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Welcome to the world of Yandere Heaven! A place where many crazy characters gather to try and win your heart <3




(more info on that is below)

For my own original content and yandere characters, please check out my other projects :3

This visual novel is an unofficial fandub based on the Japanese audio drama CD series of the same name. Each volume features two yandere characters in different scenarios who fight over you, the listener.

Yandere Heaven was one of the first drama CDs I ever listened to and one of my first introductions to the yandere character trope, so it will always have a special place in my heart <3

While I tried to stay as true to the original Japanese script as possible, I did make some small alterations & additions here and there. The series is pretty old now, but I'd recommend checking out the original version if you can find the CDs anywhere!

- Full English voice acting -

- Pick your pronouns -
(he/him, she/her, they/them are currently available)

- Choose your yandere lovers
(from either male or female characters)

A bright and bubbly world with comic-style cutaways!

A faithful fandub VNification of a classic Japanese drama CD series
(yes, it's goofy, yes, it's OTT, but that's what the CDs are like x3)

Each volume has its own separate content/trigger warnings, but they both share a few common themes:
  • Swearing
  • Threatening behaviour
  • Kidnapping & Imprisonment/Captivity & Confinement
  • Stalking
  • General Yandere Shenanigans!

For a full list of content & trigger warnings (containing spoilers) please click on the dropdowns for each volume to reveal everything.

VOL 01 CONTENT WARNINGS - !CONTAINS SPOILERS! BLACKMAIL, BULLYING [by the LIs to each other - not to MC], CAPTIVITY & CONFINEMENT, DOMESTIC ABUSE & VIOLENCE [mild - in all volume 01 character endings], HOSTAGE SITUATION, IMPRISONMENT, KIDNAPPING, LOSS OF AUTONOMY, MURDER & ATTEMPTED MURDER [by the LIs to each other - not to MC], PHYSICAL ASSAULT [by the LIs to each other + mild towards MC in Atsushi/Aoi's ending], POISONING [briefly mentioned in Atsushi/Aoi's ending], STALKING, WEIGHT LOSS [briefly mentioned in Atsushi/Aoi's ending]
VOL 02 CONTENT WARNINGS - !CONTAINS SPOILERS! ARRANGED/COERCED/FORCED MARRIAGE [in Sakae/Saeka's ending], CAPTIVITY & CONFINEMENT, CLASSISM [Sakae/Saeka makes a few comments about poor people], COMA [by LIs towards each other - not to MC], DRUGGING [by both LIs to each other + Sakae/Saeka to MC], HOSPITALISATION [Sakae/Saeka is a patient], HOSTAGE SITUATION, IMPRISONMENT, KIDNAPPING, LOSS OF AUTONOMY, MEDICAL EXPERIMENTATION [briefly mentioned by LIs], MURDER & ATTEMPTED MURDER [by LIs to each other - not to MC], NEEDLES [briefly mentioned by LIs], PHYSICAL ASSAULT [mild - Sakae/Saeka to MC], POISONING [by LIs to each other - not to MC], POVERTY [Sakae/Saeka briefly mentions people in poverty], SEXUAL HARASSMENT [Sakae/Saeka is flirty & inappropriate at times with MC], STALKING, SURGERY [briefly mentioned], WORKPLACE HARASSMENT

Based on the original Japanese drama CD series
'Yandere Heaven'

Script Localisation & VNification
Melancholy Marionette
YouTube - Twitter/X

Voice Director for Volume 01
Anthony Rodriguez

[ Volume 01 Cast ]

Anthony Rodriguez

Brian Watts

Falon Echo

Mel Valentine

[ Volume 02 Cast ]


Sam Shown
YouTube - Twitter/X

Zoe D. Lee

Adrian Delgado

(For full credits, please download the credits text document.)

I'd love to be able to give the remaining volumes in the Yandere Heaven series the same treatment, however, this is just a small side project. Most of my time will be spent on other main projects. I will eventually cover the whole series though :D

Please head here to view a list of known bugs + report any bugs you may come across :3

Need help getting the game to open on Mac? Check out this post I made with a few possible fixes!

If you enjoyed playing through the game (or even if you didn't xD), I'd really appreciate hearing your thoughts in the comments!

Ratings are much appreciated too ^-^ (BUT, sadly, anything less than a 5* rating can actually damage a game's visibility on itch >.< silly, I know!)

