T and it's just really demotivating to keep on getting stuff like that thrown at me + I feel like if this is the first project of mine people come across and they hate it, it might mean they don't bother to check out my original content, so in many ways, making this fandub localisation is starting to harm my original work :( 

I really, really, really wish people would take heed of the fact that this is a fandub project, not an original one before going and moaning about it >.< but sadly, I can't force people to see the section of the page that has that information on it T_T

So yeah, I just don't know what to do about this now. Maybe one day I will continue localising it, but right now I feel like the negativity is too painful to make me want to bother >.< I thought it would be fun to make an English version, and I'm sure people who have listened to the Japanese CDs in the past can probably appreciate how faithful this fandub is, but yeah, getting a lot of bullets fired at me from folks who don't get it.

I really appreciate the fact that you checked it out and enjoyed it though (and that you acknowledged the fact that it's a VN version of a CD, haha) :3 If you do end up listening to the CDs, I hope you have fun with them! I found them pretty entertaining in a quirky, crazy, goofy sorta way cos they're just so OTT, haha.

PS. You probably know about this already since you're a yandere fan, but just in case you don't, I should probably mention that this year's Yandere Jam just finished yesterday :3 As I said earlier, my friend and I made Bitter/Sweet Blythe for it, but there are a whole bunch of other awesome-looking submissions ^-^


“Yandere Shenanigans” No better explanation


I mean, the ones above that pretty much cover it anyways x3 By yandere shenanigans, I just mean the general jealousy you get with yandere characters. Since this project is just a fan localisation/VNification of a Japanese drama CD though, I was hoping people would check that out first so that they know the source material, as this is a faithful localisation with almost no deviation from the original Japanese content.

I have only just learned these past couple of days though how to create spoiler tags for itch game pages, so I will most likely try to update all of my project pages with additional warnings and triggers that are more detailed and contain spoilers, hidden behind clickable spoiler dropdowns. I've just been too busy working on a project for this year's yandere jam to have a chance to do it yet >.<

Hi! I was about to play the game for the first time, but it seems as though the .exe file isn't showing up??? I use a Mac if that helps;;

Hey! Sorry my reply is so slow >.< I've been super busy working on a new project for this year's yandere jam x3 Hopefully, you managed to get it working, but if not, the biggest thing that most people seem to tell me that succeeds in getting MAc games on itch to work is to download the itch.io app and launch all titles via that. I don't own a mac myself though, so I can't test these things out >.< If that doesn't work, I made this list from all the different suggestions that other Mac users have made over time :3 


greate little game ! loved it !

Glad to hear it! Thanks for playing :3 I should probably have released volume 02 or more by now, and I was thinking about doing it for this year's yandere jam, but then I wound up making something completely brand new instead x3


that's cool anyway, i'll make sure to check it out


I'm in love, I love Aoi but like when do I get a decision to do something :')


Glad to hear it :D But sadly, there won't be choices in any of the volumes >.< I know all of my other games have choices, but this project is different from my other stuff because rather than it being an original story, this project is essentially a fan localisation and vnification of an old series of Japanese audio drama CDs aimed at women x3

I wanted to stay as faithful to the original material as possible, and since the original content is just a CD with audio-only, it means that the listener doesn't get any choices aside from which character to end up with at the end of each volume by picking the corresponding track on the album >.< I wanted to keep it the same, so sadly, this project plays more like a kinetic vn.

I've done it like that for a couple of reasons. One being that I'm not comfortable altering characters or stories that aren't my own because I don't want to mess with other people's characters x3 But also because I'm working on multiple original projects that do contain lots of choices, so I want to spend more time on those. This was just supposed to be a fun little side project that doesn't take up too much time x3

Thanks so much for checking the project out! :3


ahh I see that’s oki your game is still amazing and I love it <33



Any plans on android?

