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On their birthday, Bunnie (renameable + pick your pronouns) makes a wish, but will they get more than they bargained for when a bunny-eared being named Blythe shows up to give them their best-ever birthday?

Made in under a month for Yandere Jam 2023.

  • 2 adorable yandere bunnies to play with <3 (1 full route currently available)

  • Full English voice acting (+ choose either a masculine or feminine voice for Blythe)

  • Pick the protagonist's pronouns (she/her, he/him, they/them available)

  • Plenty of choices & 6 different endings (4 bad ends & 2 good ends)

  • Beautiful original sprite & CG art

  • CG gallery with 5 CGs to unlock

  • A partial original soundtrack consisting of 10 tracks made especially for the game (including 2 vocal tracks)

  • Approximately 13k words

  • An unlockable extras section

This game contains the following:

  • Flashing Lights
  • Blood
  • Swearing
  • Threatening Behaviour
  • A protagonist struggling with their mental health - including themes of anxiety, depression, ASD, and agoraphobia

For more specific triggers, click the content warning below, but please be aware that some of the things mentioned contain spoilers!

CONTENT WARNING (contains spoilers) [On-Screen] Asphyxia, Blood, Captivity/Confinement, Needle, Panic Attacks, Physical Assault, Drug Use, Psychological Abuse [Off-Screen] Estrangement, Massacres/Mass Murder, Hallucinations, Mind Control [Mentioned] Medical Treatment

Need a walkthrough to find all the endings and secrets? Head here!

Found a nasty bug that needs squashing? Head here to report it!

For tips on getting the game running on Mac, head here.

The game is designed to be played in 16:9 1920x1080. When playing in any other resolution, the UI may appear somewhat out of place + parts of the screen might be cut off. 

Please note that the game was designed to be played with head/earphones on and all audio turned on. Sprite expression changes are timed with the voice acting & SFX at the default text reveal speed, so if you change the text reveal speed or skip through text, stuff may play slightly out of time.

Occasionally, when skipping text, sprites may fail to complete movement and appear incorrectly on the screen, you can fix this by rewinding one line of text.

Sometimes when loading up a save, an incorrect background will be displayed. You can fix this either by rewinding one line of text or by reloading the save again.
(I don't know what causes this, I saw it mentioned by another dev in the Naninovel support Discord and followed the advice given to try and resolve it, but it didn't make any difference, so I will contact support myself to see if it can be fixed somehow.)


Writing + Partial OST + Created by
Melancholy Marionette
Twitter- YouTube - Tumblr

Sprite + CG + Logo & Page Art by
Lazy Polar Bear
Website - Twitter- Tumblr


Blythe - orange (masculine voice)

Blythe - blue (masculine voice)
Dominic Devlin

Blythe - orange (feminine voice)
Emily Joann
Website - Twitter

Blythe - blue (feminine voice)
Taryn Kay Langona

(For full credits, please refer to the document within the game folder or download the text document from the downloads section of this game page.)

- Opening the game on Mac -

I personally don't own a Mac, so I can't even test my Mac builds (or Linux ones, for that matter!) but over the years, various Mac users have helped me to compile a list of suggestions on how to get itch.io games for Mac working :3 You can find that list in a text document within the game download folder, or you can view it in this post here.

The most common solution seems to be to download the itch.io and launch all itch games via that :3

I recently upgraded to a new version of Unity with additional build options for Mac, and I had no idea what any of them meant, nor could I find an answer that I could understand when looking it up >.< I used the default one that said it's Intel x64 & Apple Silicon combined, whatever that means!

- Controls -

Advance Text - Left mouse click, mouse scroll wheel down, spacebar 

Rewind Text - Mouse scroll wheel up, left arrow key
(text cannot be rewound after making a choice, so please save the game if you want to pick a different choice faster - rewinding text can also sometimes cause errors)

Skip Mode (fast) - Right arrow key, right control

Skip Mode (toggle) - Down arrow key

Auto Mode - Up arrow key

 Open Backlog - L key 

Toggle/Hide UI - H key

- Other - 

If you need help with anything, enjoyed the game and want to talk about it, or just want to tell me something in general, please either use the comments section (and don't forget to rate and review the game too if you had fun because it helps a lot :3) or feel free to message me here: melancholicmarionette@gmail.com

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(229 total ratings)
AuthorsMelancholy Marionette, LazyPolarBear
GenreVisual Novel
Made withFL Studio, Unity, Audacity, GIMP
TagsDating Sim, Furry, LGBTQIA, Otome, Psychological Horror, Romance, Slice Of Life, yandere, Yaoi, Yuri
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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BitterSweet Blythe - Windows32bit 205 MB
BitterSweet Blythe - Windows64bit 208 MB
BitterSweet Blythe - Mac 218 MB
BitterSweet Blythe - Linux 208 MB
Full Credits 3 kB
Bitter/Sweet OST 188 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more

Development log


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Damng Melancholy, I have to admit as much as it's embarassing to say, your writting does make me week in the knees (in a good way lol); you make characters say so many things that tickle my fancy, but I also gotta give props to Blythe (Orange)'s VA, it's a marriage of perfect harmony from both your text and the voices of the characters (plus iconic art too!), I can't ever get enough of your games lmao.

Ahh, haha, well, I’m glad that it does :P Sometimes I wonder if the things I’m writing work in that way or not, haha. Cos even if I intend for that, it’s difficult for me to know if lands with anyone, especially when I’m asexual myself xD I find writing any sort of intimate scene, even if it’s just kissing, pretty hard, haha. It’s a lot of fun, and I tend to just end up writing what I feel is fun at the time, but if I come back to it and re-read it later on, I can’t help but cringe at it x3 usually followed by me thinking, oh, God, what have I done?! 

Yeah, there is no way this game would be the same without the incredible talent of the voice actors :3 Phonobabble absolutely elevated orange Blythe’s character beyond the words I wrote! I often find myself thinking that the only reason I even like the character at all is because I love Lazy Polar Bear’s art so much + Phobobabble’s amazing VA. I kinda have to remind myself that I wrote the words, and without the words, it also wouldn’t be the same, haha. So I’m super happy that you see it as being in perfect harmony ^-^

Thanks so much for playing this one and for all your super sweet words <3 It means a lot!


I haven't enjoyed a VN this much in ages!! The art is beautiful, the music fits so well, the writing was really well executed, and the voice acting was just so so wonderful! I'm so excited for the other route! Playing this made my day!

Aww, I’m so glad you had fun with it! Thanks so much for checking it out ^-^

In the back of my mind, I had sort of hoped I might be able to work on the other route and release it in time for the end of yandere jam this year as a kind of anniversary thing, but I’m probably not going to be able to have the time >.< I’ve dug myself into a bit of a hole with having a few different projects on the go and getting too addicted to taking part in game jams x3 I’m gonna try and get more work done on some older projects this year so I stop feeling guilty about em, and then I guess I’ll come back to this when I can!

Thanks again for playing and leaving such a sweet comment :3


Melancholy this game is phonemical, the way you described everything and made it and in only a month!

For people who haven't played this might be a spoiler but the idea of basing them off of anti-depressants and by your and your friends experience with them is so cool! it makes the story 10x better in my opinion. I cant wait for more 

Thank you so much! I’m so happy you had fun with it ^-^ Thanks for checking it out, and I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to reply >.< I kind of just got completely overwhelmed with the buildup to Christmas and then went into collapse x3 I’m only just emerging from the darkness now to resume my life, haha. I hope you at least had a stress-free Christmas and new year!! :3

I had hoped to maybe finish and release the other character route as part of this year’s yandere jam since it would be like an anniversary kinda update, but I don’t think I’m going to have enough time to do that T_T I desperately don’t want to completely miss out on yandere jam though since it’s a jam that means a lot to me, so I might see if I have the time to do another episode of my Yandere Heaven dub instead… even though I’d actually prefer to work on blue Blythe x3 It’s just I know I’m not really gonna get the time to focus on writing in February cos of irl appointments and such >.< Maybe I will try to aim for having it done for next year’s Yandere Jam or something instead! 

But yeah, thanks so much for playing and for your kind comment :3 I hope 2024 is going well for you so far!


This game was super fun! I enjoyed the fluff and the dark bits! I can't wait for the blueberry's route to come out because I know that it will be just as good! The art and the voice acting was just chefs kiss. 

My first ending I had gotten was the oblivious ending and I liked how surprised I became when my suspicions were confirmed.


I honestly did not encounter any glitches, which was nice.

And huzzah for no glitches encountered too! :D

That’s always nice, haha. And honestly kind of a miracle for this one since I know the stupid random wrong background loading glitch is an issue T_T

It happened once or twice to me in testing but it was completely random and I couldn’t figure out a cause beyond it being some strange sort of Naninovel bug >.< I just reeeeally hope that when I work on this again and update all the files to the latest version of Naninovel that it will resolve itself! x3

Thanks again for playing and for taking the time to write such a nice comment :3 I hope the new year is treating you well!!

Glad to hear it :D Thanks so much for taking the time to play it :3 Not gonna lie, I find it sooooo much harder to write fluff than dark stuff, so I was super scared that none of the fluff was gonna work x3 haha. 

Most of my plans and schedules for my projects end up massively off-track cos of my stupid mental health and other irl stuff getting in the way >.< Like my hopes for having blue Blythe’s route out for this year’s yandere jam as an anniversary update T_T but I’ll get there in the end :3 

I’m very lucky to have the opportunity to work with LPB cos she’s such a talented artist! And the same goes for the voice actors too :3 The project just wouldn’t be the same without everyone else’s talent onboard x3


I am still playing the game....but Blue Blythe "helping" you smile....AHHHH! <3 I want to play their route so bad. 

Kept playing and ran into a weird error. I completed one ending and when I loaded to a previous save; the old CG was the new background instead of the arcade: 


Do not look further if you have not played! 

But even with that, man this was fun to play. 

When you try to leave the game <3 I don't know how you even managed to code that, but it was an amazing surprise. 


Thanks so much for checking out the game :3 So glad you had fun with it!

Yeeeeah, tbh, I have literally no idea what causes that bug, but I ran into it myself once or twice during testing, and it's a real bad one because sometimes it can end up showing random CGs as backgrounds when players haven't even encountered those CGs yet T_T It seems to resolve itself upon reloading again, but it doesn't stop it from randomly happening any time you load a save >.<" and once a spoiler has happened, it's happened :( 

I can only imagine it was a weird bug with the version of Naninovel that I was using at the time I made the game because I remember I updated to the most recent version of the software at the time when I started the project, and as far as I know, the issue doesn't occur in older projects of mine where I've used older versions of Naninovel, or in newer projects where I've used newer versions of Naninovel, haha. 