Just please keep in mind when rating or commenting on this project that it's a fandub project. There are so many low ratings for it where people have said stuff like it's too short, they don't like the characters, there aren't enough choices, not enough mechanics, etc. But none of that is down to me >.< It's not supposed to have choices. If it did, it wouldn't be a faithful fandub because it would require me to create branches that never existed in the CDs. My intention with this project was never to expand on the creator's original content, merely to localise it. It's honestly really demotivating in general to see so many ratings where it seems as though it's not been understood that this is a fandub >.<

If you need help with anything or just wanna drop me a message about the game, feel free to post a comment or send me an email: melancholicmarionette@gmail.com

This game will always be available to download for free! If you enjoyed playing it, you're welcome to buy me a coffee, or support this & other projects I'm working on by becoming a patron :3 

StatusOn hold
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(316 total ratings)
AuthorMelancholy Marionette
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
TagsAmare, Anime, Casual, Creepy, Cute, Dating Sim, LGBTQIA, Romance, yandere


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Yandere Heaven - Volumes 01 & 02 - Windows 617 MB
Yandere Heaven - Volumes 01 & 02 - Mac 620 MB
Yandere Heaven Volumes 01 & 02 - Linux 622 MB
Controls.txt 461 bytes
How to open (Mac).txt 4.3 kB
License & Credits.txt 4.8 kB

Development log


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fehsehfsiubse such a nice gamee <333333333


I Love it so far 10/10 






<3 <3 <3 Thanks so much for playing this one too! It was a fun update to work on, haha. Really loving that video thumbnail :D Poor Takaaki x3


wow I wanna play this 

The girls look so cute

100% cute... 110% crazy (in the best possible way x3)

(1 edit) (+1)


FUUCK i love saeka but i also love takaaki why is r they both hot.

:D Hope you end up having fun!! Hehe x3 Well, I'm team Takaaki cos Sakae/Saeka is just too much for me xD At least Takaaki/Tomomi is kinda sweet in a way, haha.


No sabr铆a decir el porque no me deja instalar el juego. La descarga me dice "Prohibido". No me deja instalarlo, y es una pena. El juego se ve hecho con mucha dedicaci贸n, y ten铆a muchas ganas de jugarlo. La descarga se queda a menos de la mitad, y he intentado varias veces

Someone else said they had this problem recently and it was caused by some sort of issue with the itch.io servers that they were trying to download from >.<

For them, I uploaded the file to Google Drive instead and they were able to download it from there successfully :3

I don鈥檛 know if it will help you, but if you want to try it, this is a link for the direct download from Google Drive:
(this is for the windows version - if you need the mac one instead, just lemme know :3)

I hope it helps! Thanks for your interest in the game :3

Si, actualmente necesito la version de mac. Much铆simas gracias por intentar ayudarme, lo aprecio mucho. Tambi茅n quisiera preguntar si el juego tiene alguna traducci贸n al espa帽ol. No pasa nada si no existe la traducci贸n al espa帽ol, puedo perfectamente usar un traductor de pantalla, pero, 驴piensas en un futuro a帽adir la traducci贸n? Claro que mi pregunta es solo si el juego no tiene traducci贸n.

Sorry my reply is so slow >.< I'm just really busy at the moment :( 

I have now uploaded the Mac version to the same place which you can find here :3

Sadly, the game doesn't have any translations at the moment and is only available in English :( I'm hoping to work with translators at some point in the future to include different language translations in some of my games, but it will probably take a lot of time to complete them. Especially since I need to learn how to actually implement them as well >.<

There is also the problem that some of my project files will be broken when updating the games depending on how old they are :( But I will try to include other languages eventually :3

Sorry again I have been so slow to get back to you >.< I hope the new link for the Mac version works + that you get to have a great weekend :3




Very cute !1!!1! and I LOVE the style of it ! This is honestly such an Amazing Game and the voice acting makes this even better! I recently played The graveyard Shift so i kinda checked your profile to see if you had more and discovered this Gem 鈽唦鈽 keep up the amazing work ! Im so Yuri for Aoi and Tomomi...

So glad you enjoyed it :D And that鈥檚 so cool that you found this after checking out The Graveyard Shift! That鈥檚 one of the least played of all my projects, so it鈥檚 a big surprise to hear you came across that one first x3

I鈥檓 glad you decided to play it though and check out some of my other stuff too ^-^ As you can probably tell, I ended up getting kind of obsessed with making VNs, haha.

