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i had my suspicions but it took me until the old woman calling about the dead cat for me to realize this is literally the inside no9 episode cold comfort lmao

*High five* for getting that :3 Even if you hadn't, I think I did name the episode in the credits doc, haha. It's not the only Inside No.9 VN adaptation I've done either! Though it is the most elaborate one since this one has a heck of a lot of differences to the original.

Really wanted to go off in a lot of different directions with this one and build a different world while still incorporating the original story and ending from that episode ^-^ And none of it would've been possible without the awesome team I got to work with! I just thought it would be a really fun episode to build off of and I loved the way the story was told on the CCTV feeds.

Apartment No.9 is an adaptation of the ep Tom and Gerri. And The Graveyard Shift is an adaptation of the ep The Stakeout :D Tbh I'd love to do adaptations of all the eps, but that would take a ridiculous amount of time >.< even if I didn't add extra choices, paths, endings, characters, or settings and just went for a kinetic version following the episode scripts without deviation, that'd still take forever with how many episodes there are now T_T I will probably do at least a few more though over time! 

For some reason my load save etc on the bottom of thr screen has dissapeared, it was there when i first opened the game but when i closed the game the whole thing dissapeared. ive tried redownloading the game and changing the screen size but it just poofed gone. Anyway i can fix this??


Sorry it's taken a while for me to get back to you. I've been ill since before Christmas and still am now >.< can't go on my PC, so I'm stuck trying to look at stuff and type on my laggy old phone, haha. I don't suppose you happen to have found a way to fix it? 

It's weird >.< I'm probably not going to be able to help much cos I'm not particularly techy, so when weird UI bugs occur that I haven't encountered myself during testing, it's super hard to figure out what's causing them for others, and even harder to fix them T_T

There is a hide UI button that's on one of the keyboard shortcuts by default, but I doubt that would stay active when restarting the game even if it was pressed accidentally >.<

You could maybe try deleting everything before redownloading if you haven't already. I know you said you redownloaded it, but unless you also went into your appdata folder and deleted the game data there, any fresh downloads would just use existing data from that folder, so I guess the bug would still be present. Whereas if you completely delete that data, I'd like to hope that it would resolve itself. However, it would mean losing all of your save data if you had any >.<

I can't remember for sure without checking on my PC, which I can't do right now, but that folder is usually hidden by default, so you have to set your PC to show hidden files and folders, go to AppData/LocalLow and you should see a folder called Melancholy Marionette, and inside that, a Limbo Line folder. That's the one you wanna delete (not just the downloaded folder with the exe and stuff in it) cos if you don't delete that folder in Appdata, any new downloads will always just try to keep loading the old data.

Still, it would be better if you didn't have to delete everything and start over >.< Were you playing on Windows or Mac?

If it was Mac, there's even less chance of me being able to help cos I don't even own one myself to test on :( If it's Windows, I can try sending you a dev build and if your PC spat out any error logs, you could save those and send them to me.

Another thing you could do is try the potato version if you haven't already (or if you started with the potato version, you could try to normal one).

Do you remember where you were in the game and what was happening before you closed it and lost the bar with the options on?

Also, thanks for checking the game out :3


I am on mac and tried both potato and normal verson. I  opened the game when i first downloaded it and noticed my screen was cutting off some of the words so i closed the game, and when i re opend it boom the whole save load thing was gone :/ ive been a little discouraged when trying to find out what happened to since im not much of a tech person either, but maybe ill try and figure it out. thanks for trying to help me anyways, and i hope you get better soon, get lots of rest!


This has rightfully earned a spot on my list of all-time favourite games. All of the characters are so distinctly interesting, and I really appreciate the abundance of non-binary characters! There's usually only one non-binary character in these types of games (often the MC), so it's really great that you showed that genderqueer characters can coexist with each other :D

Aww, well, I'm honoured <3 it means a lot cos I love this project to bits, but it's still one of my least played games alongside Apartment No.9, so I'm always chuffed whenever it gets some love ^-^ The team worked crazy hard to get it finished in time for the end of the jam. I'd really love to be able to do some spin-off type stuff with it because it was such a fun world to live in for the month, and I'd like to spend longer with it cos all the characters really grew on me by the end of the jam, haha. 

And I'm glad you approve of the non-binary characters :3 I've had a very small amount of hate over it for some reason >.< 1 or 2 nasty comments and a couple of abusive 1* reviews from folks who clearly don't like that aspect of it! But I've had that in the past for some of my older games for simply having pronouns unstated, or for having a choice of pronouns. I don't know why anyone would get angry about either of those things because I mean, what's wrong with having more inclusive options? T_T But anyways, I have a few friends who are non-binary, so it made sense to try and have a more diverse cast of characters :3


I love this game! You did such an amazing job! Brilliant, just brilliant <3 Thank you so much for sharing it with us

P.S. Also hello from fellow "Inside No. 9" fan)

So happy you had fun with it ^-^ It always gives me fuzzies when I see some Limbo Line love, haha. It was such a fun project to work on. 

Also, *high five* for the Inside No. 9 love :D I haven't seen the new Christmas special yet, but I'm excited to! Hoping it's a gooden :3 It's such a good shoooow <3

Thank YOU for taking the time to check the game out and write such a kind comment ^-^


Okay, okay! I've played it for a bit. I'll definitely finish it at some point but my workload needs to get decreased some more before I even could T^T So anyway, first off, I feel like I've been duped after receiving that ending when I made that first choice weeeeeelp, I've also been duped the second time lol. It seems I can't randomly give out compliments (tho that person deserved it because that person definitely looks fabulous). I'll be writing another comment soon! When I finish. I'll definitely remember these embarrassing outcomes of my choices for sure!!!! 😂 

Hehe, there is rather a lot of silly mixed in with the serious in this one x3 It's been so long that I can't even remember all of the choices and the endings now xD I do remember confusing the crap out of myself trying to make sure everything lead to the correct places though, haha.

Anyways, hope your workload doesn't squish you too much so you can survive and have time to relax x3


A month?? I find it really impressive that you made this in a month, you did an amazing job. ^^ Honestly this is one of my favorite games now. <3


Aww, woo! So glad to hear it <3 It's probably still my favourite project of all the ones I've worked on so far x3 and yet still one of the least played T_T haha. It wouldn't have been possible without the awesome jam team! We sure worked our butts off to get it done in time, haha.  


OK, so whoever isn't the dev and is reading this: HERE BE SPOILERS.

Wow, this is excellent! Unless you look very closely (or look at's handy sidebar of links), you'd be hard-pressed to say this was made in one month - or even for a game jam! The characters, the lore, the puzzles...oh, it's so good! I love how the admins of Limbo are basically Great Old Ones, that Loki, upon his (their?) timely demise, got locked into a particular form, dumped into manager detail for all eternity, and foisted with a decidedly-uninspired pseudonym, the janitor is better at sucking up compliments than actual garbage, and the resident symbiote is not an ice queen by choice, but rather because literally having multiple persons inside a single host body means displaying emotion is chaotic and decidedly undemocratic (they can't all be Dax from Star Trek, I suppose :P ).

The side puzzles and content on the PC and the phone truly elevate this game beyond a typical VN, making it closer to something like Snatcher (the good parts). And the micro-ARG/unfiction puzzle was clever as well...though I will say the password was difficult to understand once translated, even when slowing down the tempo and upping the volume. Thank goodness I got close enough Google auto-corrected my answer to the real one!

Anyways, love the MC's reaction to Deadly Desires' "funeral package". Honestly, I would've loved for that number and its choices to lead to a number of comedic bad ends, whether it be from being damned for having a private orgy with Romeo during probation or the MC being completely insane and accepting the "funeral package".

My two complaints are nitpicks, especially given this was done within the timeframe of a one-month game jam: I wish there was even more and more fleshed-out content, and the male voice actor for Loki has worse line delivery than the female voice actress. In fact, it sounded like the latter was doing a bad impression of the former.

Lastly, my one actual critisism, which was to let Loki speak as they preferred instead of sticking to one type of voice - I mean, the player got assaulted by an energy demon and introduced to Limbo by a robot-headed being of some kind, so hearing a voicechanger's natural voice couldn't possibly be weirder than that - but having gotten all the endings and artwork, I see now that would ruin the revelation the player can come to in that "Kiol" is really Loki.


