A downloadable nightmare for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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A little bird inside a cage
It only sees the bars
Trapped there by another's rage
Accumulating scars

A lonely soul imprisoned
Left lingering to rot
Suffers tunnel vision
Deadly and distraught...

Take control of Suoni V Linnet
(choice of voice & pronouns)
In this eerie, atmospheric, narrative-driven horror adventure made in 1 month for Spooktober VN Jam 2023.

Awakening in an empty room, paralysed from the waist down and accused of a crime they have no memory of committing, our protagonist hopes to escape the dire situation they seem to be in when it soon becomes apparent they are not alone.

Faced with an eccentric mask-wearing entity, an overly enthusiastic child, and a curious cat, Linnet must tread carefully with each interaction.

But when Linnet can't even trust their own mind, what hope do they have of attaining freedom? What price are they willing to pay for it? And what sort of world exists on the outside? 

Your choices will impact more than just Linnet's fate.

Help Linnet discover the truth, who they can trust, and perhaps even a little companionship along the way.

(GxB, BxG, GxG, BxB available)

For better or for worse, only you can determine what awaits at the end of spiralling obsession.
Sometimes, it's best to remain oblivious. 

- Around 10k Words -

(roughly 1 hour of playtime to reach an ending)

- Various Meaningful Choices & 5 Different Endings -

(3 'bad' ends & 2 'good' ends)

- Beautiful Original Sprite, Background, CG, & UI Art -

(including gallery with 18 CGs to unlock)

- A Full Original Soundtrack -

(with 15 tracks including 2 vocal tracks)

- Full English Voice Acting -

- Pick the Protagonist's Pronouns & Voice -

(she/her, he/him, they/them & feminine or masculine voice)

- An Unlockable Extras Section -

(with sketchbook, bloopers, music player, & more)

This is a psychological horror game containing the following:

  • Blood
  • Body Horror
  • Death (human & animal - animal death avoidable)
  • Disturbing Language/Behaviour
  • Flashing Lights
  • Mild Gore

For more specific triggers, click the content warning below, but please be aware that some of the things mentioned contain spoilers!

CONTENT WARNING (contains spoilers) [On-Screen & Graphic] Abuse (Emotional Abuse/Physical Abuse/Psychological Abuse), Abusive Relationship, Amnesia/Memory Loss, Animal Abuse/Cruelty, Animal Death, Animal Illness/Injury, Blood & Gore Depiction, Body Horror, Body Modification, Captivity/Confinement, Coma, Dead Bodies, Depersonalisation/Derealisation, Dismemberment, Eye Trauma/Loss of Vision, Hostage Situation, Involuntary Pregnancy, Knife Violence, Loss of Autonomy, Mind Control, Murder, Mutilation, Nightmares, Physical Injury [Off-Screen & Mentioned] Abandonment, Banishment, Death of a Child, Drugging

Need a walkthrough to find all the endings and secrets? Head here!

Or download the guide under the page's files :3

Found a nasty bug that needs squashing? Head here to report it!

For tips on getting the game running on Mac, head here. Or check the text document guide included with your game download :3

The game is designed to be played in 16:9 1920x1080. 


Writing + OST + Sound Design + Testing + Directing + Created by
Melancholy Marionette
YouTube - XTumblr

Concept + Sprite + CG + Background + UI + Logo & Page Art by
Lazy Polar Bear
Website - X - Tumblr

Additional CG Art by
NeonSaphir / Xavier

Additional CG Art by

Additional Sprite Art by

Additional Sprite Sketches by

Editing/Proofreading by
Myonette (a sentient jar)

Ren'Py Extras by


- Suoni V Linnet -

(masculine voice)
Ryan X. Messcher

(feminine voice)
sir samgrace

- Rhime Gant -

(masculine voice)
Philip Kraaijenhof

(feminine voice)
Emilie Brewer

- Simon - 

Meg TheLovableDork

- Narrator & Misc -

Dominic Devlin

(For a more detailed breakdown of the credits, please refer to the document within the game folder or download the text document from the downloads section of this game page.)

- Opening the game on Mac -

I personally don't own a Mac, so I can't even test my Mac builds (or Linux ones, for that matter!) but over the years, various Mac users have helped me to compile a list of suggestions on how to get itch.io games for Mac working :3 You can find that list in a text document within the game download folder, or you can view it in this post here.

The most common solution seems to be to download the itch.io app and launch all itch games via that :3

- Controls -

Advance Text - Left mouse click, mouse scroll wheel down, spacebar 

Rewind Text - Mouse scroll wheel up, left arrow key

(text cannot be rewound after making a choice, so please save the game if you want to pick a different choice faster - rewinding text can also sometimes cause errors)

Skip Mode (fast) - Right arrow key, right control

Skip Mode (toggle) - Down arrow key

Auto Mode - Up arrow key

Open Backlog - L key 

Toggle/Hide UI - H key

- Other - 

If you need help with anything, enjoyed the game and want to talk about it, or just want to tell me something in general, please either use the comments section (and don't forget to rate 5 stars too if you had fun because it helps a lot :3) or feel free to message me here:



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Tunnel Vision - Windows 484 MB
Tunnel Vision - Mac 487 MB
Tunnel Vision - Linux 489 MB
Walkthrough & CG Guide 8 kB
Full Credits 4.2 kB
Extras 1 kB
Tunnel Vision OST 550 MB
if you pay $5 USD or more

Development log


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100% fully recomend if you looking for a game that will mess up your brain!! :3


I just came back lurking in itch again after a year. omg, i didn't know u make new one ,

Hehe :D Yeah, 2023 ended up being a fairly productive year in general! I don't know why, but somehow it felt like I hadn't achieved that much, but then I realised that I made Bitter/Sweet, The Hostage, Tunnel Vision, and Sapphire Snowe all in 2023 xD

I guess it felt like I hadn't done much cos I haven't made much progress on my longer-term projects >.< It was very much a game jams year, haha. I didn't even intend to participate in any jams after I released Tunnel Vision for Spooktober jam, but then I wound up working on Sapphire Snowe for Winter VN jam anyways because it helped me get through a really rough time.