Thanks for all your kind words <3


could u Make it so then it can have boys play it (if boys r gay my freinds a boy and gay but can only play as girl)


I鈥檓 not sure I understand what you mean >.< The protagonist/MC of this game doesn鈥檛 have a gender, they are never seen on-screen, and the player can select pronouns from either he/him, she/her, or they/them :D

So you are playing as whatever you imagine you are playing as, and you can romance guys or girls no matter what pronouns you pick ^-^


Sorry sakae.. ladies first (锝烇浚鈻斤浚)锝

but holy is this so good oml????? I LOVE YOUR GAMES馃様馃様 THEY'RE ALL AMAZING ONGG LIVE LAUGH LOVE YOU (銇 岽 _岽)銇モ櫋

i still love you (perhaps platonically im still bothered you're my step-sibling but life goes on) kakeru i swear but tomomi is SO FINEEE (麓鈾♀库櫋`)


Hehe x3

So glad you ended up liking the new volume! ^-^ Thanks for always being so sweet <3 It really means a lot :3

Well, that鈥檚 fine cos I still love you platonically too :D You鈥檙e such a sweetheart! Haha, well, ya never know as far as step-siblings are concerned x3 I can鈥檛 even trace most of my family tree! 

Tomomi鈥檚 eyes are just amazing x3 as soon as I saw the sprite I was like, uhm, YES! Usually, I wouldn鈥檛 have any strong feelings when it comes to fem sprites, but somehow the volume 02 girls are indeed ridiculously hot, haha. Both of em definitely have better facial expressions than the guys this time! It took me sooooo long to finally settle on which ones to use though >.<

Hope you are having an awesome April so far :3


this game is honestly adorable and i love it! Just that at the end of Atsushi's route everything became kinda blurry?? and then once i finished it, everything else was blurry. not sure if thats supposed to happen, but good game!!

(ive yet to finish the game so i didnt say anything else except for Atsu's route lolol)


That鈥檚 so nice to hear! I鈥檓 really glad you鈥檝e been having fun with it so far :3

But man, that鈥檚 annoying that that happened with the blurriness cos I thought I had finally managed to fix that from happening, haha.

Basically, it seems to happen if the text is being clicked through fast and the game doesn鈥檛 have a chance to despawn the blur effect, BUT, it technically shouldn鈥檛 happen because the code tells the game not to proceed until the blur has been despawned >.< Like, it shouldn鈥檛 physically allow a player to continue until the blur is completely gone x3 

It happened in a few different places, and when I was testing, it seemed like it was finally fixed, but I guess not T_T I don鈥檛 really know what else I can do to make it stop >.< 

Thankfully, it should be fixable in-game by either loading up a different save, starting a new game, or restarting the game itself!

Still, it sucks that it happens at all because it鈥檚 not supposed to x3 I am not a proper coder, so when I鈥檝e written code that says the blur should be gone, I don鈥檛 understand why it doesn鈥檛 get rid of it 100% of the time T_T haha.

Anyways, I鈥檓 glad you still had fun despite that x3 Hope you enjoy the other characters if you end up playing with them too :D

Thanks so much for playing ^-^


tysm for replying! I just restarted the game and everything was fixed! even so, i still appreciate that you took time off your day to reply. Ive also managed to play everyone else's route and i cannot TELL YOU how much i am in love. cutting this short, this is a fantastic game and i will play your other games! 


Hurray :D I wish it never happened in the first place though, haha. I swear it doesn鈥檛 matter what engine I try to use, random weird stuff always happens that technically shouldn鈥檛 happen, and I never know why T_T

So glad you had fun with the other characters too :D With any luck, you might end up liking my other stuff then, haha. Thanks for all your kind words and have a happy rest of May ^-^


I absolutely love the voice acting and the girls are both so cute , the only issue I have is I wish there was more dialogue options ,I would love that and more paths and endings like most visual novels but considering the game is still unfinished I'm sure it could be added in future updates. But love the game


Thanks so much for checking it out & taking the time to leave a lovely comment :3 So glad to hear you had fun with it so far!

Unfortunately, I don't plan to add any choices or extra endings in this particular project, just localisations of the remaining scenarios, but I have a good reason for it x3 (which I will explain below, but it might be a bit long, so I鈥檓 sorry if it ends up being a giant wall of text, haha)

Basically, all my other projects besides this one have plenty of choices, paths, and endings. They contain my yandere ocs & stories (apart from The Graveyard Shift, which is my only game not featuring a yandere, haha.)

But this particular project is different from everything else I've made. It's a fandub of a Japanese drama CD series, so the stories and characters in Yandere Heaven are not mine. I'm literally just localising the same content that's in the original Japanese CDs.

