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This game is so cute >< can't wait for more updates, but make sure to take care of yourself too! and um if you don't mind I'd really love to help, I speak Chinese fluently so if you're interested I can help translate the game, I'm also an artist and a vtuber so I can help with drawing CGs or voice over, for free of course!! my twitter is ryirakii you can see my works here!!

"You're not from an R18 game!" That is the best quote ever.


This game is mega awesome!! I'm glad to be able to support such high-effort content as this careful concoction of sweet love and scary determination mixes in with our lovely, maybe even blood-bonded stalker video game character... that, and I really like yanderes and roleplaying =p

I give congratulations to the team that made this game available, especially the main dev, Marionette. Can't wait to see the next update if it arrives soon! Can't help but love it <3


I'm so glad you had fun with it ^-^ I certainly hope it'll be much improved when I finally get the update that I'm working on out cos I've made the UI and stuff look so much better now, haha. Not to mention all the extra choices and things in there as well. I might be able to finish everything on my end by the end of the year, but I don't know if the stuff that's out of my control like voice acting will be completed by then >.< I suppose I could always release the update without the voice acting when it's ready though for anyone who might wanna check it out and see the next part of the story + the characters, then add the VA later on. I dunno x3 I'm just annoyed with myself that it's taking me so long to work on the update! 

Hehe, *high five* for the yandere and roleplaying love :D

Even if the update to the main project is taking a while, I hope to release a short side project related to DD for Spooktober Jam in September that will introduce a couple more of the characters that will be added to the main game in the future :3

Thanks so much for the support and kind words ^-^


Sounds lovely!! All good things take time to mold and create, I understand! If it comes from the heart -- hopefully not a disemboweled one, as per the existence of the obsessive characters that are in the game -- then I think the product will turn out well, no matter what happens. I'll be cheering from afar here! Good luck with your fantastic work for the future <3

AND YEEEEESSSS! *returns high five* =D


Hi! I'm a translator and I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a translation, it's so lovely, I was indeed pretty interested. 
My native language is Spanish.

Have a nice day!

Hey hey :3 Being able to translate stuff is like a superpower, so I have a lot of respect for anyone that can understand multiple languages! I'm trying to learn German myself, but I'm not very far yet >.< haha.

Anyways, it would be amazing to have DD available in as many languages as possible, so I really hope to be able to work with some translators to make that a possibility :3 I just saw your email, so I will write a proper reply there. Hope you have a nice day too ^-^


i am looking foward to more! I chose to be just rude to Castor and it was so much fun to see the situation escalate haha i was really sad when it was over, i want to read more :´)


Hehe x3 Well, hopefully, it will be even more fun when I eventually manage to get the next update out cos there will be even more choices in the old content, so you can technically bully him even more xD and more choices going forward with the new content as well :3 

I'm glad you enjoyed what's there so far! Thanks so much for playing :3

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I quite enjoyed the game. I really appreciate the MC not just being a blank slate and actually having a personality his own.  However, Castoria is way more my type than his so I found myself getting frustrated at him from time to time.


I'm glad you enjoyed what little there is of the game so far :3 And the good news is, in the update I'm working on, the player will get a lot more choices when interacting with the characters, allowing them to better shape MC's personality. Some of these additional choices will simply be the option to be either kind or cruel towards a character and will impact available choices further down the line (think sorta paragon/renegade type stuff from Mass Effect), while other choices will have more of a direct impact on MC's actions rather than just their personality/way of responding during conversations :3 

Once the update is released, you'll have the choice to be much kinder to Castoria, or bully her more than MC currently does, haha. Either way, all the new choices also feature brand new accompanying dialogue with her, along with a continuation of her story + the start of a new character route.

Thanks so much for playing and for your support ^-^


Great!   Here's hoping there's a marriage ending.


aaa when i discovered this vn a few months ago, i honestly couldn't stop playing it! I really like how there's two 'sides' to castor/castoria, a sweet one and a more obsessive and toxic one?? and i do appreciate that mc isn't an idiot who lets everyone walk all over them! i'm honestly very excited for the content this game will have in the future <3

I'm so glad you enjoyed it :3 The whole two sides thing is inspired by those Japanese drama CDs out there where you get a black side and a white side for each character :D I always thought it was a really neat idea to get to see two different sides of a character like that, and I've always had a thing for black and white, so I wanted to try and make a game where that was like the core thing about it! So yeah, I'm planning to make sure every character added to the game has a sweet side and a sinister side.

The update I'm working on will also give the player more control over MC with more choices :3 And then those choices will impact MC's personality somewhat as well as how the characters interact with them.

Originally, I had planned to get the update released by the end of summer, but that's just not going to happen now >.< Too much stuff went on in my personal life, haha. And some of the people I'm working with for art and VA are also super busy, so now I'm kinda just working on it all in a healthier way than I was before so I don't burn out x3 But I'll get there in the end! Haha. I actually need to make an update post here soon cos I've got a lot of stuff to say about the project + need to show the next character to be added, but I haven't managed to draft up a post yet x3

Thanks so much for the support ^-^


stop there missy *i put on cooll guys shades* how can you see me if IHAVE NO WEBCAM AND MY MIC IS ALWAYS MUTED BECAUSE I HAVE NO FRIENDS! her: o-objection! how NANI!


Hehe x3 I would like to see this scene in a blooper reel!


If one day you can put it on the steam,I think I will rush to buy it!I love your painting style(Sorry, my English is not very good, I use machine translation)

I hope I'll manage to get it on Steam one day, but that's probably a long way off, so in the meantime, you're welcome to email me here for a key if you want:
Just put your username as the subject of the message so I know it's you, and I'll send a key as soon as I can :3

Sadly, I can't take credit for the art style of the sprites or backgrounds as they come from asset packs which I've previously purchased. However, because I don't like to use them exactly as they come, I always try to edit them myself, so the recolouring of the sprites was by me :3

And no worries, I could understand everything :D Thanks for checking out the game!


are you gonna upload this game on steam??? i wanna add it to my library lol

I would certainly like to at some point in the future :3 It's only on itch for now because the $100 fee to put a game on Steam is really offputting cos that's $100 that could go towards development instead >.< and I feel like since I totally suck at promoting my projects + the fact that DD is in development and has a loooooong way to go before it's finished, it would probably get buried on Steam if I try to put it there too soon. When more of it is finished though, I will look into it again :3


i know 100 dollar is a big money to spend in general. For clothes, toys or food. But in making games? Come on. You already made a really good game(at least u had chosen a right voice actor for the character which was a good choice.) to make the game noticeable. 

You need to invest more, man. Tbh when i read that thisone was just the first episode of the first characters of 8 people?? I was like thats too many. U will lose interests from people during developmentof other characters because it will take so long you know. 

I think u need to finish one character first. Dreaming big is good but do it slow and steady. I will definitely buy the game and support the game when i can. 

So try to upload the game on the steam as soon as u finish the first character so u can open up the early access and get supports. Many games do that these days even tho it takes years to finish. At least u will be able to get enough fund to finish the game.  Well, its just my opinion. 

