Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough Guide

Alrighty, since there's a fair bit of content in this game and a whole bunch of hidden stuff, I figured I'd make a proper guide for anyone who doesn't want to spend forever trying to unlock and see everything the game has on offer! There will inevitably be some spoilers, but I'll try to keep it as spoiler-free as possible. I'll also split the guide up into sections for easier referencing because otherwise, this could get messy xD I hope this helps ^-^

The 9 Main Story Endings

Choice: 'Jump' or 'Go Home'
Jump = Continue the story
Go Home = Neutral/Bad Ending 01 - Lonely Dance - Unlocks chibi CG 18 in the gallery

Choice: 'Apologise' or 'Hair?' - Hidden choice (click on the poster in the background to unlock CG 27 and get one of the phone numbers)
Only impacts dialogue

Choice: 'Compliment' or 'Refuse' - Hidden Choice (a second opportunity to click on the poster if you missed it the first time)
Only impacts dialogue

Choice: 'General Turdbucket' or 'I don't know'
Only impacts dialogue

Choice: 'Feminine', 'Masculine', or 'Why?'
Feminine = Pick feminine voice option for manager Kiol
Masculine = Pick masculine voice option for manager Kiol
Why = Explains the voice options

Choice: 'Where am I?', What's my job?', 'How long will I be here?', 'What's with your head?', or 'That's all'
All options aside from 'That's all' just explain more about the situation Nine is in. 'That's all' continues the story.

Choice: 'Pleased to meet you' or 'Are those real?'
Only impacts dialogue

Choice: Anxious Caller/Tabitha the Witch - 'Pick something harmless', 'Pick something terrifying', 'Just listen'
Pick something harmless = Unlocks chibi CG 19 version 1 + impacts Tabitha's epilogue
Pick something terrifying = Unlocks chibi CG 19 version 2 + impacts Tabitha's epilogue
Just listen = No unlocks but impacts Tabitha's epilogue

Break Time 01
'Try to leave', 'Use the phone', 'Use the PC', 'Talk to a colleague', 'Wait patiently'
Try to leave = Bad Ending 02 - Lost in Limbo - Unlocks CG 01 in the gallery
Use the phone = Opens phone menu
Use the PC = Opens PC menu
Talk to a colleague = Speak to Acheros, Nyari, or Kiol (needed later on for CG unlocks - more info in CG extras further down)
Wait patiently = Continues the story

Choice: Complaining Caller/Alli the Alligator - 'Encourage', 'Discourage', 'Just listen'
Encourage = Unlocks chibi CG 20 version  1 + impacts Alli's epilogue
Discourage = Unlocks chibi CG 20 version 2 + impacts Alli's epilogue
Just listen = No unlocks but impacts Alli's epilogue

Choice: 'You choose' or 'Get annoyed'
Only impacts dialogue

Choice: Elderly Caller/Old Cat Lady 'Be sympathetic' or 'Be apathetic'
Be sympathetic = Unlocks chibi CG 21 version 1 + impacts the Old Cat Lady's epilogue
Be apathetic = Unlocks chibi CG 21 version 2 + impacts the Old Cat Lady's epilogue + ultimately leads to Bad Ending 03 - Cruel Karma and unlocks CG 09 versions 1, 2, and 3 in the gallery

Choice: Distressed Caller/Romeo the Incubus - 'Overuse', 'Not a doctor', 'Just listen' (only available if you chose 'Be sympathetic' previously)
Overuse = Unlocks chibi CG 22 version  2 + impacts Romeo's epilogue
Not a doctor = Unlocks chibi CG 22 version 1 + impacts Romeo's epilogue (also unlocks the option to request Romeo when using the phone to call Deadly Desires)
Just listen = No unlocks but impacts Romeo's epilogue

Break Time 02
'Use the phone', 'Use the PC', 'Talk to a colleague', 'Wait patiently'
Use the phone = Opens phone menu
Use the PC = Opens PC menu
Talk to a colleague = Speak to Acheros, Nyari, or Kiol (needed later on for CG unlocks - more info in CG extras further down)
Wait patiently = Continues the story

Choice: Moody Caller/Reiko the Werewolf - 'Revenge', 'Make peace', 'Just listen'
Revenge = Unlocks chibi CG 23 version  2 + impacts Reiko's epilogue
Make peace = Unlocks chibi CG 23 version 1 + impacts Reiko's epilogue
Just listen = Impacts Reiko's epilogue + Unlocks special CG 34 in the gallery