Hope 2024 is going well for you so far! :3

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i have not been on itch for quite a while (about a year i think at this point) and immediately came to your profile and you delivered as always!!! downloading rn ill leave my review once i finish the game😍😍

my review is here!!!


ok so i dont have a lot of words except...wow. i love love loveee the depth of rhimes character, how simon changes from some sweet little boy to a goblin monkey(? idk he just reminded me of that with the oo oo) also the cg art for the end of the simon says game THREW ME OFF SO HARD i backed up from my laptop😭 just know i tried to punch him 😘 sorbet the cat is super cute btw if you hurt her in the game your going on my list <3 my hand was sweating trying to click the icons😭 very nice how you did the audio with simon in his (monster?) form and how everything was clashing, which could represent li's feelings in the moment and how simons anger consumed him (loved how rhime turned into a mom and told him to shut up) sadly i didnt get some of the other cg's you get from choosing different voices (i did fem, fem) so im missing out a little bit 😭 emilie did so well with rhime's voice!! the fake credit scene reminded me so much of hostage!! xD i was also v v v surprised on how you chose to make li the 'creator' or the game and make rhime break the 4th wall after...best believe i stood there for a good 20 min looking at rhime because so looks so pretty?!!? bad ending or good ending, i loved them all <3 i also loved loved lovedddd the way you made rhime close the window and make the player do a little investigating for the gift!! seeing her get mad because i kept openning the window was so fun kekw also she shampood sorbets coat its canon i saw it i was the bottle!! and the little butterfly on the card in the future ending was such a nice touch of detail on the artists part! as always we had our nice rant from melancholy 🥺the ost's were great too! i loved curious cat and sweet nightmares 😚 seeing this on your page was such a big breath of air for me as i hadnt been on itch or playing indie games since bitter sweet blythe and im so excited for the next game! live laugh love rhime, ill see you next time 😘


 <3 I hope you end up having fun with it! It’s a bit of a whacky one, haha. And also I just saw that you gave a 5* rating which is very much appreciated! Thank you for playing this one and for being awesome in general ^-^


of course!! ive admired your games ever since i found yandere haven and your the reason i got into vn's, which i appreciate <3 on an extra note before i leave the actual review, those little months on break are not enough!! im so surpised you havent gotten burnt out yet😭😭


Ahh, man, that’s so cool! :3 Sometimes I worry that with YH being a fandub project, it might actually end up putting people off of checking out my other stuff since it’s not a very accurate reflection of most of my projects >.< so it’s good to hear that that wasn’t the case for you :D 

YH has quite a lot of 1* ratings, haha. It’s got plenty of 5* ratings too, thankfully, which helps balance out the overall rating here. A lot of the 1* ratings are so mean though with people saying stuff like “It’s too short”... well, yeah, each volume = 1 CD and it’s still in development, so of course it’s short T_T Still took me hours and hours of work to make it >.< And then most of the other 1* ratings are people saying they think the story sucks, characters suck, it’s too goofy, etc. and none of that is my fault cos I’m just localising the original Japanese content T_T haha.

Weeeell, I have actually burnt out multiple times x3 hehe. Usually though, it’s not just as a result of working too much on these projects, but a mixture of not taking enough breaks + being overwhelmed by life stuff >.< Like last year, I was going into complete shutdown mode shortly after finishing Spooktober Jam. By the end of October, I was pretty much unable to even find the motivation to go on my PC, so I spent most of November as a zombie. 

Then all the run-up to Christmas absolutely destroyed me as well, and I spent a lot of December & January away from my PC too x3 I wasn’t capable of much other than sleeping and reading books, haha. Couldn’t even find the energy to play some of the games I’d hoped to during the Christmas break >.<

I should probably try to schedule proper breaks or something, especially after jams. The problem is, when I’m stuck in work mode, I can’t force myself to have breaks because I get really fidgety and can’t enjoy them x3 And when I finally am forced to have a break from being burnt out, I then struggle to get the energy back to achieve work mode again, haha.

Thank you for the awesome review by the way ^-^ So glad you enjoyed it!! Everything below this is me responding to what you said there :3

Hehe, yeah, some of the CG art is properly creepy and I love it :D And yup, Sorbet must be protected at all costs!!

I can never tell with 4th wall break stuff if people will find it entertaineing or just kinda cringey and annoying x3 cos I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, haha. I had to do it though cos it amuses me xD 

But yeah, the team put so much love and detail into their work from the voice acting to the art :3 I could never have made something like this on my own, that’s for sure.

So glad you liked the OST too :D It was a loooot of fun to work on! And also that’s really interesting that you’d mention the curious cat track cos while I was ridiculously pleased to have found a synth that sounded a bit cat-like to use in the track, I was worried it was possibly a bit repetitive or grating x3 And sweet nightmares was sort of a last-minute addition, haha. It wasn’t something I had on my checklist for tracks to make, but it ended up feeling like something was missing, so I kinda rushed to put that track together, haha.

Thanks again for being so sweet ^-^ Rhime wishes you the sweetest of nightmares :P


I have to admit that no game has ever made me want to go through all the extras and endings like this one. I played it for 3-5 hours straight, found a lot of endings, and used the guide to find the last one. I also had a lot of trouble figuring out how the walkthrough worked, but in the end, I was able to find all the endings and pictures—the last one I found by accident. I must admit that I played this game for so long that it was midnight when I was done! In all honesty, I kind of wish I had gone on a small date with Rhime because this game was incredibly entertaining and well-made for the span of 1 month! Nevertheless, I want to thank Melancholy, the voice actors, and jam, for this wonderful game! and the small extras in "mel's rambling" and other things. I'm looking forward to the next one, and may your dreams be full of Nightmares!

That’s so awesome to hear :D Puts a big smile on my face to know it had you hooked for a while ^-^

I always wonder when it comes to jam games made in a mad month’s rush if they even make any sense or if they’re just a giant messed up blob of ideas that’s just baffling xD So it means a lot when anyone says they’ve enjoyed playing through and makes me beat myself up just that little bit less, haha. It’s always tempting to just keep adding and adding to things, but then they get outta control x3 and sure, they can be updated post-jam, but since I already have a handful of projects waiting to be finished, I tried my best to make this one a complete story within the jam timeframe so it wasn’t yet another project that I have to go back and finish, haha.

I’m glad you managed to get all the endings and artwork in the end :3 Thanks so much for playing and for showing the team some love <3 May all your dreams be nightmares too :P


This was an amazing experience! I already came into it blind but just when I was starting to understand what was going on, something new came in and blindsided me! (IN A GOOD WAY) I wish this game could get more attention, there's so much love and care put into these games! There really is so much of this game and it's all so intriguing! I actually would love to know more about the characters, but we'll see♫

(1 edit) (+2)

Thanks so much for checking out this one too!! <3 Very much appreciated :3 And so glad that you had fun with it :D I haven't had a chance to watch your video yet, with any luck, I might get some time to over Christmas, but I'll be definitely be recommending it to some of my friends who don't play games themselves but do like watching other people play! Cos your videos are always a delight :3

Hope you get to have happy holidays with lots of tasty noms!! ^-^


Thank you so much!! And goodness your games are some of the most interesting that I have the honor to play, thank YOU! Hope you have a wonderful holiday as well!!♫♪

(1 edit) (+1)

First of all amazing is what I have to say. You've done it again <3 I do need some help tho so spoiler below 

okay so I got the R.I.P ending and once we get the 'gift' Rhime gives us, I dowloaded the extra file and typed in nightmare. All was going good until I had to download the mac version of that file, but it wont let me open it. Ik how it goes w mac version so never had a problem downloading anything, so I'm confused why it won't let me open this file :(


I'm so sorry that my reply is horrifically slow >.< I have pretty much been out of it for all of December. I just got too overwhelmed with everything and couldn't cope with much, so as a result, I'm now crazy behind on my replies :( 

Thanks so much for your kind words! So glad you had fun with the game :3


Ah, man, that sucks about the gift >.< Unfortunately, I didn't actually make that myself. I made the main game with Naninovel, and someone else in the Spooktober team made Rhime's gift in Ren'Py. I tested the Windows version that she made and that works perfectly, but as always, I had no way of even opening the Mac one >.< and as far as I know, she doesn't have a Mac either, so she wouldn't have been able to test it :( 

I could mention it to her, but since she can't test Mac stuff, I'm guessing she probably wouldn't be able to fix the Mac version >.< You're not missing out on tooooo much because it's basically just the extras section there as a separate download. It's got the OST in a music player, blooper reels, bonus art like sketches and other doodles from the different artists on the team, and my rambling about the project.