And because they're CDs, there are no choices or paths and stuff because they were designed so that the listener just listens to the scenarios play out track by track, and then chooses a side by listening to the final track associated with a specific character.

I'm trying to make it as faithful a fandub as possible, which means I can't add choices or endings that aren't there in the original content.

The main thing I've changed/added is to include female versions of the characters cos the original CDs only had male yanderes in as they were aimed at a straight female audience. I figured I would expand on that to hopefully open up the content to more people :3

I know some people would happily expand on the CD content and add their own branches and stuff, but I'm personally not comfortable with writing extra content for someone else's characters because I don't want to mess with them x3

On top of that, because I have so many of my own original worlds, this project was supposed to be something I could work on to give me a bit of a break from writing original content sometimes. Cos even though it's still a lot of work to try and accurately localise the Japanese content for this project, it's still easier and less time-consuming than writing for my completely original projects, haha.

Sometimes when I'm writing for my original projects I end up burning out because the branches get out of control or I get brain fuzz or writer's block. So it just feels like a nice change of pace to focus on something like this where it's just a case of turning someone else's stories and characters into English :3

Sorry that was such a rambly explanation anyhow x3 I just don't ever wanna be misleading about what I'm working on is all :3

I'm really glad you still enjoyed the scenarios so far even though they're only in kinetic/linear format :3 Thanks again for playing ^-^


Thank you for the wonder response so kind and sweet and I really appreciate the time you took out of your schedule to write back I will definitely continue to check out your projects and support you ,love the work and hope you have an amazing future with your projects.


No worries at all :3 Thank you for all your kind words <3 Hope you have been having a wonderful May so far ^-^


Hiiiiiiii >< ^^ i love this games idea and ocs, im glad i saw it xD cant wait to play it tysm for making this u seem like a sweet human JSBAJKZSJN :3

Hey hey!! Thank you so much ^-^

Though, I can't take any credit for the stories or the characters in this since they're not actually mine x3 I have plenty of yandere ocs and original stories in my other games, but this particular project is just a fandub cos I thought it would be fun to try and localise old Japanese drama CDs, haha.

I've done my best to try and make sure it's a faithful fandub :D Which, sadly, seems to have earned me a bunch of hate from various people T_T I've lost count of the number of mean comments about the stories and characters being crap at this point even though all I've done is turn them from Japanese to English x3

I hope you end up having fun with it though if you do play it :3


hii hiii!! Of course anytime!! ^^

I'll def make sure to play all Ur other games then u seem soso talented :33!! Awwe I'm so sorry for you, you really don't deserve that you seem like a great person :(( the game was super fun! It's not crap, the games aren't for everyone BUT they still don't have the right to call it crap everything about it is great !! x3 just know that!! D: 

Ofcc I had sm fun honestly !! Abt to check ur other games then, ur SOSOS sweet replying to all comments ^_^<333

You鈥檙e so sweet ^-^ Thank you for all your kind words :3

That seems to be the curse of the internet, haha. Anything you upload will be judged, and there is always someone out there waiting to hate on your projects x3 I鈥檓 just glad that there are plenty of nice people out there as well to help cancel out negativity :D 

Tbh, itch doesn鈥檛 really help devs on that side of things because they allow anyone with an account to leave bad ratings on games even if they haven鈥檛 played them >.<

I鈥檓 glad you had fun with it though at least :3 

I always try to reply to everything if I can cos I really appreciate it when anyone takes the time to say something nice <3 People keep telling me I should stop replying to stuff cos it takes too much time, but I feel like I physically can鈥檛 stop xD It would just feel wrong to only read stuff and not reply at all >.<

Hope you are having a happy month so far :3


tyssmm ><!! id say the same to you, you are rlly sweet !! >:3, ofcofc

yeah.. :(( it sucks!! but trust me all ur projects are amazing and ill try to rate evrything 5 stars and play them all i can already tell they r all amzing omg!!! 0//0!!, and im glad u have sweet ppl to help :33! u desserve it and desserve way more!! the game was rly funn :00!!

yeah haha fr >.< they should rlly fix that its b.s!, i bet none of ur games r under 5 stars omg! :DD 

thankk you!! i knew i would hehe :>!

thats honestly rlly sweet of u luv! :33, im soso happy u rlly r so underrated and NEED 1mil 5 star ratings omg! :33 might be my new fav creator all the other creators never reply if u have problems or just want to say smth nice :< but yee!! :33 

month?? haha ur rlly sweet omg x3 !1 yes i amm games like urs have been rlly fun in my free time heh ^^"!! hope u have a great month! even year :33 x!