Choice: 'Kind' or 'Cruel'
Only impacts dialogue

Break Time 03 - 'Go to sit down' or 'Stay and socialise'
Go to sit down = Leads to phone menu, PC menu, and wait patiently options
Stay and socialise = Leads to level 03 break time socialising with potential friendship CG unlocks depending on previous break time actions

Choice: Frustrated Caller/Remi the Reaper - 'Important job', 'Might as well, 'Just listen' 
Important job = Unlocks chibi CG 24 version  1 + impacts Remi's epilogue
Might as well = Unlocks chibi CG 24 version 2 + impacts Remi's epilogue
Just listen = No unlocks but impacts Remi's epilogue

Choice: 'Forgiving' or 'Unforgiving'
Only impacts dialogue

Choice: 'Compliment' or 'Insult'
Compliment = changes dialogue + potentially leads to Hidden Ending 01 - Slithery Saviour later on to unlock CG 11 in the gallery
Insult = Changes dialogues and prevents you from accessing Hidden Ending 01

Choice: 'Answer it' or 'Don't answer it'
Answer it = Leads to a call with Dirk the Vampire to unlock chibi CG 25 01 & 02 + Bad Ending 02 - Snuff Film with CG 03 versions 01, 02, 03, and 04
Don't answer it = Prevents you from meeting Dirk and avoids Bad Ending 02 - Continues the story

Choice: Uptight Caller/Dirk the Vampire - 'Children', 'Blood orange, 'Just listen'  (Only if you previously picked 'Answer it')
Children = Unlocks chibi CG 25 version  1 + impacts Dirk's epilogue
Blood orange = Unlocks chibi CG 25 version 2 + impacts Dirk's epilogue
Just listen = No unlocks but impacts Dirk's epilogue

Final Day - Endings

If you avoided getting Bad Ending 03 - Cruel Karma by being sympathetic to the Elderly Caller/Old Cat Lady + if you did not speak to Kiol at each break time, you will get the following choice.

Choice: 'Go home' or 'Stay'
Go home = Bad Ending 04 - Captive Counsellor and unlocks CG 10 in the gallery + if you picked 'Compliment' during Niard's phone call earlier, you will get Hidden Ending 01 - Slithery Saviour after the Bad Ending plays and unlock CG 11 in the gallery.
Stay = 'Good' Ending - Unlocks chibi CG 26 and impacts the epilogue

To get the last Hidden Ending, make sure to speak to Kiol during all 3 break times. You will then get the God of Mischief Hidden Ending 02 and unlock CG 12 in the gallery.

Friendship CGs

Speaking to your colleagues during break time results in unlocking friendship CGs, with the exception Kiol, whose break time interactions lead to a hidden ending and accompanying CG. Acheros has associated break time CGs as well, but his work slightly differently and also relate to Maddie's side story content.

If you speak to either Nyari only 2 out of 3 times, or Tava only 1 out of 2 times, when Nine requests to either touch Nyari's ears or for Tava to remove their mask, they will reject Nine's request, walk away, and Nine will be stuck with Niard instead.

If you speak with Nyari on all 3 breaks, you will unlock CG 16 in the gallery.

If you speak with Tava on both (2) breaks, you will unlock CG 17 in the gallery.

It's unrelated to breaks, but if you help out Romeo by picking the 'Not a doctor' option during his video call, he will give you the phone number for Deadly Desires. If you use the phone to call Deadly Desires, you can then select option 1 to request a talent. Request Romeo to unlock special CG 33.

Maddie's Side Story

If you try to access a certain icon on the PC during your first or second break without having spoken to Acheros first, Nine will make a comment that the icon looks like Maddie, stating that they don't want to open it yet, and that perhaps Acheros has information on Maddie. This is a hint to speak to Acheros during break time in order to unlock Maddie's content.

Speak to Acheros on both Break 01 and Break 02 to access the Maddie folder on the PC. Speak to Acheros on Break 03 as well to unlock CG 15 versions 1 & 2 in the gallery.

Upon opening Maddie's folder, browse all of the content and visit the links (internet connection required) to solve the puzzle + get both the number and password to find out what happened to Roselyn. 

To solve the puzzle for the phone number, you will need to browse Roselyn's Twitter posts. Once you have the number, you will need the password, which can be gained by solving the puzzle in the files on Maddie's SSL web page. Maddie's web page is password locked, but the password can be found on the PC in the game. 

