1st Full Drafts For The Main Routes Are Finished + More :D

The title pretty much says it all! Very late last night, I managed to finish the first draft for Kagan's route, which means that the first version full drafts for all of the main routes are now complete :3 I don't know how it happened, but Kagan's draft came out at just over 30k words. It's okay though, as I know for sure some stuff that I want to add to the routes of the other guys, so in the end, they will all have roughly 30k words in their individual routes!

I'm also right in the middle of remaking the old demo in the new engine that I've got (which is sooooo much better than Tyranobuilder it's crazy!) Still learning the ropes with the new engine, but so far, I'm in love with it <3 I will be posting some random in-progress screenshots during December, alongside showing some of the new artwork that our amazing artist has completed for the new sprites :3 I'm really dreading remaking the UI though T_T

There's still a fair bit more writing to go, but it's nice to have those main routes all laid out properly now :D

To those across the pond, I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving :3 To everyone in general, I hope you're managing to stay safe, and that wherever you are in the world, you have a wonderful week ^_^/

Writing Progress: (first full drafts)

Common Route - 100% complete  

Alvy's Route - 100% complete  

Sio's Route - 100% complete

Elil's Route 100% complete

Kagan's Route - 100% complete

Other Extra/Unlockable Stuff - 0% complete

Get Clarity in Qualia - Old Jam Version

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