Huzzah \^_^/ So glad you ended up having fun with it! Yeah, that was one wild September xD Now you can probably see why I tried to tell myself this year that surely making 2 shorter games couldn't be more difficult than making 1 longer one x3 cos I was thinking in terms of Limbo Line, haha. That was really pushing the limit of what could be squeezed into a 1 month jam game though x3

Again, it would've been impossible without having such an awesome team! Everyone worked craaazy hard. I remember being up at like 4/5am and saying to the lead artist, you should go to bed, and she was like, well, YOU should go to bed xD How on earth everyone managed to produce as much art as they did in that month, or how the VAs recorded all those lines, I do not know, but clearly, everyone was as crazy as me, haha.

I was so desperate to try some new things I'd never tried before, which is where a lot of the side stuff came from. I have this rule/challenge I set myself to try and learn something new every time I take part in a jam. But I went a little wild on that front with this project! I still think if proper coders saw my code for the phone stuff they would probably laugh their asses off at me because I know there must've been a more efficient way of doing that! But I was just happy I managed to figure something like that out on my own really x3 even if it is probably backwards as heck.

“The janitor is better at sucking up compliments than actual garbage”
This made me laugh out loud when I was reading through everything you wrote xD

And it's funny you should mention Star Trek because my family and I had actually been watching Star Trek Discovery around the time Spooktober was going on last year, and it was actually seeing the character of Adira Tal that made me want to include some kinda host x symbiote type character in the mix somewhere!

I guess I should probably put everything else under a big ol'....


Totally agree with you on that password, so thank feck for Google auto-correcting I guess x3 Doesn't help that my mic is not the best, but also all the effects kinda drown out the whispering too much >.< I had a lot of fun with the mini ARG though, haha. I remember when I walked down to the place to put the poster with the number to call puzzle, my dad was really paranoid we were gonna get security telling us off xD The place I put it is public land, but the spring borders an extremely posh estate who have cameras everywhere, one of which is directly facing that spring. He kept telling me to hurry up with the photos because it looked like we were acting suspiciously and someone was probably watching x3

I would've liked to have done more with it because I had hoped to add the Architect from a couple of my other games to the end of that particular puzzle, but there just wasn't time in the end.

Oh man, it's been so long that I can't even remember what Nine's reaction to the DD funeral package was xD Not gonna lie, I too would love to have done more with all the Deadly Desires stuff, haha. So much of all the side/extra parts were rushed because of the jam's time limits >.< Some of it wasn't even remotely planned, haha. It's just I kept having random ideas of things I wanted to add, especially when the team was discussing various things in the team discord server cos there were several occasions when someone said something and I immediately thought, ooo, I know, we're gonna add this! It eventually got to a point where I had to force myself to stop adding things if we wanted to get everything finished in time.

But hey, there's no saying stuff can't be explored in the future at least :3 In fact, the lead artist and I really want to return to the project and its characters at some point in the future! We were hoping to possibly add DLC or spinoff scenarios themed around other jams, so like the possibility of romance and stuff when Valentine's sorts of jams happen in Feb (though that didn't work out this year, and I ended up doing Yandere Jam instead!) or even making a spinoff or alternate reality kinda story one year for a future Spooktober. LPB has been super swamped with college work though + commissions, so it's not really been possible for either of us to get together and team up to work on new stuff. But yeah, we'd both like to :3

That's interesting your opinion on Kiol's VAs :o I don't think I could pick a favourite if I were just completely unbiased myself. As a player though, personally I would pick/prefer the masculine voice option just cos if a game tells me to pick between male/female masc/fem for a character that isn't MC, I will always pick masc, haha. And for MC I will always pick fem. Just cos those are my personal preferences.

Yeah, with Kiol's voice, I knew I wanted to give the player a choice because ever since making Impostor, I've tried my best to give players an option, whether there's romance in the game or not. Kiol seemed like the perfect character to be given multiple voices + I figured it would also help solve the issue with Mallory on the phone, as I feel like if the VA for each version had just used a slightly different voice, it still might have been recognisable and given the game away far too early >.< So using both voices helped with that problem too.

I'm just really glad you decided to check it out and that you ended up enjoying it overall :3 LPB recently made some anniversary art that she posted on Twitter and I retweeted to try and get the game some more plays. A few more downloads did trickle in, but not many T_T haha. It's so frustrating because I feel like maybe people who like my other games avoid this one because it's not a dating sim/there's no romance? And that's fair enough if they're only interested in playing stuff that has that sort of content, but I do wish I could tempt more people into checking out Limbo Line somehow x3

Anyways, thanks for all your kind words again <3

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i just realised i didnt post a comment under this game which is ??? mindblowing ?? bc this is my fav vn from my fav dev on itchio ???? anyway this game is so good and underrated, if you're reading this and you're considering downloading this game but you're hesitating bc you generally dont play VNs without romance (or bc you've come to expect yandere romances), this is your sign, DO NOT PASS IT UP !!!! just trust me, this game is so good!!

hint: follow the secret side quest ;)


Aww x3 I feel honoured to be anyone's favourite dev on itch <3 gives me the super fuzzies ^-^ Glad you decided to check this one out too cos it's probably the one I'm most proud of still :3 It's harder to choose now I've released another couple for Spooktober Jam this year, haha. But I reckon Limbo probably still takes the top spot just cos of all the extra bits and bobs I was able to put in there!

And I'm really glad you enjoyed it so much :3 Here's to hoping some folks might read what you wrote and decide to check it out too cos it's still one of my least downloaded projects T_T A few more downloads trickled in after LPB made the awesome anniversary art for the game that she put up on Twitter and I retweeted it recently :3 But I kinda wish I could grab everyone who has played any of my other games and just go, come here, play this one xD

Hehe, tis quite the rabbit hole that side quest :P

Thanks so much for your kind words <3


i actually played it quite a long time ago now but somehow forgot to comment TwT .. which doesnt make any sense bc this game is easily one of my faves on this platform ?? i'm glad you're proud of this game bc it really is deserving of pride!! and i really do wish more people would check this out :') i just wanna go "hey guys !!!!! check out my fav dev !!!!!!!!!" also yeah, that side quest is so fun xDD so !!! thank you for your response, and keep up the great work!!


I forget stuff all the time x3 and also mean to do things one day, but then repeatedly put it off for whatever reason (quite often just forgetting xD) and then before I know it, ages has passed!

Hehe :3 Well, even if not many people ever see it or play it, I'm glad that those who have given it a go have had fun with it ^-^


A VN with no romance? Quite odd or rather uncommon. But if you say so with caps, then it seems nice enough to try. 

And there's a secret side quest...? OoO


it is quite uncommon, but trust me, you wont regret playing this game at all :D!! those caps were the result of me channeling all the earnestness in my heart xDD .. there's no romance, but the game does a good job in hooking you and making you care about the characters, i even 100% completed the game and got all the endings, even though i rarely enjoy VN's without romance!! and yeah, there is an ARG-style secret side quest that involves looking through resources outside of the game to continue... and you can see the walkthrough posted here in the devlog if you get stuck :)!! enjoy :D!!


I can't believe your caps worked! :3 The game still gets next to no downloads T_T Itch analytics show folks tend to check out DD, Yandere Heaven, and more recently hits on Impostor, which is surprising given how old and clunky it is >.< But yeah, the little graph shows those are the main 3 getting views and downloads! And I'm sat here like, but, but! Limbo Liiiiiine, peopleeee T_T haha.

Thank you again though for putting that there for anyone who does happen to click on the page and make it down to the comments ^-^

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i can't believe my caps worked either xDD i hope limbo line gets more exposure, your games are so good and they deserve it :D!! also, i just remembered that i recommended it to an irl friend as well!!