(The password for Maddie's page is in the notes in the 'Important' folder on the PC with the other password hints. It's the only one that is an actual password and not a hint. Enter the password on the web page and you will be able to access 2 downloadable files to help you solve the next part of the puzzle.)

I don't really want to give away how to solve the phone number or password puzzles because it seems like a shame to just give the answers when I worked really hard on putting them together xD But if you really can't figure it out, feel free to drop me a message and I'll tell you the answers :3

Once you phone the number and enter the password, picking the option to make a deal will unlock CG 14 1, 2, and 3 in the gallery.

Do this after having made a wish with the djinn on the PC and you'll also unlock special CG 32 in the gallery.

PC Passwords

Several folders on the PC are locked. You can find hints for the passwords in the 'Important Folder', but some of them are pretty hard to work out. Upon reaching the good ending, the passwords will be given to you after the credits roll ends. I will list them here, but please note, some of the extras such as bloopers + concept art contain story spoilers!

Private Folder PW = Nyari (or nyari, or NYARI)
Recycle Bin/Bloopers & Interviews PW = ticklemypickle
Music Player/OST PW = Ludens
Art Stuff PW = IWantToSeeTavaKingdom

Wishmaker App

Access the app and choose to make a wish in order to unlock CG 13 1 & 2 in the gallery. 

Do this after having made a deal with the demon on the phone and you'll also unlock special CG 31 in the gallery. 

There is currently a bug caused by me missing out 1 key when typing the code for unlocking CG 31 & 32 >.< It means that currently, you can only unlock one or the other without completely deleting your save data from the hard drive. I'll make sure to fix this when I get a chance. I basically set an unlock condition as = when I meant to type equal to OR greaten than ">.>  Fixed in an update (I think x3)

Phone Numbers

You can enter any number you like on the phone, but only 6 numbers have special dialogue. Enter anything other than these 6 numbers and you will get 1 of 6 random creepy or strange sounds instead. I will leave hints as to where to find the numbers first for anyone who wants to discover them. Then I will just list the numbers afterwards.


The 1st number you can find in the game is on a poster in the Limbo Lobby when Nine arrives. While speaking to Niard before Acheros arrives, click on the poster during choices.

The 2nd number you can find in the game is on a poster in the Break Room. You can find it by going to speak to either Acheros, Nyari, or Kiol on your first break. When choices appear, click on the poster instead.

The 3rd and 4th numbers you can find in the game are within folders on the PC. One of them is in the 'Report 1134' folder. The other is in the 'Private' folder. Both posters feature numbers. 

The poster in the 'Private' folder features the same number that Romeo the Incubus will give to you if you pick the helpful 'Not a doctor' choice during his video call.

The 5th number you can find is much trickier than the others. You must first access the Maddie icon on the PC after having spoken to Acheros on at least 2 breaks. After viewing the documents on Roselyn Fenbrook, make sure to head to the link to Roselyn's Twitter account. There you will find a photo which contains the number to call to advance the arc, but it requires deciphering.

The 6th number you can call can't actually be found, but is simply: 111.

And for anyone who just wants the numbers, scroll down for the spoilers :3


Heaven's Hotline = 777
Hell's Hotline = 666
Pookie's Pizza = 411
Deadly Desires = 669 (And you can then go on to pick further options, including an extra one if you helped Romeo)
Alchemist = 111
Demon = Ask me if you can't solve the puzzle :3

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Well, i've visited all your games melancholy, but this one, oh god this one. My brain was spinning in circles trying to find out the number i used the app in google to try to figure out the phone number, i took me a lot of tries because my "translator" wouldn't work, but i did manage to get all of the CG's, GOD. (even with the pain i still love this game a lot, defenitely longer than the other ones but still has the signature marionnette's touch.) I originally wanted to put this in the "main page" i figure that if i do it might give some spoilers soo.. i think in here is better instead.. it took me a while.. but i did it without the walkthrough . I really hate myself for deciding to this considering how long this game was like but ah well, it was enjoyable.  


Oh, boy, well, thank you so much for playing so much of my stuff <3 That must’ve taken a while to go through even if a lot of them are quite short, haha. 