Best regards

Yeah, it's a very long-term project, but I don't plan to work on just this (I'm actually working on another project at the same time as DD right now, but I don't really post about it.) I usually have about 2 projects on the go at once cos it helps me to switch between different sorts of stories cos some days I'm just not in the mood to work on one thing in particular x3 I don't know if I'll eventually manage to release every single character route that I have in my notes, but that shouldn't matter too much because each route can be played as a standalone story anyways, and I plan to always make sure that when I put out an update, even if the story is to continue from that point, it will also have an 'ending' like the current content does, so that things aren't just left hanging :3

If I'm honest, I don't even know how it works for putting stuff on Steam. I was really put off by what I read some other days saying a while ago about how difficult it is >.< They said you need like lots of images in loads of different sizes and resolutions (which would be hard for me to provide without distorting my assets since I'm not an artist) and numerous other problems and pitfalls. Itch is just so easy to use in comparison.

I'm also not allowed to sell the game anyways cos of my personal circumstances (I can accept donations to help towards funding its development, but I can't make it a proper commercial release currently.) And I don't really mind if people lose interest x3 I'm doing this as a hobby, so as long as making it is fun, I'll keep doing it regardless of what happens with folks following the project. If people are still playing it and enjoying it though, that's a really lovely bonus :3

Also, with the plans I have for the project further down the line, it's physically impossible for me to 100% finish 1 single character's content without working on other characters because certain choices made by the player can potentially cause different characters to cross paths during the story >.<

I totally get what you're saying though! It makes sense.  And if I were a normal person, I probably would have already put it on Steam x3 But I don't really promote my projects and stuff because I don't like using social media >.< I have ASD and it stresses me out to spend the sort of time needed to promote a game on different social media platforms x3 I'm the type of person who would prefer to just work away on a project in the dark and never have to try and promote it at all, haha. So I don't mind if it takes forever to fund the full game or if it never gets fully funded cos I'd rather that than the stress and misery of promoting it. I'll just do my best with whatever funding I happen to get over time :3

You're welcome to just have a key if you want one anyhow :3 Feel free to drop me an email with your username from here so I know it's you, and I'll send you one as soon as I can if you decide you'd like one. I appreciate your support either way ^-^


oh crazyy. U r doing A lot of things. Well i hope u do well.

About the game key can i get it on the

I found out that i didnt set my card to spend money on foreign website even tho i chose master card to do that🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ 

Thanks anyway.

Thank you :3 I was a little busy over the weekend, but I just saw your email and sent the key :3 I hope you enjoy it even though there is not much content yet.


Yeah, definitely. I understand where you're coming from, because it is a lot of investment that you could put into the game instead. It would indeed be a viable option once everything is finished or when you feel that you're at the place to put it on steam. Take your time with it, though as there is no rush at all! It takes time to create work that you love and that you're satisfied with and we are happy to wait for you! Also, it can be hard to put it on steam if you're not making much profit off it, because all of the money is coming out of your own pocket! We are lucky enough to have been able to play it on the first place on here either way! I personally think the amount of characters are lovely. It certainly does take a fair amount of work, but for us players it is quite exciting :D Remember to do what you want to and you're the creator of it, so you get the final say on what to do with it! As long as you are satisfied and comfortable with the situation - that's what matters. Whether it be on here or on steam, the only thing that matters is that we're able to play it in the first place. Not a moment has gone by where I wasn't excited over this project, since I have always enjoyed the works that you have created. Please do take your time in finishing this project or with putting it on steam( if it is something that you find that you want to do or is a viable option for you - there is nothing that you *have* to do at all!)! ^^ Good things take time after all :) 


Yeah, I used to sorta work on my projects as though they were the only thing in my life x3 and that just wasn't healthy at all, haha. I kept making myself ill doing that, spending like 12+ hours a day staring at my screen working away (which my family always thought was insane considering I wasn't being paid for any of it xD) so now I'm changing the way I work on them in general to be much more casual so that I can make more time to do other things instead of working on my project stuff obsessively.

But yeah, I've heard it's really easy for stuff to get buried on Steam if it's not promoted really well, so I feel like I'd struggle a lot in that department with how little I use social media >.< It seems a bit worrying to give them $100 to have my game on there if it's just gonna be buried and unfindable >.< I've heard talk of their algorithms and stuff being heavily reliant on getting people to give good reviews and things if you want your game to be visible, and I really don't like pestering people to review my stuff.

As you say, it doesn't seem particularly beneficial to indie devs who don't expect to make profit from a project. I love itch because you're free to just put your stuff out there without having to spend anything first.

When I do finally get the next update out, I'll also be sure to make it so that there is a demo that can be downloaded for free, while keeping the $2 donation option open to fund development and that will contain all the currently available content :3 I just can't really do that with the version that's out now cos there's not enough content to make a demo when it's so short that it practically is a demo x3

That's really sweet of you to say all that, and I really appreciate the support and encouragement :3 As you say, doing whatever you're comfortable with is the best way to go, especially when it's a hobby project because as soon as you start doing stuff you're not comfortable with, or the work becomes a chore, it's like you've then managed to kill off your hobby, and that's not good x3 Better to try and keep it as fun and stress-free as possible :3

But yeah, I'll plod along at my own weird pace, sometimes it'll speed up when I get tunnel vision and don't do anything else like during jams xD and sometimes it'll slow down like recently when I've been feeling exhausted and not had my heart in it x3 either way, I'll keep going and get there in the end, and once stuff is released, it'll be there for anyone who fancies playing it :3 

cool story. castoria reminds me of my mom


Uhh, what?


I really love Castor, he is so sweet......(in the happy ending route, not the scary route of course). And I must say that I do like the main character's personality(I mean the player , "me" in the game. Sorry my English is so poor). I have played a lot of Japanese Otome games and the heroins are all pushovers and most of them have no courage to fight back when they were hurt. That usually makes me angry >.< 

Anyway, I want to express how wonderful you have done to create cute Castor. Thank you for letting me meet him~ this was the best two dollars I ever spent. Hoping for the big update to come soon.


Yeah, he's adorable but also terrifying x3 In the update I'm working on, the player should have more control over how they speak to characters as well. So you can be really nice to them all the time, bully them/be super mean, or a mixture of whatever. Then the character will react differeny depending how you treat them, and eventually your actions will result in different endings. 

I'm the same though, I can't stand MCs who are total pushovera x3 it always frustrates me if I have to play as an MC who doesn't fight back in any way, haha. Yui in Dia Lovers annoyed the crap outta me with how much she let all the guys walk all over her >.<

I think your English is great anyhow! :3 

Unfortunately, I probably won't be able to get the update out for when I hoped to cos my mental health has been so crap recently that I haven't really managed to get much done >.< Taking a break this month to immerse myself in nature and try and do some fundraising for my local wildlife charity is helping me to feel a bit better, but once June is over, I don't know if I'll be able to do much cos I always feel ill in the summer! The heat just gives me constant headaches and stuff which makes it really hard to get anything done >.< I'll get there eventually though! 