<3 Well, I hope that friend liked it if they ended up checking it out :3 Imagine if they did but they were just like, wtf is this shit? xD It's kinda weird cos none of my irl friends or family have ever played any of my games, haha. Well, my dad tried to play a tiny bit of Impostor, but the laptop was so old it couldn't really handle it x3 He said he wants to, but all he's got that he can play on is his iPad, and I still don't know how the heck to get builds working on mobile T_T Would really love to put one or two of em on Switch if I could! I don't know how though >.<


Hope you end up having fun if you do decide to play it :D


I haven't played it yet but I would like you to know I've downloaded it! I even shared it with friends! I'll definitely be asking for progress once the Sem break starts. I'm basically an advertising maniac. MWAHAHAHAHA 


Hello! So, i will pass to the spoilers right away so don't read my review if you don't have play the game ! :)

/!\ Spoilers /!\ Spoilers /!\ Spoilers /!\

I played Limbo the 16 April, so i will say right away i'm sorry if my review is wonky it's be a long time i write the review somewhere in my phone and i don't remember well the story to correct it well, so sorry ^^'!

So, just the homepage (menu), i like it! It's throw you in the atmosphere!

Poor Nine for being between realms as an sentence on a support line, well it's can be a worse job but no thanks lol

Anyway at my first try, i end in the bad endings with Kiol. When they keep you in their locker. Hahaha <_< I like their design buuuut get away for me, please, thanks, goodbye!

And i have one of the good end? With Niard. Meh. Not so bad, i guess. ...Probaly. 

For the chara! Poor Soul... </3 But for me, i like it! ^^

I have the bad ending when Mallory (Kiol, then?) kill Nine? Because i being a ass to Malory so yeah, i was surprise and doing that in the night so i was creep out a little, haha.

I have the good ending!... i think? The one with credits? Anyway, i loved this game ! And, well even if Kiol creep me out a little a little, i like their character in a way! I having all the good ending for the characters that Nine call in their work and, well idk how many ending this game have, but, i have four ending? Two bad ending, a good ending? And happy ending with the credits? I liked all the characters ! :) Anyway, thanks the team for the game!

It's totally fine :D I think it's just really sweet that you decided to come back and leave such a lovely review ^-^

I guess I better say the rest under...


Hehe, yeah, I don't think many people would really wanna be stuck in Kiol's locker forever x3 And I'm not sure many people would really wanna be saved by Niard either xD but I suppose it's better than living the rest of your life in a cupboard! I don't think I'd mind being saved by Niard though cos the character really grew on me while I was putting everything together x3

Yeah, that's one of the bad endings where Mallory/Kiol kills Nine :P I had fun putting that one together with all of LPB's awesome art :D And the bad end with Lefu! That was so fun to make, haha.

You're right though, if the credits roll and you have the little chibi of Nine in charge of the office, that's the good ending :D

To be honest, without checking the guide, I can't remember all the endings myself xD There are a bunch of main endings where most of em are bad, and the only sorta good ones are the one you got with the credits + the one where Niard rescues you from Kiol's cupboard x3 Pretty much everything else is a bad end! And some of them are bad ends that have nothing to do with the main story, like if you interact with the djinn or you mess up with the demon on the phone, haha.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it anyways :3 Thank you so much for playing <3



A certain manager is going to give me stress lines. Aside from that, I loved this game!! The characters were all lovely, and the callers were surprisingly non-aggressive. Thank you for making this game

Hehe x3 oops! Thank YOU for playing it :3 And for taking the time to leave such a sweet comment <3


Здравствуйте, уважаемые разработчики!

Мне очень понравилась эта игра. Я наткнулся на нее на YouTube и решил сыграть сам. И мне очень понравилась игра, особенно сами персонажи. Мне больше всего нравился Ашерос, но мне было грустно, потому что я не узнал о нем больше в игре. Что ж, мне очень понравилась игра.

Могу ли я узнать, будут ли обновления в этой игре? Или добавить что-то к сюжету? Также я думаю, что игра может стать довольно популярной, если выйдет в Steam. Что ж, желаю вам прогресса в игре и ее популярности :)

Hey hey! :3 I used Google translate to read your comment, so I hope that I'm not making any mistakes here. It seemed like the translation was pretty good though because everything made sense :D

Thank you so much for playing the game and taking the time to leave such a sweet comment ^-^ I really appreciate it. I'm so glad you decided to play the game yourself after seeing it on YouTube, and even more happy that you ended up enjoying it :3

Sadly, it's one of my least played games, but it's my favourite one that I've made so far, and the one I'm most proud of!

The lead artist (LazyPolarBear) and I did want to explore the Limbo Line world and characters more at some point. We even hoped to make a sort of spin-off for a Valentine's jam or something, potentially with some romance,  but we both ended up being too busy and burned out to do that this year. Both of us would really like to make some sort of new content related to the game at some point though! I'm just not sure when we'll end up having the time to work on it >.<

It would be really cool to have this and some of my other games on Steam, but sadly, the $100 fee is really offputting, especially when it's a free game so we would never get the money back :( I also totally suck at marketing and social media, so the game would probably get buried quite easily on there, and then no one would know it exists >.< One day though I might be able to add it :3

Thanks again for all your kind words ^-^ I hope you have a great week!


._. so uh the thumbnail might give it away what happens but I still enjoyed playing this game so please go give a go definitely worth the time

Oooh dear... Poor Nine x3 I haven't seen the video yet, but yeah, I can see the oops from the thumbnail, haha. But hey, at least that particular bad end is one that's pretty easy to avoid :D If I'm remembering correctly, I think that's the one where you just don't answer that one call and go investigating instead x3


Normally I don't upload 2 videos a day but I'm having a blast I uploaded part 5 already :)

A Part 4 now out what else can I say but go play it :)

Uploaded a part 3 cannot wait to see what else is in store

So glad you've been enjoying it :D It's by far the most fun I've had yet working on a project, though, I think maybe I should have tried to make something a bit shorter cos I gave myself, the artists, and the VAs waaaaay too much work for 1 month xD I hardly slept last September cos I knew I wouldn't finish in time for the jam deadline if I did, haha. Definitely my favourite jam I've taken part in so far though :3 And I couldn't have done it without all the awesome folks who helped me bring the project to life!

I'm gonna try and make something for Spooktober VN jam again this year, but probably not as long as this one, haha.

Thanks so much for playing it cos it's one of my least downloaded games (which totally sucks cos I personally think it's the best one of all of em x3) and I hope you end up having fun with the rest of it :D

PS. I noticed the settings UI was a bit wonky in the first video >.< I really wish I could get it to work properly cos it's supposed to adapt to any window size changes and stuff, but it always seems to go a bit wonky on anything other than 1920x1080 fullscreen no matter what I do T_T I saw the PC UI and text box UI seemed to be okay though, so hopefully, you don't get too many issues with that.


Hey I'm been having a blast playing this game hopefully can finish the next episode soon and yeah my fist video of this game did act up a bit but thankfully my other videos don't seem to have that same problem hopefully my next video of this game continues to go smoothly and definitely one of my favorite games of yours since I started playing your games Imposter and Yandere Heaven were great but this one takes it another level seriously I didn't think a game about a phone line would be fun. Keep up the great work :)

I'm glad it managed to fix itself at least :3 I wish I could make perfectly working UI that never goes messed up, but it seems impossible xD

Maybe that could be one of the reasons why not many people have played this one cos people might look at the page and think it doesn't sound that fun, so then they don't check it out >.< haha. I did kinda struggle with how to describe the game! And I guess with my other projects it's more obvious what the story and stuff is about, whereas with this one, it's kinda hard to tell from the title. I do wish more people would give it a chance though cos I'm so proud of this one and of all the people who helped me bring it to life :3

Hope you manage to make it to one of the good endings! Though, to be fair, some of the bad endings are more fun :D


having a lot of fun with this game uploaded a part 2 I'm enjoying this game a lot


I definitely recommend to anyone to play this game this was such an interesting idea and this was amazing. :)


AAa sorry to bother, but the mac download isnt working for me somehow?? Like i download it, but there isnt anything in my files to open and play the game? ;-;

No worries, it's no bother at all. I just replied to your other comment in the bugs section with a link to a guide of helpful tips for opening my games on Mac, but I will link it here too in case anyone reads your comment and also has the same problem :3 Hopefully at least one of the bits of help on there will work for everyone.


So, love the game so far and not sure if I'm missing something, but the game started out normally however for a second I switched to a windowed ver not the full screen, since my laptop needs me to manually take any SS, but now the menu seems.. broken? Idk what happened, but now whenever I'm in the starting screen, whenever I try to load something or used the arrows to go up or down, it's all tilted to the left side and clipping through borders? Also, I'm able to only load my game from the start menu as the menu bar does not show up during my game at all anymore, meaning I can't save any further than I did before it broke. I'm only able to read logs or go back and forth using the mouse wheel. I deleted and redownloaded the game and somehow my progress saved, but so did the glitch?? I'm using the normal and not the potato ver, so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with the issue I'm having?