Glad you managed to get all the CGs in the end and that you had fun with it despite the frustration x3 

Hehe, yeah, it was quite a big team for this one because there was so much needed for art assets and so many voices for all the characters :D We worked our butts off to get it done in time for the end of the jam, but it was a real blast to work on! Definitely more fun than working solo for sure ^-^

That’s very considerate of you about spoilers :3 And man, that’s insane that you managed to do it all without the walkthrough x3 I probably wouldn’t even be able to do that myself xD

Thank you so much again for being so amazing ^-^

How do I click the pizza poster?

I just had to open up the game files to check cos it's been so long that I couldn't actually remember off of the top of my head xD I had a rough idea, but I didn't wanna say in case it was wrong, haha.

Right, so I knew it was at some point during break time since it's in the cafeteria, haha. There are 2 ways you can get it!

It's available to pick up on Acheros' first break, so any time you get the opportunity to speak to a colleague on break, go looking for Acheros. You won't find him, but during the scene in the cafeteria, Nyari will say to you:
"You shouldn't let that oddball push ya around like that, newbie. You've gotta stick up for yourself, or you'll wind up in some pretty sticky situations."
The choices to "Nod" or "Sigh" appear, but before you click on either of them, you can click on the poster :3


Do the exact same thing, but instead of Acheros, you wanna spend break with Kiol. Kiol will say the line:
"Please, Nine, whatever you do, don't make her your role model. The last thing we need here is another charming chatterbox."
The choices to "Agree" or "Sigh" appear, but before you click on either of them, you can click on the poster.


Oh, ok. I chose Nyari so I didn't have anything. :P

Fair enough :3 I suppose I probably should have just made it clickable during any scene in the canteen >.< but I wanted to sorta spread the hidden/unlockable stuff out a bit, haha. The only thing you're really missing from not clicking it is the image itself + the phone number to call the pizza place :P


hello ive been replaying this game(to get all the CGs and its really fun!!!!) but i still cant seem to get CG 29 :( also in CG 31, do we have to call the number and make a deal BEFORE or AFTER making a wish?

Glad you've been having fun with it :3 I just opened up my old test copy from the jam cos I couldn't even remember which CG number 29 was. I wanted to slam my head on my desk because I was confronted with an empty gallery xD This is because I've since deleted the save data from back when I was testing during the jam T_T Thankfully, I can still refer to the files, so here's to hoping that I named them correctly, haha.

So, I can see which one it is under the unlockables section. It's one of the posters. As far as I can remember, there are only 2 opportunities you get to click on and unlock this one. Both are during break time interactions.

You can either click on it during the first-ever break with Acheros, where you don't actually find Acheros there, but instead, Niard, followed by Nyari. The moment you can click on it is when Nyari says:
"You shouldn't let that oddball push ya around like that, newbie. You've gotta stick up for yourself, or you'll wind up in some pretty sticky situations."
You then have the choice to 'Nod' or 'Sigh', but before picking either of those, you can click on the Pookie's Pizza poster in the background.


You can click on it during the first break with Kiol after Kiol says the line:
"Please, Nine, whatever you do, don't make her your role model. The last thing we need here is another charming chatterbox."
You then have the choices of 'Agree' or 'Sigh', but again, you can instead click on the poster in the background.

I should have made it unlockable during other breaks in the cafeteria too really, but for some reason, I only made it possible to interact with and unlock on those two in particular!

As for CG 31, hate to say this but I honestly have no idea x3 It's been so long since I did anything with this project that I don't know. I did fix the initial issue where you could only unlock either 31 or 32, so I'd like to think that it shouldn't really matter whether you do it before or after. But in truth, I just don't know because it's been too long for me to remember T_T I think for both 31 and 32, the main thing was just that you have to have interacted with both the genie in Wishmaker and the demon during the call and making the deal.

I'm just looking at the code now, and from what I can see, it's just that you have to have a demon score of more than 1. The demon score is set as a global variable, which means it persists through all saves even after a bad end. So for example, whether you make the deal with the demon on the phone or you choose to free the djinn in Wishmaker, you will score +1 demon point. It doesn't matter that you get a game over and booted to the title screen cos you keep that point still.

From what I can work out, the most economical way to get CG 31 though, would be to do the call and demon deal on the phone first, getting you 1 point, then do the Wishmaker thing afterwards, getting you the second point which should then unlock the CG at the same time (because regardless of how many points you have, CG 31 only unlocks after the Wishmaker bad end. This is the same for CG 32, but it only unlocks after the demon deal bad end.) 

