A Very Late Update x3

Soooo, I haven't posted in quite some time after I was managing to make some form of regular-ish progress with the writing, haha. The reason I've been so silent is because I haven't made much progress to report due to the state of my mental health absolutely sucking recently >.<

Anyone who knows me will know that I suffer with anxiety + depression so my ability to get stuff done can fluctuate. Usually, I'm able to sorta lose myself in projects like this when stuff is bad, but this time around, I wound up not getting much done on it at all because my head has just been so darn messed up lately! I'm pretty sure it's the whole coronavirus thing that's making everything 100x worse. I know a lot of people across the world have had to change the way they live their lives because of the virus, including me.

I'll try not to ramble on too much with my venting, cos I know this is supposed to be a devlog for CiQ rather than a general update on my life xD Basically, since I live at both my dad's and my partner's places, but they're far apart, my normal life revolves a lot of frequent travel between my two homes. Without a car, and with public transport being deemed generally unsafe right now, I can't live the way I was living.  I've always been terrified of losing my loved ones, and somehow, travelling between each home every 10 days or so helped to calm that fear a little. The best I can manage for now is to stay in each place for a month at a time, and even then, it's not very practical because it involves my poor dad driving me a very long distance, which I don't want to put him through :( So yeah, I'm just even more scared than usual of losing my loved ones now that the distance between us is much harder to travel, and sometimes that fear becomes crippling.

Anyways! I'm still in the middle of writing Elil's route. On top of that, my friend Anthony is helping me to find voice actors for the remake of the old jam demo that I'm working on. The cast will soon be decided :3

I'll shut up for now! Wherever you are in the world, I hope that you're managing to stay safe, and that you have a wonderful week ^_^/

Writing Progress:

Common Route - 100% complete  

Alvy's Route - 100% complete  

Sio's Route - 100% complete

Elil's Route 33% complete

All other Routes - 0% complete

Get Clarity in Qualia - Old Jam Version

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