Hey hey! Sorry my reply is so slow, I've been ill since before Christmas, and only just starting to feel well enough to get back on my PC >.<

Honestly, I would love to have all of my games on android, but right now, I just don't have the knowledge to make it possible T_T I tried to make a few android test builds last year, but so far, I haven't managed to get a single one of them to actually run despite following all of the instructions step-by-step >.<

I don't really know where I'm going wrong, so unless someone can teach me, I'm kinda stuck for being able to get my games playable on mobile for the time being :(


kakeru is perfect and no one can change my mind

Aww, loving the Kakeru love <3


kakeru marry me

Hehe x3

What should I do while coming across this?  the text isnt in the text box. I already reloaded the game twice and started a new file already. Thank you!

Hey hey! Sorry my reply is so slow, I've been ill since before Christmas, and only just starting to feel well enough to get back on my PC >.<

Were you playing on Windows or Mac?

Either way, it's probably an issue with screen resolution not matching the settings that the game was optimised to be played in (16:9 - 1920x1080), so if it's possible, you could try going into the settings and changing them to that. If you already have it set to that though, I don't really know if there's anything I can say that would help >.< It doesn't display like that on my PC, but I know it has displayed like that for a few other people with different monitors than my setup :(

Most likely it will be a case of me having to try and lock to one resolution in a future update or something to stop it from happening.

And if you happen to be playing on Mac, even if I update the game, it might not help because weird bugs seem to happen on mac that don't happen on windows T_T and since I don't have a mac to test on, I have no way of knowing they exist or how to fix them >.<

Thank you for checking out the game anyway :3


I loved this game so much! The voice acting was perfect, the effects were amazing and each characters emotions were presented perfectly. I would definitely recommend playing this game!! <3


Thanks so much for playing and for your kind words ^-^ The original CDs of this were one of the very first pieces of yandere content I ever came across, so even if they are a little cheesy, they have a special place in my heart, haha.

I didn't have a lot of time to complete a localisation and vnification of a volume in time for the end of the jam I hoped to submit it to, but I wouldn't have been able to do it without the awesome voice actors! Cos what would a fan localisation of an audio drama be if there wasn't any voice acting in it >.< haha.

And I tried really hard to come up with some cute and comedic special effects to match the vibes I remembered getting when I first listened to the CDs years ago, so I'm really glad you thought they worked well :3

(1 edit) (+2)(-1)

Ohhhh,I must say that i love Kakeru so much.And i like the way the main character gets along with the two men,it's so cute:3

In the beginning when the two boys bicker it's like they're the kind of bad friends who love the girl but end up wanting to monopolize the girl enough to get rid of the other one. Maybe I can look forward to a threesome😍


Glad you had fun ^-^ I feel like Anthony did a much better job with the character of Kakeru than the CV in the original Japanese drama CD x3 I know that's probably like blasphemy to say xD but I found Kakeru's character so annoying in the old CD, whereas I think Anthony captured the flavour of the character while improving on the performance, making him bratty but more in a way that I would cheer him on than just straight-up hate him, haha.

I hoped to have volume 02 out last year, but that just didn't happen >.<


Loved the game :)

Woo! Glad to hear it ^-^ Since I failed at getting volume 02 out last year as I hoped (didn't even manage to start the localisation T_T) I'm really hoping I can get it out sometime this year!


Honestly, I really don't get the main character. It might be because they're very quiet, self insert-y, but don't they think that their sibling is being weird/going to far? I have to agree with the other love interest, it's weird and I don't get why the main character lets it happen. I don't even think the "It's just always been that way so no need to question it" reasoning works because even the status quo can become extremely annoying or overbearing. Just doesn't make any sense to me I guess.

Hey hey! Sorry my reply is so slow, I've been ill since before Christmas, and only just starting to feel well enough to get back on my PC >.<

But yeah, I mean, I totally agree with you! x3 And I think the whole step-siblings in love trope in Japanese stuff is kinda creepy in general >.< So it's not the sort of thing I would choose to run with in my original stories, haha. But since this is just a fan localisation/vnification, I was trying to stick as closely to the original script from the audio CD as possible x3 I'm not really a fan of MC's in VNs that just kinda stand there and take everything without making any effort to question stuff or defend themselves >.< I find it super frustrating to play as characters like that cos I just wanna scream, wtf are you doing?! xD Sadly though, it was pretty much unavoidable with this project since there isn't really an actual MC in the source material.