The check for points happens right after you gain 1 demon point. So if you do Wishmaker first, you'll get 1 point, but if that's your only point, you won't unlock the CG. You could technically just do the Wishmaker ending twice to get the CG if you didn't want to bother with the demon call. 

I really hope that helps x3 Sorry I'm so rambly in my explanations >.< Thanks so much for playing ^-^

The phone calls don't wok :(

It sucks you've run into an issue :( Everything works fine for me, so it's really hard to help if things go wrong for other people without getting a lot of details. I also know people who have played through the whole game and not encountered any problems with calls, so the calls do work for most people as far as I'm aware. It's just a case of trying to find out why they're not working for you. 

Which calls is it that aren't working for you? The ones that are part of the story where you make choices to help the callers, or the ones that you call yourself on the phone where you press the buttons? 

I also need to know stuff like which version are you playing, Windows, Mac, or Linux? And then normal version or potato version?

I'll also need to know what point in the game you're at and what you did in the game immediately before you reached a point where the call didn't work. 

Even if I have all that info, I still might not be able to find out why it's not working for you without sending a dev build copy and getting your computer's error logs to look at >.<

Bugs are a lot easier to fix if I can replicate them on my end, but because I've never had problems with the calls myself, I have no way of potentially replicating the problem without knowing the exact steps you took while playing, which makes it super hard to get to the bottom of :(

Thanks for checking out the game, by the way! :3

The ones you call yourself don't work for me. They didn't work from the start. Windows version btw. I redownloaded the game, still didn't work. Potato version didn't work as well.

I also can't unlock some CGs. Maybe it's my PC :(

Hmm, that's really weird >.< I have no idea what would cause them to not work for you both the calls and CGs :( I can't even think of anything much to suggest other than me sending you a dev build and then getting you to send me any error logs that your PC throws up. 

There's one thing I can think of to try, but it's a long shot. There's a bug that happens if you're using the skip function during the scene where Acheros is introducing Nine to Kiol. If skip is active when Acheros leaves, it can break the save/load function of the game. Maybe it breaks other stuff too? 

Cos I have no idea why using skip in that scene breaks the saves. And I know using skip in other points of the game can cause weird, less serious little bugs, like voice lines repeating, BGM overlapping, and stuff like that. So if you haven't already tried it, you could try and start from the beginning without touching the skip button at all until you get to the point where you can access the phone, and then see if it somehow works. 

I'm guessing it's probably not the skip function that would've caused the issues you're experiencing with the calls though. The fact that you can't unlock some CGs as well makes it even more confusing since the phone for making calls and the CG gallery aren't related >.< 

I wish I could just magically transport your PC to my house so I could run tests easier x3 And I'm also guessing that if you're having problems with the phone + CG gallery, there are probably other bugs for you as well in different places that you might not have run into yet cos something's not right :( 

With the phone, does it let you click the buttons and do you hear any SFX when you click them if it does let you? Or does it not let you click the buttons in the first place? Also, do all the phone buttons have numbers on? Or are they blank? 

I'm just trying to figure out whether the UI is even loading for the phone or if something is preventing it from loading up. 

And this one is gonna sound really crazy, but I guess I might as well mention it just in case since a lot of people play VNs with the sound muted x3 but do you have the SFX and voice volume turned up? Because none of the calls you make have text like the normal parts of the game do, so the only way you can experience them is by actually listening to them. I think I also made all calls only go in 1 ear, so if you are using headphones/earphones, the sound will only come out of 1 ear during calls. And if you're using like a left and right speaker, I guess it will only come out of 1 speaker. It was the way my brother plays games that made me think of that cos he plays with headphones, but he always has 1 ear on and 1 ear off cos he doesn't like having both ears covered, haha. Actually, the text box does come back in calls if Nine has something to say during the call since Nine doesn't have a voice, but during calls where Nine doesn't speak at all, there should be no text whatsoever, just sound. 

Sorry I'm not much help anyhow >.< It's super hard to try and get to the bottom of what causes bugs on other people's PCs if everything's working okay on mine :( It's so frustrating cos it's like, as a solo dev, I'm basically stuck when people run into problems T_T

I don't mind creating and sending a dev build to you if you wanted to boot it up and try and send me your error logs. I won't know how to read the error logs/make sense of what they say though cos I'm not a coder. So I'd have to ask on the software's help section of Discord or something to see if someone with more knowledge could help me decipher them and understand what's happening.