Again, love the game, sry to bother, but I tried to look for a solution and I'm unsure of what to do at this point. Should I just try the potato version instead? Will that maybe help?

Glad you were enjoying it before it decided to go silly on you x3 Unfortunately, I'm not really sure why it would do that >.< I know there are sometimes UI layout issues if a player is playing in a different resolution to what I've designed the UI in cos for some reason, the UI scaling sometimes goes really weird! Which is one of the reasons I lock resolution to 1920x1080 16:9 in the build settings. Somehow though, that doesn't seem to make a different when it comes to windowed mode and resizing windows >.< The UI is supposed to scale with whatever the player has for their screen, but even in testing, I find it rarely displays correctly and I have no idea why :( So frustratingly, it's probably not something I'm going to be able to fix >.<

I might still be able to help somewhat though to get it back to how it was in the first place! At least I really hope I can. 

I know you said you deleted the game and stuff and redownloaded it, then found that your save was still there and it was still all messed up. That could potentially be because of where some of the files end up hidden on a PC! Again, I'm not a techy person, so I don't really know why this happens, but I wound up having to look into why saves don't disappear while testing games in the past, and people said it's because just deleting the game .exe and folder doesn't actually delete the data. You have to go searching for that in a different place >.<

I can't say for sure, but whenever I download Unity games (same goes for the ones I've made) by default, the data seems to go under:
C:\Users\(your username)\AppData\LocalLow\MelancholyMarionette\LimboLine\NaninovelData\Saves

The appdata folder is hidden by default I think though, so you'd have to go into your folder and file settings and tick the box to enable hidden folders to show up. You can just delete the whole Limbo Line folder to completely get rid of save data and start from scratch. Then whenever you restart the game, it'll just generate a brand new folder.

But trying the potato version might be an easier way of starting over because it should technically register as a different game on your PC to the normal version, and so it shouldn't recognise any save data from the normal version, and it should allow you to start from scratch without having to go hunting down that pesky hidden folder and deleting it! 

Sorry I can't be of more actual help though >.< It's always next to impossible for me to fix bugs if I can't recreate them on my PC since I'm a solo dev that isn't even an actual coder, and only have 1 PC and 1 really crap laptop to test stuff on x3 And thank you for checking out the game + attempting to persist with it even though it went crazy on you! :3


Thanks for such a quick reply, it's rly appreciated :] , I tried the first option with my files as I thankfully wasn't too far into the game, so it wasn't as big of a deal for me to start over, but now it seems to work alright now that the actual file was replaced! If it does happen again (though I'll try to not glitch it out weirdly again), then Idm going for the potato ver. either way tho. Still, the game is rly great, it's always amazing to see individuals or rly small teams come up with one, as I find they're usually much more authentic and have a lot of love/effort put into them :3. Honestly, it's rly inspiring . One of my favourite parts are probably the plot and characters when it comes to this genre of games and this game proved to be outstanding in both. It's one of my favourite experiences when I find I game with plot, so interesting I can't put it down. All chracters have depth and their personalities seem to just match perfectly in general, like nothing seems "forced" or "out of ordinary". I'm also a sucker for humour and this game did not disappoint, I was unironically bawling from laughter for a lot of these moments, (or it could just be my broken humour, but I think both tbh lol), but could truly connect to the character as well, whenever there was a clear switch in the mood.  You can clearly see that, despite not all characters being human, they are all relatable and complex in one way or another, which rly conveys good writing. And the art /designs are just *chef's kiss* ToT

No worries! I'm not always on the ball with my responses cos I get so easily overwhelmed x3 but I do try to be as prompt as possible. It's always frustrating if people who are actually taking the time to check out my stuff run into problems cos half the time I likely don't know how to help with not being super code-savvy >.< and when I've put so much effort into what I make, it sucks if someone can't even play it properly cos of a bug, haha. 

I'm glad it sorted itself out for you and I really hope it doesn't bug out on you again >.< I wish I could be more helpful in that department, but usually when bugs are reported that I haven't encountered myself while testing, whenever I start looking up potential causes and how to fix them, I either can't find relevant info, or the stuff I'm looking at is discussed by folks who actually know what they're doing with code, and I can't understand a word that they're saying x3

I'm so glad you've been enjoying the game anyhow! It's been the most fun project that I've worked on so far ^-^ And I'm super happy and relieved that you liked the humour in it because I worried that because it can be so dark at times, folks might not always get that it's supposed to be that sorta dark humour and mistake it for insensitivity or something >.< I know it wouldn't be to everyone's taste x3 I've always loved that sorta thing though, but that could be cos I'm British xD

I can't take 100% credit for the entire plot or the humour though since the overall story was inspired by an episode of one of my favourite anthology series' (Inside No 9 - Cold Comfort). I kinda wanted to make an adaptation that stayed true to the original story while trying my best to put my own spin the idea by adding new characters, many different branches and possibilities, a completely different world setting, and, of course, a protagonist with their own thoughts and feelings. And then I tried to stick with the general tone of the original work in terms of the bleak comedy elements. That's where the voice acting also really added to some of the humourous elements because they were able to add extra layers and improvisations to things like the phone calls.

I could never had made something like this alone. Everyone worked crazy hard during the jam to bring it all to life :3 I'm still in awe of the fact that everyone was willing to jump on the crazy train with me and put so many hours into it x3 and extremely grateful that they did! I remember quite a few nights where I'd still be up at 3/4am working away on it, and realise that our lead artist was also still awake working. We'd both tell each other to go to sleep, but then still stay up another hour or so, haha. The amount of art she created for this in the space of a month is absolutely mindblowing. And everyone had their own ideas and inputs that took the project to places I hadn't envisioned alone. For example, I was discussing some stuff with the team about Maddie, and someone said oh, it would be so cool if... I can't remember how the whole conversation went, but their suggestion was enough to spark an idea for the entire Maddie side story and the ARG that accompanied it xD That wasn't even planned in the initial planning stage of the jam. Maddie started out as a character to be briefly mentioned and then never really seen again! And she wound up with her own side story, haha. 

So yeah, working with a team was so much better than working solo :3 Not only did everyone's combined talents allow me to construct something I never could have by myself, it also made me able to get more work done that I could ever have imagined in that space of time from the sheer support and encouragement everyone gave me! When I look back at the project, I can hardly believe we managed to pull it off in time to submit something for the end of the jam xD It was one of the most exhilarating months I've ever spent working on a project though :3

So yeah, thanks so much for checking it out, for persisting with it despite the damn bug, and for all your kind words ^-^


I PRETTY MUCH LOVE THIS ESPECIALLY KIOL AND NINE'S RELATIONSHIP XD there's so many things to uncover about this and that's what makes you draw in! the effort you guys put into this was ASTOUNDING! I'm pretty much in love with the bloopers! so addicting!!!! GREAT GAME, DEF RECOMMEND IT TO PEOPLE WHO LOVE GOODY OL' MYSTERIES!


Woo! I'm glad you had fun with it :D It was definitely my favourite project so far to work on :3 It was just amazing to have the opportunity to work with such an awesome team to bring it all to life cos I sure as heck couldn't have made this one on my own with the huuuuge amount of art and voice acting involved!

I'm so proud of everyone, and for once in my life, even proud of myself for what I managed to learn while working on this, haha. I was determined to figure out how to have things like the phone, the PC, and the ARG, haha. But going into the jam, I had no idea how to actually get stuff like that to work xD I'm sure the way I coded them is probably extremely messy and totally wrong. There had to be an easier way to do it, but just the fact that I managed to figure out a way to make it work made me happy x3

I'm a big fan of bloopers in anything, haha. If I buy a DVD and there aren't any bloopers in the extras, I'm disappointed xD So I always ask any voice actors I'm working with to keep their bloopers if they don't mind them going in a blooper reel :D

It still makes me a bit sad that this is one of my least played projects x3 cos I personally feel like it's the best one, but it's not had many downloads at all >.< So thank you very much for taking the time to check it out and leave such a lovely comment ^-^


ITS FREAKING AWESOME!!!! I loved it so much, I'm gonna make my friends play it ^^   <333333

Woo! Glad you enjoyed it :D Making it was so much fun, even if I didn't get much sleep that month xD

I hope your friends end up enjoying it too then :3 Thanks so much for taking the time to play it + comment <3


Also, you have to apologize because now my simp list became longer thanks to Kiol AND...