So yeah, in the CDs, MC is basically just you, the listener, and since it's a CD, MC can't physically say or do anything. The only choice you can make is which guy you end up with in each volume (by choosing between each guy's track at the end of the CD). Which meant making MC in the VN version a complete doormat xD

I know I could have put more of my own spin on it and given MC some sort of personality and more input, but I just really don't feel comfortable messing with stuff when it's not my story if that makes sense >.< With something like this where I'm not the original writer of the story, I prefer to just be faithful to the original content and try to change as little as possible because I don't feel like I have the right to mess with other people's characters and stories unless I'm making like a full-on adaptation or something, which isn't what I wanted to do with this project. I just wanted it to be as close to the CDs as possible when localised in English :3

Annoyingly, it seems like a common occurrence for the listener character/protagonist in these sorts of CDs, but then I suppose that's one of the restrictions of writing a script for a project that's strictly audio-only. Actually, my original plan was to just make a localisation in English and have it as audio-only videos on YouTube or something, but then when I found out there was gonna be a Yandere Jam, I really wanted to make something for it. At the time though, I wasn't in a position in my personal life to be able to concentrate on creating a brand new original story and game within the time limit of the jam, so I decided, screw it, I will start my Yandere Heaven localisation but also turn it into a VN for the jam, haha.

Admittedly, volume 01 of the CD series isn't even my favourite, but I figured I better start at the beginning x3


I haven't tried this game, but please let me know if this is like DDLC. Again, no spoilers but I'm just wondering because I'm going to play it sometime.


I can't help all that much cos I've never played DDLC myself x3 But unlike my other projects with original content, this one is just my attempt at a fan localisation/VNification of an existing Japanese drama CD series of the same title :3

My other games fall more into sorta horror/psychological horror (sometimes with romance, almost always with at least 1 yandere) but this is more like slice-of-life comedy I guess! It's hard to describe really.

Every different CD/volume features a different pair of yandere characters who are at each other's throats fighting over the listener. I can't remember how many CDs there were, I think maybe 6 in the original series. But I've only localised the first CD/volume 01 so far! 

Thank you for the reply, I understand if it took some time to make this. I know this is a late reply (trust me I have issues with emails btw) but I wanted to say I'll do a full playthrough and let you know how it goes. So far it's looking great! I can't wait to see this game when it's fully developed!



whenever i play a game like this, i always make sure im saul goodman, its hilarious

I wish I knew the relevance so I could get it T_T haha. I mean, I've heard of the dude, but I just haven't seen Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul, so I'm just in the dark >.<


hey bruh its all good there are times im "ronald mconald" maybe "Nicholas's cage", goofy stuff, heck i was spongebob once, next time you play a game like this, consider naming yourself something goofy, its great

Oooh, I get ya! x3 I do that sometimes myself, usually when I'm testing stuff just to make it more entertaining when I'm reading the same crap over and over again >.< usually I just put swear words or made up stuff though, haha.  


Walter White.



I think the only thing I didn't love in Kasumi, is the fact she allows herself to leave the house, while keeping me in and using her dad as her muscle instead of doing the dirty part of being a yandere herself...

Aoi on the other hand seemed a bit out of character to side with, as we barely knew much about her...

With male characters I assume would be the same, or similar story, just with male characters, but I may be wrong. Either way a good one for such a short time!


Haha, yeah x3 Well, I can't be blamed for any of that cos I didn't write this one. This game is pretty much just a fan localisation of an old Japanese drama CD series. Cos of it being someone else's story, I didn't wanna poke my nose in and change too much as far as the story and characters are concerned, so I've basically taken my friends' rough English translations of the CDs, tried to localise em and write a more fluent script for English language, and then turned it all into a VN :D In the CDs though, it's only dudes. I just figured it would be more fun and inclusive if I also made female versions of all the characters in the series :3

Admittedly, none of the characters in the entire series are particularly strong yandere characters, despite the series' title, and I feel like the whole thing has a more kinda comedy element to it with how over the top they can end up becoming with their yandere antics xD It was a series that I had fun with though and which made me smile as I listened, so I'd hoped to localise it at some point as a fan project just out of appreciation for it pretty much!