Glad you enjoyed what's there of the game at the moment anyhow :3 Hopefully you will enjoy the new Castor content even more when it's finally released! Thanks so much for supporting the project and taking the time to comment ^-^


this one really got me.... I was bright red with my face in my hands for the majority of the latter half / w \ very very good job

Hehe x3 glad you had fun with it! I honestly don't know where that scene came from xD Hoping to get similar sorts of situations in other character routes too, but not sure if they'll manage to induce as much blushing! 

Thanks so much for playing :3 


I would love to play the game but i don't have anything that can send money from. Not to mention i dont have money currently TvT. Life sucks TvT. I like the character design though both of them are pretty and handsome.


I also wanna know what apk do you use to make this visual novel i actually wanna make a Visual novel game too OwO.

Sorry my reply is quite slow >.< If you haven't already sent me an email to then you're welcome to drop me a blank message and I'll send you a key whenever I'm next on my PC :3 And if you already sent an email and I haven't replied yet, sorry about that >.< I haven't been able to keep on top of things very well recently. 

As for what I used to make this game in particular, it was a software addon for Unity that I got during a Unity asset store sale called Naninovel. It's brilliant for VN making if you're like me and proper coding gives you a headache x3 cos it's really easy to use without having to write proper code since it uses a simplified scripting language. The only downside is the price cos when it's not on sale, it's pretty expensive. I would say it's still absolutely worth the money at full price if it's something you were gonna use a lot. Ren'py is probably the best thing to use though for checking out what it's like to make VNs cos it's free and there's a huuuge amount of resources and help guides available from other users :3 I've also used something called Tyranobuilder in the past to make my first couple of VNs, and it was great at the time because it just uses drag and drop, so you don't need to do a single bit of coding! As I gradually became more familiar with what it's like to put a VN together though, I started to feel Like Tyrano was kinda clunky and slow to use. I got Tyrano as part of a HumbleBundle years ago though!


OMG thanks for replying and for the suggestion might try to purchase it one i've got money being a student sucks. Oh and ill email you OwO thank you again.

No worries, I just sent the email, so hopefully, you get the key okay :3 Don't worry about it anyhow! You need to save as much as possible when you don't have much money :3


Ahhh thanks for the key again. i played the game and i fell in love with castor voice. He is scary though TvT. Do you have any social platforms. since if i can i would love to send some fanarts to you OwO. 


Why do I have the impression that regardless of my choices the end would be the same? Is there more than one end for this game? I was hoping there was different routes... a good, one we take advantage and another where they flip the game... this one feels just like being attacked on the same way regardless of what we do. And they move to psycho mode too quickly. This game has a lot of potential if you explore all that castor(ia) effort on pleasing/manipulating us... even before turning real once we realised that they actually chat with us they could access our records on the own game to know what we like them to do, change their looks, etc... making us crave for them to come to reality only to regreat later if we take the wrong options... Anyway, it will be a great game once finnished


There are currently two different branches/endings available in this sorta little jam/demo version. One leaning toward the sweet side of the character and the other toward the more sinister. However, both of those branches are expanded upon in the update that I'm currently working on, which in turn lead to more endings :3

In the update, different kinds of choices impact the ending you steer toward, as the player has more control over the way MC responds. Some choices let you act either kindly or cruelly, whereas other choices have more impact on a love interest's sanity. There will also be timed choices, where the player can choose not to act at all, for better or for worse. In order to implement all the extra choices, it's resulted in around 100 additional lines of dialogue for Castor/ia to respond with within the existing content of their route, meaning that all save data from the current version of the project will be unusable once the new update is released as it would cause some major bugs.

Aside from bad/dead endings, I'm aiming for each individual character route to have 4 proper endings to unlock. But yeah, as it is right now, there are just the beginning of two branches available because I made the game for a jam that only lasted 1 month. In that month, I also had to learn how to use Nani x Unity to put it all together since I'd just switched from using Tyranobuilder to make my previous projects, haha. That's why the game is quite short + a bit clunky. I just didn't know the best way to use the software back then and I didn't have much time to create it all in general. I wasn't even able to utilise the full month since it was so close to Christmas x3

The project was on hold for a long time after that because I didn't have the funding to continue since I'm too poor to pay voice actors myself (and having VA in my projects is a huuuuge motivator for me.) I wound up just working on other game jam projects in the meantime since it's much easier to work with others on jam games without having to worry about money :3

The update is not only adding more content for Castor/ia, adding more choices to the existing segment of their story while also continuing where it left off on both branches, but I'm also introducing the next character in the lineup and the start of their route. So it should be a fairly chunky update. I hope to try and leave it at a point again where it could be taken as a standalone story, and where the branches could be seen as endings even if they're technically not.

Fully completing the project will take a looong time though with me being a solo dev >.< Add to that my general poor mental health, which causes dramatically fluctuating levels of productivity, and then there's funding to worry about if I want to keep having voice acting in it. That's why I'm trying to do it episodically sorta thing cos otherwise it would just get far too overwhelming when I've got around 10 character routes in my notes x3

Thanks so much for checking out the game in its infancy anyhow! I appreciate you taking the time to both play and comment :3


Thank you so much for you answer... when it comes about the money, I understand what you mean, I am about to spend almost a month within a rainning forest in a project to protect it and the money they pay us is so little that  I might have to sacrifice my savings... I hope that wont be the case... I am looking forward your progress... take care :D

That's such a noble project to be involved in :3 I'd love to be able to help with conservation myself in my local area, but my anxiety is so extreme that I really struggle to cope with things if I don't have someone with me that I feel comfortable around, and aside from that, everywhere that's looking for volunteers to help protect nature and animals near me are in rural areas that can't be reached without a car >.< And guess what; I can drive... but I can't afford a car! T_T haha.

That really sucks that you don't get paid much for doing something like that though because it's such important work to protect nature! I really hope you don't have to sacrifice your savings to survive :( The world needs more people to stand up and give nature a helping hand :3

I'm planning to take part in a project in June run by one of our local wildlife charities to try and do one small thing a day to help nature + attempt to raise some money for them at the same time. If I were rich, I'd give most of my money to help protect animals and nature x3 It was actually my childhood dream to get into conservation, but there just weren't any sort of options available to get started in something like that back when I was a kid in my area, and at school, we were all told to be realistic and pick careers in things like retail >.>

Good luck with the project and everything in general :3


This game is amazingly well done. From art, to voice actors, to the smooth layout. It's a tiny bit too fast paced in terms of having the chance to "warm up" to the characters right after they come to life, but overall, I'm extremely excited to see what you have in store and I will happily wait longer for quality like this. Thank you for making such an awesome game!