I guess I could maybe just upload all that stuff in a folder or something so it can just be downloaded directly from the gift page! Cos it's a shame if no one on Mac can see any of that bonus content >.< I probably won't have time to do it this year, but I'll make sure to get it all uploaded sometime in January!

Thanks so much for playing and I hope you get to have happy holidays :3

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I have always had a deep appreciation of your games and this one is another good one... HOWEVER, this is the first time I've ever hit a trigger that afaik was only mentioned in this page's content warnings (second from the last, Mel, if you're curious). Which is a bummer. I don't usually check them because I don't want major spoilers and I have very few triggers anyways. Unfortunate that one kind of blindsided me in this case lol.

Technically nothing wrong was done because--as mentioned before--it was mentioned in the content warnings on this page, but part of me wishes that there was a more visible trigger warning placed where I would have found it more readily.

Animal death was mentioned in a separate un-collapsed area above the extended content warnings. Making the distinction between human death (which is unclear and I assumed adult since that's standard for horror experiences) and specifically CHILD death would have been much appreciated. I have young children and just the thought of harm coming to any child is very difficult to deal with. If there WAS a more clear content warning placed in the game itself that I missed, please let me know.

All that aside, I'm a big fan of your works and I wish you the best! Have a lovely day!


Hmm, that’s a tricky one for reasons I’ll explain under a spoiler in a sec, but before that, I’m sorry that you hit that particular trigger unaware >.< As you said, it’s there on the page, but I know a lot of people don’t read game pages before playing and downloading stuff for all sorts of different reasons. Like you, when I’m playing things myself, I never read triggers on game pages cos I don’t want spoilers, and I don’t generally get triggered by the games I choose to play. Still, I want to apologise because the last thing I want is for anyone to come to any harm playing my stuff :( Games are supposed to be a fun form of escapism, not something you wind up experiencing hurt from, so I’m really sorry about that.

I also really appreciate that you’ve played my games, and it means a heck of a lot to know you’ve enjoyed them too :3 So thank you so much for that! Also just noticed by clicking on your page that you're co-writing Invite Me In, which is so cool :3 It's on my long list of stuff to check out at some point! I hope you have a wonderful rest of the year ^-^


So yeah, man, I find it pretty hard to write up the warnings/triggers for my projects in general because there isn’t anything that tends to get me when I play, so I use this big database that has a huuuuge list of triggers, and then I try to think of whether or not the project features stuff from that list.

That particular one, death of a child, I ended up listing under the [Off-Screen & Mentioned] section because of the conversation that Rhime has with Linnet during the hospital scene, and then when Linnet brings it up again in the final part of the game.

However, I was unsure if I should even include it at all since technically, no children actually died at any point during the game. But the trigger database talks about also listing things that are mentioned even if they’re not actually shown so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to include it there.

The reason I say that no children actually died is because the child Rhime refers to Linnet killing is entirely fictional. The whole pregnancy part is just another one of Rhime’s sick games to taunt poor Linnet with >.< There is no baby, and Linnet never actually killed a child at any point. Admittedly though, all that stuff is ambiguous and left for the player to conclude. Also, whether or not Rhime truly had a child with another deity is up for debate. The character might seem somewhat sincere about it and even appear to be traumatised by it, but Rhime is also a liar x3 Even I don’t know what really happened in Rhime’s past before being imprisoned, and whether or not Rhime can be trusted.

In my head, I think maybe because I knew that none of it was real, that somehow made it less horrific in a sense, but when I sit here and think about the scene, especially the hospital one and how emotionally charged it is, I can see how that conversation alone could be triggering just because of what’s said. So that’s entirely on me >.< I didn’t even think of it as being a particularly triggering subject at the time :( 

The general ‘death - human and animal’ trigger was there to cover all the deaths in the game, though technically, again, no one truly died in the traditional sense. I thought it was best to separate the human and animal ones though because the team discussed it and concluded that what can potentially happen to Sorbet could be a significant enough trigger for some players in itself that it was worth mentioning separately.

All of what I’ve written so far though is going on the assumption that it was the mentioned child death stuff that was the triggering part. It also occurs to me that it might have been Simon instead.

I suppose some people might also consider Simon’s death to be the death of a child, though I always saw the character as inhuman since that’s what Rhime chose to make him. Really, the only human in this one is the player because all of the characters within the game are just Rhime’s creations, dreams, and nightmares.

You’re correct that there was no in-game warning about that particular trigger, it is only present in the content warnings dropdown on the page. So yeah, I am sorry about that >.<

Knowing that you were still triggered by that particular subject though makes me wonder how to handle triggers in the future. It’s so hard with horror to not give away spoilers with triggers, which is why I always try my best to put the main big ones in-game and on the page, and then all of them, no matter how small, in the spoilers dropdown on the page. 

It’s a fine line to walk because, on one hand, I really don’t want to hurt anyone, but on the other hand, I’ve had some people say they want to play my games, but have chosen not to based on certain triggers they’ve seen mentioned in those dropdowns, or that they went to watch someone play on YouTube, but stopped watching when the triggers screen game up cos they thought the game would be too scary for them. The problem there is that the triggers often make things sound a lot worse than they actually are >.< And on the complete other end of the scale, I’ve had people use the triggers as a barometer for anticipation, hoping that the more there are, the scarier the game will be, and then they're disappointed to find out that it’s not that scary at all >.<

It’s so hard to know what the best thing to do is, and I’ve watched debates from other devs play out on the subject too, haha. Some argue that all triggers should be clear and present in-game regardless of whether or not they contain spoilers of any kind. Others argue back that having them all there where you have no choice but to read them spoils the entire game experience for them because they know what’s coming/what to expect from certain scenes, and it kills any sort of tension, effectively ruining some of the horror aspects of the game.

So yeah, I’m really not sure what the answer is here :( I thought up until now that I had found the best way to handle it by having main triggers in-game and a full list under spoilers on the page, but if something still blindsided you, then clearly there needs to be a different way of doing things in the future. I’m just not sure what it is >.<

If you have any suggestions though, I’d be more than happy to hear them! So please feel free to leave anything like that here in this thread or if you’d prefer, you can always drop me an email to: melancholicmarionette@gmail.com

I feel like it's really hard to get the balance on this sort of stuff right, but I don't get much feedback on content warnings, and it's important so I would like to be able to.