I'm just really really hoping that when I come back to this project to work on blue Blythe's route, that updating to the latest version of Naninovel will fix the bug! Because if not, I have literally no idea how to stop it from happening >.<"

But yeah, despite the stupid bug, I'm glad you enjoyed the game :D And hehe, it's a bit of a pain in the butt coding those extra silly lil things, but it's a lot of fun so it's worth it x3

Hope you get to have happy holidays!! :3


I had this game on my "games to play" list for so long, and after finishing it just now, I wish I had played it sooner, it's so good! Submissive yanderes are not usually my type, but oh my god, the way you wrote Blythe's dialogue and the voice acting combined was perfect! The way they would get so excited they would trip over their words or repeat phrases and words, was so sweet and endearing, and had me rolling back the dialogue to hear it again, because it was so cute! Genuinely had me swooning, I can't even lie lmao. I can't wait to play blue Blythe's route when it comes out. You did a great job! :D


Aww, well, I'm so glad that you ended up enjoying it when you got round to it :3 My list of games I wanna play on here is huge >.< I hope to get round to them all someday, but I'm definitely missing out in the meantime, haha. There's just never enough time in the world to do everything you wanna do T_T

Submissive yanderes never used to be my type either, haha. I'd always wanted to try and write one for a challenge and a change though :D Big props to the VA because it wouldn't have worked as well without such talented acting! It's funny cos when I first wrote the character of Blythe, I wasn't that keen on them, but the VA kinda made me fall in love with em, haha. I'd go as far as to say that somehow, Blythe has ended up becoming my most beloved yandere of all the ones I've written so far x3 And I never would have thought that in a million years because they're just really not my usual type, haha.

I had hoped to maybe release blue Blythe's route for Yandere Jam 2024 since that would be appropriate, but I don't know if that's going to happen >.< It would be nice if I could manage it, but I've not been doing so great lately, and I'm soooo behind on a lot of things in general that it's kinda hard to even know what I am going to be able to do, haha. It'll be out eventually though x3

Thanks so much for playing & I hope you get to have happy holidays :3

Thank you for replying! :D I hope you feel better soon! Take your time, no rush, your health is more important! Hope you have a happy holidays and a happy beginning to 2024!

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Another game that I played on Winlator! The text is slow on the emulator, until I change it to instant, but it doesn't ruin the experience for me. I love the songs - especially the opening song, and I love orange Blythe.

Orange Blythe is such a sweetheart! He really makes me feel better about myself. 

-Slight spoiler-

And I can relate to the protagonist, because I am also a shut in.

Thelazypolarbear did an amazing job with the artwork by the way; orange Blythe looks adorable, and blue Blythe is hot. And the backgrounds are beautiful.

I hope that you continue to make otome games, because you are really good at it!

Hooray :D Glad this one works on there too! I still haven’t had a chance to check it out cos I’ve been really busy with irl stuff + managed to catch a nasty cold from someone somewhere while out and about x3

So happy you like the songs :D I tried really hard to make something with some vocals that would be fitting for the project, and I intend to keep doing that where possible for all my future projects too cos it’s a lot of fun :3

And that’s great that you like Orange Blythe too ^-^ I was initially worried the character would be a bit boring with being a softer sort of yandere x3 but they actually turned out to be one that grew on me a lot more than some of my more violent characters, haha.

It is kinda hard to get out into the world >.< I know everyone has different reasons for shutting themselves away inside, and while I don’t find the world outside quite as scary as MC does, I definitely don’t feel safe out there, haha. I’m on the autistic spectrum, and often, going out into the world feels like an all out assault on my senses xD Sometimes in a good way that I enjoy, but more often in a way that just makes me stressed and want to get back home to safety again as soon as possible, haha.

LPB is an incredible artist ^-^ This project wouldn’t exist without her! Not just because of her awesome artwork, but also her support and encouragement when I was thinking of scrapping the idea cos I’d convinced myself it wasn’t good enough x3

Thank you so much for all your kind words and being so supportive :3 I really appreciate it! 

(1 edit) (+1)

That's okay, just take of care of yourself, and stay healthy. Plus take cold medicine, rest, and drink lots of water.

I wish I knew how to make music. It sounds like fun! If all of your songs are that good, I look forward to your future projects.

I actually prefer soft yanderes. Solipsm Reigns bad endings caught me off guard, with how violent the yanderes got, but I still liked the game. More yanderes like Orange Blythe would be great in the future, though.

I'm sorry that you feel that way. For me, going outside means interacting with people, and they can be harsh, or just difficult to deal with. And I feel like people are looking at me and judging me, even when I'm just walking around. If words can hurt, peoples stares  can make you feel anxious. I feel safer, and happier indoors.

LazyPolarBear sounds like a great friend. When I was thinking about keeping a story I posted online a one shot, I got a lot of encouragement to continue it, and I'm really glad that I did. People like that are amazing.

You are very welcome! Oh, by the way, I tried playing Tunnel Vision, and it worked fine up until Rhime said, "You have been judged guilty as sin, little bird"...and then, it crashed. XD But, every other game of yours that I played worked from beginning to end, so it's fine.

Here are the games made by you that I've played on Winlator:

Tunnel Vision. Bitter/Sweet Blythe. Dawn of the Damned. Yandere Heaven. Darling Duality. Love In Lockdown (Eli version).

Hopefully, I'll be able to play more games made by you in the future. :)

I’m somehow still not fully better, but much better than I was, just got a lingering pesky cough and still feeling tired all the time >.< 

You could probably learn to make music the way I do it :3 I pretty much just experiment with stuff x3 I don’t actually have a clue what I’m doing, haha. I just keep trying to put bits together like a puzzle until it sounds like something I like. Basically use a big library of short loops and samples. I have a lot from music producer Humble Bundles at this point! But you can get started with that sorta thing for free cos there are sites like looperman where users upload loops that anyone can use :3 They list the key & tempo so it makes it a lot easier for music noobs like me to find the sorta stuff I’m looking for!

That’s cool :3 I used to be into more violent yanderes back when I made SR (provided the loving side of them was still evident), but I’ve grown kinda tired of them recently x3 So I’d definitely like to try and write some softer ones like orange Blythe in the future :3

I feel ya on it feeling like people are looking at you and judging you >.< I can’t walk past a group of strangers who happen to laugh without automatically thinking they’re laughing at me for some reason >.< 

I cried at the end of a therapy session recently cos of what we were discussing, and I kinda just broke down while telling her I feel like my world is so, so tiny because the only place I feel safe is in my house x3 And I just wanna be able to go outside and enjoy life instead of being trapped indoors so much.

Yeah, LPB is definitely amazing :3 I dunno what I’d do without the kind people in the world that actually take the time to listen and hear you out when you’re stuck in a pit.

I have a feeling I know what could’ve caused your crash in Tunnel Vision x3 That point that you described is a big loading point in the game, haha. It basically loads the entire 2nd half of the game right there, and so if there are any memory problems with a device, it will most likely crash T_T On my potato laptop, that load takes like a full 60 seconds to finish >.<” On my PC, it’s like 5 seconds, haha. I wish I knew how to optimise stuff better though because I’m pretty sure Ren’Py doesn’t have problems like that, so I dunno why it’s such an issue in Unity :( 

I’m honestly surprised to hear you managed to play Dawn of the Damned on it :o I would’ve thought that one would’ve crashed or bugged out in some way on Winlator x3 but it’s good to know! I imagine that Limbo Line would probably crash on a load the same as Tunnel Vision did >.< And Apartment No.9 probably would as well cos all 3 of those are larger games with longer loads.

Anyways, I’m really glad you’ve been able to check out as much as you have and I appreciate you playing em :3


I'm really happy to hear that you are feeling better, but now I'm worried about something else. I heard in a devlog that you broke your arm and wrist, and that since you broke it before that it might not heal fully. Did it completely heal? I really hope so. A few months ago, my cousins' dog bit my right arm twice in the same spot, and that is my dominant arm too. It's better now, but I have a little understanding of how you feel.

Thank you for the link! I'll try it sometime. I just hope that me being on a phone instead of a laptop won't make the process hard.

I'm looking forward to meeting those future yanderes! But, for now, Orange Blythe is definitely my favorite out of the ones from your games.

I completely understand. In a library some years ago, I was sure someone was talking about me. I was having a bad hair day, and they told their friend that they just saw someone who's hair was messed up. I had to fix myself up in the bathroom after that. XD Social anxiety is such a pain.

Well, I haven't been outside in five years, so I know how you feel. Like I said, interacting with people is terrifying, and stressful for me, but, sometimes I wonder how different things would be if I took the courage to go outside. But, I'm too much of a coward to leave my safe space/comfort zone.

Those kinds of people are the ones I feel most comfortable around: people who provide support, and who you can lean on. I'm glad to have someone like that, even if my only interaction with them is online.

That's okay! I'm still really glad that I can play your games at all. "Darling Duality" and "Bittersweet Blythe" are my favorites, by the way. I really need to thank the person who created Winlator, without that, I couldn't play some Ren'py games that get error messages on Joiplay, either.

Don't get me wrong - Dawn Of The Damned was super slow and laggy, but I could play it from beginning to end. However, I could only get one ending, because when I pressed start to start it over, it loaded for like twenty minutes, and that's when I lost my patience. XD It's unfortunate, because I told Dämmerung that I loved him, hoping to get a happy ending, but...wow, that was brutal. I wanted to try the other ending, but I guess I'm not patient enough. Maybe one day I'll try playing it again.

It can't be helped if a game has a large file size, though I was curious about Limbo Line. Honestly, though, I'm just eagerly waiting for the next update to Darling Duality. The demo is kind of big at around 970 mb though, so I'm worried that the full game with multiple routes will be too big for Winlator. Though, even if it is, I am happy with what I could play of the game.

And I appreciate you making them! You really make the best games.

Sorry it's taken me forever to reply >.< I kinda just stopped all communication for most of December because I got too overwhelmed by life in general and couldn't really cope with anything :( So now I'm really badly behind on my replies and stuff >.<

My arm is pretty much fine now :3 It did heal okay in the end! It's still kinda weak, but no weaker than it was before the accident, haha. I did physio and stuff to build some muscle back, but I've always had weak arms xD That's awful that you got bitten twice though by your cousin's dog o.O I imagine that must've been incredibly painful!! I'm glad you healed okay at least, but man, still, that's a horrible thing to go through :( I hope you didn't end up with like nerve damage or anything!

Hehe, well, I imagine orange Blythe would be very happy about that x3 They ended up becoming my favourite too somehow, even though they're not even my type xD Just kinda wormed their way into my heart, haha.

I'm sorry your social anxiety is so bad :( People that have never had it just don't understand how debilitating it can be! Like my mum always used to say to me when I was younger, just get a job, that will fix it... and it's like, uhm, mum, that's not how it works >.< For starters, getting a job is like climbing a mountain when you have mental health problems, but then actually keeping a job if you get one is almost impossible! So much of many jobs requires you to have good social/people skills, so if you find speaking to people terrifying and stressful, how do survive in a job that requires you to do it constantly?!?! :( 

For me, I find that going out in nature can help with my depression, but yeah, sometimes my social anxiety stops me from actually going out, haha. I generally don't leave the house without someone with me cos I often get too anxious/overwhelmed. If it wasn't for my dad, I'd probably just shut myself inside and never leave the house.