Glad to hear you think so :3

Yeah, I agree about the pace! There wasn't much I could do at the time since I had to make the entire thing in 1 month for a game jam x3 Every time I participate in a jam, I'm always really conscious about the writing stage cos there's only so much you can realistically write before you have to remind yourself that you need to put it all into a playable format before the jam is over, haha. I'm also reaaaally bad at judging how long it's going to take me to put everything together and test it x3

I've gotten a little better the more jams I've done, but when it came to making DD for Secret Santa + Winter VN jam, I had the additional issue of having changed software from using Tyranobuilder on SR and Impostor, to trying out Nani x Unity for the first time. So I needed to make it pretty short overall cos I was desperately trying to learn how the new software worked on the go. It was a fun but stressful month, haha. Especially when it got closer and closer to Christmas and my family started getting a bit annoyed that I was spending so much time away from them, working like crazy on my computer >.< That's why the current version of the game is somewhat clunky. I didn't really know the optimal way of scripting it. I've already tidied up that sorta thing in the update I'm working on now that I have more experience using Nani and Unity :3

Everything was going relatively smoothly back in March/April in terms of working on the update, but I've fallen into a depression pit again for most of May >.< So things have slowed down significantly. Which sucks :(

Thanks so much for taking the time to play and comment :3

I don't have money- but I can save tho- cause it's 104php in my country and I have like 50php- but I don't have paypal and I don't know how to use things like those- And I really really really wanna play it cause the art is so good T^T Castor looks like a guy I would marry- but if I have enough money to buy and if I already know how to use paypal- I'm sure this game would be one of the games I would buy :> 


If you haven't already, you're welcome to just drop me an email and I'll send a key cos the $2 isn't a purchase price anyhow. It's to help support/fund the development of the game cos I'm too poor to be able to afford to pay voice actors by myself x3

Is that okay for you-? If so I'm gonna email you in a sec- 

I'm sorry but- I don't know how to send an email- is it okay if I message you on twitter-? 


It's fine so don't worry about it x3 I just saw your email now and have sent the key :3 Hope you end up having fun!


this game looks so fun and i really wanna play it but i cant afford it :( wish i could but i saw youre giving free keys and i would really like one i have already sent an email :)


i had a whole ass review... but then it somehow got deleted.

overall great job, especially with how it is a lot more rational with the character

i've watched as much as i can to make a viable review but don't have money :|

looking back on it, prob would be weird to write a review on something i've only watched, so that may have saved me from awkwardness

That used to happen to me a lot, which is why I now refuse to write anything directly on a web page xD I ramble too much, and it would often get lost, haha. I always write my replies and stuff up in a separate note now where I know I can save them, haha.

The $2 isn't a purchase price anyways, it's just to help the development of the game to fund voice acting and stuff since I can't afford it myself as I don't have money either x3 So if you want a key, feel free to drop me an email to:

A lot will be changing compared to how the game is now though once the update is out since I've revamped all the old stuff and added a lot more choices so that players have more control over MC's personality and stuff :3


oh shoot that's pretty nice, also thanks for the key thing... Yeah I used to write stories and stuff but I don't do it much anymore, used to post them, idk where tho, but I lost at least 6 pages worth of content just from the lack of a save progress button, sorry I went off-topic, sorry if I'm imposing or anything like that. I just want to say I see a lot of potential in this and stuff and I hope you go through and continue updating this! G'day (sorry if that was awkward at all)

It always sucks to lose a bunch of writing whatever you've written >.< I've sat there replying to messages on forums and stuff in the past where I'd been typing for over an hour only to finally hit send, then watch in horror as the page refreshes, asking me to log in, losing everything xD And while I was trying to write some of the CiQ routes a couple of years ago, my laptop just switched off outta nowhere (it's old and sucks), causing me to lose a few hour's worth of work cos I didn't have autosave turned on in the software settings T_T That was pretty soul-destroying, haha.

You don't need to apologise anyhow! And you're not imposing at all, so don't worry :3 I appreciate you taking the time to write such kind words :D I'm certainly gonna try my best to keep getting updates out for the game. It might take me a while, haha, but I'll keep pushing x3 And don't worry, it wasn't awkward at all :3 

I just saw your email and sent over a key, so hopefully, it gets to you alright!


Finished the game and it was so fun!! Tried to find other games like this but couldn't find any. Looking forward for the new update!! :>

Yay ^-^ I'm so glad you had fun with it! I really hope you'll end up enjoying the new content when I can finally manage to get the update out :3  Thanks for playing! 


Thank you so much for a free copy, just played and sketched our beautiful Castoria~

She looks so prettyyyyy! I love it ^-^ Especially the way you've drawn her eyes! Beautiful :3 I wish I could draw T_T haha. If I could, I think I'd never stop. I was working throughout the week on the sprite for one of the new characters being added in the upcoming update. She's not ready to be revealed yet, but I hope she'll be able to compete with Castoria :D


I've played The Yandere Heaven Vn ( Which is My Favorite Vn Atm) & Than I've just completed this one,I gotta say.You Definitely Understand the word "Yandere" because these vn's you've made so far has me itching for what lies within the future for the both.I Know It'll take some time because i can see the hard work within the two vn's but even so,I'll still be waiting for the both of these outstanding vn's to be completed,Ah & To The Female VA's & Creator Ofc! Ganbatte Kurete Arigato  ;)

Glad you enjoyed them both :D I'm a big yandere fan, hehe. My love of yandere characters and wanting to create some of my own was one of the reasons I started making VNs in the first place ^-^

I'm hoping I'll be able to update both games at least once before the end of the year :3 Maybe even twice if things go well!

Thanks for taking the time to play + leave such a nice comment :3

The BxG version of Apartment No.9 also has a female voiced yandere in it if you're interested :D The story is a lot more serious/darker than in YH and DD though. And there's a platonic yandere with a feminine voice in Limbo Line as well :3


This was an utter treat-- immersive and dark and delightful. 

I cannot wait to see what else you come up with. 

Woo! So glad you had fun with what little there is so far! With any luck, you'll find the update to be even better :3 I feel as though the numerous improvements I've made so far to the existing content make a big difference. Now that I've completed those, I can work on introducing another character to the roster and adding more story content for Castor/ia!

Thanks so much for taking the time to play and comment ^-^


THIS LOOKS SO INTERESTING i've been keeping a close eye on this for a really long while but i sadly can't afford it :( but then i saw that you were giving out free keys on the comments and i think that's really nice of you!!! so if it's alright, i would also like to ask for one! i have sent u an email already, thank you so much and i'm really looking forward to playing this game! <3

I'm glad you like the look of it so far :3 It's gonna look waaaay better once I get the update I'm working on released cos I've improved the UI and stuff + added a bunch of mechanics. I feel like it looks much slicker now, but I don't just wanna release that on its own >.< I wanna add the new content as well as part of the same update, so it's gonna probably take me another couple of months or more to get it all finished and ready for release T_T I wish I could clone myself and work faster, haha. I sent a key anyhow :3 Hope you enjoy it even if it's just the old jam version still for now.


My poor ass can't afford it  :'( and IT IS ONLY 2$ 😭😭


You're welcome to drop me an email to get a key:

Just put your username in the subject and leave the message blank if you want :3

The $2 isn't a purchase anyways. It's a donation towards the project's development because I can't afford anything either x3 haha.


Been musing about making my own VN but I think Ren'py would be a lot easier to use than Unity since you basically just drop everything into the corresponding folder. Not sure how that would change the visuals but I've seen incredible looking VN's made in Ren'py. Also, love Castoria's route so far but take as much time as you need on developing. Costs for drawing different poses and expressions along with the voice acting must cost an arm and a leg 

(no pun intended)

(6 edits)

Go for iiiit :D I've pretty much been addicted to making VNs ever since I started out trying to create them, haha. Ren'py was actually the very first tool I used since it's free with loads of helpful tutorials. I managed to make a small test project that didn't really have a story, more just learning how to code in choices and such with some placeholder sprites. I didn't enjoy it at all >.< In fact, I almost gave up on the idea of making VNs completely, haha.