Deleted 204 days ago

Hey hey! I just wanted to say that I did read your reply that you typed up a while back, but I haven't had a chance to respond until now >.< I came to read over it again and reply, but I see that you've deleted it x3 I can only apologise that it's taken me so long to get around to replying. I just got totally and completely overwhelmed with everything and pretty much shut down >.< So as a result, I'm horrendously behind on all my replies. I think it was just one of those phases that happens sometimes where when I can't cope with everything, I just focus on one thing that I can do, and everything else gets completely neglected cos I can't function properly >.< yay, autism!

I can't remember exactly everything that you said, but I remember thinking that it was all very well-written and helpful! I wanted to thank you for taking the time to type it up :3 

But yeah, I remember agreeing with much of what you said and thinking you had made some really good points and suggestions. I would say if you happened to have the post anywhere to dm it to me on Discord or send it in an email or something so I could go over it again, but I'm guessing you probably don't have it now, haha.

It's okay anyways. I'm just sorry I'm so slow >.<

I hope you get to have happy holidays anyhow! :3

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Wow... This game is truly one of a kind. I really liked the story, the voice acting, the art, the atmosphere, and the music a lot! I did not expect the story to go that way and in a way that's one of my favorite too!

I just want to give appreciation once again to the voice acting and the music. They are really good~ (Currently listening to Deity in the Dark as I'm writing this~)

May all your dreams be nightmares.

Aww, that means a heck of a lot so thank you very much for taking the time to play through it and then coming here to type up such a sweet comment :3

I’ve been in a bit of a bad way this month and starting to doubt my ability to make a decent soundtrack, so it’s incredibly uplifting to hear that you enjoyed the music ^-^

May all your dreams be nightmares too :P Hope you had a fabulous spooky season :3


Awesome game and a good choice for a Halloween Special :)

My only problem was on my end was the fact that I recorded my very first playthrough of the game took a little over an hour. Then when I go to edit the video I realized I only recorded the audio and not the actual game and uhh yeah that kind of pissed me off >:(. Had to replay it again the next day cause I wanted to make a video on it. Again my bad on that.

Also in Part 2 if you choose to watch for whatever reason near the ending the audio gets laggy and I have no idea how to fix it sooo sorry if you ever watch it... which will probably be nobody XD

Other than that this game was lovely. 

Characters: Amazing

Background: Amazing

Voice Acting: Amazing

Story: One hell of a ride 

I can 100% recommend this game is 100% worth your time. :)


*High five* So glad you think so! And thanks so much for playing this one too ^-^

Man, that really sucks you had to go back and replay to capture the video though >.< I would’ve been devastated if that happened to me x3 That’s nuts you even had the patience and dedication to go back through it again!!

I once sat typing out a chunk of story draft for a project on my potato laptop when it randomly crashed on me and I lost around an hour’s worth of writing x3 It made me want to cry cos it didn’t save and I didn’t have a backup, so I have a sense of how crushing it must’ve been x3 

I also feel the pain of having no idea how to fix things cos mystery bugs are always popping up and wreaking havoc on my life >.< haha. 

Thank you again for being so awesome and for all your words of encouragement <3

(2 edits) (+1)


i like bugging the bug man :)


Hehe, glad to hear it :P Sorry about Simon though x3 He is a bit of little shit, haha. Thanks so much for playing <3

(1 edit) (+1)

another amazing GEM from you! I love this so much. You spooked me haha~ (Just in case, this contains spoilers so stop reading if u didn’t play the game yet!) So I even went to extras and heard all what you have to say (Don’t ever think is annoying because I enjoy listening to those!) you got me interested there, I want to go to UK just to be spooked lmao. And try your best to stay healthy when doing a JAM haha 🩵 Thank you for this and everyone who participated in this game too! (The bloopers were funny too lmaoo) 

Aww, thank you so much for playing this one too ^-^ So, so glad you had fun with it!

Hehe, we do have some good spooks in the UK :D I have no idea how they compare to the rest of the world cos I’m not rich enough to be able to travel abroad and check out different scare attractions in other countries (though, that would be a dream come true if I can someday x3) 

I’m thinking I might just try and join another team for Spooktober Jam next year and maybe make a soundtrack for someone else’s project if anyone will have me cos I think that’s the only way for me to be a bit healthier while working on a jam, haha. I did try to make myself work healthier this time and give myself less to do, but that all fell apart pretty quickly and I ran myself into the ground again as usual xD

Thank YOU for playing it and leaving such a lovely comment <3 Hope you have a good rest of the spooky season ^-^


Hope you enjoy the spooky season too! :’3 And I hope you can join a team haha! So you don’t need to overwork yourself again🩵🩵 Looking forward to play more game you made/participate in! Thanks a lot!


This games is perfection, the story, the art and there's a walkthrough too! Congratulations guys good job I have amazing time playing this game 😊💗

Aww, that means a lot that you think so! Thank you so much for playing it and for taking the time to leave such a sweet comment ^-^



Wow, truly came across something special! It was a real delight that, after the first time getting kicked out, I found him waiting with tea LMAO! The voice actors really portrayed the characters well (obsessed with Rhimes wheezing 'heh's lol), and though I feel bad for Linnet (Man, the Peekaboo ending and the gift/'don't come back or else' ending are BRUTAL) it was fun challenging Rhime and wondering what he would do next! (I can fix him LMAO,,,,,) the art is absolutely gorgeous (Rhime flipping off screen is my favourite) and the whole UI and moth theme is so beautiful!!! 

Amazing job, props to you and the team! (ᵔ◡ᵔ)*:・゚


Hehe, thank you very much for taking the time to play this one and leave such a kind comment :3

It really wouldn’t be the same without all the amazing voice actors who lent their time and talent to the project! They’re the ones who really breathe life into the characters with their epic performances :D

So glad you liked the VA and the art :3 I’m so proud of everything the team managed to accomplish, and humbled to have been able to work with such an awesome bunch of people! That’s why jams like this are so special! Cos I could never manage to make something like this on my own, that’s for sure. I know there are plenty of talented devs out there who are able to create masterpieces solo cos they can write and draw, but I’m not one of them, haha. I can’t draw to save my life T_T And even though I’m normally a solo dev, I much prefer being part of a team! That feels like it’s where the real magic happens, haha.

Thank you so much for all your kind words <3


I was not prepared for where this game was going to take me but I was so delighted to be along for this ride until the end - a hauntingly beautiful, deeply unsettling aesthetic that never fails to grip me-

Woo! I’m glad you had fun with the journey :D Thanks so much for checking it out! And for such a lovely comment too :3 That really means a lot ^-^


You never fail to amaze me! Love the atsethics of this game. well done marionette. cant wait to play the rest

Aww, I’m glad you decided to check this one out too! Your videos are always a lot of fun :D Thanks so much for giving this one a go <3


AHHH this game was so good!! I was so surprised with the endings, this was so cool and fun! I'm so glad I finally was able to play!


So glad you had fun with this one!! Thanks so much for playing ^-^

The art,story,osts everything is absolutely stunning *chefs kiss* 

But I just have a question:


Where should I put the password 'Nightmare'?

