Walkthrough/Endings/CGs & Secrets Guide

Alrighty, it's guide time! Unlocking most of the endings & CGs in this one shouldn't be too difficult, but I figured I'd make one anyways since one or two things have slightly weird conditions, haha. I'll split it into sections. A full walkthrough, and a secrets guide.

I'll try to make this as spoiler-free as possible, but I'll also attempt to put more major spoilers under spoiler tags :3

Okay, so, here we go!


[Choice 01] - Voices
*Listen to the first/second voice
*Focus on this voice / Listen to another voice
These are just to decide if you want to play with Blythe using a masculine voice or a feminine voice

[Choice 02] - What's your name?
*It's embarrassing...
These are just to decide if you want to play with the default name for MC or not. Even if you rename MC, Blythe will still refer to you as 'bunny' & 'rabbit'

[Choice 03] - How about your pronouns?
These are just to decide the pronouns you will be referred to by throughout the game

[Choice 04] - Do you like them?
*Not really...
Only changes MC and Blythe's dialogue

[Choice 05] - Did I say something wrong already?
*Is this a dream?
*Can I touch your ears?
Only changes MC and Blythe's dialogue

[Choice 06] - Pretty good, huh?
*I don't believe you
Only changes MC and Blythe's dialogue

[Choice 07] - It's as simple as that
*Get out
*I give up
Only changes MC and Blythe's dialogue

[Choice 08] - Are you seriously about to start sniffling?
*Pet Blythe
Only changes MC and Blythe's dialogue

[Choice 09] - Pick your bunny!
*Pick orange Blythe
*Pick blue Blythe
Only the orange Blythe route is available at the moment for the jam release

[Choice 10] Virtually impossible not to see...
*But still...
Only changes MC and Blythe's dialogue

[Choice 11] - Do you like it?
*I love it!
*It's weird...
Only changes MC and Blythe's dialogue

[Choice 12] (if you picked "It's weird..." for choice 11)
*Say nothing - Pick this one to get [Bad End 01]

CONTENT WARNING - Bad End name contains a spoiler DEVOURED END

* Reassure Blythe - Pick this one to continue the story (puts you to a similar place as you would be if you picked "I love it!" for choice 11)

[Choice 13] - Balloons
*Pick 1 of 8 balloons to pop
Whichever one you pick, the same thing will happen

[Choice 14 a,b,c,d,] - More balloons
*Pick 1 of 8 balloons - Pick the orange balloon to find Blythe's surprise
Blythe will make different comments depending on which balloons you pop

[Choice 15] - (if you popped more than 4 total without finding the surprise)
*Keep going - Pick this one to get [Bad End 02 & CG 01]

CONTENT WARNING - Bad End name contains a spoiler OBLIVIOUS END

*Give up - Pick this one to continue the story

[Choice 16] - (if you found Blythe's surprise in the orange balloon) Made all my hard work worth it
*Not how they're made...
*You shouldn't have...
Only changes MC and Blythe's dialogue

[Choice 17] - Do you want to try it first, or shall I?
*You try - Blythe plays the claw game for you
*I'll try - You play the claw game with timed choices
Only changes MC and Blythe's dialogue

[Choice 18] (if you had Blythe try the crane game first) - You're not bored, are you?
*A little... - Will lead to friction
*Nope! - Will lead to you playing the claw game yourself
Only changes MC and Blythe's dialogue

[Playing the claw game]
The choices here are timed. You will have 6 attempts. Blythe will make different comments each time you fail. Fail all 6 times and Blythe will suggest trying together.

[Winner!] - If either you or Blythe (orange) win the claw game, a timed choice "Wait!" will appear.
*Hit it in time to continue the story.
*Fail to hit it to get [Bad End 03 & CG 02]

CONTENT WARNING - Bad End name contains a spoiler IMPRISONED END

[Choice 19] - I was really worried that...
*Should I be...?
*Not at all
Only changes MC and Blythe's dialogue

[Choice 20] - Is that how it feels?
Only changes MC and Blythe's dialogue

[Choice 21] - Would you doubt that as well?
*Are you kidding?
*I don't know
Only changes MC and Blythe's dialogue

[Choice 22] - Does it change how you feel?
*I'm scared - Changes dialogue & prevents you from unlocking the next choice which unlocks CG 03 - Leads to [Bad End 04 Happy Birthday?]
*I'm confused - Changes dialogue & prevents you from unlocking the next choice which unlocks CG 03 - Leads to [Bad End 04 Happy Birthday?]
*Yes, it does - Changes dialogue & opens up another choice

[Choice 23] 

CONTENT WARNING - Choice question contains a slight spoiler Does that mean I can kiss you now?