I do think it helps if you can manage to get out and do scary things and really push yourself out of your comfort zone, but actually forcing yourself to do that is extremely difficult >.< And even then, it's like sure, things might be a tiny bit less terrifying the next time, but they're still terrifying x3 It's so much easier to not have to constantly put your mind and your body through extreme stress.

I've been working on a project for Winter VN Jam that I hoped to release before Christmas but have failed to because too much stress and stuff has been happening and I haven't had as much time as I would've like to work on it >.< I'm aiming to try and release next Friday instead, but it's probably going to be missing some VA because the poor VA got ill before he could finish recording the script x3 I will just update in January to add it or something! I wonder if it will work on Winlator or not though. It's not a huuuuuge game. Only around 10k words. But there are a lot of assets in it because I tried to make my own CGs and I've edited a lot of sprites and backgrounds, haha. The current project size in Unity is 8GB, but that'll go down when it's exported + I haven't optimised any files yet!

Yeeeeah, 20 mins is too long to wait for loading, haha. The choices in Dawn of the Damned don't actually matter that much anyways x3 They impact what's happening throughout the game, but the endings are either determined from the very beginning depending on one thing, or from the timed choices right at the end.

I think the file size for DD when it's eventually completed will probably be horrific >.< I might be able to get it squished down a bit though now that I know a bit more about shrinking file sizes and stuff. Maybe I can make the layers a bit more efficient too, but yeah, I think the full version will be pretty hefty. I would imagine it'll be bigger than whatever SR's file size is! Definitely over 2GB once all the assets are in there cos it'll be a lot of sprites, CGs, and VA x3

That's very kind of you to say <3 It makes me really happy that you've had fun with my stuff :3 Really appreciate all your kind comments!

I hope you get to have happy holidays with lots of tasty noms involved!! ^-^


Just finished the orange route and can't wait for more. Just gonna say, that was a nasty trick putting the 'extra's bunny behind a bubble. 
I was freshly traumatised from screaming balloons, I didn't want to hover over a bubble and possibly click one. lolol


I've finally found the time to play this, and it's amazing!
It's so wholesome, and I found the balloon game so fun! And then got hit with the silly little shenanigans.

Another amazing game, as always! 


So glad you had fun with it ^-^ And I’m happy you liked the balloon game cos that was soooo much fun to make, haha. And yay for shenanigans :P

Sorry I’m so slow to reply btw >.< Just been super focused on Spooktober Jam, haha.

Thanks so much for playing this one :3


Hello I really want to play this game but, wen I open the files is everything fine but wen the credits of the game pass ( the creators ) the window of the game is blue and not change. 

I dont think its problem of my pc bc is new so idk where is the problem? And i already download the two windows versions few times.

Pls help I really want to play this game /cry.

(Pdtt: Srry if there are grammatical errors, im from Spain and im not a pro of english )

Att: Roxan

Hey hey! Sorry my reply is quite slow, I’ve been super busy working on a new game for jams that have a short deadline >.<

Firstly, thanks so much for checking out the game :3

Unfortunately, I’m probably not going to be able to help much :( If I can’t reproduce stuff on my computer, I generally have no idea how to fix it, and I’ve never encountered anything like what you described while testing on my PC >.< 

So does that mean you’ve reached an ending and had the credits roll, and then once the credits sequence has finished, you have a blue screen? Is it solid blue, or is there a pattern with bubbles on the background? 

I don’t really know what could cause something like that :( I could try and make a dev build to send you, so that if any errors occur, it should generate some error logs that you could then send to me and I could pass them on to the Naninovel support and see if they have any ideas.

One thing you could potentially try is deleting any copies of the game you have, but also after that, going into: Users > (whatever your username is on your PC) > AppData > LocalLow > Melancholy Marionette > and then there should be a folder in there called Bitter/Sweet or Bitter/Sweet Blythe. You want to delete that folder because that’s where all your save data and stuff is stored. If you don’t delete that, even if you delete the game files and redownload the game, it will still to try to play from that save data, which can cause issues in itself >.<

You might not have the AppData folder visible by default though, as it’s usually set to hidden. That means you’ll have to enable the option to view hidden folders on your computer first :3

That’s probably not going to help though >.< I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful :( If it was something multiple people had encountered, I might be able to gather more information and figure out a way to fix it, but so far, you’re the first person to report something like this.

And no worries, your English was fine :3


Hello, Im still here heheh...



Srry I just get emocionate 

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Wooo! Well, that's fantastic that it actually worked in the end :D It sucks you had to mess around installing it so much x3 but still, I'm happy you got to play it at least :3 

Have a good day as well ^-^


i don´t want to sound annoying or pushy, it´s just that i really like this game, may i ask if there is a release date for further updates in sight...?


No worries :3 I’m glad you like it! 

There’s not a super solid release date for blue Blythe’s route, but my aim is to have it out for the end of Yandere Jam 2024. When my arm got broken back in March, it meant having a few months away from my PC while it healed cos I couldn’t really do anything much with it >.< haha. So yeah, I didn’t work on any of my projects at all March-May. When I was finally able to go on my PC again, I spent pretty much the rets of May and June trying to catch up on messages and stuff that I missed.

July has mainly been me away from my PC dealing with various irl chores, but this past week I’ve been working my butt off to make something for this year’s O2A2 jam, which I've just released today :3 

August I’ve got a lot of irl stuff to deal with again and prep to do for Spooktober Jam. September will be entirely taken up by Spooktober Jam. Then October-December, I’ll probably need some sort of mini-break from my PC to recover from Spooktober >.< but then I haven’t 100% decided what I’ll be doing before the end of the year. So yeah, I don’t really have time to work on Bitter/Sweet atm >.< I figured trying to get the other route done for next year’s Yandere Jam would be fitting though since it was made for this year’s one! Whether or not I actually manage that is another matter entirely though x3


omg thanks for your response!! I am so excited to play your new game, i am gonna download it right away! Seriously, your games make my day, thanks so much for all your hard work and I hope you´re feeling better soon <3


That's super sweet of you to say :3 And thank you for checking them out + the well wishes <3


Do you have any social networks where we can meet the characters? Like a tumblr of questions or something?

I do have Tumblr and asks are always open, but I’m not very active on there >.< I think I still have a fair few to answer from months ago cos I’m really bad at keeping up with social media T_T There are a few asks answered publicly on there though about Blythe and Castor I think :3 And you’re welcome to ask your own stuff if you want to as well. I’ll do my best to answer when I can, it just might take me a while because my brain doesn’t seem to be built for social media, haha. It’s like no matter what I do to try and keep on top of social stuff, I always wind up epically failing >.<


awesome game, seriously. the story is really creative and reels you in. also, orange blythe's masculine voice is so soothing and fitting for him!!! (and kinda creepy at times but thats a part of the appeal) i had to replay some voicelines more times than i can count cause i just wanted to hear him say it again lol

<3 I have to agree, the voice acting was absolutely phenomenal ^-^ Even though I had to listen to it repeatedly while editing the audio and then again while testing the game, I never got bored of hearing it, haha. 

Thanks so much for playing :3


Hey! As always I'm going to make a review filled only with spoilers so:  


 So first impression: I choose the masculine voice !

Orange Blythe one is so cuteee <3 (and creepy lol) The voice actor again ah :) beautiful voice! And blue Blythe voice is unexpected but i like it! it's go well with the art of his/they bunny! I like the erratic voice of Orange Bylthe tho! My favorite kind of voice lol

God, the blue one creepy me haha Oh and on the park, the background noise, some of this are in french and well one of the kid say "hey f*ckhead! you're really a shit huh!" it's more insulting that my translation but it's make me laugh haha Oh! and the idea of the people that turned into a balloon it's the genre of the plot i like <3 Damn... the voice actor <3 the work they put! Great choice of voice like always Melancholy! <3 And the art... omg! I love it! The artist is talented! 

 The ending: Damn, one of those when i fall asleep, the expression of satisfaction from Orange Blythe is hot lol <3 and creepy tho haha With the game with colorful and cute color, the creepy undertone is perfection! :D And the endings! With the bliss end and the other one when you fall asleep, baby boy hide not so well it's fixation over us! but it's always funny and interesting when cute yandere character breaks their composure. Anyways thanks for the game and see you soon in another game! :D And sorry for grammar mistake and such! ^^'


Hehe, yeah, the voice actors did an absolutely incredible job bringing the characters to life in this ^-^ It wouldn’t be the same without them!! That’s why I love voice acting so much. It makes such a difference having epic VA to bring characters to life.

That is hilarious about the background noises in the park xD Thanks for telling me that cos I never would have known, haha. The weird thing is, that SFX came from a UK SFX website x3 I wonder if the person who uploaded it knew that’s what was being said and thought it would be funny to add it to the site, or if they were clueless!

Yeah, LPB is an amazing artist :3 Everything she creates is just stunning!

You have nothing to apologise for anyhow x3 And thank YOU as always for playing and writing such nice things <3 ^-^


Oh, i agree so much to this <3 Voice Actors are love, Voice Actors are life haha

Youre welcome haha ! Well, it's was immersive for me lol

I prefer the first version haha

Yep! I agree wholeheartedly!

Awww, thank you ! :) And, awwwwww you make me smile! :) I'm happy you're happy and well to have adding another review to your talented writing!


Hi! I don't play a lot of visual novels, but I found this through the Queer bundle and played it and I'm so glad I did. This is absolutely fantastic, and I had no idea why it hit so close (asides from the wonderful art and writing) until I heard the developer commentary. I don't want to go into any of the specifics to avoid leaving nasty spoilers in the comments, but it was surreal hearing someone recount a story of depression treatment so similar to my own. 

Also, despite the really fucked up story and meaning, Blythe was mad cute! I'm really excited to see the blue route when that comes out. 