You're right though, it's the same with the male characters :3 It's possible that maybe the story fits better with the male characters since the original characters in the CD are all male. Maybe some parts come across a bit dodgy with the female versions cos I didn't change any of the script I don't think.

Also, each volume in the CD series is a completely new pair of crazy characters, haha. And as far as I can remember, that first volume wasn't one of my favourites in the series because I wasn't really a fan of either of the characters! I feel like the voice actors for this fan version though make me like all the volume 01 characters more though :3

Cheers for checking it out :D


I get that and respect it strongly!

The female version felt a bit overly nice... Normally when a guy cooks for 2 females and is offered to have a woman work while he stays at home it ends with everyone at the school making fun of him... but I realized quickly I was supposed to be a girl hit on by 2 guys... well... too bad I am not xD

I enjoyed it! I loved half of each character and hated half as well... The step sister made sense as a love interest to me much more, because we already had emotional connection. I loved that she didn't threaten to kill me, but I didn't like how the PC didn't address her leaving while not letting us leave... I would 100% use that as an argument! Like... "If you want to ever leave my room, you MUST take me with you!" I wouldn't escape or try to escape tho... She would have to agree with that argument as I was using her own logic and if she wanted to stay I would argue "If we die, then we were together for less time! We must live longer and be together longer! I can't have it end now!"

Maybe I am too much of a yandere fan tho...

The co-worker made little to no sense to be a love-interest. As I barely knew her... However the fact that a girl is strong enough to ride a bike with 2 additional people on it and still make it on time to school and work did make me stop questioning it xD
Things I like in women are usually what women like in men, which is weird I admit, but made it work... She was also pretty nice and yes the calls were annoying and she made very logical points... The moment when she LOST ME was when she was contemplating getting someone else to kill her rival instead of doing it herself... at least my sissy kills people with her own hands, or whatever she used during that fight... her punch was supposedly "nothing" so I guess probably a kick? Can a kick even be strong? I guess she might have strong legs? No clue... but I just wrote a whole thesis on a fan project of yours xD

In the end I would pick Kasumi here. She made 100% more sense, was much more fun to be with, she did the dirty work by herself instead of hiring hitmen and ordering food... except for that time she got her (or our) dad involved, but I don't blame her... he did it himself, she just didn't oppose it, which makes sense... 100% that is a better situation and with high enough manipulation/charisma skills you can end up in a happy life with her...

Aoi just took us to a hag's house to die, with Kasumi probably dead in the basement, or slowly dying there. I mean... Ok it is an often explored trope, but not my thing... I much prefer a reasonable yandere that does have expectations. Instead of just "I wanna be with you and kill you whenever you do one thing wrong" I liked more what Kasumi did "I want to be with you, but I still want us both to have a life... together but still be alive... I'm just super jelly of everyone..." with the second one you can easily try to use logic, to apply the same rules to both, the first one is just seeing you as an object, that unless acts perfectly is disposable... not really love, just using a person to fill an idea of a loved one... Not my type of thing...

Thank you for reading this post which was way too long! I may have looked into it way too much as it was a comedy, but hey... I hope that dollar helps with... ummm... what costs a dollar since inflation in your country? I know a dollar in my country can buy ummm... hmmm... a cookie? xD

It's interesting that you even enjoyed half of their characters really because I remember when I listened to the CD for the first time, I was like... wow, both these dudes are absolute assholes xD but it was still funny to listen to the shenanigans unfold, haha.

I get where you're coming from though cos the protagonist has an immediate connection from the beginning of the scenario with their step-sibling. In the CD, the character repeatedly refers to you as sis or sister. That was something I did choose to attempt to edit because I felt it made things kinda creepy but not in a good way xD I know it's like a trope in anime and stuff, especially in certain romance sims for their to be like a childhood friend character, or like in this case, a step-sibling situation that turns to romance, but I've personally always found it kinda eww >.< And because of that personal bias, it did make me wonder if others might feel the same since it's less normalised in western media. It just felt like something I should tweak. It would appear that others do feel similarly cos I have a number of 1* ratings on the game where people have mentioned that it's gross that their step-sibling is coming on to them xD And, rather frustratingly, because that's in the ratings section rather than the comments, I can't even reply to them and explain that it's not my story or my characters T_T haha. I wasn't gonna change the fact that 1 character is supposed to be your step-sibling because that would be deviating too far from the original material >.< But anyways, I'm going off-track with my rambling!