It's not that Ren'py was bad. Far from it! It's just I found the coding aspect a total headache. Sure, I didn't give myself enough time to learn everything I needed to, but I spent enough time on the test project to know that I didn't like coding one bit. And that's when I came across Tyranobuilder in a Humble Bundle.

Tyrano promised it was for writers, not coders. For people who just wanted to get on with telling a story using an easy drag and drop interface, but also with the ability to add more in-depth features if you do decide to delve into coding.

In short, it absolutely does what it says on the tin. I found it extremely easy to use, though a tad clunky in execution. I made all of my first ever game (Solipsism Reigns) using it. I wouldn't say I was 100% happy with it, but I did enjoy myself more than when I attempted to use Ren'py.

Years later, when I eventually finished SR, I ended up coming across Naninovel for Unity. From what I could see, it seemed to be the perfect sort of in-between tool that I was looking for. It also promised it was for people not too keen on proper coding, but rather than using a drag and drop interface, it uses simplified scripting. Which is soooo much faster and more efficient than drag and drop, provided you're a swift typer. The scripting language is genuinely easy to understand as well, so I've had very little in the way of headaches, haha.

Darling Duality - Winter Wish, is the first project I created using Naninovel x Unity, and because I was both trying to finish a game while also learning how it all worked within the space of a month, it's not the greatest example of what you can do with it >.< There was a lot I didn't know. My script is extremely messy. Which is why I'm currently going through all of DD's existing content and making sure everything is much smoother while making various tweaks and additions. Because my script was so bad that now I've got so much more experience, it would be too impractical to work with going forward. I've essentially had to rewrite most of it, haha.

For a far better example of what can be done with Naninovel x Unity, I would recommend checking out my Spooktober Jam project, Limbo Line. I feel as though it's much more polished than my other projects, not just because I was able to work with an incredible team of artists during the jam, but because I had learned more in general about how things work by then. Heck, I'm still learning now! I recently discovered how to create particle effects in Unity so that I can use them in Darling Duality :3

Sorry anyhow, I'm rambling here >.< What I'm trying to say is that Ren'py is amazing, and I'd say probably the best tool out there for creating VNs for most people. But for me, I find it much easier and more fun to use Naninovel x Unity :3 Nani did cost a fair bit of money even though I got it at 75% off during a Unity asset store sale, but I'd say it's been worth every penny, and I have no plans to switch to using anything else anytime soon :3 It's all just a matter of personal preference I suppose. With Ren'py, you're learning a skill that can be used for other things since you're learning Python. Naniscript can't be used outside of Naninovel, so it's far less useful as a skill but much easier and faster to grasp if you don't have the head for coding like me x3

I'm sorry I went on for so long there, haha. It's a bad habit I have whenever I get talking about stuff I'm passionate about x3 I'm really glad you've enjoyed what little there is of DD so far :3 With any luck, you'll like it even more once I've got the next update out with everything being revamped to look better, run smoother, and, of course, additional story content!


No problem, mate. I find myself rambling when I talk about something I like the same. Don't worry, Renpy isn't the make-all of visual novels. You use what you're comfortable with. I usually only code in C# in Unity but I like the simplicity of Python.

Moreover, other than just making a label and say "do this", Renpy is kinda my life when it comes to making and modding visual novels. It's good but there are multiple engines just as good or even better so never think you have yo be limited.

The thing I hate the most is that I've spent so long making VNs now, but not taken the time to learn a proper coding language, which I feel is a waste >.< but the problem is, I just hate it so much xD It's my least favourite thing about making VNs, haha. I love seeing it all come together, but actually sitting there and typing out what's necessary to make that happen kinda does my head in >.< I like writing stories, putting BGM together, editing sprites + voice acting... pretty much every aspect of making VNs, aside from the coding part, haha. It's more just a necessity with being a solo dev T_T 

I've been giving some serious thought to attempting to learn C# recently though after getting a supposed complete course in a Humble Bundle a while back! Not knowing proper coding does make me feel somewhat inadequate sometimes when it comes to making VNs x3 As though I'm somehow cheating compared to the folks who have made the effort to learn Python and use Renpy! But then that's just me being silly really cos I've taught myself a whole bunch of other stuff instead >.<

I did like the look of Visual Novel Maker for a while, but I read too much about it having a number of issues so that sort of put me off of it.

I mean with you already knowing how to code, you've got so much more choice than me for what you can use, haha. I've been extremely impressed by some of the Renpy games I've played, that's for sure! I guess you're right about never having to limit yourself though :3 Someday I'd like to make a hybrid VN game, but that's a long way off cos I just don't have the required skills/knowledge for that right now, haha.

Good luck if you do end up starting a project anyhow! :3


I'd say I'm somewhat competent with coding instead of knowing how to. It's more of a repetition thing if you know what lines to use to achieve what outcome. Yeah, I like writing stories and I've lost motivation for the same amount of them simply because I think they'd be a ton better with visuals. The ideas are still there, just not taking front and centre at the moment. Giraffe Academy on YT has some really neat beginner courses on different langauages which should be able to help if you're interested.

Being a solo dev has a lot of drawbacks but the payoff is worth it in the early days. I've never really been on a team myself and about all of my work have been for my self gratitude or fantasy. It's fine though, I like to think the more you struggle, the better it's going to feel when you see how it blossoms

I'm very much a tinkerer when it comes to trying to learn stuff, even if it's not the most practical way of learning x3 So most of what I have managed to pick up has been through experimenting, haha. I struggle to find tutorials that I can actually follow >.< I don't know what it is about my darn brain, but instructions have to be written in a very specific way for me to actually understand. I guess that could be my ASD in play there. Many a time I have gone to look up help for stuff, spent ages reading through people's advice and instructions on how to achieve certain things, and just been utterly baffled by it. I often wind up super frustrated. It's as though the instructions are missing key steps, perhaps because they assume the reader would already have that knowledge, but it leaves me lost. So then I just resort to brute-forcing a problem again, haha.

I kinda get what you mean about thinking stuff would be better with visuals because I sometimes come up with ideas for audio dramas, only to buckle and end up making them as VNs instead (pretty much what happened with Darling Duality xD cos it wasn't reeeeally supposed to be a VN, haha.) I'm not sure I could ever go back to thinking about making things as text or audio-only based now because I've been infected by the VN bug x3

I'll have to give Giraffe Academy a look up when I get a chance then! With any luck, I might actually be able to follow the courses :3

Yeah, I definitely enjoy being a solo dev, but not being able to cover all the roles that a team would can sometimes be frustrating >.< Oh, how I wish I could draw! I actually used to think years ago that I would never be capable of working as part of a team cos of my anxiety, and that solo would always be the way to go for me, but after taking the plunge to team up for last year's otome jam and spooktober vn jam, I can honestly say that I reckon being part of a team made each project more fun to work on :3 Especially Limbo Line for spooktober cos that was a pretty big team when you include all the voice actors who were involved. There was such wonderful energy! And there's no way I could've come up with everything that's in the game were I on my own. It was just one of those lovely patches in time where all the pieces of the puzzle fit perfectly together ^-^ I think I was hyper pretty much all of September thanks to that, haha. It's really difficult to describe the sheer amount of joy I felt while working on that project with everyone.