Yay! That’s awesome to hear ^-^ It always means a lot when anyone who doesn’t typically play visual novels ends up enjoying one because they seem to get a bit of stick as a genre of game, haha. Some people even go as far as to say that they’re not games at all T_T And also awesome that you found it through the bundle because it’s an absolutely epic bundle in general and I’m forever grateful for the fact that something as amazing as it exists :3

I’m really glad you had fun with the game, but at the same time, I’m so sorry you have a similar story with depression :( I sure wouldn’t wish it on anyone! I feel like treatment for mental health in general is gradually improving, but it still has a looooong way to go >.<

Thanks so much for checking it out and leaving such a sweet comment :3


i havent read the blue one’s route….i hope theyre gonna update it on the future im curious abt him since im a yandere enjoyer aaaaa

Blue Blythe's route will absolutely be added in the future :3 I can't say for sure exactly when because I have a lot of stuff to do and never enough time in a day to do it all x3 but I'm going to try and aim for having it released by the end of next year's yandere jam! I highly doubt I'll manage it before then though. It's possible I might not get it done in time for the end of the jam next year either, but I will try, haha. Just gotta prioritise other stuff in my life before this is all. Either way, it'll be added eventually :3

Thanks for checking the game out ^-^ Yanderes are the best :P


That’s really incredible!! (≧∇≦)/ It’s actually really cool!! that you are actively working on your game. I really hope that you’ll be able to add Blue Blythe! I’m looking forward to the game update O(≧∇≦)O Do you have any social media I could follow you on? It’s really cool to see someone working on such a cool game. I’m a huge fan of yanderes, as you can see, so I really am interested in this ≡(′▽`)っ andd I agree!! Yanderes are the best!! and the cutest! ty for replying me!! and have a nice day!! (≧∇≦)

Well, I’m not so much actively working on it cos I just haven’t had the time to go back to it since the jam finished >.< but I will be working on it once I get a chance to :3 Life has just been quite chaotic, haha. I don’t think I’m going to be able to get much of anything done for the rest of the year really because I never seem to get enough time at my desk to actually make progress >.< I’m hoping to take part in O2A2 jam this year though, so with any luck, I should be releasing a tiny bitesize game at the end of this month, haha. I’m more than likely going to try my best to take part in Spooktober VN JAm again this year too because it’s probably my favourite jam. Sooo, yeah, provided I can find people to team up with, have the time to make something when the jam starts in September, and nothing goes wrong, then I should also have another game out at the start of October :3

I do have social media, but I don’t use it all that much because I find it quite stressful >.<

From now on, I’m going to be posting public blog stuff about my game dev activities mostly on Ko-fi :3 And there will still be private posts with behind-the-scenes stuff and more on there too for supporters.

Ko-fi is pretty much where I'm making my home for posting about pretty much everything, haha. Specific updates to games will get put in dev logs here on their respective game pages, but I don't want to keep spamming dev logs for just general progress reports here because I think it's probably annoying to anyone who follows me here to get pings about update posts only to find that it's just me rambling and not an actual update to a game x3

Other than that, I do have Twitter and Tumblr , but I’m rarely on either of them >.<

*High five* for the yandere love :D I see you also have a cute pic of Menhera chan for your avatar on here :3 I used to be really big into menhera dress style and yami kawaii because it felt empowering in a way to wear clothes that depicted mental health struggles in a cute and colourful way. It’s nice that you can kind of show how you feel inside by the clothes that you wear. I don’t wear that much of it outdoors now though because it tends to draw attention, and since I have really bad social anxiety, I don’t like being stared at in the street for what I’m wearing x3

Thanks again for your kind words and have a nice day yourself :3

Ooh, I get that social media can be really stressful, I definitely know that feeling. Good choice with going on Ko-fi, it definitely is better than keeping all the progress reports in the comments(=´∇`=)

AND THATS SO COOLL that you had a phase in your life with menhera and yami-kawaii, I really wish you could still enjoy wearing it, but I understand it. Life is complicated sometimes since we lived in a judgemental ppl… Menhera-chan is adorable, isn’t she? She’s really cute AND I CANT BELIEVE THAT UR ALSO USED TO LUV YUME KAWAII PLEASE DONT LISTEN TO THEIR BULLSHIT 💥💥 theyre just jealous and yeah…we humans are free to express what we feel aaaaaa ≧(´▽`)≦ (´▽`

and that’s totally understandeable. Don’t push yourself too hard, take your time and do whatever makes you happy! I will be waiting for any news, but don’t be too hard on yourself to constantly give updates, do it when you’re ready and when you feel comfortable with it. I’ll be waiting, so no worries about it TwT

anddd i get that, life is full of surprises and it’s really hard to make enough time for yourself. We really are stuck with little to no time for us and our hobbies, huh… But that’s okay, I think taking breaks and resting is very important to keep your health alright. I’m sure that the games you make will be awesome! ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ



HIIII Im very interested in downloading this game. Ik the yandere game jam  is now over and i have looked at the walkthrough and noticed that it said only orange blythe route is availible for the game jam. But now that its over is Blue Blythe availible if not its fine Ill love them both


Glad to hear that you're interested in it :3 

Unfortunately, since my arm got broken shortly after the jam finished, I haven't been able to make progress on any of my projects, haha. The cast came off at the end of April and I can use my arm again, but I spent all of May trying to catch up on my inbox, which I still haven't managed to do yet, and since I'm also now far behind on my other projects too, I probably won't be able to work on blue Blythe's route for quite a while still >.<

So yeah, as of now, it's still only orange Blythe's route that's available x3 I might try and get blue Blythe's one released for next year's yandere jam or something! Either way, blue Blythe's route won't be coming any time soon. 

Hope you have fun with orange Blythe for now though if you decide to download it ^-^


ok thanks for replying and sorry bout your arm but ill stay updated on this game !


 can't wait to see how this game progresses in the future  


So I play visual novels a lot but none of them seemed to take my interest. I found this game and got really hooked on it. The protagonist is relatable, except I don't have autism (pretty sure that's ASD) and agoraphobia. Though not getting out a lot and hating being around people do tie into my anxiety. The characters were so cute, and I love yandere-like characters. I got the devoured ending though :( but overall, I rate it a 9/10 would recommend playing this game. I will also try out the others that the creator made.


Thanks so much for checking it out and leaving such a kind comment :3 I'm really glad you thought the protagonist was relatable! Yeah, ASD is autism :3 This was my first time writing a protagonist that is somewhat similar to myself, haha. I don't have agoraphobia either, but I do have really bad social anxiety >.< And while I'm definitely not identical to Bunnie, we have a lot in common x3 It was kind of strange in general to write about stuff that's closer to home, but I'm glad I did in the end!

That sucks you wound up with the devoured ending though x3 I can't lie, that's probably one of the least-fun ones, especially since it doesn't have its own CG like most of the others >.< haha.

Thanks again for taking the time to play it and for your recommendation ^-^ If you do plan on checking out my other projects, I would recommend Limbo Line first cos it's my personal favourite and features art from the same awesome artist that did the art for this project :3

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This game was an absolute amazing experience! For some reason it took the longest to play and edit because there's just so much love and detail poured into every scene. The art is absolutely breath taking with it's deceptively beautiful colors and softness and the music is so good I'm considering putting it on my ipod!

And then there's the amazing voice acting! It wouldn't be the same without how hard all the VAs worked, AND on a short timeline too! 
And the biggest secret of the game, I'm glad wasn't so obvious or apparent, because when I went back to edit the video, now KNOWING what the Blythe's are it was like looking at it in a new light. That is to say the writing is amazing!

And all this in SUCH a short time! I honestly am blown away and this game has cemented itself as one of my favorites!

I hope you enjoy watching my playthrough as I had enjoyed playing it!

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Ahh, man, you're so sweeeeet ^-^ Thank you so much for checking this one out and leaving such a kind comment <3 and also thank you for just being awesome in general! I really need to play more of Picture Perfect Boyfriend because I absolutely adore what I've seen so far, I just never give myself enough quality gaming time T_T

That means a lot about the music cos trying to make tracks for my projects has rapidly become one of my favourite parts of gamedev (and also makes me feel just the tiiiiniest bit better about not being able to draw) x3 not that I can take credit for the entire soundtrack on this one cos I only had time to make a few original tracks, haha.

It will never cease to amaze me how VAs manage to work with devs on jam games! It's honestly mindblowing that they can receive scripts with such tight deadlines and then work their magic to bring the characters to life so well :3 I always find myself saying to people, are you suuure you wanna do this? x3 Cos it never seems fair to drag other people into my madness when it comes to jams, haha. This game sure wouldn't be the same without the VA though, that's for certain!

Also good to know regarding the secret because I was honestly such a mess for most of the jam x3 I had pretty much zero faith in the writing by the time I finished the draft and was panicking quite badly that I'd have to put the entire project in the bin and give up >.< If it wasn't for LPB's encouragement, the game wouldn't even have been made, so I owe her a heck of a lot for being so supportive! (as well as her epic art, of course ^-^)

Thank you again for all your kind words ^-^ They're appreciated more than I have the ability to even express <3

I only managed to get about 36 mins into your video so far, but it's already mega adorable the way you read and react x3 I don't normally watch entire playthroughs of my own stuff cos I find it a bit strange to see when I've already spent so many hours staring at the content during development and testing xD but I think I will have to watch your whole vid when I can cos it's just awesome!! Gotta cook noms now though x3

Oh, and reading through some of the comments on your vid, yeah, you were in the credits cos I always try to include everyone who has ever supported me at any point on Ko-Fi and Patreon :D Which also means you have access to the supporter page with soundtracks and stuff on if you didn't already know that :3 It's a little more difficult with Ko-Fi cos I put a bunch of keys up on there for everyone to grab, but I don't think there's any way of pinning posts >.<

Anyways, if Ko-Fi will still let me dm you, I'll drop you a key there in case you don't have one yet! But if it won't let me and you do want one, just drop me an email or something and let me know where is best to send it. It's only got some of my original soundtracks on there for now cos I haven't had time to organise them all yet, but the original tracks I made for Bitter/Sweet are on there for download at least :3

PS. Extra thank yous for spreading the joy of the bunny binky by including that lil clip in there when it was mentioned :P And now for some minor fangirling cos I can't contain telling you how crazy talented you are to be able to draw cool stuff, make games, AND at the same time also be such an entertaining YouTuber!! Please can I steal your powers?! x3 I knew of you through Picture Perfect Boyfriend, but being the social media and general hermit that I am, I didn't know that you did playthroughs of stuff on YouTube too >.< But yeah, all the thank yous for playing through it and making such a fun video + giving it a place in your collection ^-^


THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'm really at a loss for words after reading this!! (and slightly tearing up!)

I was able to download the soundtrack right before I found your message. I went to back to the game page because I really didn't notice my name was in the credits and saw the soundtrack was available since I did pay for the game days ago. I was very excited to have these songs to listen to on my own, and they are even more beautiful and chilling then I realized!! I also hunted down Phonobabble to hear their other work and they are just as amazing!

And please take your time watching my videos, sometimes it takes me a whole week to watch some other videos and plus I've started making them longer to avoid cliff hangers♪

And yup, I PLAY VNs, edit my own videos, draw, and make a games as well. The only thing I haven't tried is making music, haha. I'm working on the sequel/follow up game to PPB called PPB:Reboot where you can date the other other guys who were "deleted" in the first game. I have a pretty hefty demo up but there's still a lot I need to draw for it.

I've said it so many times but I'll say it again, this game was a truly memorable experience! If you haven't checked him out, EPYKSLION is a similar youtuber whose been a good friend to me and even he was excited that I finally played it!

Keep up the amazing work and remember to take breaks as well!


Ahh, fair enough! In that case, even more thanks are in order for the fact that you supported the game here too!! So thank youuuuu ^-^

I'm totally not addicted to trying to make music now x3 ahem. Would be better if I could play an instrument, but still, I can't deny that ever since I discovered making music using samples was a thing, I have been like a kid in a candy shop xD because I genuinely didn't know sample-based music was a thing until about 2021 despite now being 31 >.< I always just thought that everyone who made music had either recorded all the sounds themselves or paid someone else to do it via a commission or something!