But yeah, totally agree that the step-sibling would be the better outcome if you wanted to try and live some semblance of a normal or happy life post-yandere shenanigans, haha. And your argument is a good one. I can definitely see that working on him/her!

And yeah, I'm also not a fan of characters, yandere or not, who get others to do the dirty work for them, haha.

As for punches and kicks, well, I think my own kick is probably stronger than any punch I could throw xD Dunno why, but I have quite weak arms and much stronger legs, haha. I guess maybe cos I do a lot of walking and pretty much no lifting x3 If I were in a fight, I reckon I'd do more damage with kicks anyways! I think in the CD, the dudes were just supposed to be punching each other, but then it's that little fight scene that I did a small amount of my own writing and new dialogue for the characters because it kinda needed it to work in the format of a VN. In the CD, one track ends, and then you just choose which ending you wanna listen to by selecting Kakeru's track or Atsushi's track. But I had to make it flow better than that as a VN, so had to turn it into a proper choice. The thing is, I actually can't remember exactly which bits were my additions now without going back and listening to the CD again xD But I tried not to add or tweak much in general cos I just don't feel comfortable messing with other people's characters and stories. I'd be awful at trying to write fanfiction x3

But yeah, I agree with everything you've said, and if it were me, I'd probably pick Kasumi/Kakeru too :3

I like all different kinds of yandere, and I'm not opposed to the type you described who just see you as an object if that's what I'm in the mood for at the time x3 But yeah, Aio/Atsushi just doesn't really do anything in this scenario that makes them endearing. I feel like you need a lot of nice stuff prior to the creepy if you're gonna fall into that sort of trap, haha. I guess they didn't really have the time to explore much of either character in such a short scenario though x3

I think my favourite kinds of yanderes are probably the clever manipulative ones that do a decent job of hiding their crazy, but their brand of crazy turns out to be the most terrifying kind when you actually do see it, haha. The ones who can weave such an intricate web that you slowly lose your mind over time but you don't realise it until it's too late xD

And then I'm not so keen on the super clingy kind who are so afraid of hurting their love interest that they'd let them slip through their fingers or allow themselves to be killed by their love.

Nah, nothing can ever be too long when it comes to discussing all shades of yandere, haha. It's a fun topic :P But yeah, inflation has gone crazy! I bought 1 pint of milk the other day and it cost £1.06... you used to be able to buy 2 pints for 82p not so long ago! And some of our supermarkets now have security cages around butter because it's become such a high-value item >.< That aside though, I appreciate the support and you taking the time to write what you did :3 Everything helps! Whether it's kind words, donations, or a mix of both ^-^

You don't have to reply to this, but I have to ask now cos I'm curious, but when you say that a dollar can buy you a cookie, is that like a decent-sized cookie? :o Like a fresh one? Cos here you can get packs of supermarket own brand little hard cookies for like 65p, but I reckon for a proper full-size cookie that's fresh it would probably be more than £1 in most places, haha.  


Now... If you want an answer to your economy question you will have to read my next long ass reply again! xD

I believe I am a male who likes female yanderes and you may be a female who likes male yanderes at this point... I may also be wrong... I am guessing based on the original story, you being a fan of it and your profile picture...

I was assuming the "yandere stuff" was not going to end... like... ummm... Have you ever seen yandere wife stories? Where the yandere is happily married to a willing partner? She does keep being creepy, she does the creepy scary death threats or something... she may even keep the partner locked up and so on, but then again... if the partner is willing... even if someone calls the police, they will just see the two as a kinky marriage and if they happen to be above 30 that would be kind of romantic in the eyes of the others that they still have "the fire" for that kind of stuff...