All of my stuff has been self-indulgence too pretty much, haha. I don't think I'd even be capable of working on something that I wouldn't be interested in playing myself. I was actually approached last year by someone scouting for writers for a vn-style romance app on mobile. It was paid work, but with pretty strict deadlines. They wanted a sample story to see if I'd be a good fit if I were interested, and encouraged me to take a look at their current content to get an idea of what their users like to read. Since I'm broke and relatively unemployable, I thought I'd give it a shot. Well, I did not enjoy any of the chapters I sampled one bit >.< I tried a few different opening chapters of various genres, but none of them were my cup of tea. I could clearly see the sort of stuff they were after. Essentially smut stories, where choices had next to no impact, the story itself was practically non-existent, the characters were all shallow, and the steamiest of scenes were locked behind a paywall so that users would be forced to purchase the in-game currency to even see them.

Despite that, I attempted to come up with something I thought would be suitable. I purposely dimmed down the details and tried to focus on the tension-building (because one of their guidelines was to have a climactic moment + corresponding choice that could be a microtransaction in every chapter, even though the chapters were only a 5-15 minute read), but I was told that there was still too much detail and not enough drama in my submission >.< They gave me another couple of days to submit a revised version, but I was just honest and told them that I couldn't do it. I already pretty much despised what I submitted the first time. If I shaved any more off of it it would have just been a pointless husk. I could already feel a creeping dread at the thought of having to write an entire story like it, so I backed out. The money wouldn't have been worth the misery it would have caused me.

But yeah, I totally agree that the struggle makes any sort of payoff that much sweeter :3 I'm still blown away every time I get a nice comment on one of my projects! I'd carry on making stuff for as long as I'm enjoying doing it even if nobody else knew it existed, but every single bit of positive feedback I get from others is enough to fuel my hope that I might someday be able to actually make a living doing what I love. I'd rather die than slave away for someone else doing something that I hate anyways (sidenote: I think it was working in retail for a short while that really made that attitude flourish!)

I really should stop rambling anyhow cos I've just gone off on a really long one again, sorry xD I hope you do manage to bring some of your ideas to life in VN form though cos that would be brilliant :3


im not gonna play the game yet (just gonna ready myself after reading that it has self-harm) but seeing the screenshots, just wanted to say that i love the art and the designs for Castor/ia!!

Yeah, I wasn't really sure how to mention the self-harm because I knew it had to be said, but at the same time, it's not really self-harm in the typical sense. I just didn't wanna leave it out of the warnings/triggers because the last thing I want is for anyone to get hurt while playing my games :3

I'm glad you like their character designs! Though, I can't take too much credit for that because I can't draw to save my life >.< The original sprites are from an asset pack I own by a Japanese artist. I changed all the colours myself in GIMP because I like to try and do what I can to make sprite assets in my projects look as unique as possible :3


Happy to have supported and bought Darling Duality! What a fun game, omfg. The immersion in such a short amount of time was nothing short of being on par with going to the movies on release day in a dark cinema with the best popcorn and a delicious slushie. I loved the story you told and I would love to have more of it-- even if it was a book! The idea of a character being brought into "our world" and falling in love with the MC has been done before, sure, but what makes this VN unique is Castor. He/She emphasizes they are their own person, and I love how it brought a depth to the game. I'd love another VN where we get to play the game our MC played, and get to see Castor in his/her glory before being brought into our world. I'll be sure to check out other works of yours! Thank you again for an incredible experience. 

Thanks so much for supporting the game ^-^ I'm super happy to hear you enjoyed what little there is of it so far! I feel honoured you think the immersion is like that :3 

I can't 100% promise there will be a full version of the game Castor/ia is from to read through, BUT, I can say that their story is far from over :3 In the update I'm currently working on, not only have I added more choices + content throughout Castor/ia's existing story segments, but I'll also be including additional story for them. So you can think of the currently available 'endings' as more like paths splitting off down different routes. I just needed a way to wrap things up so it could all work as a standalone story for the jam since I only had a month to complete something to submit :3

The next update will also add a new character, but it won't even come close to completing the project >.< I have a hell of a lot planned, haha. And I think having episodic releases is probably the only viable way to go with this project because otherwise, it would be years before I could get anything out. Having episodic updates also helps a lot with funding the voice acting because I feel like if I just tried to make the whole game in one go, people might lose interest with there being a lack of updated content, and then I'd never be able to afford to fund VA for the whole game >.<

Anyhow, I'm rambling, sorry x3 If you do end up checking out any of my other games, I hope you enjoy them just as much :D


is there any chance there will be more free copies in the future? i can't afford to pay for any game right now but i'm sooo interested in playing this. 

The $2 price isn't a payment/purchase for the game anyways, it's just to support development because my voice director friend told me that if I list it as free to download, people will just take advantage and never donate (that's pretty much exactly what happened when I kept refilling the community copies >.< haha) and then we won't be able to afford voice acting for the game cos it's gonna be around $800 per episode/update, and I sure as hell can't afford that myself, haha.

So while I can't refill the community copies for that reason, you're welcome to drop me an email to for a key :3 You don't need to write anything, just put your username from here in the subject and I'll know it's you.

(3 edits) (+1)

I've never really felt compelled to write a review for any game, so this will be a first! I absolutely loved it and adored both characters and the voice acting. The script was a delight too, I really enjoyed the writing and all it had to offer. I had originally seen ManlyBadassHero play the game a while back, but I could not help but buy the game and try it out for myself since I'm a huge yandere fan haha. I will say that I very much enjoyed Castor's voice lines, his voice is so sweet! I adore his adorable demeanor. I also loved how the MC actually had a personality and some spine to them compared to some MCs from other visual novels and otomes that I've played, it was refreshing.

I can't wait to see any future developments to the game, I'm really excited to see what else is in store. I also played a few of your other games afterwards and really enjoyed them as well. Thank you for making this and I'm glad to have supported you through my purchase. :)


Aww, well I'm honoured and so glad that you did :3 It always lifts my spirits to hear when anyone's enjoyed my stuff, so thank you very much for supporting the project + taking the time to type up some of your thoughts! I really appreciate it ^-^

Providing I can pull it off without ruining anything, MC should have even more personality in the next update because I'm attempting to implement a sort of personality system in order to give players more control over how MC reacts to everything :3 I know what you mean though cos I adore yandere characters, buuuut I can't stand it when you have a yandere LI (or any kinda LI really) + a doormat MC who just lets the LI walk all over them without putting up any sort of resistance x3 It frustrates the hell outta me, haha.