*You can - Changes dialogue & leads to unlocking CG 03
*No - You won't be penalised and the story will continue, but you will miss unlocking CG 03

[Choice 24]

CONTENT WARNING - Description contains slight spoilers Keep on stroking Blythe

Blythe will make different comments with each button. 

*Fail to hit all timed buttons leads to [Neutral End 01 & unlocks CG 04]

CONTENT WARNING - Ending name contains slight spoilers TORPOR END

*Succeed in hitting all timed buttons leads to [Good/True End 01 & unlocks CG 05]

CONTENT WARNING - Ending name contains slight spoilers BLISS END


It should go without saying really that a section titled 'secrets' is going to contain spoilers x3 Still, I will try to hide the bigger ones!

[Unlocking the extras section]
To do this, you must reach Blythe's True/Good end.

CONTENT WARNING - End name contains slight spoilers BLISS END - You need to click the hidden bunny button in the top left corner of the title screen

[Title screen changes]

As you play through the game, you will notice the title screen changes after certain conditions are met.

CONTENT WARNING - Several major spoilers The blue version of Blythe will appear often with additional dialogue after bad endings - After Bad End 03 IMPRISONED, you will find that whenever you next quit the game, there will be a message waiting for you - After BLISS END & credits, the title screen will reveal Blythe's origins.

[Song lyrics]
I always include song lyrics in my games from at least 1 song I've been listening to while creating the game. I often hide them in the dialogue.
Hint: This time, blue Blythe has the lyrics in their dialogue.

CONTENT WARNING - Song & band revealed Poets of the Fall - Choice Millionaire - Lyrics: Life can be a love affair or a cage of sheer despair :3

Phew, okay... I think that's everything x3 If I missed something or you still need help with anything, just lemme know :3

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For some reason, no matter how many times I go through the game. I can't unlock the extras (bliss ending) ? I've gone through and gotten the true ending multiple times now to try and unlock it but nothing is happening am I doing something wrong ? 😭

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Hmm... it doesn't sound like you're doing anything wrong >.<

I just did a quick speedrun on a clean Windows test copy cos it's been a while since I worked on this and my memory was a little fuzzy, so I figured I better double-check exactly how it works, haha.

Okay, so, as you say, you need to reach the bliss ending to unlock the extras, and you'll know when you've successfully passed that ending because a screen will come up that says it's the bliss ending. You'll also get a credits roll, and at the end of the credits, it should have a message that tells you you've unlocked the extras section + how to access it. After that, there's a short extra scene, and then it kicks you back to an alternate title screen.

Once on the title screen, you need to navigate to the top left corner of the screen and if you hover the mouse in the right place, a little image of a bunny should appear.

I took a quick screenshot to show the general area that you need to highlight and put blue marker on it :3

A small button that looks like this should pop up when you hover over the marked area.

If you click on the bunny button, it should take you to the extras :3

You can actually find and click on the button even when the extras are still locked, but it will just pop up with a message saying that the extras are unlocked by reaching a certain ending x3

I only hid it up there because I didn't want to make the other main options look cluttered on the screen, haha.

If you've done all of that and the extras still won't open for some reason, then I'm not really sure what would cause it to be broken on your end since I can get them to unlock on my copy >.< I'd need to somehow replicate everything exactly the way you're doing it in order to get to the bottom of why it won't unlock for you.

As a checklist, all I can say is:

Make sure you succeeded in all 5 (I think it was 5 anyhow x3) timed/quicktime presses during the final scene where you have to keep stroking Blythe. If you don't hit all 5 fast enough, it will default to a different ending (Torpor End) instead of the Bliss one.

Make sure you see the screen that says Bliss End on it.

Make sure you see the note in the credits roll that tells you the extras have been unlocked.

After all of that, when you go to click on the bunny button in the top left of the title screen, let me know if it allows you into the extras or if it comes up with a message telling you to reach a certain end in order to unlock them still.

It's possible if you're not playing a Windows version that there could be some weird Mac/Linux bug because I can't test anything on either of those T_T but I don't really see why it would work for me on Windows and not on other systems if the game functions on those systems in general. 