I couldnt managed to find it T-T

Yeah same, really wanted to try it out. :(

Thanks so much for checking out the game! Glad you've had fun with it ^-^

I'm sorry my reply is brief >.< I'm away from home atm with limited internet and only my phone to type on, but to answer your question, if you download the extras file from the game page, you should be able to find what you're looking for from there :3


Okay, I will check it out. Thanks <3


I think I got all the way to the end, and pretty much got shut down in the end? It was fun, bizarre and at some point it just made me actually genuinely creeped out at what was happening if there was any. I did a whole stream of the playthrough on my Youtube. 

Simon, Rhime was just utterly terrifying, for the most part, both in completely different ways, and the voice acting for this is pretty amazing. Simon was the best for how much that voice creeped me out and I wanted to punch him at a few times, lol, I was like, don't make me play Simon says, but somehow, I feel that if hangman was ever actually played, I'll come to regret it too. 

The ending on my end was just surreal, and quite meta, very very meta is a much better word and term for it. Although I do feel that I regret playing this after I was just going through an entire week of little to no sleep so my reflexes are awful. And the moment where it kind of revealed what happened, and then Simon just goes all the way is just the best and most unnerving part where I can't even tear my eyes off from it from that point. 

Amazing, don't play it when you're sleepy though, like me, or more like half asleep. 

Sorry my reply is so slow >.< I’ve been away from home going to visit different spooky attractions, and then I got ill in the process, haha. Caught some sort of nasty cold from somewhere!

Anyways, thank you so much for checking it out and for streaming it on your YouTube <3

I don’t blame you for wanting to punch Simon xD I certainly did while testing, haha.  Glad you found parts of it creepy cos I can never tell if something is genuinely creepy or not since I consume so much horror I’m pretty much immune to it at this point x3 Thank you again for all your kind words! I really appreciate you taking the time to play the game ^-^


Great game so far -- I haven't finished playing it yet.

So far I've finished the route R.I.P after sending our well loved protagonist to his death (Cause why not). Unfortunately I'm a little confused about the 'space' I'm told I've given by accessing the first window. I'm curious as to what that means? Tried going back through the game a few times, had a look at the files and a brief scroll down the game page (Not to precise) to find what he was talking about? I really want to have a little peak at it before going onto other routes which is unfortunate. Any ideas anyone?

Despite this the game is really good, while I do believe some small things could've been better executed (Due to personal preference) overall it's a great game with a good storyline and really creative and well made considering the little amount of time spent on it. I look forward to seeing other works~! 

(1 edit)

Sorry my reply is a bit slow >.< I'm away from home atm with limited internet available and only my phone to type on (walking in the Peak District with my pops + heading to Alton Towers for Scarefest x3) and most of the time since we left I've had no signal at all, haha. 

Really glad you've had fun with the game so far ^-^ Thanks so much for taking the time to check it out! 

Hehe, that's an interesting choice to go for first time but I approve of the why not attitude :D 

To find what you're looking for, download the extras file from the game page (it's a really small file) you should be able to go from there by following the instructions inside :3 

I should probably update the walkthrough guide with a note at the end when I get home >.< I'll make an edit and add it to the bottom of the guide page, but itch won't allow me to mess with the post on mobile x3

Hope you get to have a brilliant weekend! :3

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"Don't forget to feed the cat!"

An absolutely amazing horror experience from my favorite Spooktober writer!

First of all, the UI looks amazing. In the fact the whole game looks amazing. A total trip. And the sound design, perfect! The whole team did a amazing job. I tried both pairs of male and female sounding voices and they all were superb.I am in awe of the scale of the project and how you managed to direct all of it in one month!


My first reaction was: Oh yeah, cool horror story, you made me unreasonable invested into playing Simon Says just to rip out my heart, good job! Then I saw the "credits" and absolutely lost it when Li went "Who the fuck is Melancholy Marionette" and realized there is even more.

Going meta is kind of hard to pull off but it worked well for you. I could see people getting really annoyed by the game quitting itself and making it hard to see all the content. Though part of the charm is how unpredictable it is. It is what makes the game so amazing and a work of art. I just just hope people don't start to copy you. Only you can get away with these kind of shenanigan! My first play trough I just acted like myself and tried to be nice but it still ended with Li getting killed because I kept being persistent. The second time, I went full psycho. Yes, I went back and killed the cat. I just had to check if I could. And there was a CG for it! Oh, gosh! I hate you but also love you for that. 

Thank you for making this game!

Weeell, this is some kinda spooky coincidence cos I just finished playing your Spooktober game and was typing up a comment on your page when my browser crashed (thankfully, I'd already copied most of it to a text doc before it happened, so I only lost like a sentence, haha) and when I reopened it, I saw an itch notification saying you'd commented here! Which means you officially beat me to it x3

Anyways, my brain is trying to refuse to compute that I could possibly be anyone's favourite Spooktober writer x3 I feel so vastly inferior to everyone, haha. But I feel incredibly honoured that you think that and wish I could give you a giant hug of appreciation!! Thank you so much for playing this one and for leaving such lovely feedback <3

I certainly couldn't have made the game that we did without everyone's help and amazing talent :3 It was a bit of a bumpy road in places, and there were times we thought we might have to resort to cutting out big chunks of the game, but we made it in the end. I think this might actually be my first-ever project where 100% of the art is original (none of it by me, of course, since I can't draw to save my life T_T) Cos usually, even when I've had the opportunity to work with awesome artists during other jams, I have still ended up using a few paid or free assets here and there. This time, aside from the fonts and a handful of edited asset pack sound effects, everything else was original stuff made for the jam by various folks on the team ^-^

That's so cool that you tried both pairs of voices too! There was a point where it was looking like it might only be possible to get the BxB pairing fully finished in time for the jam deadline, but thankfully, with a lot of work and not much sleep, we got the full lot of voice combos in there, haha.

!!!There be spoilers below!!!

Hehe, weeeell, you were supposed to be able to play hangman as well as Simon Says, but that was one of the things that very swiftly got slashed with the scope knife cos I realised there was no way we'd have time to add 2 minigames, and also didn't wanna add to the list of needed UI assets >.< So yeah, instead Rhime just has a convenient headache if you try to play hangman xD

Speaking of managing to get stuff done, that point you mentioned about the "credits" well, we had a backup plan to end the game just before there if things went drastically wrong and it wasn't possible to actually finish the remaining sections of the game in time for the end of the jam, haha. I even had an extremely rough alternate draft of the hospital scene where Rhime's reasoning for what happened prior to that is similar but different x3

I would've been gutted if we had no choice but to go with that alternate version because it would've meant ditching the whole idea of Rhime being a deity and all the meta stuff, but it was better than not having an emergency backup plan at all I guess!

I totally agree about going meta being hard to pull off, and I'm still not entirely convinced we managed it here without being somewhat cringy in the process, haha, but it was a fun experiment to try out :3 I haven't done any forced quits in my projects since Impostor I think, and that was years ago back when I was still using Tyranobuilder!