You can click the phone buttons, there is just no sound and no conversation comes even after calling the numbers. There's just silence, I tried to wait for a minute and so.

Sorry my reply is so slow >.< I was away from home for a little bit and just really not doing so great with my mental health at the moment.

The only other thing I can think to do besides sending the dev build, which I just don't have the mental energy to build, send, and then analyse the logs at the moment, is to maybe delete your save data completely in case something at some point somehow bugged the sound >.< And I don't mean deleting it from within the game's save/load function, I mean like completely getting rid of it from your computer. The starting fresh to see if that makes any difference at all. Because back when I was testing other stuff during the jam, one of things I noticed was that once certain things bugged, they would unbug once save data had been registered, and it would impact the game from then on >.<

I can't say for sure, but whenever I download Unity games (same goes for the ones I've made) by default, the data seems to go under:
C:\Users\(your username)\AppData\LocalLow\MelancholyMarionette\LimboLine\NaninovelData\Saves

The appdata folder is hidden by default I think though, so you'd have to go into your folder and file settings and tick the box to enable hidden folders to show up. You can just delete the whole Limbo Line folder (both versions I guess if it generated a separate folder when you tried the potato version), and whenever you restart the game, it'll just generate a brand new folder.

But yeah, that's a real long shot, unfortunately >.< Sorry I can't be more helpful. This is one of the many reasons why I wish I was part of a permanent team.

How do I get CG 29? That's the last one I need. 

Hey, it says in the walkthrough you currently can't get both 31 and 32 but I just did so I think you forgot to take that part out when you updated! 

Is there a way to save the game? I see a load option but I can't figure out how to save and trying to get all the endings/cgs would definitely go faster if I could! 

Hey hey! Sorry my reply is so slow >.< I've just been completely overwhelmed with stuff in my personal life lately so I haven't really been on my PC much >.<

I hope you managed to find solutions to your problems since it's been over 2 weeks now >.< Sorry I wasn't of any help! Feel free to let me know if you do still need a hand though and I'll try my best to help :3

There is indeed a way to save the game. It's the opposite symbol for the load symbol. There isn't any quicksave or quickload in this one though because I felt it would make the UI look too messy >.<

And you're absolutely right that I did forget to edit the walkthrough after fixing the bug where you couldn't get both CG 31 and 32! I'll have to go edit that, haha.

Did you manage to get CG 29 in the end? I can't remember off the top of my head how you get it so I'd have to go through the game to try and find out.

Hope you had fun with the game anyhow :3

I did manage manage to get through the game! 

Not sure I quite get what you mean by opposite from load symbol but I almost completed it anyway. 

I still don't know what to do for CGI 29 but I can wait until you get a chance to find out! I know now is a super busy time of year. 


Hii, could you please help me with the puzzle stuff? I suck at puzzles and I've been trying to solve them for hours now. I'm just so stumped 😭 I can't figure out the numbers for the demon.

(1 edit) (+1)

Hey hey! Sure, no worries :3 I suck at puzzles myself >.< 

The funky font in the photo on Roselyn's Twitter contains the hint for the numbers, and the text on it reads:
"Hebrews. I will never leave you or forsake you."
If you type that into a search engine, it should come up with a number. I'll put the correct number + password below anyhow though :3 Thanks so much for playing ^-^

The number to call is: 135

The password is: Anathema


Thank you so much, I love the game by the way, you and your team did an amazing job :)

No worries :3 And I'm super glad that you love it :D I'm so proud of everyone on the team! It was the best jam I've ever participated in so far <3 Thanks so much again for playing ^-^


Is the password a hint that The Architect is here too or do you just really like that word? Because either way I am losing my mind it always comes up when I least expect it AHHHHHH


Hehe, well, it sort of is and also isn't x3 I wanted to actually include an appearance from The Architect in this project, but with it being a jam that had a tight deadline + us already giving ourselves far too much work to squeeze into 1 month + other factors with the VA who plays the character, it just wasn't achievable within the jam's timeframe, unfortunately!

So yeah, there was supposed to be a little more that came after the ending you get if you follow that path, solve the puzzles, and make a certain choice during that call x3 It just didn't happen in time!


Hello! I would really appreciate some help.