NINE >:(((



Also still a great game <33

Hehe, oops! Apologies x3 That is so sweet though! I'm loving the love for Nine ^-^ I still have a soft spot for Niard, stupid snake >.> Don't even know how that happened, haha.


Part 2 came quick!

Love the game! First ending caugth me really off guard!


Glad you had fun :D Hehe, man, all those endings were soooo fun to make :3 And because we had such amazing artists on the team for the jam, it meant it was possible to give things a much more cinematic look! 

I haven't had a chance to check out your videos for it yet, but I will do when I have more time :3 Thanks so much for showing Limbo Line some love cos it's my least played game for some reason >.< It even has less downloads than Yandere Heaven, despite YH only just being released this Feb when LL was out last year >.< It's like for some reason, people skim past it x3 but I feel like it's probably my best project so far since I was able to team up with so many wonderful people for the jam to really bring everything to life together :3


Quite the unique (in a good way) VN, there is a lot of stuff to do and I can clearly see everything from the lore, to the art and voice acting is made with lots of love.
(1 edit)

Thanks so much for checking it out :3 I haven't had a chance to watch any of your video yet, but I will when I can!

Glad you can see the love :D We all worked craaaazy hard on it, haha. Many, many late nights were had that month x3 It's also my least played game for some reason >.< so I really appreciate you showing it some love :3


Hey! I saw on a few previous posts of yours that you include the "yandere" trope in each of your games with at least one character. I'm a huge fan of the yandere stereotype and unfortunately I'm having a difficult time finding games like that. I was wondering if this game, as well as your other game Clarity in Qualia would happen to have one of those characters? I've already  played all of your other games and they're amazing :)

As you can probably guess, it's my favourite trope x3 along with the yangire, haha. 

It's a tough one to answer with Limbo Line because while I personally believe that one of the characters can be described as a platonic yandere, some folks out there would say that there can be no such thing as a platonic yandere >.<

I can sorta see both sides of the argument! But being asexual myself and knowing how strongly I can feel about certain subjects or people, I personally believe that platonic yandere types can exist, and that you can absolutely have strong (unhealthy) feelings for someone without there being a sexual or romantic element to them necessarily. Certainly strong enough to be considered detrimental to your own + the object of your feelings'mental health x3 

So yeah, make of that what you will, haha. Just know that there is no actual romance in Limbo Line! But there is absolutely a character in there with obsessive and other yandere-type traits :3 

It's easier to answer regarding Clarity in Qualia, haha. There is 1 true yandere character in the mix + 1 character with yandere-like traits who I still haven't decided quite how far to take their yandere-ness! However, I wouldn't recommend playing the current demo for CiQ as it is incredibly outdated. I've since changed the sprites + added VA for the new version of the demo (which is currently finished, but unreleased due to general lack of interest in the project.) I would say with CiQ, you're better off waiting until I've eventually released the whole game. Even if I were to release the new demo, the yandere character doesn't display any of their yandere-ness within the introductory portion of the game. 

I'm not gonna completely abandon CiQ. Not when the story is already written, the new sprites are complete, and the characters all have VAs cast >.< There's too much work gone into the project to just leave it behind. But it is sorta just paused at the moment while I focus on getting some updates for DD out first. 

Thanks so much for playing my other stuff :3 I'm so glad you've had fun with them! 


10/10 Extremely amazing!!!

I'm so glad you think so :D The team worked crazy hard on the project to get it finished in time for the jam deadline, haha. And it's probably the project I'm most proud of so far! I learned a hell of a lot throughout the jam, and getting to work with so many amazing people to bring the world to life was just the best ^-^ Thanks so much for playing!


You all did such a good job! It was honestly the first time I've played something like this and it was sooooo good! Thank you! 

scrolling thru rambling roses twitter page trying to find the phone number rn U_U im definetely not good at riddles

If you still need help, head here to the walkthrough, and if you scroll down to the comments and look for comments by a user called "Luca_the_sinner" you'll find some hints that I gave when they asked + the actual answers if you'd prefer that to just hints :3

Thanks for playing the game by the way! Hope you're enjoying it so far ^-^


Tysmm :D that really made it a lot more easier, great game btw! I got all of the endings without taking any breaks because of how interesting the whole thing was

I'm so glad you enjoyed it :D The whole team worked crazy hard to get everything done in time for the end of the jam, haha. And I'm so, so proud of everyone :3 Thank you so much for taking the time to play through it!


Hello Mari i hope you had a good day or night so far! just wanted to say how much i really enjoy yah games! i started playing your games at around 13/10/2020 and have been playing them since then you really know how to make a story interesting and you do amazing work! Tho do remember to take care of yourself tho for i see yah being a game making machine so i am a little concerned about yah so be sure to eat right and sleep well now bye bye!

Hey hey! I remember your username ^-^ Thank you so much for continuing to play my games and posting such lovely comments! I really appreciate it :3

That's so sweet of you :3 I'm actually a tiny bit ill at the moment, haha. I finally got to meet up with a friend that I hadn't seen for 2 years, and we went out and about, and now I have a cold xD I guess because we've been being so careful with covid around that now we all have weakened immune systems so as soon as we go places we get ill from all the bugs >.<

I did take most of October off after finishing Limbo Line at the end of September for the jam :3 But I kinda wound up playing all of the jam games which became quite hard since there were so many xD I'm supposed to be going back to working on DD now, but I have lots of brain fog and just tired all the time even though I've been getting plenty of sleep >.< I'll take it slow though :3

Thanks again for all your kind words! I hope you're well and that your week is going great so far :3

Are you rating all of the Visual Novels, or only the few?


I rated all the ones from the jam cos I played, commented, and rated all of them within the jam rating period like the crazy person that I am xD but then I don't think those ratings carry over to the game page >.< So I tried to go through my itch library of 'things to rate' and make sure to leave everyone ratings :3 I would transfer all my comments over too, but that would take ages >.<


Love a game with a rampant amount of enjoyable bad endings and that's only one of many elements there is to love in Limbo Line.

There's fun dialogue, good intrigue and a good amount of replay value. The extra interactive elements and optional side stories were very cool, it's easy to see the work that the team put into this. I really loved Kiol and Nyari's voice actors performances as well.

For some reason, sometimes when I went to save the game it would often freeze up and I'd have to restart it (happened the most when overwriting a save,) but no real complaints outside of that.


I am also a huuuge fan of fun bad endings, haha. I generally go after those first because I tend to enjoy them more than the good endings xD One of my favourite video game endings of all time is the one from Far Cry 5 that most people hated, hehe.

I'm super glad you had fun with it anyhow :3 It was certainly a labour of love, and I'm still recovering even now from the lack of sleep throughout the jam!

Yeah, unfortunately, there's this weird Unity bug that I have no idea how to 100% fix :( I have a semi-fix for it, but using skip text mode at the point in the game where the bug occurs bypasses my fix >.<

I can't remember the error code now, but it was something to do with accessing transition material that's no longer there. I Googled it during the jam, hoping that someone else had encountered the problem and listed a fix, but I had no such luck.

Other users had mentioned it, but like me, they didn't really understand why/how the error was occurring because they had never touched anything called 'transition material'. Some folks said it just shouldn't be happening, but I couldn't find any advice on what would cause it or how to fix it T_T

I could identify where it occurred at least. It happens just after Acheros introduces Nine to Kiol. There is 1 line of text when Acheros says goodbye and his sprite exits the screen, and if skip text mode is active during that line of text, it will cause the bug, and attempts to save will just crash the game >.< 

My fix was to add a forced wait to that line of text so that a player couldn't skip it by clicking through too fast and stuff if they're a fast reader, and it seems to work. The trouble is, I forgot that skip text mode bypasses wait commands T_T

Anyways, sorry for rambling! Thank you so much for taking the time to play through the game and leave such a lovely comment :3 It's much appreciated <3


What's the music for hell's hotline

(1 edit)

Sorry for my slow reply >.< I'm quite busy irl and haven't been on my PC much recently! 