You鈥檙e so kind ^-^

I guess a lot of creators maybe don鈥檛 check their comments and stuff or don鈥檛 have time to dedicate to replying to stuff >.< Even if people keep telling me I should also do that to save time, I will keep trying my best to reply to things even if it takes me a while, haha.

Hope you get to have a great year yourself!! <3


please make a version for android! This game looks really good and I've already fallen in love with both girls! XD

I wish I could T_T haha. I wish I could make all of my games playable on mobile, but I haven鈥檛 had any success so far :( 

I tried to make an Android build of one of my older super short projects, but Android Studio kept crashing my PC, and when I eventually managed to get it to export a build, it didn鈥檛 even start in the virtual test environment >.<

I think I need a better PC and some help from someone with more knowledge about how to make mobile builds work if I鈥檓 ever going to manage to release mobile versions of my stuff.

I really hope it will be possible in the future! I just don鈥檛 know how to do it at the moment x3

I鈥檓 glad you like the look of the game! ^-^

It鈥檚 not the ideal solution, but a friend has said it鈥檚 possible to run the Windows versions of some of my games on a phone using something called Winlator for Android, BUT, it doesn鈥檛 work on everything, and apparently, the load times can be really long + crashes happen if it can鈥檛 handle the loading >.<


I actually loved this so much and have replayed it several times. Sakae is just perfect. 

Glad to hear it :D I鈥檓 personally on team Takaaki/Tomomi, but Sakae has his charms, hehe. Thanks so much for playing! :3

(3 edits)

Um well i have problem for downloading Windows version, i tried several times but the downloading process get Failed just in the middle of the process, is there any other way to download this game? Please Help me if you can, thanks

(1 edit)

That's strange >.< I wondered if it might've been a problem with itch's servers at the moment or something, so I tried downloading it myself, but it was fine. I was able to get the full download in about 2 minutes. 

I'm not that knowledgeable about what could cause issues with downloads but I guess it could be a problem with your net provider. I know when I'm trying to download stuff on my PC via wifi, it cuts out a lot T_T even for small files! It's kind of a nightmare trying to download anything over 1GB, haha.

Anyways, I don't know if it will help, but I uploaded the Windows version of the game to Google Drive, so you can try downloading it from there and see if that's any better :3

With any luck, that will help :3

(4 edits) (+1)

I'm so thankful really really thank you鈾 i finally got successful to download the game with the google drive link, yes you are right i think the problem is itch's servers because i tried download other games too but unfortunately i couldn't download games with more than 100MG O_o ,anyway thanks again I'm very happy now that i can experience this wonderful game and i will post my review a bout this wonderful game after i played it too <3

No problem! I鈥檓 so glad you were able to download it in the end :3 

That sucks about the problems with downloading from itch鈥檚 servers though :( If you ever end up wanting to check out my other games and itch is being a pain in the butt, feel free to poke me cos I鈥檓 happy to upload anything to drive if needed :3

I hope you end up having fun with the game anyhow ^-^

(1 edit) (+1)

Oh Thank you veryyy much!!! of course! If i had any problem in downloading again i will tell you for sure,You are the kindest game creator I have ever spoken to (鈮р棥鈮) 鈾

Hope you best鈾




Hehe, yeah, he did an incredible job with the character! Even though Sakae is a total asshole, mc_cheshire somehow managed to make him somewhat lovable and genuinely charming with that voice acting talent, haha. 

Tbh, I have no idea if the original CDs considered themselves comical or not, but I feel like the characters are so OTT that even though there鈥檚 creepy yandere stuff going on, it鈥檚 so whacky it can鈥檛 help but become kind of a comedy xD

Thanks so much for playing <3


I wish people like this were real </3 (fun stories though!! very well done :))


There probably are a few out there who are real, but I imagine they鈥檙e quite rare! Or at least, the ones who would genuinely love are a rarity.