Personally I believe that the perfect yandere was and always will be Yuno Gasai. She was not the kind to be afraid to kill her loved one, but only attempted it at the very end because of (spoilers). But the kind that is too afraid to hurt their loved one is one I never heard about... It does sound fun however, but hear me out...

The kind that hides shenanigans forever, or instead of being a creepy crazy "wack em all and kick them to death" gal, being a social manipulator I would rather keep for the Sith Lords rather than a yandere to be honest.

I prefer male characters who manipulate and are scheme masters and female characters who are more dirty-handed... Yes I am aware of how twisted that seems, but oh well... I am assuming you don't mind that at this point...

Here will be the answer yo your economy question. I am not actually from America, or any country that actually uses dollars... Translated to my own currency it comes out as almost a fiver, so for that amount I can get a regular bakery cookie. No idea what you see as decent sized, but if internet comparisons are correct... What the west sees as decent sized sweets, we here in the eastern side of Europe see as the big option xD

I am from Poland if you wish yo know ;)

Now for the rest of my second thesis on the art of yandere characters... My best yandere is the kind that hides the crazy from you, only until the crazy is about to get known. So if she kills her parents, unrelated to you and manages to hide their bodies and get them determined as "missing" that she hides... but when she kills your friend... she doesn't lie, just stays quiet until you ask directly or begin to find out...

A creepy confession of "I killed her. I'm sorry" during the best date you've ever had is... weirdly one of the things I find enticing in a yandere... when the lovely and cute leads to the creepy and vice-versa... She kills a random dog in front of you, but then turns back to you with a smile and says "that was the dog who bit you 2 years ago! I wouldn't let that slide! Hope you enjoyed!" Obviously the second thing would happen far into the whole "willing relationship" thing, or be a sick form of torture, but still...

Long story short, my bestie type of yandere is the one who would lie, manipulate, kill and hurt anyone, except their loved one, but still only when necessary. Still having reason is important part of it for me... Using me as a toy, is not a yandere for me, but just a monster slave master, that is a completely different thing imo, which can still be a fun horror thing (in case you didn't get it... I do like the horror side of yanderes very much and not the sexy side at all xD I find the fact they are creepy appealing enough).

If you wish to know what kind of married life with a yandere I most like for some reason... There is plenty of that on youtube if you search for "yandere wife willing" or "yandere wife wholesome" or just "yandere wife" and watch some videos... I will link you my favorites tho if you want and don't mind female yanderes xD

I don't mind cos I could discuss yandere stuff forever xD

It's interesting how everyone has their favourite kinds of yanderes! I have some friends who feel that hurting the loved one is a massive no-no and they will immediately begin to hate the yandere if they physically harm their love. But at the opposite end of things, I also have friends who would be bored with the yandere if they didn't hurt their love at least a little bit x3

Really, I'm just happy to come across yandere characters in general, no matter what kind they are, haha. They just make things more fun :D I still don't think I've found my ultimate favourite character yet, but I'm sure they're out there somewhere!

But anyways, you're correct cos I am indeed female and tend to lean towards preferring male yandere characters :3 Actually, the main reason I got into game dev was cos I wished there were more English-speaking male yandere characters, haha. I'd seen female ones in anime, manga, and games, but nowhere near as many males, so I kinda made it my mission to add more male yanderes to the world of visual novels!

After finishing my first game though, I decided that I'd rather make my yandere characters male and female :3 Because I generally don't write my characters with gender in mind, so I always figure they can be either! That means that all of my games aside from my very first one feature both a male and a female version of the yandere/s within the game :D Or at least 1 feminine and 1 masculine voice for the character!