There's a high chance I'll be unable to fix it for you if nothing above works though :(

If it comes down to it, I could always export you a separate copy of the game with the dev console active, then it would just be a case of typing in 1 short command into the console to unlock the extras!

But an easier option is I could just send the extras files over to you via Google Drive or something if you'd prefer :3 

Thanks so much for playing the game by the way!! <3
(and sorry if none of what I typed is of any help >.<)


Okay thank you ! I'll try my best at getting the bliss ending again when I get home ! Sorry for all of the trouble and thank you for the help :3


No worries :3 If it would be more helpful to see the process instead, I can always make a quick video later!

It would be a tiny bit spoilery I guess,  but I could just record a copy of how I speedran it last night skipping all the text and just showing the choices.

I'm not at my PC right now, but just lemme know if you want me to do a video later cos it's no trouble and wouldn't take long to record :3


Thank you ! I've just gone through it and got the bliss ending this time SO HOPEFULLY, the extras should be unlocked ! Thank you so much for the help I must have messed up with the time clicks with petting Blythe <3 (p.s. I absolutely love this game, I can't wait to try out your other games soon ! :3)


Yep it worked ! Got access to the extras. Thank for sm again for going out of your way to help <3


I absolutely would have never guessed Blythe's origins and there's no comment I can make that isn't spoiler besides.....gimme more o.o


Hehe, well, I'm glad you liked it ^-^ Thanks so much for playing this one too! I'm hoping to get blue Blythe's route out for next year's yandere jam, but at the same time, I don't want to make any promises on that cos I never know what's gonna end up happening, and when I make plans, something usually comes up that stops them from going as planned xD


Ok so I finally got all endings (the Bliss ending last) and im trying to type this as unspoilery as possible so it might be incomprehensive

But i have to say out of all the crackpot theories i had i never thought i'd be right about Blythes origins??? like... it was just a small obscure throwaway kinda thought i had while playing the first playthrough then i got the Bliss ending and i was like *shocked pikachu face*?

10/10 gonna end it here before i go off on a ramble


Well, I can’t speak for anyone else, but I think if people have played it themselves, they’ll know exactly what you mean :3 Also, I really appreciate you keeping the spoilers to a minimum, so thank you for that and for taking the time to play through the game ^-^

xD I love it when that happens when I’m reading/watching/playing stuff, haha. I’m not generally great at figuring things out, so I usually keep my theories to myself since they tend to be somewhat odd if I do have any, but whenever it turns out they’re true, I’m just utterly gobsmacked, haha. 

With this, I feel like it might be pretty hit or miss as to whether people go down that line of thought or not x3 The hints are sort of there, but they’re not amazing, and I have a feeling they’re probably vague enough that you could come up with a bunch of different theories which fit. Hopefully, that’s part of the fun at least x3 I can never tell cos I always feel like my stories are just a bunch of my brain’s incoherent nonsense splurged onto a screen that maybe doesn’t make much sense xD

Thank you so much for playing :3


Hi, I just wanted to say that I enjoyed playing this, it has been the highlight of my day! I just had like one question.. When I would hit the timed buttons for the true ending, the last one just didnt seem to work, and I played that route multiple times just to make sure that I clicked it ;-; so I was wondering if you know anything about it? Have a wonderfull day and keep up the good work! :]

(2 edits)

Hey! That's awesome, so glad you've been enjoying it ^-^

There shouldn't be any issues with the final timed button (at least there wasn't when I tested the game to make sure everything was working) but, it has the shortest timer of all the buttons. I can't remember the exact lengths of the timers, but as each one pops up, it gets shorter, and that last one is 0.5 seconds or less, it might even be something really mean like 0.25 x3 depends how evil I was feeling when I made it, haha. So it can be kind of a pain in the butt to hit >.< Sometimes when I was testing, even though I knew exactly where to press and was ready for it, I still missed it a few times T_T

If you happen to have a slow computer, that might make it even harder to press in time, but hopefully not cos I also tested on our family potato laptop which is suuuuuper slow, and still just about managed to get them all x3

The only thing I can suggest is to make a save right before all those timed buttons, and just keep at it until you hopefully get it :3 I should probably have included an option to make it skippable after a few tries though >.< I feel like an idiot for not thinking of that at the time cos I know timed stuff in games annoys me as a player! And I wouldn't want anyone to miss out on getting the true end because of that timed sequence since that end is pretty important to the overall story :( I will have to see if I can add it when the game is next updated with blue Blythe's route! Heck, I would add it sooner, but my arm is still broken, so there's not much I can do about it anytime soon >.<

Thank you so much for playing and I hope you get to have an awesome weekend ^-^


Thank you so much! This really helped and don't worry about anything 'till you are better! There is no rush, so take your time and heal :] I hope you have an amazing weekend or what's left of it  ;^^ You're super awesome :))


i don't think i found out the origin of blythe. i had to listen to the dev commentary to find out that twist, i think.