I鈥檝e come across a small number of people in my lifetime who want to own me but go about it in an abusive way. That's never a nice thing like it can be in fiction because, in reality, the people I鈥檝e met have been acting that way for selfish reasons rather than out of genuine love for me >.< The abuse always outweighs the 鈥榣ove鈥 in my experience, sadly :( 

For me, fiction will always be superior to reality xD

Thanks so much for checking out the game ^-^


and thank YOU for making it!! been playing a few more of your games since and I love it allll, good luck with the upcoming projects! :D


Aww, that鈥檚 awesome <3 so glad you鈥檝e had fun with some of my other stuff too ^-^ And thank youuuu for the luck as well cos I will definitely need it x3

(1 edit) (+2)

where tf are his arms


I'm guessing you're talking about Kakeru? xD I mean,  I can't say with 100% certainty because I didn't draw the sprite, haha, but I'm guessing the artist wanted him to be posed like he's holding his hands behind his back or something. To be fair though, it does just look a bit like he doesn't have arms the more you look at it x3

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)


<3 <3 <3



Well, at least with volume 02 being set in a hospital, Doctor Takaaki/Tomomi should be able to get your heart going again :D



Glad to hear it :D Thank you so much for playing! :3


my happiness knows no bounds thank you so much for this sade of nectars



Well... I usually don't comment on Itch. But I have to cus' the game is amazing!!! It's really well written in it's own little yandere way and the voice acting is on point! I had loads of fun while playing through the routes. The bonus place is my favourite tho, beacuse of the music and especially the Bloopers! :D Seemed like the actors were having fun too! Hope you continue this game as it seemed to have more volumes closed. :33


Aww, well, that really means a lot that you decided to comment on this :3 So glad to hear you had fun with the volumes that are finished so far :D

I usually write my own stories/games, but this one is a special side project that I started as a fan of the Yandere Heaven drama CD series cos I thought it might be fun to have a go at localising some Japanese stuff instead for a change, haha. Tbh, if I had more time, I'd probably try to localise soooo many Japanese drama CDs cos there are some really cool ones out there!

I feel like maybe I did a better job at localising the script for volume/CD 02 than I did with the first one x3 The first one I still keep seeing things I would have written differently now I have a bit more experience >.<

But yeah, it just wouldn鈥檛 be the same without the voice acting! I did debate not making it a VN at all and instead just doing the script localisation, then getting voice actors in for the dub, and keep it as an audio-only project to put on YouTube or something instead! In the end, though, I decided it would be more fun to work on if I could come up with a suitable visual aesthetic and make it a VN :3

That鈥檚 awesome that you like the extras with the bloopers and stuff too :D I鈥檓 a sucker for bloopers, hehe. They were always my favourite bonus content on DVDs, and I wish they were in more games, so I just started trying to include the bloopers in all of my games xD

I will try to eventually finish the remaining volumes :3 There are 4 more CDs to cover, but there is also a spinoff series called Yandere Heaven Black which I might do as well. The YHB ones were BL CDs I think, but I鈥檇 just do the same and give male/female romance options.

It will probably be quite slow though because my main projects take priority over this one >.< I just thought I would try to finish volume 02 for the yandere jam since it had been a while since I finished volume 01 x3

Thanks so much for checking out the game and leaving such a lovely comment ^-^


For whomever is scrolling the comments, wanting to know if the game is worth playing or not;
Eye of the beholder, I believe. Personally, I think you should try it before you think it's not good enough. This game's got a lot more than it seems like it does, with rich story and an awesome team behind it. A personal favorite!

Also, M.M., I wanted to show you something if it's alright. Tell me if it doesn't show up or if I should remove this.


That's so sweet of you to put!!! And omg, that art is ADORABLE <3 I wish you could've seen the smile on my face when I saw it cos I'm on my phone atm just about to head out for a walk with my pops, and so I had to click the little button to expand the comment, and when that popped up, it put a huuuge smile on my face :D 

It's so cool!! Actually, if it's okay with you, I could even put it in the extras section of the game as bonus art whenever I end up updating with volume 03 (and credit you, of course) cos then more people could see it :3 No worries if you'd rather not though!


It's absolutely alright, as long as it doesn't put any more pressure on you!


Awesome stuff :D It should be pretty easy to add :3 The hard part will be remembering to actually do it when it comes around to adding the next volume, haha. I've made a checklist of things to change and add when it comes to releasing volume 03 though, so I've put it on there to remind me!

It really is so, so cute ^-^


We ball!!


Tengo una pregunta, yo hablo espa帽ol el juego esta completamente en ingles? o tambien te da la opcion de otros idiomas? se que el audio es completamente en ingles pero lo demas? 馃ゲ馃ゲ disculpe la molestia. 