I'm super excited for you to see the big update I'm working on cos I've made so many tweaks already. Everything looks soooo much better aesthetically now + runs smoother. And then, of course, there's the new content! I'm only about 1/3rd of the way through revamping the existing content though, so I'm aiming for roughly the end of spring to get the update out since I reckon it'll take me the rest of March to finish the revamp, then another month or 2 to actually add the new content in >.<

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed some of my other projects too :D If you haven't already played it, I highly recommend Limbo Line cos I feel like that's my most polished project so far :3 The team worked their asses off and I feel like we managed to create a hell of a lot of content for a 1-month jam, haha. It may not be a romance game, but there's still a character with yandere traits in there :P

Thank you again :3


I honestly hadn't expected much out of this going in as I almost always expect visual novels to be very short as they are often made for game jams, but this was absolutely wonderful!

The voice acting is excellent and I'm really into the script which was extremely well written. The story itself was much longer in each version than I had expected it to, especially being fully voice acted. I found that the sinister route felt a little bit longer than the sweet route but that makes sense (good ole crazy yandere). 

I'm super excited to see you continue to develop the game further. And if anyone is considering playing it, do it. Of course, you can ask the dev for a free copy or claim a community version but I think the game is already well worth the two-dollar asking price if you can spare the money, especially since it lends to its further development. 

Thank you so much for supporting the game + taking the time to write such a sweet comment! I really appreciate it :3

Certainly can't blame ya for not expecting much going in because it's totally true that many VNs are short cos they're made during game jams, haha. That was exactly the case with this x3 I had an idea for the project as a whole, but I knew I wouldn't be able to actually get much playable content finished in the space of a month that the jam was running for, so I just had to try and think of a decent cut-off point for the game to work as a standalone piece for the jam :3 It certainly didn't help that I'd just switched engines as well, and had to try and learn how the heck to use the new stuff during the jam. Which is why it comes off a tad clunky. My code is messy >.< I'm fixing it all up though now that I'm actively working on the project again, haha.

The sinister route is definitely longer than the sweet route in the game's current state, yeah. I'm hoping to change that as part of the next update though to even the paths out a bit more because the endings in the current version of the game aren't going to be endings in the completed version. That was just where I had to cut it off for the jam. In reality, they're more like the very beginning of the player's path with that character. So I'm hoping I can manage to balance out the lengths of each path once they've split :3

Not only will the overall look of the game be slightly altered once I get the next big update out, but I'm also adding more choices and content to the section of story that's currently available + adding brand new story content for Castor/ia, and introducing the next character :D I really hope you'll continue to enjoy the game as it progresses ^-^

i was browsing through the website when i saw this game. it looks completely interesting and is my complete type of game! it has everything that i want and the devastating part is that i missed the change to get it for freeTvT i'm really sorry but can i still have the free version?

You're welcome to have a key if you wanna drop me an email to: 

You don't need to write anything, just put your username in the subject and I'll know it's you :3

The $2 isn't really a purchase anyhow, it's just to help support the game's development so that I can continue to have voice acting + be able to afford CGs as well. Cos I don't have the money to fund the game myself x3

Just so you know though, I'm working on a big update at the moment that not only adds new content, it revamps everything available in the current demo, so anyone wanting to keep playing once the update is out will have to start over from the beginning cos too much has been changed for old saves to function in the new update once it's out :3 


thank you! i already sent an email to you ❤️

I bought the game and was able to open it on Mac, but I've been stuck on the loading screen for about 8 mins now and was wondering if this was normal or if there's a problem?^^

Hey hey! Thanks so much for supporting the game's development :3 

It's definitely not normal >.< The available content in the game right now is more just like a demo, so nothing should take particularly long to load. 

Is it stuck before it even gets to the title screen? Because you could try the black screen bug fix version to see if that helps cos there's an issue with some computers on both windows and mac where they just black screen instead of playing the video background on the title screen. 

If that doesn't help though, I'm not going to be able to even attempt to fix it at the moment  because I'm actively working on the game with a huge update that I hope to release for roughly the end of spring, and because I'm actively tweaking and adding to all the code, I wouldn't be able to export a working version for any system right now because I've made a lot of changes >.< Once the update is out, saves from the current version will be rendered unusable because I've basically rebuilt everything and made a lot of changes so far. 

I've actually already completely revamped the title screen. Since I couldn't find the reason why some computers can't load the video background and some can, I've just removed the video background altogether and replaced it with a series of animations built into the game. So not only does it look much fancier, it should technically work for everyone :3 So there's a chance that it'll work fine for you once I release the new update, but because I'm adding new story content and characters, among revamping all of the existing content, it's not something I can do very quickly, unfortunately >.<

If the black screen bug fix doesn't do anything to help you, and if it still won't load up once I've got the big update out, I'll need to send you a development build and ask for you to send me the error logs so that I can try and figure out what's going on. But please feel free to contact if you want to get your money back because it sucks if it won't work at all for you :(

Sorry I can't be more helpful immediately though >.< I don't have a mac myself or know anybody who does to be able to test mac builds, so I have no way of knowing what could be wrong with mac versions unless people tell me. And even then, it's difficult for me to fix things without knowing what's causing them >.<


Do you have plans to put yout game on Steam? I would love to buy it! Sadly itchio won't allow me to use my RUT account (Credit card here in Chile)

So I was wondering if you have plans for it (^∇^) I'm really looking forward to it 

I'd absolutely love to have the game on Steam at some point, yeah :3 But the $100 fee to put a game on there is a killer >.< And I wouldn't wanna put it on there until there's more content because it's more just like a demo at the moment, and I read that you only really get 1 shot at promoting a new release on Steam, so you need to make the most of it. 

So yeah, the plan is to have it on Steam one day, but it won't be any time soon :( I'm just a solo dev so development is pretty slow even though I work like crazy on my projects, haha. Once I've managed to get a few updates out with more characters, I'll start looking into getting it on Steam more :3 

In the meantime, you're welcome to drop me an email to: 

And if you just put your username in the subject, I can send you a key for here so that you can check out the demo :3 

I'm actively working on an update right now though, and a lot is gonna change. So once the update is out, any saves from the old version will be useless because I'm not just adding more story content + a new character in the update, I'm also adding things like choosing your player name, pronouns, personality system, and more choices within the existing content for Castor/ia :3 


Wow that's pretty crazy O.O 

Your game really looks amazing so I'm totally looking forward for the news updates! And hopefully someday seeing it on Steam and get the love it deserves <3 

I definitly would love to check out the demo ( ◜‿◝ )♡ 


I like the plot ^ - ^ im into stories like this *cough* I also like the character design both of the LI and so their V.A. ฅ'ω'ฅ Im just not used at playing with unity, especially if I want to save when there's a choice (。ŏ_ŏ) I cant save it (;´д`)ゞ but that's alright. That doesn't stop me from enjoying the game hehe


There's a lot more to come :3 I'm working on the update right now, and it's gonna mean anyone who wants to play will have to redownload + start over from the beginning because not only am I adding more story content & characters, I'm also making loooots of tweaks to the UI & overall appearance of the game + adding things at the start like the ability to name MC and pick pronouns (and more choices in general when it comes to interacting with the characters) so trying to continue from a current save would just break things in the new version when it's out x3

Speaking of saving, I don't know if you're using a normal mouse or like a trackpad on a laptop, but you should be able to use the scroll wheel to rewind when you come across a choice, so that you can make a save before picking a choice option :3 You can't rewind once you've clicked on a choice though.