So I found everything I need for Maddie's side story.

my problem is I guess I'm too stupid for the password, I know It's the audio in reverse but everything I put in seems to be wrong.

(1 edit) (+1)

Hey hey! No worries :3


You're definitely not stupid >.< It's pretty difficult to hear still even if you reverse it because of the effects and stuff x3 but the password is in the second file, and it's "Anathema" You should also be able to type it in caps and lowercase and have it work as well.


Thank you so much!  I really love the game so far, I never played anything quite like it.

Keep up the good work :D


I'm glad you're enjoying it so far :3 The whole team really worked their asses off on this, haha. Not only was everyone super hard-working, but they were also really supportive in cheering me on when it started to get to that point in the jam where I was staying up until gone 5am each night, working away like a madwoman xD

We had heaps of fun making it! So it's nice to know you're having fun playing it ^-^


It was definitely worth it!

But I hope you and the team stay healthy and don't overwork yourselves c:


Well, I can't speak for everyone cos I know some of the team are still busy with other work x3 but I personally planned to have a sorta semi-break during October, so that I could still casually work on my main project while also giving myself time to actually play games as well! Especially since I want to check out all the other jam games if possible! And I have a bunch of scare attractions lined up for the month, which is my favourite thing all year x3 Couldn't do that sorta thing last year because of covid >.< And tbh, it's still a worry this year, but my dad and I are double jabbed, so hopefully, we'll be okay!


Okay! I was able to get all the endings now ☺️ thank for the help and the guide! 

The only CG I'm missing is 31. I wanted to make a wish with the djinn after making a deal with the demon but that automatically gives me a bad end 🤔 so how is it that you get this CG? 😲 I did get CG 32 though.


That's great :3 And no problem!

Hmm, I've not had a chance to check CG 31 and 32 myself yet because they were very late additions to the game, so I can't be 100% sure >.< I set the demon and djinn points as global variables, so, in theory, it shouldn't matter that both boot the player to a bad end because it should keep counting the points past bad ends and across all save data even if you start a new game. You could go back and forth between the two and see if it works. I did only set the requirement as 2 points, and you get 1 point each time you either make a deal or make a wish. (Scratch that!)

I just went and had a quick look at the code and I think I can see the problem! It's set to unlock if your score=2 exactly rather than 2 and above (which is what I meant to type but clearly failed to hit the greater than key >.<”) So that means you'd only be able to unlock either CG 31 or CG32 and then you'd be locked out of getting the other one once you pass 3 points and the only way to get it would be to actually delete all your save data so the points are wiped T_T

I'll make a note to fix that in an update! It was one of the very last things I added so I didn't get a chance to test it before the deadline :( I'll fix it as soon as I get a chance though. In the meantime, I can send you the image if you wanted to know what it was :3


Gaah, programming, my mortal enemy ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ 

I feel you, variables can be super tricky. I barely know any programming and I always have trouble with them as well (and I use "beginner friendly" engines like Renpy and RPG Maker T__T). Also, it's totally understandable that you couldn't test every detail since there was a deadline so don't worry! You and your team did amazing!! :D 

Ooh! If it's okay with you, I'd love to see CG31; that's really kind of you, thank you!! :D Shall I speak to you on twitter? l think I followed you recently, I'm @amaicherii ^w^ (I also have a gamedev twitter but currently I'm mostly using this one). 


Hehe, I'm not a fan of it for sure, but definitely learning heaps with every game I make at least :3 My first stuff in Unity is soooo much messier than where I'm at now. I really need to go over some of my older projects and apply what I've learned since!

Limbo Line has more variables than any other game I've made so far :3 I do sometimes struggle to keep track of them and wrap my head around them >.< I can't believe I failed to hit 1 key though. That's not the only instance this jam. I spent all day 1 day trying to find out what was causing a bug and it was because I had accidentally hit 'a' instead of 's' T_T Normally, I would have been able to locate it fairly easily because it's all colour coded in Visual Studio, but my net was down, so I couldn't connect to the servers to load the colour coding for the language, which meant I was just scouring thousands of lines of white text xD It was a nightmare, haha.

To be honest, Renpy was the first thing I ever tried to use. I managed to make a small sort of test VN after following lots of tutorials, but I didn't like how much of a headache the code gave me >.< Which is why I ended up buying Tyranobuilder when I saw it as part of a Humble Bundle! I much preferred using that to Renpy, but after I got more experienced, a lot of things about it started to really irritate me >.< Then I eventually managed to get NaniNovel at 75% off in a Unity store sale last year and I have absolutely loved using it :3

Alrighty, I'll find you on Twitter then :3 I don't go on there all that often because all social media just gives me a headache most of the time x3 but I should get message notifications!


