New Art & Voice Acting - Meet Alyx

Well, it's been a little while since my last update, but myself and the lovely people I'm now working with have been hard at work, and I'm pleased to be able to start showing you guys the new art + voice acting for CiQ :D

First up it's our protagonist, Alyx (whose gender will depend on the version of the game that you're playing.) 

What do you think of Alyx's new look (and voice)? Let me know your thoughts in the comments :3

Stay safe + have a lovely day! There will be more character reveals coming soon ^_^/

Get Clarity in Qualia - Old Jam Version


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I absolutely love the idea of the same character being male or female depending on the player's choice and having different voices that match! Really well done.

Cheers! I'm glad you think so :D If I had the time to make more romantic combos aside from BxB and GxB for this project, then I would, but I already found out from trying to do 4 kinds in my first project that it's too much work >.< I still need to finish the BxG combo for that!

I'm working on a small side project for the Secret Santa + Winter VN jam where the player can choose from two versions of the same character as their romantic partner (kinda like I did with Impostor for Scream jam) where you have one female voice + one male voice :3 

It just sucks that I'm so poor and can't afford to pay anyone for their hard work and awesome talent :( Because CiQ is probably gonna be a 20 hour + game, it means that it will require a lot of work to get it fully voiced (especially with the double protagonist choice) so unless I can manage to get funding on Kickstarter or something, it won't be possible >.< All the voice actors currently working with me have very kindly volunteered their skills for the promotional vids + demo that I'm working on :3 I'm hoping that people will enjoy the voice acting enough to consider helping to fund it. To me, it won't be the same without voice acting!


I love the voices and the new look! <3

Glad to hear it! :3