Lo siento si esto es malo. Utilic茅 el traductor de Google para leer tu mensaje y responder >.<

Desafortunadamente, el texto del juego solo est谩 disponible en ingl茅s en este momento. Es porque soy un desarrollador en solitario del Reino Unido y, lamentablemente, no soy lo suficientemente competente en otros idiomas para agregar diferentes opciones de idioma :(

Es posible que pueda trabajar con traductores en alg煤n momento para agregar otros idiomas, pero todav铆a no s茅 c贸mo hacer que ese tipo de cosas funcionen en el juego porque nunca lo hab铆a hecho antes >.<

Lo siento, probablemente no sea una respuesta muy 煤til. 隆Gracias por tu inter茅s en el proyecto! :3

Sorry if this is bad. I used Google translate to read your message and reply >.<

Unfortunately, the text in the game is also only available in English right now. 

It's because I am a solo dev from the UK, and sadly, I'm not competant enough in other languages to add different language options :( 

It's possible I might be able to work with translators at some point to add other languages, but I still don't even know how you make that sort of thing work in-game because I've never done it before >.<

I'm sorry that's probably not a very helpful answer. Thank you for your interest in the project though! :3


Saeka is da material girl.

I think if Saeka came for me I would run as far away from her as possible x3 or just run to Tomomi for help >.<


Just finished playing part one I must say that I really loved it!
Cannot wait for part two!!!


That鈥檚 fantastic, glad to hear it :D Funnily enough, I鈥檓 actually working on volume 02 right now! I鈥檓 hoping to have it finished for the end of this year's Yandere Jam in mid-March, but that might not happen because I have a lot of crap going on in my life and I鈥檓 struggling to function thanks to the stress and being utterly overwhelmed >.< I鈥檓 still gonna try though! If I miss the jam deadline, it鈥檚 not the end of the world I guess. I鈥檒l just release it whenever it鈥檚 ready :3

The worst thing is, because the project files are so old, after updating to the most recent version of Naninovel to make volume 02, it鈥檚 basically broken almost everything from volume 01 T_T I pretty much have to rebuild it all manually and make sure volume 01 is working properly again before I can start coding for volume 02 >.<

Thanks so much for checking it out!


Heyo, question- I've been playing this game for a little bit now and I was wondering if the MC is able to make any decisions? because I haven't stumbled upon any yet.

Unfortunately, because this project is just an adaptation of a Japanese audio drama CD, (there are no choices in the CD besides choosing which character MC ends up with) and I wanted it to be a faithful adaptation, so I didn't add choices or anything cos I didn't want to add my own original stuff to this one x3 It's pretty much just a visual novel fan adaptation of the CD :3

Thanks for playing! 


I don't know if it's a hug or what, but sometimes when I put the dialogues on automatic, even by slowing down the automatic delay, the text moves to the next one in 2 seconds without me touching anything. I've only noticed this with Atsushi at the moment. I'm still only at the beginning of the game, but otherwise the game is very good for the moment! I love the atmosphere and the characters' characters (for the moment)

Hmm, I'm not sure, but it's probably a bug of some kind >.< Unfortunately, all the stuff lope the settings for auto mode are all determined by Naninovel and I don't poke around with those since it's all like pre-programmed and I don't wanna break anything >.< Naninovel has had a good few updates since I released this though, so it's possible that if it was a bug there, they might've fixed that now, so the next time I load up this project to work on a new episode, I should be able to update it to the most recent version of Naninovel, and with any luck, it might work a bit better, haha. 

Glad you've been having fun with it anyhow! Hope you get to have happy holidays :3

:Parraa_Cat_Freind_: Uhm I opened this on my Lenovo Laptop window version couldnt leave the app so i had to restart my laptop and delete the app so -0 stars for u

Charming! x3 Unfortunately, that sounds like it might be a problem with your laptop rather than the game >.< As I tested it on both the windows PC that I made it on + on the family potato laptop, and it works fine on both of those. No freezes, no crashes, and the quit button works just fine... So yeah, there must be something about your laptop that just doesn't like the game for whatever reason >.<

weird bc i have windows 10 home lenovo


To be honest, I don鈥檛 think specs and stuff even matter that much, there鈥檚 just something really weird with some computers out there and they don鈥檛 play well with Unity/Naninovel for some unknown reason >.<

It sucks because if it鈥檚 only a small number of people having an issue and I can鈥檛 replicate the problem on my own computer, I don鈥檛 really have a way of fixing it :( 

I will hopefully be updating this project with episode 02 sometime this year though, and to do that, I鈥檓 going to need to update all the files to the latest version of Naninovel since it鈥檚 had a lot of updates since I started this project. So it鈥檚 possible that just having the game running in the new Naninovel version might make a difference with your computer.