Aaaand, I can also see people being annoyed by the shutdowns as well, yeah x3 In fact, I annoyed myself when I tried to playtest on my potato laptop because on my PC, the game launches pretty fast, but on my potato, it takes like 30+ seconds to launch sooo, it's kinda painful trying to get some of those endings when you have to keep re-launching the game on a terrible system T_T I really don't think using Naninovel/Unity helps the situation either cos I'm sure it would launch and load waaaay faster if it were a Ren'Py game!

I'm glad that you at least found it amusing more than annoying though :3 Tbh, it wouldn't surprise me if something similar had already been done in some form by someone else! Especially with how meta stuff seems to be getting more popular these days. With any luck though, there's nothing tooooo similar out there >.<

xD I love that you did a full psycho playthrough, haha. That's like what I do when I play stuff like Mass Effect, haha. Always pick the choices that come naturally to me on a first play (usually the 'good' choices), then 2nd play, full renegade :P

Yeeeeah, the cat was a bit of a contentious thing x3 I even said that while a CG would be cool for the shock factor, it might be too upsetting for a lot of people, so maybe it would be better to just have Li close their eyes, and handle that scene in darkness with just SFX in the hope it would somehow make it a bit less grim... but then NeonSaphir drew the CG anyways, and there was no way I was gonna waste it, so we just thought, screw it, it's not like the player is forced to take that action, so let's go for it x3 I have a bad feeling that the animal death content warning might put a lot of people off of even playing the game though >.<

And thank YOU for playing it and for being so sweet and supportive! It means a lot and I really appreciate it :3 Gonna go splurge my ramble about your game in your comments now! Mmmwwaahahahahahahaha :D


Absolutely stunning! This VN is truly full of surprises... which I won't detail here, but needless to say, how clever the writing and structure was brought a big smile to my face more than once! The sprites are great, and there's some really cool backgrounds and visual effects to go along with them. The voice actors all did a great job (I giggled every time at Simon's delivery of "Meow like a kitty cat") and the music was wonderful! I'm going to be listening to that OST for a while longer, I think.

I also gotta mention how much I appreciated being able to choose not only Linnet's pronouns, but their voice as well. That's some extra attention to detail that not every game goes the extra mile for, but you did, and it made me very happy!  I'm amazed that your team made something so interesting and well put together in such a short time. It's a real achievement! I'll be recommending this one to my friends for sure! ^^

(1 edit) (+1)

Hooray for spoopy surprises :D

I felt so bad asking the voice actors for so many meows x3 But then when they all delivered, I was blown away at how amazingly they went for it! I tried to explain to my brother how happy I was to get such a great variety of meows for the project, and he just gave me an unimpressed look like he often does, and said something along the lines of "What is wrong with you?" >.< haha.

So glad you liked the OST cos I poured my soul into it x3 I'm very rarely proud of or satisfied with whatever my contributions are to a project, but that soundtrack is one of the few things I at least feel content with for once xD I'm absolutely proud of the team as a whole though :3

To me, that's one of the most magical things about Spooktober Jam in general, the fact that you can team up with complete strangers and somehow make a game together just stuns me every year! (Well, not everyone on the team was a stranger x3 but a fair few were people I'd never met before who I was only able to team up with thanks to the jam recruitment channel on DevTalk!) It's such a cool thing to be able to do, and I love it a hell of a lot more than solo dev :D

Hearing you say you appreciate the pronoun and voice options for Linnet makes all the sleepless nights extra worth it ^-^ I can't lie, it did reach a point in the jam where I was beginning to regret the decision to have 2 voices for Linnet & 2 for Rhime xD Well, not regret having them because it was important to me, but regret trying to squeeze them in for the jam deadline >.< Because we were supposed to have an audio engineer on the team who was gonna help me cut voice lines, so I figured the workload for VA wouldn't be too bad if we split it between us, but then she got ill right as the jam began and I wound up having to do it all myself x3

The sensible thing to do at that point would have been to decide to add the remaining voice options post-submission deadline in an update! And I did think it might end up coming to that. In the end though, I decided to just push myself harder to get it all added in time. It would have felt wrong to not get it all in there because, while I never expect to win anything personally, I at least like to hope the folks I've teamed up with might stand a chance for their individual contributions, and I really didn't want to deprive the VAs the opportunity of competing for best voice actor when they'd put so much time and effort into recording their lines!

I hope the team sees all your kind words cos I'm sure it will make em all smile the same as I have while reading your incredibly sweet feedback ^-^ I really appreciate you taking the time to check the game out and spending the time to write such a thoughtful comment too! It means the world to me after I spent the month running myself into the ground to get it done x3 and I couldn't have done it without such an amazing team :3

I did manage to apply the scope knife in places, which is something I've previously failed at, but I definitely need to give myself less to do in the future, haha. Cos as people keep reminding me, skipping sleep and meals because I'm working on a game jam is not an acceptable excuse xD

If your friends do end up checking it out, fingers crossed they have fun as opposed to thinking, what on earth is this insanity?! x3


Took me a while to play this one, doed to the warnings... but saying this openly for anyone next, no, you don't need to harm the kitty.

Now, as for the game... what, just what did I just play? That was such a surrealistic trip, going from a to c and to W all the way back to n and m. I didn't do well on the timed options, and when the credits rolled I was like... allright, I've got an ending, let's wait to reload...

*But no*

It kept going, and going, it felt like a final fantasy final boss, constantly changing forms lol, then I realized I was still playing, and there were still choices to be taken. So I pressed onwards, and quickly realized Rhime was breaking the 4th wall, and that's when it got even MORE interesting.

I just LOVED the whole dialogue when I told Rhime to let Linnet live. Every word you wrote for the player to said, is what I wanted to say. And that touch of the game shutting down and having to open it again... just the cherry on top of what was going on. That CG with Rhime and Linnet happily playing cards was worth all the nightmares!

As for the technical details... I really have nothing to say. Just, flawless in every area. Art, dialogue, VA, programming (heck, I was surprised to see it being a Unity game, and even more how WELL achieved it was, I know first hand how *hard* that is), and I really enjoyed the music too, felt like a nice companion allong the journey!

For real, this game was outstanding. Well done you all! I'm yet to try out some more secrets, so thank you for dropping that walkthrough!


I did wonder if I should put some sort of notice up that animal death is totally avoidable x3 because I worry that having that warning there might completely put some people off from even trying the game >.< which would suck if that were the case :( 

Anyways, thank you so much for checking it out and for leaving such an epic review ^-^ I almost cried when I read through it x3 Also, I adore Final Fantasy even those bosses do drive me crazy, so that comparison made me smile, haha.

I guess I will write the rest under spoilers :3


That’s honestly a huge relief to hear about the player’s lines after telling Rhime to let Linnet live! Cos I kinda agonised over that, haha. There’s no way on earth I could actually predict what people would want to say, and if it wasn’t even close to how someone playing was feeling at the time, it would kinda kill the immersion if it’s supposed to be you, the player speaking, but everything coming out is at odds with how you actually feel >.< In the end, I just tried to go with how I’d feel if it were me having a go at Rhime x3

So glad you got what we considered to be the happiest of all the endings after going through all that :D The very moment I saw that CG finished I just thought, ahh, it’s so nice to have something warm and welcoming in the game when everything else is so bleak xD

And again, it’s a massive relief to hear that things were smooth on the technical side because it’s always my biggest fear >.< haha. I’d be horrified if a team delivered amazing assets and then I messed up putting it all together!