I really need to listen to some of Phonobabble's other work too! I still haven't managed to yet, but it's on my (ridiculously long) to-do list because, as you say, they're an absolutely incredible actor :3

As my brother frequently reminds me, I never give myself enough time to do non-dev stuff x3 over the years, attempting to make VNs kinda absorbed almost all of the time I used to spend playing games >.< and I know I need to give myself more breaks to actually enjoy playing stuff more often, but I struggle with doing that in a way that doesn't make me feel guilty about slow progress on projects. I started Fire Emblem Three Houses well over a year ago and still haven't finished it for that reason xD I've completed one house route, and only about halfway through another >.< I think the dev stuff is one of those addictive hobbies that has gotten waaaaay out of control x3 cos both my friends, and family (and also a therapist at one point) have said that it's not normal to spend so much time on one hobby and they wish I'd have more breaks, haha. I am trying to change that cos there's a lot I want to do that isn't dev-related! It's just taking time to change x3

But yeah, I forgot to even mention the fact that it must take you quite some time to edit your videos together! I really struggle with video editing, so have to admire anyone who manages to make awesome vids like yours :3 And even though I'm by no means an expert, I feel like you can really tell you've put a tonne of passion and hard work into your videos! Same goes for PPB ^-^

I saw the stuff about PPB: Reboot, and I have to admit, got excited, haha. I was trying to play everything that was involved in the male yandere showdown on tumblr a while back cos I thought I'd give myself permission to have a nice yandere gaming binge since I'd just finished yan jam! But then that rare break I gave myself got cut short in the end by my arm getting broken >.< cos then I couldn't really manage to play anything properly once it was in the cast, and cos I couldn't do much of anything while it was healing up, it meant that by the time the cast was off, I felt like I had to get straight back into doing dev stuff again because I was so behind. It was like the worst kind of forced break that was useless because I didn't even get to chill and play games x3 I did binge His Dark Materials TV version though while healing, so it wasn't 100% bad, haha. The point is though, I still have soooo many things to play on my itch list alone, and then I've got my non-itch games backlog too T_T I need like a full year's break from dev stuff to make a dent in either one x3

I realise now that I have practically committed a crime because I looked up Epykslion and realised that I did, in fact, watch the playthrough that he did of Bitter/Sweet after someone recommended it to me! But it was while my arm was still broken and I couldn't get on my PC, so I watched it on our downstairs TV from my brother's PS4 YouTube app, which has no one signed into it, and I even told myself, once I get back on my PC, I must remember to go and like and subscribe from my account, but me being the forgetful numpty that I am, didn't remember to do that T_T I have now gone and rectified that!! So thank you for reminding me x3 Actually, watching that really cheered me up when I was feeling crappy. Both of you are fantastic at what you do ^-^

Keep up the amazing work yourself! And look after yourself too :3 I shall cheer you on from afar with little pom poms! x3


If I can, I try to support each game that I play on my channel and I'm happy to see all the wonderful worlds, characters, and stories people have inside them!

Ah making music through samples, I forgot about that. Does that mean clips of music or a sample of an instrument? Making music is still something I'd like to learn but maybe when there's not so much on my plate.

I can fully understand getting absorbed in a hobby, and I'm one who hops around hobbies (but always went back to drawing). Making videos feels that way too, I'm really obsorbed in it, but unfortunately I don't give myself much time to play games for myself. Definitely give yourself BREAKS! What helps me (because I believe I have ADHD) is, I'll set a timer for 30minutes or 1 hour and absolutely focus on video editing, and when that timer is up I'll let myself do anything else for as long as I want . What usually happens is I'll either have the energy to keep working or I'll actually relax.

But I've definitely found how important taking breaks and putting hobby/work aside for a while it! Me, personally, I don't think it's weird to stay on one hobby, unless that's something you as a person don't usually do. In fact I'd think having one hobby is what most people do anyway, and game development is definitely a cool and diverse one! Of course it's great to try new and different stuff too, you never know what you'll be great at!

I think I started really editing videos in 2021 and have improved a lot since the first videos on my channel! What helps is watching other videos and how they do their timings, and edits, and such. Even now I'd still consider myself a beginner. But each video does take about an entire 1-2 days to edit if their an hour long haha.

I'm so sorry about your arm, I hope it's healing well! And thank YOU for your support and kind words!


Well, that's super duper sweet of you :3 There are so many amazing creatives out there that I wish I could support too, but I just don't have enough funds to do it >.<

I'm definitely no expert on sample-based music, so I couldn't really say, but I feel like maybe it's both of those things? x3 I've seen a few threads about people who sample music by popular artists and such, and that really confused me cos that's very different from what I'm doing, haha. I've just got a giant library of loops and samples that were created specifically for music production. Some of em are live recordings of instruments, others are samples of virtual instruments, and then some are sounds created by other means on a computer. The majority of the ones I have are loops that are labeled with their original pitch and temp to make it easier to sort through everything. Some of em are more like just SFX and atmospheres though. I just piece stuff together in layers like a big musical jigsaw, haha. For example, I just opened up my files for the Bitter/Sweet theme (vocal version) and a rough count looks like I've used around 36 different loops/samples including all the vocals.

More recently I've been editing the loops and stuff that I own, adding different FX to em, and changing the original recorded sound. It's heaps of fun, but also time just kinda flies by without me realising it when I get stuck into it xD I could really do with a proper external hard drive to keep all that sort of thing on cos it's reached a point now where it's slowing down my PC, haha.

I know what you mean anyhow cos I'm always coming across different things I'd love to try and learn, but I dunno where to find the time to actually dedicate to it, haha. Video editing is definitely one of those things!

Yeah, I tend to hop around hobbies too, but a few have stuck around :3 Trying to make VNs is definitely one of the longer-lived ones! I'm getting better at the breaks thing, sort of x3 I really should try harder to do what you said though, and set timers! It's something I gave a go at in the past, but I didn't stick to it very well and didn't give it much of a chance >.< Starting next week, I think I'll try again!

Funnily enough, I've been told by a few people that they think I have ADHD as well, haha. It never really occurred to me cos I didn't know that much about it, and I always just assumed that it only involved difficulty concentrating on stuff, but a therapist mentioned to me that it can be the other way around too, attention that's too focused to the point it becomes unhealthy. She reckoned that I likely have it, but some of the symptoms are masked by my ASD. I've not gone down the route of pursuing a diagnosis though cos it takes forever to get those things sorted here + she said she thinks it would be extremely difficult to actually tell whether it's that or something else. She just knows that I have problems related to attention and concentration.

I guess it's not so much that it's one main hobby that was starting to cause concern for my therapist and family, but more the amount of time I was spending each day engaging in it >.< It was something that got brought up during a jam though, so I can understand them saying it's unhealthy to work on a project for like 15-17 hours a day, but I knew I was only gonna be working like that for 1 month. Outside of jams, my pace on projects is much, much slower cos I mean, jam mode just isn't sustainable x3 The thing was that they didn't particularly like the idea of me working like that for just a month either, haha. It's really hard not to though if I get into it because I have so much fun that even if it looks insane to people looking in, I'm generally having a blast and don't feel the impact of it too much until I eventually go back to normal, and that's when it all catches up to me and hits me like a truck >.<

When I'm not doing jams though, I make sure to stay away from my PC most weekends + for a good few hours in the evening to spend time with my family :3 And I like going out for walks in nature and stuff. The main thing I need to do is learn to switch off from working on project stuff on weekdays and give myself a chance to play things. It's just so hard to do that without feeling guilty though. Even though I decided to stop setting myself targets and goals, I still generally feel dissatisfied with my progress on projects most days!

Well, I did manage to finish watching that particular video, and I think you were amazing throughout :3 It takes a LOT to hold my attention when it comes to videos, haha. So the fact that I was thoroughly entertained by your comments and reactions from start to finish goes to show you're brilliant ^-^ I laughed out loud a fair few times, which I don't usually do when I'm watching stuff unless it's stand-up comedy!

I always had pretty weak arms anyways, so now that I'm able to use it again, it feels like it's practically back to normal :D Hope you get to have yourself a lovely week ahead :3

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i love the game so much! it was so scary in not like a visual horror but rather psychological horror! However is the game supposed to open back up? i close it but it kept opening back up few times before stopping..maybe its just my computer bugging out or maybe the blythes really are alive 0.0? (hehe in summary i love your game and i hope you update it soon)


Glad you had fun with it ^-^ Yeah, psychological horror is my favourite genre of horror :P hehe. I guess maybe I should answer your question under spoilers :3 Before that though, I just wanna say thanks so much for playing <3

Sort of spoilers

Yup, well, basically, after you meet certain conditions in the game, something happens when you try to quit, haha. It's only short, and it should let you close it down once the event is over, but yeah, it's supposed to temporarily prevent you from quitting the game just so they can have a few more words with you :D I really enjoy putting freaky little features like that in my games when I can x3


Melanie, I know you don't check Discord but since I am (primarily) on Linux Mint v20 now, I can use that platform to test out the Linux builds of your games.  Will keep you updated with results later :)


Ooo, how cool! Well, thank you so much for that :3 I'm imagining it's gonna turn out that none of them even run >.< and if that's the case, I won't have a clue how to make them work, haha. I just hit export in Unity, upload em, and just kinda hope that they do what they're supposed to x3 Considering they sometimes still run janky for other people on Windows when they run fine on my Windows PC and potato laptop, I feel like getting stuff to work well on Mac and Linux is night impossible!

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I just finished playing the game (I got two endings) and I LOVED IT. I'm already making theories in my mind as I type lol. So here are my two possible theories I came up with...


So first is these two bunnies are just a hallucination and everything that happened was just in the MC's mind. But the thing is, it was actually happening in real life. Like when the MC popped the balloons and they heard the scream, it just means one thing... They killed a few people there at the park. And when the MC went with Blythe to the arcade and got locked up, I think it's the MC getting arrested and locked up in the prison for killing.

My second theory is these two bunnies are actually real and they are the MC's bunnies! (lol Dandelion) They've been with the MC's for so long and saw her struggles and what she does on a daily basis. They are very attached to the MC (based on how the MC described how adoring the Bunnies are just like other animals like Dogs) They also probably felt sorry for the MC and wanted to help them. SO when it's MC's birthday, because of the wish, these two bunnies turned into humans and tada! But it's just a theory, a bunny theory.

But yeah lol, I really like the game overall. Especially the music and the voices, like omg, the voices of Blythe are so O o O I have so words. AND the music, I always find myself listening to it for a few seconds before playing or exiting the game. (The Quit scene though O m O)



And the third one : according to all of the 4th wall breaking Blythe(blue) did we can say that Blythe(orange) wasn't kidding at the beginning of the game.

Woo! Glad you had fun playing it ^-^ Thanks so much for checking it out and taking the time to come here and comment :3 The voice actors are pretty darn awesome :P I really don't know how voice actors manage to bring characters to life so well, but it amazes me every time, haha. It's like magic! And the soundtrack was so much fun to make <3 I've actually managed to upload all the original tracks to YouTube now if you ever wanted to listen to them :3 I can't put every single track there though, only the ones I made myself. The others are asset tracks that I'm only allowed to use within a game, so I can't upload those ones x3 And that scene was especially fun to make, hehe.