And since I was doing that with my own characters, I figured I might as well continue making both when it came to this fan project too :3 

I haven't really seen that much in the way of happily married to a yandere type content. I've seen endings like it in a few VNs, but they're usually pretty brief and kinda categorised as bad ends, haha. That's probably cos I generally only consume content featuring male yanderes though! I've probably missed a lot of great stuff in the last few years cos starting game dev pretty much stole all of the time I used to spend actually playing games and watching stuff >.< 

Makes sense that police and the like would see them as a kinky couple though xD

I didn't mind Yuno at all :3 She was probably my first introduction to what a yandere was, even if I probably didn't know the term at the time! She's not really my personal cup of tea, but I can totally see why so many love her. Actually, Kish from Tokyo Mew Mew was probably the first yandere I ever saw in anything, but I was a kid so I would've had no idea whatsoever what a yandere was xD

I think a character called Tei from the game Nameless is probably the closest I've gotten so far to a yandere that I adore more than most, but I still have some issues with his character, hence why I say I still don't think I've encountered my perfect yandere x3

That made me chuckle about the Sith Lords stuff :D Yeah, I would be bored with a yandere if they hid their yandereness forever and were just a master manipulator behind the scenes without ever showing it or rubbing it in their love's face x3 I prefer the manipulation to be hidden in the sense that you don't suspect anything until it's too late. So you feel safe, and that's when they let their crazy out with a smile, say 'gotcha!' and then you go from feeling fine to being in absolute despair xD

Whether it's a male or female yandere, I always find them more fun if they're intelligent enough to be able to manipulate as opposed to trying to solve everything with violence. The more childish kind who just throw tantrums and go on a rampage can be entertaining too though in their own way!

Going by how you described your best yandere where you mentioned hiding the crazy until the crazy is about to get known, that's probably pretty close to my favourite kind really! I suppose it depends what sort of mood I'm in though x3 Sometimes I feel in the mood for one who is cuter and more caring with their crazy, and sometimes I prefer one who is more focused on sadistic traits without much of the cute side. As long as the love is there, of course. Because if there isn't any love there, then they can't even really be a yandere anymore x3

I mean, I do love crazy, loveless villains too, but that's for another discussion, haha. The whole 'anything for love' attitude that yanderes have is what makes them so special :3 It's a rare kind of personality that would be willing to do whatever it takes to ensure they get to be with the one they love. In fiction, I absolutely adore it! In reality, not so much, haha. I'd feel too smothered by a real yandere I think because I'm super close to my family and also need time to myself >.<

I've seen countless arguments online about what makes a character yandere or not. I've seen some people argue that if the yandere hurts their love interest, they're not a real yandere because if it was true love, they would never hurt them. Buuuut, I dunno. I think it's a big grey area x3 Even in reality, people do some crazy stuff in the name of love! And even if it might not look like love, it's not really for us to judge. I mean, we have the right to sit there and say, wtf, that's not love! That person is just a twisted monster!! But we're not in the head of that person or character, so we can shout all we like about what is and isn't love, but we can't physically inhabit that person or character and change their feelings x3 For all we know, their love might be genuine to them. Oooor, it might not be, but we'll never know cos we're not them, haha. 

I feel like if a character is motivated by true love (or at least what they think is love), then whether they hurt their love interest, themselves, or others doesn't matter. If they're motivated by true love and willing to do crazy and unhealthy things in pursuit of it, then they're yandere. Heck, even if a character is completely deluded and what they're doing doesn't seem like love at all from the outside, I'd still say that if the character is convinced they're doing what they're doing out of love, then they're yandere, regardless of what outsiders looking in make of their actions.

I totally feel you on there needing to be a reason for stuff as well! I guess thinking about it, being used as a toy would probably fall under one of my liked traits of just general sadistic characters rather than yanderes. Because if a yandere is just using you as a toy and there isn't actually any love there, then they can't even really be a yandere x3

Actually, there needing to be a reason behind stuff is another thing that made me want to try and start writing yandere characters myself. I'd come across far too many stories online where they were tagged as having a yandere, but the yandere turned out to just be a plain old psycho, as though the writers had forgotten to include the element of love >.< And like I said, don't get me wrong, cos I do love me some pure psycho characters too, haha, but it did start to get on my nerves that these 'yanderes' I was encountering appeared to have no motives behind their crazy actions. They were just crazy. 

As you say, they're not a yandere if they're just using you and there's no love there >.< As fun as that can be in a horror way like you said, haha. 

When it comes to any kind of crazy character, yandere or not, I really prefer that they have something at some point in the story that explains how come they ended up the way they did and why they act the way they do. 