I think I remember seeing this asked and answered in the discord server, but since I don't know for sure if you're the same person, and since someone else might want to know the answer to this as well, I figured I'd still put this here :3

It's quite brief the way it's shown in the game and pretty easy to miss x3 

Basically, after getting the Bliss ending, when you get sent back to the title screen and the alternate version of the main theme is playing, if you click on any of the menu buttons right away to start a new game, load a save file, access the extras section, or quit, you will probably miss it >.< If you go into settings or gallery, it should still be visible when you back out.

But yeah, sadly, if you press on anything too quickly, it's easy to miss and will disappear until the next time the Bliss ending is run through.

I'll put what it is below under spoilers :3


So when you complete the Bliss end, once you're back in the title screen, the alternate version of the main theme will play, Blythe (orange) will be winking, and there will be something else that spawns on the screen instead of the usual orange bubbles!

Like all the little title screen changes I made that appear post-ending, it's not a permanent change, and as soon as you start a new game, load a previous save, enter the extras section, or quit the game, the title screen will revert back to the normal/original version until the Bliss end is completed again. It takes the same time for the varient spawn to show up as it does the bubbles, but they are different sizes, so you might have to wait up to 20 seconds to get a good enough view to see what's going on :3


yeah, i'm the same person. i just happened to use this username here. thanks.


I just found out the true origin of blythe and I'm shook. And all of the messages from blythe are just making the most sense now

Woo :D Glad they make more sense after that reveal :3

I already got Blythe's true end but it wont led me open the extras section. what do I have to do for it to open TwT

Did you click on the button in the top left corner of the screen? It's a hidden bunny that looks the same as the ones on MC's text box :3 It's invisible the whole time, but can always be clicked on. It's just if you try to click on it before getting the ending where the credits play, it won't let you in. It has to be once that ending is reached + credits finished + the game has taken you back to the title screen. Only then will it have ticked the box in the code that allows you in :3 

Also, if you happen to be on a really slow computer, you might experience a long delay or long loading screen time whenever you click on the button >.< I don't really know why cos it loads instantly on my PC, but on our family potato laptop it takes around 30 seconds. 

Deleted 1 year ago
(2 edits)

Yeah, that is a bad end CG, haha. Unfortunately, there's a weird bug going on with Naninovel and Unity at the moment where sometimes the wrong background art loads when you load a save >.< It was reported last December by another dev, but so far no fixes for it cos the cause is unknown :(

You can fix it while playing by rewinding the text 1 line or by reloading the save again usually. But still, it's an extremely irritating bug, especially in this case where it's essentially showed you a major spoiler T_T I had it happen several times while testing, but it always loaded backgrounds I'd already seen at least. If it's loading stuff players haven't even encountered yet, then it makes it an even more major issue! 

Glad you enjoyed the game though ^-^

(Edit: Also, whenever you see this, would you be able to edit your comment or mind if I delete it? Just in case anyone happens to come onto this page and accidentally see what you said since it's an ending spoiler x3) 


thanks for letting me know! And of course ;)

Cheers :3 And I still can't believe it did that to you T_T it's such a stupid bug >.>


ah please don't worry x3 it's fine! just shocked me (bit of a jumpscare cause i wasn't expecting it) T-T btw i love your games and have played through all of them so far! i eat these kinds of games up :P

Yeah, I can imagine it being quite the shock if it appeared outta nowhere xD of all the bloomin' things it could have shown, haha.

Holy moly, well, that's awesome and I'm super happy you've enjoyed playing them all ^-^ I actually have a little thingymabob to post later regarding other games with yandere characters in just in case it helps anyone discover new games they didn't already know about! Maybe it won't be very helpful cos I think most people are more in the loop than me when it comes to releases x3 but still, haha. I just haven't got time before dinner to actually finish typing the post up, so it's gonna have to come a bit later >.<