I guess I should probably put the rest of my reply under spoilers too x3


Depending on which endings you got, you may or may not have seen the reveal which is kinda like the 'true'/cannon version of what's going on (it's just something you get to see on the title screen after the 'true' ending, but it disappears if you hit new game, load, or quit, so it's possible to miss it >.<)

Buuuut, even with that there, I don't want it to be like the law or anything, haha. It's more fun to leave things open to theories and stuff! That's why I chose to put that reveal where I did rather than write it into the actual story :3 + since the game isn't technically fully finished yet, I want to be able to leave things open as well to explore different possibilities.

Both of your theories have parts of them that both kind of work together actually with the different thoughts I was having while writing the story :D And I'm not gonna say any of either of them are correct or incorrect because it's more interesting if everyone draws their own personal conclusions and interpretations :3 so there can't really be any right and wrong.

I'd say your first theory leans much more heavily into my line of thought while writing though :3 And the funny thing is, I thought of having it be that everything was actually happening in real life in some form, but sugarcoated by the hallucinations, and also thought of it just being pure hallucinations with nothing happening in real life. I think the first option is a lot more fun to imagine x3 but I didn't want to say for sure one way or the other because it's fun to leave it ambiguous, haha.

And then with your second theory, I didn't intend for them to literally be MC's bunnies come to life (Dandelion is so awesome btw x3), but I did want their pet bunnies to be a big influence in why Blythe appears the way they do. In fact, LPB and I discussed ways that we could somehow show a connection between Blythe's appearance and the actual pet bunnies, stuff like one of the bunnies wears an orange bow, the other has a blue collar kind of thing, and so this is then represented on the two Blythes. I couldn't come up with a good idea for how to show that though or the best place to put it, and LPB said she was a bit stuck on that too, so we left it in the end.

Still not gonna say that's not what happened though because it totally could be what happened :P  


Perfect game! As always your games are amazing and your talent of creating yandere character? Pretty awesome! I cheer you up from here to finish the other route and of course, your the other game Darling Duality! Keep up the good work!❤

Aww, thank you so much for all your kind words here and in your other comment + for checking out my games in general :3 So glad you enjoy my yandere characters because I love yanderes so much x3 haha.

Thank you for the support and the well wishes :D My work is probably gonna be pretty slow, but I will try my best as always :3


The fem voices fit sm I was always been taken by surprise even when I quit the game 0_0 !! Awesome work

Glad you liked it! And hehe, that was a fun little extra to include :D Thanks so much for playing :3



This was truly a wonderful story! The emotions are very well portrayed in the script and the characters are also quite wonderful. Personally I prefer the male voice acting but the female voice acting was also extremely good! You have truly outdone yourself with this work especially since it was done under a month! When a person writes a story, usually the story tells us about the writer and their way of thinking as well as their experiences in life(or so I feel). The way you wrote the script really made me think back to my own past as well. Thank you for making such a wonderful game! Keep up the good work!! <3

Honestly, that really means a lot to me what you said about the script making you think back to your own past! One of the audiobooks I've been listening to to try and distract myself while my stupid arm is healing is about the power of creativity and the connections it can create :3 And in it, the author was speaking about how whenever you write a story or a song, or draw a piece of art, when it's out there in the wild, it can become like magic and when someone else finds it and engages with it, if it resonates with them in some way, then it's like forming an invisible circuit of connection between the author, the work, and the reader, and I just thought that that's a really lovely way of looking at things :3

Thank you as always for all your awesomeness and kindness <3


this game is really really so good- I can relate to the game (I hear all you voice note in the extras!) I also took antidepressants for a lot of years- No one worked for me. I didn’t really get why, to be honest- I stopped with those when I was “in a better moment” in my life (it was really hard to-), cuz I was losing literally some parts of my life’s, I forgot a lot of stuff- It was pretty weird. I do stuff that i would actually never do in my daily basis, my sister told me about it. It really crazy to be honest. About the game, bunnies are my fav! Like I live with bunnies since I was a child, I agree a lot with the opinion about animal/specialty bunnies/ I actually have said stuff like that in my life haha, a lot. My bunny “Chispita” was really important to me, so I totally agree~ Thank you so much for the game, also, Phonobabble voice is really amazing. I hope I can play again, I’m going to wait to play again for my actually birthday day haha~ (13/08)  Thank you so much, take care Melancholyy~ Prob I’m doing a fanart soon for Blythe!

I'm glad you like it :3

That sucks that they didn't work for you either :( My doctors over the years couldn't really explain to me why they didn't work for me, haha. They just kept saying that's how it is >.< and to try a different one. I'm glad you managed to stop taking them even if it was difficult. It's the worst to be on medication that's not even helping you, but have to fight to actually get off of it :(

I'm sorry you were losing parts of your life like that. It was similar for me too. I feel like if you're going to be put on medication like that, it should only be if you have family/friends around you who can keep an eye on you and notice any changes, like you say with your sister telling you about stuff. Because if you're on your own, then it's gonna be really hard to notice if stuff is happening that's weird >.< and if you're on your own, you might end up stuck forever! So yeah, I feel like meds like that are much more dangerous than they're made out to be.

Bunnies are the best :D and Chispita is such a cute name for a bunny! I miss our bunny Spoops a lot even though it's been a while since he passed away. The house was always so much more lively with him around :3 And it was sweet to cuddle up with him and watch TV, haha. He would wait for us to sit on the floor, and then he'd come over and either flop or turn into a bunny loaf next to us and fall asleep, haha. I really wish we could have more bunnies around cos they do bring a lot of joy! My dad doesn't want to get any pets though because he said it hurts too much when they die :(

Thank you so much for playing the game :3 And I know it's super early, but I'll wish you a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance \^-^/ And ooo, I'd love to see it if you do end up making fanart for Blythe <3

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hi there! just wanted to let you know that i loved everything - characters, music, voices and design are all amazing.. keep up!


at the beginning i thought the two Blythes were actually the bunnies lol

Well, that's awesome! Glad you liked it :D and thanks so much for playing ^-^


Weeeell, I mean, you're not technically wrong about the bunnies! Cos even after the Bliss End revelation, I still had it in mind that each Blythe was one of Bunnie's pet rabbits in a sense :3 And one of the main reasons they appear rabbit-like. We were even going to have the ending CGs showing Bunnie's corresponding pet rabbit laid down with a matching coloured collar or other kind of accessory to link the two! But neither me nor LPB could think of the best way to portray it onscreen, so we just left it out in the end. But I think I had it down in my notes that orange Blythe would match Spoops's appearance and blue Blythe would match Usagi's! 


This was so much fun! I absolutely love the Blythe twins, the voice acting was amazing (especially Orange Blythe! <3) I love how the care and Info for rabbits was added in and how the MC has Mental Health issues that (sometimes) the bunnies help with or are patient with them. How sometimes there is an extra spoken part after the endings or the main menu shifts as you play was one of my many favorite parts! 

Thanks for checking out the game, for sharing the video, and for your kind comment :3 

Hehe, yeah, I used to have pet bunnies and volunteer at an animal sanctuary, so even though I'm not exactly the same as MC, I'm still pretty passionate about rabbits myself, so I'd never miss an opportunity to tell people not to leave their poor rabbits in cramped hutches! 

Glad you liked the main menu shifts too cos they were lots of fun to implement :D I'm kind of obsessed with and enjoy little details like that x3


how come everything you publish looks so good?!

I loved the game so much!  creative planning, good design, just,,, mwahhh

we need more rants from you omg

x3 Well, I'm glad you think it looks good :D I mean, any time I get to work with amazing artists like I did with Lazy Polar Bear on this one, it's gonna look a million times better than when it's just me on my own editing assets, haha. This game wouldn't have been possible with Lazy Polar Bear's epic art ^-^

Super happy you had fun with it <3

I think if I ranted much more, I might make people fall asleep or possibly want to slap me x3 


I just finished getting two of the endings and i am absolutely loving it so far! Though i'm usually not one to go for soft and sub like characters, Blythe has obtained a very special place in my heart <33 I may have originally been intrigued just because i recognized the voice but i ended up getting super attached- anyway i can't wait to see what ends up happening with blue Blythe hehe !!

also a small question that im genuinely curious about (idk if you answered this yet in another comment im sorry akjsdh)


those screaming balloons weren't actually  trick balloons right? cuz the whole human to bunny to balloon made me wonder already... then when blythe pulled out the needle i kinda just paused and didn't know if i wanted to continue LOL but ofc i did


Glad to hear you've been having fun with it :3 Hopefully you enjoyed the rest if you finished playing it :D Thanks so much for checking it out <3


I don't think I answered that exact question, but my answer is probably not gonna be super helpful >.< cos the reality of that particular situation depends on what you choose to believe, and also whether or not you've seen the 'true' ending as well x3

Sooo, the implication is that Blythe turned everyone in the park into bunnies first as you say, and then to balloons. Bunnie sort of just presumes it's like a fancy illusion, and so Blythe is able to shrug the screaming off as being trick balloons, buuuut, as you see in the CG if you keep playing the balloon game, they're not trick balloons, the screams are genuine screams from the people in the park because Bunnie is running around jabbing/stabbing people, completely oblivious xD So I suppose, in a sense, every balloon is a trick, but the trick is that there were never any balloons in the first place x3 Blythe just manipulated Bunnie's senses to make the people in the park look like balloons, and then sent Bunnie on a killing spree just so they really could have the park to themselves, but without causing Bunnie any stress because it was just presented in the format of a game, haha.

Whether or not you believe any of that after seeing the Bliss ending is up to you though :3

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Well, that's an honour then if it managed to keep you engaged ^-^ I know what ya mean cos it takes a lot for me to keep playing properly after I reach whichever ending I do first in a VN! I quite often get lazy and end up skim reading to other ends unless I'm really loving something >.<

And glad you enjoyed the balloon popping :D My dad came in while I was making that part, and he said, oh, that's cool! And I was wanting to smash my head on the desk cos trying to get the actual buttons to line up right was a nightmare xD And then later that week, my brother came up while I was making the music track for the balloon scene, complaining that he was hungry, and I was almost done, so I said to him, just gimme another 10-15 mins and I'll come down and start cooking >.< And I told him if he was that hungry, he could always get the food started for me and I'd finish it off... His response was this: "No. It's not my job. You're the kitchen wench." >.> Such a charming brother I have x3

Your Blythe art looks amaziiiiing!! ^-^ Someone would have to be nuts to have a problem with it x3 Thanks so much for taking the time to draw it and post it here :3 Certainly put a big smile on my face! Looks absolutely gorgeous <3

And thanks for checking out the game and taking the time to type up such a lovely comment too :3

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Yeah, sounds about right! x3


I just started the game and can I just say thanks for the way you talk about how to take proper care of bunnies I use these exact words on a daily basis to tell people my Rabbit Daryl and I thank you :)


Aww, yeah, caring for rabbits properly is super important, and I can't believe how many people still think it's acceptable to shove them in hutches outdoors and just forget about them >.< same goes for guinea pigs too really! Any bunny who doesn't have space to exercise and play is just gonna end up depressed :( When we had our giant French lops, we made sure they had plenty of space both indoors and outdoors for free-roaming safely :3

Thanks so much for checking out the game ^-^


Awesome :)




oh hell yea sub yanderes for the win!!! orange blythe has easily wormed their way into my heart as one of my fave yanderes.. i'm glad your experience writing them has opened you up to their archetype :D!!