It's interesting as well that you say you like the horror side of yanderes and that the creepy alone is enough. I'm the same, haha. I'm asexual, so for me, there isn't really a sexy side to yanderes anyhow xD I will still find certain characters to be 'hot' but in a non-sexual way, if that makes any sense at all x3

It's weird really that I tend to lean towards preferring male yandere characters because I don't consider myself to be straight when it comes to romance! I do have a preference for masculine over feminine voices though cos they just sound nicer to me. I'd say that the best way I could describe myself is being panromantic but asexual, which I realise is a confusing combo >.< I know that I have the capacity to be attracted to non-male characters, but they have to possess certain traits. I think maybe a lot of female yandere characters are TOO cute for my tastes? Like they make me feel a bit ill with their cuteness xD I feel similarly repulsed by overly cute male yandere characters too though, haha. Age might also have something to do with it, as a lot of the femme yanderes I come across are pretty young, often like high-school age, and that age does nothing for me regardless of gender really cos it's just too young appearance-wise. For example, Kanato from Diabolik Lovers is pretty cute to look at, but he does absolutely nothing for my yandere goodness tingles cos he looks and sounds too young, haha.

I think perhaps part of the problem as well is that I like the idea of a constant kind of power struggle going on in the relationship dynamic, and I find it easier to believe that a male yandere would be capable of finding a way to dominate, whereas I tend to look at female yandere characters more like they're competition xD As in, I reckon I could take her in a fight an protect the person she's obsesing over x3 Or, if I were yandere myself for the same love interest as her, I reckon I could get crazier than her! So that weird sort of fantasy competitiveness gets in the way and stops me from feeling even remotely scared of female yanderes, and if I don't feel even the tiniest bit scared or creeped out by them, then they're just not that much fun to me >.< I want a yandere to be able to genuinely creep me out x3

I have the same problem with female villains in stuff xD They have to be truly terrifying for me to actually be afraid of them, and even then, I still feel like attempting to beat them into the ground rather than enter a relationship with them x3 It's odd because, in reality, I'm not a competitive person at all. But when it comes to fiction, I get weirdly feisty!

So yeah, I probably wouldn't get much enjoyment out of yandere wife stuff cos I'd probably just want to kill them xD To be fair, I probably wouldn't get that much of a kick out of yandere husband stuff either because I wouldn't particularly want to be married to one x3 I guess it really depends on how the protagonist of the story reacts to the yandere though. Presumably, to get to the point of marriage, the protagonist must've had to play along or be really clever and manipulative to get to the point where they actually have a life with the yandere. And while I'd probably find it kinda fun to write that sort of stuff, I most likely wouldn't enjoy consuming it as much because it feels like there maybe wouldn't be enough conflict or danger for my personal tastes. I could be totally mistaken there though! It's just, from a personal role-playing point of view, the type of protagonist I prefer to inhabit is one who never gives up the struggle. So it would frustrate me to step into the shoes of a protagonist who willingly submits to the yandere or lets them have their way in an attempt to make the relationship work x3

Aaaaanyways, that's awesome that you're from Poland :3 My family is British and Polish :D Sadly, because the Polish came from my grandad and he moved to England after the war, we are split between the UK and Poland, so we don't get to see all our relatives very often. We did go to Poland for a family wedding years ago though, and then my cousin here got married this year and some of our Polish relatives flew over to the UK, so we keep in touch at least :3 I'd like to learn Polish, but my relatives told me it's one of the hardest languages to learn x3 I'm still trying to learn German at the moment, so probably not a good idea to start Polish as well or I'll confuse myself, haha. Some of our Polish relatives moved to Germany and learned German, so at least we might have some sort of middle ground language-wise if I can learn enough German x3 cos most of them speak more German than they do English.

And as for decent-sized cookies, I was just thinking of one at least the size of my palm (though my hands are quite small xD) rather than those tiny ones that are only like 3cm across x3 I know different parts of the world have totally different ideas of what a big or small portion is though cos my brother has showed me some food comparison videos of takeaways, haha. Some of the UK vs US ones have me really shocked at how massive the portions sometimes are in the US o.O


It looks cool

Glad you think so :3

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