Definitely, programming is such a useful skill to have. I just wish it loved me instead of making me cry lol. I should learn more!

It makes sense that Limbo Line has a bunch of variables considering the huge amount of assets, that must have been hard to implement! But it's awesome that you guys managed to make it in time before the jam ended! :D That's a great achievement and not at all easy! 

Yeah, Renpy gets really hard sometimes... I only ever made one small visual novel there and it gave me a headache even though it was super simple and aaaaalmost linear (there really weren't that many options xD). I also have Tyranobuilder but never got around to it. Wonder if I should give it a try :O It does look much simpler.  I never heard of NaniNovel, but seeing how much you love to use it, it makes me curious to investigate what it's like! I'll give it a look too. So far, I've only ever made games on Renpy, RPG Maker and Twine but I'm trying to see what's the engine that works best for me. Just like you had your journey until you decided that NaniNovel and Unity were for you, I hope my journey tells me which engine will be best for me too. Time to experiment! :D

Thank you so much for sharing the image with me on twitter, btw! It makes me laugh that two of the scariest characters have a thing for each other xD. Poor Nine looks terrified!


Definitely give Tyrano a try if you've already got it :3 I haven't used it since getting Nani, but I saw recently that it got a pretty big update with a lot of improvements, which I was pretty shocked about cos I thought the devs had abandoned the software! As much as Tyrano wound up annoying me in the end, I have to admit that it was absolutely perfect for what I wanted at the time. It was very easy to get to grips with and does what it says on the tin, allows you to easily make VNs with zero knowledge in regards to coding. So I'd definitely still recommend it to anyone who isn't a fan of having to type heaps of code.

And yeah, Nani is perfect for me now, but as you say, it's a journey :3 If I'd have tried to use Nani back when I was starting out with Tyrano, I likely would have been very overwhelmed and confused x3 It's only because I got more comfortable with how to put things together in general that I was looking for something other than Tyrano. I felt like the visual way Tyrano works with the drag and drop was beginning to slow me down. Nani works well for me because everything is just typed. But the code isn't confusing and there are heaps of helpful tutorials and guides/references on the page.

I feel like maybe Ren'Py is probably still better for anyone who has taken the time to learn to use it because the code is more useful in general! Whereas with Nani, everything you learn in terms of Naniscript can only be used with Nani. But it clicks with me anyhow, and I absolutely love working with it :3 In terms of UI as well, I feel like Ren'Py games always look lovely with what people do to make small artistic modifications to the UI. Whereas I hate Unity's UI system xD It makes me want to smash things, haha.

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Gosh, I feel really dumb. I tried a lot of different combinations after looking at the twitter account but I just can't get the number right 😭 I was able to read the written coded message but I didn't find any numbers there. I tried using the number of things that appeared on other pictures as well, like the swans and such. Still no luck 😱

I also tried figuring out the recording puzzles but that was also a bummer. I tried lowering the speed but the only thing I think I heard is "in the office", then it all sounds like noise :'D. I'm sorry, could I ask for help? 


I'm trying to figure to the number as well. But for the audio try reversing the audio.


Hey! Please don't feel dumb x3 I worked super hard to try and come up with something interesting but not too easy, so you're definitely not dumb. I absolutely suuuuck at puzzles >.< I will pretty much always need a guide for puzzle elements of games, haha. And in escape rooms, I am the team member who is great at finding clues, but has no idea what to do with them xD

Okie dokies, so if you were able to read all of the strange font in the photo with the creepy message, separate all the words that are in that font and type them into whichever search engine you use. You should then get links come up that reference a 3 digit number :3

And Destini is absolutely right! With the audio files, you want to reverse them :3

If you weren't able to read all of it, just scroll below for what you need to type in:

So you want to type: Hebrews. I will never leave you or forsake you.

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I feel you, I also suck at puzzles even though I love them!! The irony 😂

Thank you so much to both for your help! I will try again later today 🌸☺️ I'm happy that I could at least get the written message right, yay!! 🥳 Puzzle solving level 0 to 1 😂


I think no matter how many puzzles I attempt to solve, my level will always remain at 0 T_T haha.