Hehe x3 well, it would have been wrong of me not to at least try to make one at some point :D I'll definitely have to have another go at a different kind of more submissive yandere in the future and see how it turns out! I just always thought I'd find them boring if they weren't more dominant or aggressive, but if anything, I feel Blythe turned out more disturbing than most of my other yandere babies because of Blythe being so sweet and submissive, to me, it makes them more creepy when they do let their yandere qualities seep through as opposed to more in your face yandereness x3

And because of that sweet submissiveness (especially once the VA was added), it made me feel more inclined to want to please them and make sure they stay smiling, which feels like quite a frightening form of manipulation cos it's so subtle xD With the more dominant blue version of Blythe, I'd be quite happy to just try and fight them on everything, even maybe find it amusing to try and piss them off to see their reaction x3 but with orange, they feel so precious to me that I would try really hard to avoid hurting them because I know hurting them would also wind up hurting me emotionally >.<

I feel like this type of yandere could actually do a better job of controlling me than a more violent one! So yeah, definitely realised they're not to be dismissed as dull, haha.

Thanks so much for playing and for always being so kind and supportive ^-^


no problem at all!! thank you for the awesome games :D!! and yes i completely agree with your assessment.. i feel like submissive yanderes are more disarming, which makes them more genuinely manipulative. i've had the same experience actually, i feel like it's easier to go against a more aggressive yandere even just out of spite, whereas it's very very difficult to go against a submissive and "docile" yandere, at least not without feeling really bad about it xDD


I'm in love with this game! Please tell me why you had to make Blythe so frikin' cute! The orange Blythe already had me swooning. Then I see the blue one! The blue Blythe had me in a chokehold. I find him more interesting than orange Blythe. I love, love, LOVE the voice acting(Props to the voice actors) And the CGs... PLEASE. MY HEART CAN'T HANDLE THESE. Words cannot describe how interested I was in this game. Both you and Lazy Polar Bear did such a spectacular job. I can't wait to see Blue Blythe's route (Sorry for repeating blue Blythe over and over again, but I don't know his real name.)


When I tried to exit the game after Bad end 3, I thought my laptop had glitched or something then Blythe popped up on my screen. I thought I actually wouldn't be able to exit the game. But I'm 100% fine with being stuck with Blythe. (I have a thing for yanderes.)

Hehe, well I'm really glad you liked it and that you found Blythe to be a cutie :D Always interesting to hear which Blythe people prefer! I mean, normally, I would say that characters closer to blue Blythe's type are the ones I tend to be more attracted to personally, but in this case, I think I'm actually more drawn to the orange version even though they're not my usual cup of tea x3

So glad you love the VA and CGs :3 Lazy Polar Bear's art truly is a wonder to behold ^-^ I honestly don't know how she manages to make everything look so gorgeous, haha. When she sent over the finished sprites, I was just staring at them, swooning, for like ages just admiring their beauty xD

Hehe, well, I mean, technically blue Blythe is the only name the character has anyways x3 Cos they're still just Blythe, but I've gone and made it awkward giving them the same name xD stating their colours is pretty much the only way to distinguish them when trying to talk about them >.< i can only apologise for that, haha.

Glad you enjoyed that little surprise too :P And thanks so much for being so sweet and supportive again <3




Random opinions after I finished all the endings and listened to your words in the extras.

Great voice acting, specially in the feminine voice route!

So, while some parts make sense as them Blythe being metaphors for antidepressants. I can't fit them when it comes to the bad endings, including the devoured ending and the one where Bunny assaults passerby's.

What do each Blythe symbolize?

I can tell there's a symbolism of addiction.

Honestly, without the antidepressant metaphor and with orange Blythe route, I assume this:

Bunny is the player surrogate. A person who's not loved and other problems. And Blythe gives them unconditional love. Tells them what they want and acts all cutesy. Almost like an ideal partner with supernatural powers. Some of what she says is so sweet and charming. But in the end, it's an horror/psychological. All is sweet, but once you get to see all the story, it's bitter. Because, it's assumed that all of it is an illusion and it will only last that day.

Blythe is not real. There's no partner that loves Bunny. There's no one they are celebrating their birthdays with. It's all made up by them.

They will wake up empty. No one beside them. Yesterday, all but a dream. Heart broken.

That's for Bunny.

Now, what about the player?

What if the player falls for Blythe? What if they become like some kind of Monika after story? An imaginary girlfriend in the player's brain? A favorite character to comfort them? Basically, Blythe becomes the player's addiction. But Blythe is only a character, not a person with feelings, wants and needs, etc.

orange Blythe takes over your heart. You can't escape her. She's a part of your psyche. You need someone who loves your unconditionally. Who finds you beautiful, who can see beyond your flaws, etc. You dream of her awake and in your dreams. She has become an idea in your brain. You need her. You can't cope with life without her.

That's more or less what I thought after all those 4th wall breaks I got in the game. You have become "addicted" to her sweet and lovely words. But she's only a fictional character. Just a  character.

That's more or less the theory I made. That's the true horror of this story.

Thanks so much for playing! So glad you enjoyed the voice acting ^-^ it's always one of my main motivators for making games because I love it so much, haha.

I guess I'll say the rest under spoilers :D


To be honest, when it comes to stuff like this, I try to get some symbolism in there that aligns with my personal experiences with certain things, but at the same time, I like to attempt to leave it as ambiguous as possible so that people can make their own interpretations as well, especially with something like this where people's experiences of taking different sorts of antidepressant medication can be so vastly different. Like I said in my rambling in the extras, a friend of mine only ever really had a brilliant experience with them and they helped him a lot, while I have had mostly awful experiences with them x3 So I wanted to try and represent a few different sort of effects that they can have in partly direct, and partly abstract ways.

So I was really intrigued reading your thoughts and interpretations :D I'm glad that there was enough room in the concepts for you to have your own theories and they were interesting to think about :3

You're right that there is absolutely symbolism of addiction, since regardless of whether medication like this helps you or not, you can still fall victim to being addicted to it >.< They never really helped me, but I was definitely addicted to a couple of them even though they only ever gave me negative side effects >.<

Even though both Blythe's are technically the same entity, I was kind of leaning towards the orange version of Blythe resenting the more positive effects of the medication that are somewhat helpful, despite still having drawbacks, while blue Blythe was supposed to be more representative of the negative, more unwanted side effects x3

So the Devoured ending was meant to be a kind of abstract way of representing the fact that antidepressants can actually make feelings of anxiety and suicidal thoughts worse. Blue Blythe still wants what's best for Bunnie, but mistakenly thinks that death, or coming close to it, is the solution. At the same time, they don't want Bunnie to truly die, at least not yet, and so it's more of a metaphorical death so that they can begin again rather than an actual literal death.

And there's a bit of a (not so) funny story attached to the Oblivious ending x3 I once took an antidepressant called Fluoxetine, and it had some really awful side effects to it. It didn't exactly make me fully hallucinate, but it did really alter my state of mind when I was out and about in the real world. It sort of had this weird way of making things feel like they weren't real, as though I was just floating through the space, and everyone around me was just part of a simulation or something.

During an appointment I had with my therapist at that time who had prescribed that particular antidepressant after looking over the ones I'd tried in the past, she asked me if I had any concerns about the medication. I told her that I was having some intrusive thoughts that bothered me when I went to crowded areas. Basically, I would start to see everyone as being NPCs in a video game, and envision what would happen if I were to go around murdering all of them >.< like it was part of some quest and I would get a reward the more I vanquished. Quite horrifyingly, she told me that was nothing to worry about, and that thoughts like that were fairly normal on the medication o.O So that was partly where the inspiration for that ending came from xD

But yeah, regardless of the connections with antidepressants, as you say, Blythe is an illusion for Bunnie, but one that could be perpetually maintained if the medication continues to be taken. Even maintained to an extent when the meds are stopped since it takes time to get it out of your system. And Bunnie is so depressed that they kind of need something like that to survive. But yeah, it's definitely bitter because l, at the end of the day, Bunnie is still stuck and in need of real help of some sort >.<

I absolutely love your theory regarding the player as well :3 It definitely works! That's why it's so fun to leave things a little ambiguous, because then you can make all sorts of interpretations. I know some folks aren't a fan of vagueness in films and games, and while I agree that it can sometimes be a bit disappointing if there's not that much of an explanation at the end, most of time, I much prefer ambiguity! It kinda means that characters can take on more of a life of their own when they can be seen in all sorts of different lights :3


I love this game already! The art, the music, the story is amazinnnng! I am so stoked for the blue blythe o-o xD i listened to his male voice and the voice actor did SUCH A GOOD JOB AAAAAAAAAA haha >//< i wanna read his route so bad lol i am terrified of him already xD
i do have question tho o-o


what the hell happened in the bad end "Devoured End"?? WHAT HAPPEND? WHAT DID HE DO? DID THE BUNnIES REALLY EA T ME? WHY? owo why would he want that....


^-^ Glad to hear you had fun with it! Thanks so much for playing!

Yeah, the voice actors really did a tremendous job with the characters :D Glad you especially enjoyed the blue version of Blythe :3 No need to be terrified, blue Blythe just wants to give you your best-ever birthday, same as orange Blythe does :P

And I shall answer your question (sort of x3) under...


Yes, the bunnies did really swarm and eat you, but not in the sense that they actually caused you to physically die x3 It was more just one of Blythe's illusions to shock you into a state of unconsciousness and make you more suggestible so that they can start over again. It's a pretty mean way of going about it >.< But blue Blythe has a nasty habit of playing different sorts of games with poor Bunnie, some nice, some just plain cruel x3 almost all of them for their own amusement, even if they claim that it's for Bunnie's own good, that remains to be seen! 


AAAAAAAAAAA I can't put into words how much I loved this game! I fell in love with your writing after playing Darling Duality, and now I can't stop thinking about both Blythes and what the new route could include. I've recently gotten better with my social anxiety but now that I got into college those intrusive thoughts and fears got back, so reading a character like Blythe who is so supportive got my spirits up. He's so sweet I died.