Regarding programming and Unity, I mean, I can only thank Naninovel for that! Had I been using Unity without it, there just wouldn’t have been a game to submit at all xD I’m not even a programmer x3 I can only get by on helpful scripting languages for folks like me who get headaches from trying to write proper code, haha. I still have niggles with both Naninovel and Unity, but I do think Naninovel is a godsend for people like me who are too lazy to learn to code properly >.< Well, I’m not too lazy to learn, it’s more that I tried to but hated it so much I knew I’d never want to make games if that was what I had to do to get them working xD Naninovel makes it just about bearable for me, haha.

Anyways, with any luck, the rest of the team will see all your kind words and smile cos they certainly made my day better just reading what you wrote ^-^ It’s always nice to get feedback from other devs who know just how hard you’ve worked your butt off to get something done :D 

I have to thank our editor for writing up that walkthrough cos I certainly wouldn’t have had the brainpower to do it by the end of the jam x3

Thank you again for taking the time to write up such lovely feedback!! It's very much appreciated <3 


Oh, definetely on the same boat there. Can use the program, but can't code either, and even if I try to learn, I really don't like it so yeah, know how that goes lol

Then my compliments to the entire team again!!! Had lots of fun!!!


(Note: SPOILERS MAY FOLLOW so you may want to scroll past if you're thinking of playing this game!)

Being a fan of the Saw movie series and psychological thrillers in general, I enjoy horror stories that involve waking up in locked rooms with no memory of the manner of getting there and being forced to play death games. This is why I was especially excited to check this out. Once the meta aspects started creeping in, I started to suspect that the game was going to take an unexpected turn. But this suspicion could not have prepared me for the rollercoaster ride that followed! 

I tend not to scrutinize content warnings before downloading games because I generally don't get triggered by the usual horror fare, but the moment I saw animal death among the warnings upon launching, I started to second-guess my choice to download this. However, I decided to soldier on. When I arrived at the relevant choice, I was like NOPE. ABSOLUTELY NOT. I'm ready to die and ready to kill any other humans, but I am NOT killing any animals. I was so grateful that the game didn't force me to go down that route though I wouldn't have complained either since it was my own fault for not reading the warnings too closely. I may have a problem because seeing the bloodied mouth of the animal in question made me go: "Aww, how adorable!" 

I figured out midway that the names were anagrams so I was excited to see if my knowledge would aid me during a game of Hangman, but I didn't get to play that one, at least during my playthrough. 

The Simon Says game was super fun and thrilling! I don't do to well with timed choices and time pressure in general, but a generous use of the save slots got me through it! When the game turned deadly at some point, I actually felt the terror twisting my stomach, but I could not look away. I was so riveted by all the occurrences. 

Once I arrived at my ending, the game shut down on its own. Upon relaunching, the screen just stays black. I skimmed the walkthrough, but I'm still not sure what's going on. My computer is clunky and old so it could be an issue with my device. Regardless, I did thoroughly enjoy my playthrough so I don't feel dissatisfied with the experience as a whole. 

Other assorted aspects of this project I enjoyed: the art; the inclusive customization options; the voice acting, especially the expressiveness of Rhime's masculine option (I'm not somebody who specifically looks for voice acting when choosing what to play but it's always a positive feature to have); the bright, almost psychedelic color palette; the enigmatic and intriguing look of the game page; and the soundtrack, which suited each scene wonderfully. I see that the writer also composed the soundtrack, which is such an impressive feat! You should be very proud of yourself! 

Overall, this is a very well-made and entertaining VN. Congratulations to everybody in the team for doing such an amazing job! 

(Note: Copy-pasting this comment from the Spooktober VN Jam 2023 page.)


(Also copy/pasted from the jam page cos it would be a bit weird if I responded to this differently here xD) 

Holy moly, thanks so much for taking the time to write up such a detailed review/feedback! I massively appreciate that :3 I thought I was writing a lot in what I was typing, but you've definitely done waaaay better than me, haha. Reading what you've written, I feel like maybe I should've expanded more on my thoughts on each story I've read so far! Cos I feel like I've been too brief with just summarising >.<

Anyways, *high five* for the Saw love :D Hope you get to see the new one if you want to to! I was planning to this week but I've been too busy and exhausted, so hoping to catch it next week instead :3

I guess I better say everything else under spoilers x3

Ahoy there! There be spoilers below!!! 

I know what you mean about content warnings cos I'm generally unphased by most things in the content I consume x3 It's very hard to upset or disturb me because I've consumed so much horror throughout my life that I'm pretty desensitised! That one was one I was worried about when thinking of players though, and as a player myself, if a game gave me a choice to do that, I wouldn't pick it, I would also kill a human character before an animal one if it came down to it xD Tbh, I had the same reaction when I first saw the finished sprite for bloody-mouthed Sorbet x3 LPB made her such a cute kitty, haha.

That's so cool that you figured out the names were anagrams! <3 But yeeeah, hangman as a minigame was one of the victims of the scope knife xD Fem voices almost were too because I wasn't anticipating having to cut all the voice audio and add fx myself this time since we were hoping to have my best friend's sister join us for all things audio-editing and SFX design, but she got ill for the month, so, sadly, that didn't happen. It was definitely a struggle to deal with, but I'm glad I still managed to get it in there in time for the jam deadline cos it would've been extremely unfair to the VAs if I hadn't :(

So glad you had fun with Simon Says at least :3 I'm not really a lover of minigames or puzzles myself x3 so it's always really difficult to know if I've done stuff like that justice as a dev when I dislike it as a player, haha. I really wanted to try and include something like that though just to attempt to add more jeopardy to Linnet's escape!

That sucks so badly that you couldn't get past the eventual relaunch though :( It sounds horrible to say, but I hope it was cos your computer is clunky and old xD Just because I tested it on my PC and my potato laptop, and most of the team have played it by this point too, and none of us had an issue getting it to work, so if it is a problem with the game, I imagine it'll be a nightmare to try and figure out the cause and fix it T_T

More than that though, I wish Unity wasn't so slow on older systems >.< because I'm guessing that's what the issue is :( I don't suppose you remember if it took a while to launch the game the very first time you started it up? And if you experienced kinda long load times at the points where there were loading screens? Aaaand, when you tried to relaunch and got a black screen, how long did you wait until giving up on it?

You don't have to answer that btw cos I imagine you're probably busy! I thought I would ask just to see if it's maybe the same problem I had when I tested it on my potato laptop x3 Basically, on my half-decent PC that I made the game on, startup only takes about 3 seconds whether it's first time or relaunching for story purposes, and load times are around 5-10 seconds on loading screens.