It doesn't really have a proper name because I just called it Hell's Hotline Hold Music/Crazy Circus x3 It's a track that I made myself like most of the tracks on Limbo Line's soundtrack. It's not a complete track though, so what you hear in the game is all that's there since I didn't need it to be a full track for what I wanted to use it for. The raw version doesn't have the telephone effect on it though cos I put that on just before I added the track to the game. 

I used a mixture of default stuff from my music-making software, some SFX, and a loop from a user on, but I can't remember the username >.<

I can upload it somewhere for you to listen to if you want, but like I said, it's not a completed track so it doesn't have an ending >.<


ok thanks


This is such a fun concept. I really enjoyed it! I love the character designs and the little interactions.  

Thanks so much for taking the time to give it a try + leaving a comment :3 I'm super glad you enjoyed it! Especially since I enjoyed playing through Hush Little Lily too ^-^

I really need to try and make sure I remember to leave regular comments like this on everyone's game pages when I've tried the games rather than just the jam pages >.< 

Nawwww. I think whether it's regular or jam comments, it's all the same XD. It's the thought that counts <333

I got a few of the bad ends on my first foray into your GORGEOUS game... most purposefully because I knew I was making bad decisions and made ample use of the save feature, heheh!

I just want to say I love the game design. Anytime Nine is at their computer and Nyari is in the background reacting or Kiol is standing at ready?? It all adds so much. Your team made great use of that. And all the little extra things you can do with the computer or phone? *chef's kiss*

I love every character. They're so full of life! The character designs, voice acting, and writing are all so well done. I want to be their friends! Even Niard, haha! Nine is a very relatable protagonist, too, and that's super important.

As soon as I finish checking out the many, many more jam games, I am careening straight back into this world because I love everyone and want to know more, more, more! I hope to collect every end.

Thank you so much for working hard on it!


Just finished trying this game out. I received the first bad ending lol 

Overall this game is really well made and there's so many things to do. I really like that this was more than just a visual novel, this game is interactive and protagonist has the ability to browse their computer or dial phone numbers during down time. Dialogue and characters were also really good. There was a lot of funny moments. Playing this game was a pleasant experience and I am impressed by how the team was able to put everything together within a month.

Hehe, oops x3 Thought that one would wind up being my favourite bad ending but it wasn't by the time I'd finished putting everything together, haha.

I'm glad the comedy came across because I've never written comedy stuff before and I really wanted to try and do a mixture of dark humour with slightly creepy! Was kinda worried that it wouldn't be funny though >.<

Hope you guys didn't run into any major bugs because one of the Vas on the team tried the Mac build out earlier and said it's super glitchy T_T I have no way whatsoever to test Mac builds, so I had no idea until now and I don't have a clue as to why the Mac one would be so much worse than windows because I tested to the point where I wasn't having any issues on Windows >.< Wish I could afford a macbook or something for testing!

I do still feel bad for the amount of work everyone had to do x3 Especially when they all had other responsibilities and commitments! I have no idea how they managed to get everything done that they did. I was working a lot of 15 hour days myself because I don't have a job at the moment, but they didn't all have that luxury.

Thanks so much for taking the time to try it and leave a comment :3 Really appreciate it!


REALLY COOL AND GOOD. My only complaint: Not enough goose pics.

Cheeky bugger x3 HOOOOONK!!

Bonus fact: My dad forgot his camera on one of our outings where we saw Canada geese, which he didn't have any pictures of >.< So I took a video of us feeding them seed and was gonna include that in the game, but it did some weird glitch out when I tried to add it where the whole video just looked totally messed up with like blurred colours and distortion o.O I guess it would've made for a random scare, but it also refused to stop playing, so it had to be left out xD

Aaaaand, there were many more goose photos that I left out because it was already getting pretty asset-heavy x3 so I just picked my favourites, haha.


Wow, this really blew me away! I was invested in every second of it and your writing really is captivating: the plot, the dialogue, it's all very polished! The voice acting really lends a whole lot of charm, and the soundtrack really complements the tone of the game really well! 

Tava was my favourite character by far, but I was also invested in Nine's story and progression at SSL. My friend was also really interested in this project and said that the dialogue really felt true to life like you were actually at a call center. 

I'd like to go through this again to try and get all the chibi art, because it's so cute and a really nice incentive to see more of the game.

Looking at some of the comments, I'm astounded you didn't have a proofreader or tester because everything seemed to play so well! 

A very big and heartfelt congratulations to you and your team!

That makes me super happy to hear ^-^ especially regarding the soundtrack because after I tried making one for the first time for Otome Jam, I had heaps of fun, but I was convinced I wouldn't have the ability to make another. I really wanted to try it for this though. I failed at making a full soundtrack because I just couldn't make anything I was happy with for Niard and Nyari's themes >.< so those 2 tracks are ones from asset packs, along with the theme for Limbo's lobby/reception area because I listened to that track on loop while writing that section of the game, and couldn't not include it after that, haha.

It's interesting that Tava wound up being your favourite because I was worried Tava would be the most likely character to sorta fade into the background with them being os quiet compared to the others! And also even more interesting because Tava was voiced by the same person who voiced Anari in your game! I can't remember if I mentioned it actually when I left a comment, but I really loved your entire voice cast! They did such a brilliant job of bringing all the characters to life :3

It certainly wasn't the plan to be without a proofreader or testers >.< haha. I was hoping that a friend of mine might have had the time to proofread, but with the deadline being so tight and her life being pretty busy, she just didn't get to go through it. I always use Grammarly free though before putting any story text into game script just to help me weed out typos, spelling mistakes, and improve my grammar. It doesn't catch everything, and it makes some pretty daft suggestions sometimes >.< but it's better than no help at all :3 A couple of my friends already found one or two typos that I missed + an instance where grammar could have been better for clarity.

And it was my intention to have a major bug-free build for the rest of the team to test a few days before the deadline, but that just didn't happen >.< Instead, I wound up spending too much time tweaking and fixing little things here and there. It's something I need to try and calm down with really because every jam I try to get a test version out, but never do in time! I just get very paranoid that there are big bugs I've missed somewhere, and I don't wanna send anyone a super bugged version cos I feel like it's my responsibility to make sure it's possible to play through most of the game problem-free before getting help weeding out the little issues. I can't seem to stop though. Even just hours away from the deadline, I was still combing over the darn thing like crazy looking for little bugs, re-exporting build after build just to fix like 1 typo I found and stuff >.<

I'm so sorry for rambling on anyhow! I can't help it when I get onto stuff I'm passionate about, haha. So please don't feel like you have to respond to this wall of text x3 But a gigantic congratulations right back at ya to you and your team! Wolfskin's Curse is incredible!! It all plays so polished and professional that if I had downloaded it without knowing it was made for a jam, I would presume it was a commercial game that was a couple of years in the making :3 Oh, and that new cover with the moving smoke is probably the snazziest, most mesmerising cover art I have ever come across on itch!


This was really good :) Liked talking to the callers and being able to give them advice. It was a fun and interesting experience. Didn't expect some of the endings and they took me by surprise (In a good way).

Contains spoilers;

The ending where you see Niard was one of my favs xD Since Niard and Tava are my favorites. I imagine it must have been something after the end too haha 
Complimenting them doesn't sound half bad to me :)

AND Kiol- Sorry what xD I knew something was sus about them or Nyari from the start- but still. I can kind of understand them but it doesn't excuse their actions. 

I could keep talking about the characters, story and concept but I'll stop here for now :")
I will still say, however, that the voice acting was on point and very good. 


I'm so glad you had fun with it :3 Thanks for taking the time to play + comment!

Hehe, yeah, that wound up being one of my favourite ends as well, though I think the other secret ending is probably my most favourite of them all x3 

I just feel kinda bad for Niard, because yes, they can be irritating, but they are just trying to survive, and everybody hates them for that xD But despite all the hatred, Niard just brushes it off and keeps on keeping on, haha. I feel like the shenanigans Nine and Niard could get up to would be endless! With Nine constantly pulling that unimpressed face, hehe.

