Bug Fix Update :3

Alrighty, so I'm back home and have had a chance to fix some of the stuff I wasn't able to immediately after release. Here's a quick breakdown of what's changed :3

  • Added the missing voice line for Atsushi during his ending

  • Changed the font size of character names in all text boxes so that they (hopefully) don't pop out of the boxes for anyone

  • Fixed several typos in the text

  • Tweaked the credits a little

  • Added a beautiful original choking sound by the wonderful Anthony Rodriguez for Kakeru (to replace the stock choking SFX I edited hastily and shoved in there last minute when I was rushed by the deadline x3)

With any luck, I didn't break anything in the process! 

Unfortunately, there are still a handful of bugs in there that may or may not occur for some players :( they're ones that I don't really know how to fix since I have no idea what's causing them. As far as I know, none of them are completely game-breaking, and can be fixed by simply reloading a save, but still, it's frustrating, and I can only apologise for my ineptitude >.<

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