My favorite lines were the ones after certain endings, it gave the game such a nice touch- After I couldn't close the game and Blue Blythe appeared I screamed and my cat woke up from his nap lmao. Worth it tho. I absolutely loved both Blythes but I melted with some of Blue Blythe's lines, which says a lot since he didn't have that many in comparison. And Bad Ending 3? I almost yelled at Orange Blythe through my laptop. Though same, I too would give up against Blue Blythe first thought. /j

I take some medication that is supposed to help me differentiate from reality and daydreaming, but sometimes it feels like it does the opposite. Listening to your creation process of Blythe hit close to home, but in a good way. I love his character (both Blythes) and after learning what he represents so many things made sense, it fits perfectly. Thank you so much for making this game and I hope you take a well earned rest, you deserve it!! I'll be waiting for Blue Blythe's route, just a quick question, will his route be paid? I wanna know to start selling commissions so I can buy it as soon as it drops. ♡

Remember that you are amazing and deserve the very best, thanks again for sharing your game with us, you did great!!

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That's awesome to hear you've had fun with both ^-^ Thanks for checking them out! At the same time though, that sucks about your social anxiety >.< Intrusive thoughts are the worst! But I'm glad if Blythe could help even a little bit :3 I hope you've got some sweet and supportive people in your life who are able to help you out and lift you up through the times where you're not feeling so great! I struggled all through school, and I thought college would be better with it being a fresh start, but nope, I was wrong, haha. I eventually wound up quitting before I could finish my course, and while it for was for a few different reasons, one of them was a panic attack in the college library >.< I think if I'd had more supportive people around me at the time, I probably could've coped and completed my course, but I had the opposite instead, away from home, stuck with abusive, nasty people >.<”

So yeah, I really hope that your college journey is a better one :3 You can do iiiiit!

Oh, man though, your poor kitty cat xD You can send my apologies for disturbing your poor kitty, haha.

I guess I'll answer your question here in case anyone else might want to know the same, and then I'll say the rest under spoilers :3 So, I haven't actually spoken to LPB about it, and since she's the lead artist on the project, it doesn't seem right to give a definite answer without discussing things first, but it's extremely likely that blue Blythe's route will be added as part of a free update. For a whole bunch of complicated reasons that I've explained in the past (mostly in regard to DD) about my current living situation, I'm not actually allowed to commercialise any of my stuff, only accept donations. So it'll probably be a case of just hoping there is enough support to get a few donations on ko-fi and Patreon where people specify they'd like for it to go towards this project (or any projects of mine in general) and then I'll be able to use that money to hopefully pay LPB for her time in drawing additional CGs for blue Blythe's route + paying the VAs to reprise their roles :3

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out the game and type up such a kind comment ^-^


That must be pretty difficult dealing with the effects of medication like that if it ends up doing the opposite of what it's supposed to sometimes >.< I feel like that seems to be the case with a lot of meds designed to help various parts of mental health! Anti-anxiety meds that wind up making you more anxious, antidepressants that make you more depressed, sleeping aids that give you worse insomnia than any issues you had before taking stuff, and the list goes on! It makes me wonder if there will actually be anything you can take that genuinely solves stuff without so many awful side effects and negative consequences.

I'm glad that the rambling explanation helped to clarify things without being too terrible to listen to x3 I had to debate a lot with myself about whether or not to include it for a bunch of different reasons, but I'm glad that I did in the end :3 And hey, you're amazing yourself and also deserve the very best, so I wish you maximum luck and success with college and with everything else you attempt in life too :3 You deserve to be happy!


Thank you so so so so so much for your kind words! ;; You are too sweet. I'm really sorry you had to go through that during college, I hope you are doing better now. You are such an amazing person I hope you never have to suffer like that again. Today was my first day at college and it wasn't as bad as I thought, thankfully. There's still a long way ahead but I'll do my best to improve!!

I gave my cat a few pats on your behalf and he said "Meow meow", which probably means "I forgive her". It's all good. ♡

I wasn't aware of your situation, so I'll do my best to donate when I have the chance. LPB's art is gorgeous and the VAs did such an amazing job, it's only fair!

And you are so right! I've seen family members (including my mom) suffer the side effects of their medications, it either brings more issues or makes worse what it's supposed to fix. I wonder when there'll be a way to help mental illnesses without causing so much damage on the process. I'm glad for those who claim their meds made their lives easier, but it's also scary to think how fragile and different the mind is since the same medication can either help or destroy a person. On a happier note, that also makes me think of all the potential Blue Blythe has.

I'm so glad you decided to keep the rambling! It answered a lot of my questions, and made both Blythes a little more dear to me. Your voice is also very pretty, so it was nice to listen to. Thanks for replying and I wish you all the happiness in the world! You are so talented and creative, it was a privilege to play your game. ♡♡♡

I'm in a better place overall now, but still very stuck in life in general, haha. I'd love to be able to go back into college and start over, but my ASD and anxiety make things so hard that I wouldn't be able to do it without like a support worker or something to help >.<

I'm really glad your first day turned out to not be as bad as you thought it would be though :3 And I really hope that things have been going great and getting better and better with each new day that you're there :D

Aww, cheers x3 I miss having kitty cats about the house!

Don't worry about donating anyhow x3 you're in college so you need to save everything you can and make sure that you have enough to be able to treat yourself sometimes!! :3

I definitely think that professionals should make people more aware of and keep a closer eye on anyone they prescribe meds to for nasty side effects >.< cos it's like they give you something that's supposed to help but then just leave you to deal with it on your own, and if stuff goes wrong and you wind up suffering negative side effects, you really need help with that. Sometimes I feel like you're just a guinea pig when you take stuff like antidepressants >.< and they're guessing and gambling when they prescribe stuff cos they don't really know what's gonna happen to you when you take it!

I totally agree, it is terrifying how meds can do so much damage to a person's mind when they're advertised as help >.<

That's sweet of you to say about by voice x3 I've just always kind of hated it since people made fun of me at my first school xD I used to speak with a posher voice than I do now, and people bullied me for sounding like Hermione from the Harry Potter films, haha. So by the time I got to my second school, I started imitating how most of the other kids spoke instead to try and blend in a bit better >.< My biggest issue with my voice though is how monotonous I sound xD and I feel like that's probably due to my autism or something T_T haha. Cos my brother speaks in the same sorta monotonous tone and he's autistic too x3

Thanks again for all your kind words and I hope everything is going smoothly so far at college, and that you get to have a lot of fun and happy times while you learn stuff ^-^


(Contains spoilers)

A really good game! I very much enjoyed it. First of all, everything looks really good. The UI and graphics are all very polished and appropriately cute. Of course, the Blythes also look so adorable that I have no choice but to let them into my heart and home. I like how they each have different expressions, which contributes to their individuality. The way that their expressions change throughout a single line reading makes the visuals a lot more dynamic and lively as well.

I am a big fan of the dynamic between the two Blythes. I always love to see multiple yanderes interacting and fighting with each other, as cruel as it may be to toy with their feelings like that. I feel like the competition reveals new facets of their character and causes their tendencies to escalate.

I tend to like more assertive and domineering yanderes, so blue Blythe is my favorite out of the two. While his route isn't available yet, it just made me all the more giddy when he showed up unexpectedly during orange Blythe's route. Orange Blythe is not without his own merits, though! There were several moments where I felt emotionally moved by him. His affection and enthusiasm are palpable and infectious. I like the habit he has of repeating phrases. I've never thought about it before, but it's super cute.

My favorite ending has to be Bad End 3. It's everything I expect and enjoy from a yandere scenario. I appreciate the very cool tricks and effects that occur after getting this ending, it really brings the experience to the next level. I also liked Neutral End 01, which was my first ending. I liked hearing orange Blythe's after-ending monologue, which put a darker spin on what was a pretty wholesome experience up until that point. It's always interesting to see inside the head of a yandere, and to expose the darkness lurking under his very cute veneer.

I also appreciate the walkthrough. I'm pretty bad at intuiting which options should lead to different endings, so the walkthrough helped a lot with allowing me to appreciate everything the game has to offer.

All in all, it's a super worthwhile game to play, with a ton of effort put into it. Cute and deranged bunny boys, what's not to like? I'm looking forward to blue Blythe's route, and according to a comment I saw, he will get worse! Woohoo! I'm very excited to see exactly how low he can and will go. Thanks so much for your hard work, Melancholy Marionette, Lazy Polar Bear and all the VAs! Take your time, and I will be so happy to pick up blue Blythe's update when it's ready!


Yay ^-^ So glad you enjoyed the game and thank you so much for taking the time to type up such a lovely comment too :3 Hehe, I will never fail to be blown away by Lazy Polar Bear's amazing art skills x3 Everything she draws pretty much makes me drool, haha, and the Blythe's are no exception :P As for the UI, tbh, if there had been more time in the jam, I probably would've tried to make it a little bit more unique to the game, because while the text boxes and loading screens + a few other bits were made specifically for this project, in order to save myself a huuuuuge chunk of time, I stole a template for some UI I made for an older project (my VNification/localisation of Yandere Heaven) and tweaked that in a bunch of ways cos UI takes soooo long to make from scratch, haha.

It's absolute hell putting so many expression changes into each line and trying to time it with the VA, but it's something I don't mind putting in the extra hours for cos I absolutely agree with you that it makes things look more lively :3 I love the end result too much to stop doing it x3

Hehe, *high five* for the competing yanderes love :P I too enjoy watching the shenanigans that can unfold when you get to be a bit of a devil and play them off against each other x3

Snap! On the blue version of Blythe too :3 Which was my main reason for making that one take more of a backseat for the jam cos that version leans more towards the kind of characters I tend to write more often, and I really fancied challenging myself to writing a more sugary sweet one for a change x3 I'm glad you still found orange Blythe cute too though :D Especially considering the fact that I thought orange was a little dull when I first finished the draft >.< I've said it in my postmortem and I think a couple of times in comments already, but it was mainly down to LPB's awesome art + the VA's amazing performances that orange actually grew on me! It did make me wonder if others might wind up getting the same kinda boring vibes from that version of Blythe that I first did though back when orange was just some words on a page x3 Happy to hear that wasn't the case for you!

And, snap! Again x3 It just had to be done, haha. Before I'd even finished the draft, I knew I wanted that to happen. I didn't quite know how we were going to get there at the time, but I knew it was going in xD And then, yeah, couldn't resist that lil extra bit of fun, haha.

That's great to hear regarding the neutral end too! It means it hit the way it was supposed to, which is something else I did wonder whether it would work or not! Phonobabble even said he wasn't particularly happy with his delivery of those lines due to playing them a different way to what he had for the rest of the game, to the point that he was considering doing some retakes, but I said to him, noooo, they're perfect! You hit the nail on the head with the delivery and interpreted it the exact way I was intending for it to come out ^-^

Hehe, not gonna lie, it was actually your comment here (specifically the part about the walkthrough) that reminded me I'd been an absolute moron and totally forgotten to actually write up one for the Darling Duality demo >.<” so thank you for that, haha. That should have been typed up and posted months ago, but it just completely slipped my mind!

Thanks so much for taking the time to play through the game and for all your kind words of support! It's much appreciated <3 With any luck, you'll enjoy blue Blythe's route even more once it eventually gets released into the wild x3

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