In the new update, I'm going to add more keyboard shortcuts so that people can open menus using their keyboards cos I didn't know how to do that sorta thing back when I first made this since I was only just starting to learn how Unity works >.< and I know using mouse buttons on a laptop is super awkward x3

Thanks for taking the time to play + comment ^-^

Gambatte for making an update (๑ÒωÓ๑) 9 yes, I also noticed about saving before the choice xD I end up doing it from the beginning and some skips :3 thank you for the tip ♡ฅ(ᐤˊ꒳ฅˋᐤ♪)


Hi, the game looks so cool and its totally my type, but i cant pay it, can i have the free version?(sorry for my english im from Argentina)

It's okay, the $2 is only a donation to help fund the project's development anyhow rather than a purchase price :3 Just drop me an email to: 

You don't need to say anything. Just put your username in the subject and I'll know it's you. Then I can reply with the download key :3

(1 edit) (+2)(-1)

Wait did I just waste the chance to get free version????????????? Noooooooooooooooooo! 

*sob* After waiting for so long lol *sob*

You're still welcome to have a key :3 Drop me an email if you like:

You don't have to write anything in the email. Just put your username in the subject and I'll know it's you ^-^ You might be better off waiting until I have the next update out to play though cos I'm making a lot of changes to the existing content as well as adding lots of new stuff, so when the update is out (I'm aiming for the end of spring, but ya never know what could go wrong, haha) I'm gonna recommend people start again from the beginning :3


Woahhhhhh Thank you!!!


I was able to get the community copy and Oh My God. This did not disappoint ( ˙▿˙ ) The full version was very interesting (¬‿¬ ) Both characters are certainly adorable! I do like to think they were from the same developer but different games, kinda like Solipsism Reigns ( ‾́ ◡ ‾́ ) I really love the ASMR style and hope to see more of it soon! ( ´ ω ` )


Yeeeeah, I don't really know what came over me when I wrote some of that stuff xD I think I'd probably been listening to some saucy Japanese drama CDs, haha. Back when I was cutting the VA lines, my headphone cable came out, and my friend who I was staying with at the time heard a couple of those 'interesting' lines, and he was like, WTF?! But you're asexual!! And I was like, yeah, but I can still try to write some low-key steamy stuff, can't I? x3 He was just so shocked it was hilarious.

I'm glad you enjoyed it anyhow ^-^ I'm actively working on the next update now, hoping to have it out by the end of spring, but things might not go according to plan >.< There's just a ridiculous amount of work to do cos I need to tweak all the UI + pretty much rewrite all the existing code because it's awful x3 Back when I made it, I'd only just got the new engine, so I didn't know what I was doing and kinda had to learn fast before the jam was over! Which = really messy code that I can't work with going forward cos it's just impractical, haha. At least it shows I've improved over time though I guess x3

can't access saves in mac version (Possible Black Screen Fix (Mac))

Sorry to hear that >.< Unfortunately, I don't own a mac or know anyone who does, so I can never test mac builds properly :( Which makes fixing bugs on mac extremely difficult.

Is it that the button to access the save menu isn't there? Or does it not show the save/load screen when pressed? Or something else? :o 

Either way, what's currently available of the game is pretty much like a short demo, so you should be able to experience all of the content without needing to access the save/load system provided there aren't any other bugs in the way preventing you from proceeding with the story. 

I'm actually working on the next update at the moment, and my code from back when this initial episode was released is pretty awful! I'm going to have to rewrite most of it I reckon because it's just so messy and impractical to work with going forward with the new content. 

I'm also changing a lot of the UI and stuff while editing the old code before I get into adding the new content. So it's possible the issue will be resolved once I have the new update out. I can't put an exact time on when that will be though cos there's a hell of a lot of work to be done since I've essentially gotta remake what's already released + add a brand new character and other stuff. I'm aiming for the end of spring, but things might not go according to plan. 

I'm also hoping to not need to have black screen fix builds in the future because I'm not gonna bother having the video background title screen going forward since it causes issues with some people's computers. It'll be easier just to have 1 build with a static title screen background rather than exporting 1 with video + 1 with a regular png file. 

Please still let me know in more detail what it is that's preventing you from accessing the saves though, and I'll try and look into it to see if I can fix it for the next update :3 

alright. i can access the save/load menu, but i cant seem to click on the save.

(1 edit)

Hmm, that's definitely a very strange bug then >.< I'm not sure what on earth would cause something like that cos I don't understand how it would occur in the mac version when it doesn't in windows :( I think to get to the root of it, I'd have to send you a development build version of the game and get you to send me log files so I can have a look through and see if I can figure out what's happening there! 

The problem is, I can't actually send a dev build because I've been actively adding to and tweaking the old code >.< I imagine it'd just come up with a whole bunch of other errors since it's a work in progress and a bit of a mess right now :( That's if it even functions at all in its current state. 

So I'm sorry about that :( If I hadn't started working on it all again and changing stuff in the last few days, I would've been able to send you a dev build and just try to fix the issue for you by looking at the logs and then quickly exporting a new mac build. 

I'm changing the save/load UI in the next update, so with any luck, whatever was causing the issue will be fixed, but if not, I'll have to send you a dev build once the new update is out so I can get to the bottom of it. 


alright, i understand. take your time.


ok i think i found the problem:
the custom cursor (on mac at least) always appears on the bottom right corner of the mouse, so when i think i'm clicking something, macos thinks that im clicking on the top left of the cursor.

maybe thats the reason i couldnt access my save. sorry for getting you into this.

anyway the game is actually pretty cool

Ahh, right! Thanks so much for letting me know because if nobody ever told me stuff like this, I'd have no idea, haha. Now I know, I can change the cursor for the mac exports in the future :3 I'm probably going to design a different custom cursor anyhow, so maybe the new one will work better on mac. If not though, there's always the option to just leave that out of the mac version if it causes problems. I guess I can try to do some research as well into how cursors work and look on mac cos I'm clueless when it comes to anything mac-related >.<

Dont apologise anyhow cos that's really useful to know :3 

I'm still working away on the update, almost finished with UI overhaul :D A lot is going to change though, not just in terms of content, but I'm adding things that I didn't have time to before, like a personality system that will give decisions more weight. Anyone who wants to play when the update is out will need to redownload the game and start over from the beginning because too much will have changed to make it possible to continue from an old save. There's a whole bunch of options at the beginning now to choose MC's name and pick pronouns and stuff as well :3


We need more otome yandere games, and yours are just too good. I pledged $5 (I wish I could do more, but I'm a college student out of a job for now), in hopes to support you <3

That makes me super happy to hear that you think they're decent ^-^ And thank you for the support! Honestly, everything helps more than I can even put into words! I'm not even a student... I'm just plain old out of a job xD But I treat my projects as though they are my job, even though they're also my hobby :3 Thanks again + good luck with college!

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