You're welcome to drop me a message any time if you'd prefer to discuss anything about the game outside of itch :3

Yeah, everyone worked super hard on this and I owe them all a lot! I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with a team of such talented and awesome people ^-^


Same :3 not sure if I got the other secret ending yet since I haven't finished all of them -yet- but I'll be looking after it xD

Also true xd It must be hard for them, if we think about it. Because they can't just go, eat something and feel fulfilled. They are a pretty strong person :)
Niard and Nine would be a pretty funny pair tbh xD

Thank you, might as well do that :3

Your hard work really paid off! and we're blessed to have another great game to play ^_^

Yeah, it's kinda like poor Niard has to basically go around begging for food rather than just being able to access it freely >.< It must be a pretty tough way to live. The idea of living off/draining people's energy as food was actually inspired by the TV version of What We Do In The Shadows! There's an energy vampire called Colin, who everyone hates because he drains people's energy by being incredibly dull and bringing the mood down instead of drinking blood xD So I wanted to make a character that was sort of similar to that :3

Well, I'm blessed to have such awesome people playing the game and taking the time to write lovely comments ^-^

(2 edits) (+2)

This was such a great game! I loved the concept, the mystery was really cool and the comedy parts made me laugh like an idiot 😂 I'd love to see more to the epilogues with the main characters in the good ending and 'good endings?' (or even a sequel!) but considering the jam only lasts for a month, it's completely understandable that it ended where it ended. It's already incredible enough that this game was done in a month! The writing is superb, the art styles fit the story very well and the voice acting and music are amazing. I think my only semi-complaint would be that the game is a bit buggy at times because it can sometimes freeze or even crash (I wonder if this has something to do with Unity itself) but, again, considering this was made in a month I think that's okay since it can be solved later. The Maddie puzzle was very cool but I think maybe the game could give a small hint on how to use the hint it gives you (if that makes sense) on the twitter part. Also, I freaking loved the easter egg from Solipsism Reigns 🌸👌. As for the characters, I loved everyone, even the ones that turned out to be bad. I think Nine and Kiol are my favorites but I also have a soft spot for Nyari and Tava 🥰

Honestly, I'm always really excited to play your games cause' your writing is freaking amazing and all the voice actors in them have very charming voices. As a fellow writer and gamedev, you're a great inspiration to me. I can't wait to play your future creations!



I'm so glad you had fun with it :3 It means a lot! And I'm really happy the comedy was actually funny because I've never written much in the way of comedy before, and didn't have a proofreader or any testers for this because of time constraints with the deadline, which meant I had no idea whatsoever if any of it was actually funny xD

I totally agree that it would be nice to have more detailed epilogues for the main cast! Actually, LPB and I are hoping to work on this project a little more in the future because we both wound up loving the world and characters :3 We're thinking possibly some kind of DLC or the like for Valentine's VN Jam maybe!

I don't suppose you can remember where the game froze or crashed, can you?

I'd love to be able to fix stuff like that if possible :3

I know of a few instances that I'm unsure how to fix. The worst being when Acheros leaves you with Kiol. I managed to fix it for regular play by adding a wait command, but if the player uses skip, skip bypasses wait, and what happens is a weird Unity bug I found info on, but no fixes for :( and it basically continues the game, but breaks the save function >.> So any time the player tries to save, the game will just crash. The only way to avoid it is not using skip on that particular line.

Then there's a very long loading screen when you first enter the office and Nyari has her first line. That was because I put a few loading screens in Apartment No.9, but some players messaged me to say that they think the loading screens were causing problems with their PC's low RAM and making stuff crash. But I didn't wanna eliminate loading entirely because it's a very asset-heavy game and would take so long to load up on launch that some folks might think the game has frozen >.< So I sorta went halfway and split the script into 3 parts. Part 1 is the intro, which is fairly brief for a fast startup time. Then part 2 is where the long load is and it's either loading the entirety of the game with fem Kiol voice or masc Kiol voice.

There's a sound clip somewhere of creepy breathing which is skipped causes a freeze and the only way I could find to fix it is to use the rollback by scrolling backwards on the mouse and allowing the clip to reload and play without skipping.

And then there are 1 or 2 moments in Reiko the werewolf's call that seem like freezes but are actually purposefully places waits for multiple expression changes incoming in the next line. I wasn't sure how to make them flow smoother when there were so many of them >.<

Please let me know if anything else you found if you can :3 I'll do my best to fix stuff!

That easter egg was supposed to go a little further, but there just wasn't time, sadly x3 I always wind up giving myself waaay too much to do with jams, haha.

Oh, which voice option did you go for with Kiol by the way? :o

And man, I honestly don't know how to respond to all your praise cos it's just so lovely of you to say and my crappy no-confidence self is just sat there thinking... I'm not worthy of these kind words >.< haha. But thank you :3 I do really appreciate you taking the time to write all that up!

Someday I will actually get round to playing some of your stuff! I'm especially interested in The Dream Drinker because that's a concept that really fascinates me :3 I just rarely give myself any time to actually play stuff these days and I know I should >.< It's just hard to tear myself away from making things cos I start feeling a bit useless if I slack off :(

But yeah, I'm super proud of everyone on the team :3 Not only did they work their asses off, but they also really helped to cheer me on when things started getting tough! I certainly couldn't have created this without them ^-^

Please don't feel like you have to reply to my giant wall of rambling if you don't want to by the way! I know I asked a few questions, but I wouldn't want ya to feel obligated x3 I'm sorry I ramble so much >.< haha.

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Don't worry about the wall of text, I'm always guilty of writing walls of text myself xD hehe

Your comedy writing was great!! I especially loved the scenes where Niard was present and tried to trick Nine into giving them a compliment xDDD. Nine was hilarious too when they complained about certain phone calls and made fed up faces lol. Still, if you're ever up for a collab (please tell me if I'm being too overfamiliar sgkbdksb, don't want to make you uncomfortable), I'd love to help! Writing dialogue is my favorite thing in the world when it comes to writing and many times it's stupid jokes lmao. I really admire the way you write mystery and horror cause' it's something I'd love to explore more myself (especially mystery, which is my favorite genre ever). 

Oh!!! A Valentine's DLC?? That sounds great, if you ever end up doing it it's gonna be a blast!! I wonder if it's weird that I want to date Kiol because, well... them being the way they are in the story lol. 

As for the freezes, I do remember the screen loading a lot, like you mentioned, when Nine first enters the office and Nyari says her first line. I think the game freezed on me when I kept saving and loading too much and also because I spammed the skip button xD so that probably made my PC tell me to yametekudastop and the game would crash. I also noticed that when you skip, many of the voices keep being listened; I wonder if that has to do with Unity itself? Cause' when I play voiced VNs that are made in Renpy I don't think the voices are heard. So maybe it's a Unity thing? If I can think of anything else I remember, I'll be sure to tell you! :3

The easter egg was great! Maybe, if you end up doing a DLC for this game, you can expand upon the easter egg there! And I feel you, jams are always such a busy time and sadly you never get around to do everything you had in mind, but they're always an amazing journey and great way to earn more experience and learn! 

For Kiol, I chose the male voice option! All the voices were great but gosh I'm such a sucker for male voices in possible romantic options (〃゚д゚〃) uwaaa

Aww, don't sell yourself short, your writing is really good and I'm sure it'll get even better!! I understand about having low confidence, though, I struggle with that myself sometimes and it's not a pleasant feeling but when you ever feel like that, remember trying not to compare yourself with others but with your past self and seeing how much you've improved! We sometimes feel like there's this giant staircase that we've got to climb but forget to look back at the huge number of steps we've already climbed. I don't know if my words are any help but I at least want you to know that I'm a big fan of your writing and that you're not alone in feeling low-confidence *hugs*

As for my games, thank you so much!! I'd love it if you ever get a chance to play one of them and tell me your thoughts but, by all means, don't feel pressured to do so! Hehe, I'm happy to know you're especially interested in The Dream Drinker! That's my latest game and my first time ever writing something "horror-like"; the idea was first born as a short story but then got turned into a game. Panacea does have a bit of a mysterious vibe as well but I want to re-do that game from scratch and turn it into a visual novel cause' I feel I didn't do my story justice in RPG Maker, even if it's a demo >.< (plus that engine is harder than it looks T__T).