It鈥檚 a bit like a weird luck lottery because, as I mentioned, even our ancient family potato laptop can run this game and some people have even managed to run it on Windows emulators. But there are always a small handful of people with decent PCs who encounter random weird problems that don鈥檛 occur for most people >.<

I think maybe if the game was made in Ren鈥橮y, it might have a better chance of running well for everyone. There鈥檚 just something weird about Naninovel that some people鈥檚 computers seem to really not like :(


Is it normal that I can't open it in Mac? it says "Mac can't open this app"


Sorry my reply is so slow >.< I'm badly behind on responding to everything atm thanks to Christmas stress and generally being ill, haha. 

It actually is fairly normal that it's being silly on Mac x3 I don't know what it is about games on itch and Macs, but it's a constant problem that Mac users seem to have :( I don't own one myself, but people who do have told me it's like a security thing where cos games are unsigned, they can't get past Mac security >.<

The good thing is, there are some fairly easy workarounds to get games working :3 People have told me the easiest thing to do is just download the itch.io app and then download all games through that app, then they have no issues, but there are other solutions too! I put together a list of stuff people have said works for them over the years, and you can find it here:


The post is on one of my other projects, but the suggested solutions apply to all of my games here :3

Hope you get to have happy holidays! ^-^


I can see that the game is on hold, is everything alright? Can we get some news about the development (if not here, maybe on any social media? x_x)
The game just looks really good and I saw that the developer replies in the comments, so I have a big hope about that one 鈾

It鈥檚 a little difficult to give a proper answer because the explanation is reeeealllly long x3 I鈥檓 actually in the middle of attempting to draft a big post about all my projects in general and my plans for what to work on in 2024 though, so I can link you to that once I eventually finish and post it :3

The short story is that there isn鈥檛 really any news about the development of this particular project >.< It鈥檚 on hold indefinitely for a few different reasons. I absolutely intend to work on and finish it at some point in the future, but it鈥檚 not particularly high up on my list of priorities is all. I definitely won鈥檛 be working on it any time in the rest of this year. It鈥檚 possible I might work on 1 more episode next year, but it really depends on how things go with irl stuff and also some of my other projects.

I really appreciate your interest in the project though :3 I鈥檒l finish it eventually, it鈥檚 probably just going to take me a long time is all >.<


i love it so much 100/100

<3 Glad to hear it! Thanks so much for playing ^-^

(1 edit)

u can't name it? 

I鈥檓 not sure I understand >.<


hello im sorry i was asking if u can name the character ur playing or not, im sorry 馃槶

Hey there! Sorry my reply is slow, I鈥檝e not been on my PC since the 12th October cos I鈥檝e been really busy + ill >.< haha.

You don鈥檛 need to apologise anyhow :3

You can鈥檛 name the character that you鈥檙e playing as, but you can pick your character鈥檚 pronouns so that the other characters in the game will refer to your character as he/him, sher/her, or they/them.


ohh thankyou so muchh for answering my questionn! i was really waiting for someone to respond to my question, anyway thanks againn!! ^^


Very good game, but what happend to the soup???????


Cheers for playing! I don鈥檛 remember any soup, so I can鈥檛 help with that x3 my memory is pretty bad, haha. Sorry T_T


This has been excellent, I'm so tired of all games with romance always portrait the healthiest, boring , so safe relations with zero passion (almost as if designed to make sure the next day after a breakup you could go to work without crying) this is unique, this one show the flaws, the human face,the offense to the norm and the moral and without idealism due to that perfectly displayed endings, the voice actors specially the girls are a renaissance for my ears, so professional, you have a talent for the genre if this was made in 15 days, I'm buying you a ko fi since it takes less percentage than itch and following anything similar you make, i also hope your anxiety get better 鈾 鈾モ櫋 


Aww, I鈥檓 so glad you enjoyed it :3 One day I will eventually get around to finishing the remaining volumes, but for now, I have other projects and irl stuff going on that take priority >.< The good news though is that pretty much all of my projects feature at least one yandere and/or unhealthy relationships xD

A big part of the reason I got into making games in the first place is because I adore yandere characters and psychological stories that focus more on the darker side of human behaviour x3 I do still enjoy the fluffy, happy, warm, fuzzy sorts of romance games out there too! Heck, otome games were how I discovered visual novels in general! But at the same time, I do tend to get bored quickly if it鈥檚 all fluffy romance and no darker aspect somewhere, haha. 

Thank you so much for checking out the game and for your kind comment and support ^-^ <3

bro really said kidnapping is passionate


kasumi x aoi canon

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