It really shows that you and your team gave it your all with this game. It's also really nice to know you had each others' back and that you cheered each other on! <3

Oh boy, I wrote a giant wall of text myself xD I'm sorry for the rambling. Thank you so much for taking your time to reply to my comments (both here and on the walkthrough guide post) and for sharing your games with us players!! :D


Hehe, ramblers unite :D

I'm glad the stuff actually came off as funny :3 And man, yeah, I really love LPB's unimpressed faces for Nine! They are so expressive, haha. Well, all of the expressions are, but the unimpressed ones are probably my favourite because Nine just looks so fed up x3

I'm always up for different kinds of collabs :D Since working with a team on Otome Jam this year, I've discovered that I much prefer working on teams than solo when it comes to jams! I don't really ever wanna work solo on a jam again now x3

Dialogue is also my favourite thing to write so *high five* hehe. Well, if we do wind up making something for a Valentine's Jam, you could always hop on board and help me out with some of the writing! Especially when this type of game is the sort that could really use additional writers for more variation in the phone calls :3

I don't think it's that weird that you'd want to date Kiol because tbh, I would xD I just kinda feel sorry for Kiol really!

Ahh, fair enough x3 Yeah, I have no idea how lots of save/load and skipping affects different people's PCs because my computer is fairly decent so if I do it a lot, I don't have a problem, BUT, if I were to do the same thing on my old laptop, it would definitely crash >.< My laptop struggles to even run VNs. It takes like 10 mins just to launch SR on there xD It's really tough to know what sort of settings to use when it's impossible to predict what system specs people have. I would have put more loads into Limbo Line so that it didn't take as long to load stuff, but I was worried about the folks who played A9 and said their PCs didn't like lots of loading >.< I just dunno what a good balance is!

As for the voices and skip, it sort of is a Unity/NaniNovel thing but it's also largely down to the way I make stuff with my multiple expression changes in one line of text x3

So, basically, in NaniNovel, there is the option to like drag and drop voice lines into the script using something called the voice map utility. There are a few different ways of doing it, but the main thing is that it saves you from having to write code for every single voice line you want to add like you would do when adding SFX. And it does make things a hell of a lot easier!

And there is an option within the text printers that you use to stop playing voice lines when the next line of text appears. This would presumably be what you would use if you wanted every voice line to stop playing as soon as you move on. However, it conflicts with the way I like to add several expression changes per line of dialogue >.<

Basically, I add the expression changes within the text, so that they happen while the text is scrolling and the player is reading, BUT, when you add them in the middle of the text, even though the text is all on one line, Nani then treats it as though it is separate lines, broken up by the expression changes. So not like 10, 11, 12, but more like 10.1, 10.2, 10.3. And when I tick the option within the text printers to stop playing dialogue on each new line, it messes with my inline expression changes because as soon as it reaches expression change no1, it thinks that the line is over, so it stops playing the voice line mid-sentence >.<”

I've yet to find a way around this! There must be one. And if there's not, I'm sure the software dev would add something to make it possible. But for now, the only way I can have multiple expression changes in 1 sentence is to also have voice lines still playing during skip. Thankfully, each new voice line does immediately stop the previous one from playing so that it's not too much of a cacophony, haha.

I did read somewhere once that the best way to improve your writing is to keep at it, so I guess that's all I can do x3 I do feel like I've improved since SR at least! It sucks you also struggle with low self-confidence too sometimes :( It's a really hard place to climb out of when you're down there. That's a really wonderful way of looking at things though! I never really thought of viewing it like that because I often end up seeing what others have made and think to myself, wow, that's amazing... I can't possibly do anything like that >.< and it sorta makes me feel like crap xD I'll try to compare myself to myself rather than to others from now on :3 Thank you! Have some *hugs back* :D

I can totally believe that RPG Maker is harder than it looks because I have one of the versions on Steam that came in the same bundle as Tyrano, and I loaded it up one day without having looked at any tutorials, and I just thought O.O that looks terrifying xD And I've never gone any further with it, haha.

Yeah, I couldn't have wished for a lovelier, harder working, more supportive team :3 Everyone was incredible!

Don't apologise anyhow x3 It's totally fine with me, haha. I'm happy to hear from you ^-^

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Ramblers unite! *high five*

Hehe, yeah, Nine's expressions were super cool. I think the unimpressed ones were my favorites too because of how funny they were xD

I totally get you on the working on teams for a game jam! The Dream Drinker is a game I also made with a team and it was a great experience plus I didn't go insane by trying to make everything myself in such a short amount of time lol.  And by all means, if you guys end up wanting to make something for the Valentine's Jam, I'd love to help you with the writing! (Maybe even some simple art) <3 Also, yaaay, dialogue-writing lovers unite! *high fives back*

Glad I'm not alone in wanting to date Kiol, hehehe. I feel sorry for them too, they must have gone insane listening to other peoples' problems for such a long time ;__;

Aaah, I see, so the expression changes are what makes it tricky to mute the voice lines when skipping! That makes sense! But I totally understand, I think I'd prioritize the expression changes as well over muting sound when skipping, to make it simpler! 

Definitely, the more you do something consistently, the more you improve! Be it writing, drawing, or other skills! Still, I totally relate to you on the feeling bad when comparing myself to others. Sadly, my inner voice sometimes does it at times (inner voice noooo!) but I try not to let it win! >:3 I think it's always better to compare yourself with your past self since, that way, you see just how much you improve and don't dismiss your improvement! After all, everyone improves at their own pace ^w^/

Yeah, RPG Maker can look really intimidating for beginners :'D I made the mistake of making something that included not so beginner friendly stuff and got frustrated, but I eventually want to try making something again, just much smaller! So that I can get experience and improve slowly but consistently <3

Your team sounds like a blast, it's nice to hear (or read, rather? lol) that you guys had a lovely experience making this game together! \^w^/

Thank you for this nice rambling-chat, I had a lot of fun!!! >w<

I'm always up for chatting on Discord or Twitter if you ever want to :D Hope you have an amazing day!! <3


Yeah, they just kinda ooze “for fuck's sake” xD

And man, yeah, it does take a hell of a lot of weight off your shoulders if you're not trying to make everything! I'm certainly no artist, so I struggle badly when trying to come up with UI and stuff. And even if I have decent-looking assets from a sprite pack I've bought or something, it's just not the same as having original assets. It's nice to have assets that are actually unique to the game and more versatile in use. There's no way on earth I could have made Limbo Line the way I envisioned it with stock assets. It just wouldn't have been possible.

But yeah, you're welcome to hop on board the crazy train with us if we do end up doing something for a Valentine's Jam x3 The more the merrier!

Yeah, it's a tough one because it is annoying to have the voice lines continuing to play >.< I should really just ask the software devs if there's another way around it where I can keep my mid-sentence expression changes and still stop the voices from playing somehow! Cos you're right, I definitely wanna keep prioritising the expressions because I've come to really love having all those changes going on, even if it does take ages to code them in x3

It's so easy to wind up feeling bad comparing yourself to others >.< I tell myself time and time again to just not look. To concentrate on my own stuff and don't mind what other people are up to. But I like looking because it's also inspiring to see everyone's work + I enjoy playing indie Vns as much as making them! So I guess it's a case of finding that balance where you can admire the work of others without it making you feel crappy in yourself, haha. I think your words are very wise though, and like I said, I'm gonna try and do that from now on :3

That's pretty much what I did with SR, haha. I had all this stuff in mind, with absolutely no idea how to execute it, and everything was learning on the go. At one point I was thinking... why did I start out so big? T_T There's so much I would change about SR now that I have more knowledge, haha.

Just accepted your Discord friend request :3 You can always message me on either, but Discord is probably better because I sometimes end up forgetting about Twitter >.< haha.

Happy Wednesday to you!!


Playing through this with a couple friends was a blast. the writing slaps. Finding the hidden ARG-esque secret ending was great. overall very fun way to spend a night.

I'm super glad you guys had fun with it ^-^ It was an absolute blast to make! Even if I am now in a state of semi-hibernation and zombification from having waaaay too many late nights during the jam, haha.  

I'd wanted to try an ARG type thing in one of my games for a while but lacked the brain capacity to come up with any sort of satisfying puzzle >.< I'm kinda terrible at puzzles myself, so making one was a big challenge! That's brilliant you figured it out though! I was a little worried people might not even spend enough time playing the game to even find it, let alone solve it x3

Thanks so much for taking the time to play + drop a comment :3 

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