On my potato laptop, it's a different story >.< Startup takes around 30 seconds, loading times on load screens take between 33-45 seconds :( And relaunches for story purposes take between 30-50 seconds on a black screen like you mentioned T_T

It all loads eventually, but it's so, so SLOW, haha. I get the splash screen come up pretty fast on the potato, but then it stays on a black screen for ages before everything actually kicks in. It would be interesting to know if it would have eventually loaded on yours after a considerable amount of time like it does on my potato, or if your computer just straight up says nope and nothing will ever happen no matter how long you wait >.< Cos I firmly believe my potato is more potato-y than other people's potatos xD The stupid thing takes around 15 minutes to actually boot up from sleep or shut down, haha. So I kinda use that as a way of thinking, well, if it works on this awful thing, surely it'll work on anything x3

It's an issue I've noticed with everything I've ever made using Naninovel/Unity :( And when I've asked about it to try and improve performance on potato systems, I've never gotten further than the answer 'It's just Unity' >.< Which is beyond frustrating, haha. It makes Ren'Py seem vastly superior because games made using that run much more smoothly on my potato (unless they include animation like blinking/lip flaps and stuff, in which case, my potato just freezes up and dies xD)

But yeah, it's especially irritating in the case of this project because only 1 of the 5 endings can be reached without relaunch >.< I suppose while I'm asking questions, I should probably ask which ending branch you were on? Just to make sure it was one of the intentional crashes you reached and not a random unintentional one that we somehow missed in testing x3 Again though, please don't feel as though you have to answer!

Anyways, I'm glad it didn't spoil it for you at least x3 It is still really annoying though that I can't seem to find a way to improve performance in any of my Naninovel games :( Funnily enough, I had the same issue with my older Tyranobuilder ones too! My first game took something like over a minute to launch on my potato laptop o.O And I always try my best to optimise assets, but that doesn't seem to make any difference to overall performance, just total download size >.<

What confuses me even more is that, with Tunnel Vision for example, on my potato, once things have eventually loaded, everything runs really smoothly, like no lag on button presses or with transitions and stuff like I get when I try to play some Ren'Py made games on it, but those launch and load times with my Naninovel made projects are beyond horrific instead T_T

I'm sure Philip will be over the moon to hear your thoughts on his voice acting if he reads this :D And same goes for LPB for the fact that you pointed out the colour palette cos she had a very specific vision for the artistic direction of stuff :3

I'm also a happy bunny to hear you enjoyed the soundtrack ^-^ I actually love making music more than I do writing nowadays xD To the point that I think next year, I'm just gonna try and join a team as a composer if anyone will have me cos I keep kinda running myself into the ground being project lead giving myself waaaay too much work x3 I was working 15-18 hour days for Spooktober, and that's just, well, daft tbh and I don't know why I put myself through that >.< (well, I do, because I have issues with obsession and tunnel vision thanks to my ASD xD) I think if I'm just focusing on making music, I'll have a much more relaxed time jamming for once! And it'll be a totally different experience to join someone else's team :3

Thank you so much again for taking the time to both play through the game and for such amazing feedback ^-^ I appreciate it more than I can even put into words and I'm sure the rest of the team do too! Also, right back at ya with the congratulations cos your team's project is an absolutely thrilling and funky bundle of fun <3


Omggg as soon as I saw you released a new game, you have no idea how fast I was to click the download button!! I really love your horror-romance story, it’s out of the box and very unique. The settings were very immersive and the voice actors did a really good job! The art is so unique and breathtaking as well!

Aww, well, that's super sweet of you ^-^ I'm glad you liked it even though it's quite mad, haha. I did wonder if it's maybe a mess cos sometimes I find it hard to organise all my random ideas into something that makes any sort of sense xD

It was certainly a lot of fun to work on, and it's thanks to having such an awesome team that everything came together in the end :3

Really appreciate you taking the time to play it and leave such a kind comment <3


I had such a blast with this one the music is so good (simon says has no right to be as good as it is) the art is just so well drawn and the story was just perfect getting all the endings & cgs was really enjoyable 10/10 this one was definitely one of if not my favorite game of yours<3 i feel bad for sorbet though :(

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Woo! \^0^/ So happy to hear that <3 

Makes me the happiest of bunnies to know you liked the soundtrack :3 I poured my soul into this one more than any other so far, haha. Tried really hard to think and plan it as like a whole soundtrack rather than just one track at a time like I usually do x3 So with any luck, it sounds like everything is supposed to in there as part of one big score!

That particular track was one of the few I played to my brother, and his feedback was an unimpressed face + the words "Why does it sound like Pirates of the Carribean gone to an EDM rave?" xD I had a hell of a lot of fun working on that track and that scene as a whole though, so that's what matters x3

Honestly, it's kind of a relief to hear you say it could be up there as a favourite of all my stuff cos I was saying to Lazy Polar Bear, I bet this one will be passed over by a lot of people the same as Limbo Line T_T I just had a bad feeling, haha. Cos it seems like a good percentage of the people who follow my projects only play the ones marked as dating sims >.< And it still bugs me that so many people don't check out Limbo Line, haha. So it would suck so much if people skipped this one too :(

So yeah, I really appreciate you playing this one! And I'm so glad you ended up liking it :3 Definitely wouldn't have been possible without such an awesome team!

#justice4sorbet >.<

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funnily enough limbo line was the first game of yours that I had ever played and I loved it a lot all of the characters were so charming in their own ways (big props to the VA's for that) it stood out as really unique to me cause I'd never really played a visual novel with voice acting before.  id say probably that it tunnel vision and apartment no.9 are my top 3 favorites of your games but its hard to choose they're all really good :3

Ah, man, if I could reach through the internet and give you a big hug, I would x3 Your top 3 are basically the 3 that get the least love, haha. Well, I guess it's too early to say for Tunnel Vision, but it wouldn't surprise me if it shares the same fate as poor Limbo Line >.< 

I love all the stuff I've worked on over the years (well, besides Love in Lockdown, which can get in the bin x3) but I think maybe a lot of the people who follow me here are only really interested in Darling Duality >.< Which is great that they are interested in it at all and I appreciate that they are! But it does get disheartening when I see that often people don't look at my other projects x3 cos as much as I adore DD as a project, I have more love for all the ones you listed than I do for DD xD and from a dev point of view, I feel like they're all better games than DD too!

So yeah, I'm really glad that you've taken the time to check out some of my less-played stuff. It means a lot. So just thank you for being you I guess :3 


I really like DD but its super sad that the other games don't really get the attention they deserve apartment no.9 and limbo line deserve way more love than they get they're so well done there were multiple times where I thought I had finally understood what was really going on and then i got hit with the narrative equivalent of a fast ball 

Well, I'm glad that you at least have that opinion :3 That alone means a lot to me!

I think what you said is precisely why I think the ones you listed are better than DD, haha. I mean, sure, I'm gonna build on the story for DD, but right now, it's more like a dating sim/roleplay-y kinda thing without much substance. and that's why it constantly baffles me that that's the most downloaded one!

Whereas A9, LL, and this have proper stories x3 And I'm a sucker for a twist as a reader/player, so I will always think those things that have moments that really slap you round the face are more fun than those that don't xD


Oh my god that jerk. Why. I wish I could reach through the screen and fight [REDACTED] personally. 

xD That is perfectly valid and I do not blame you for a single second for feeling that way, haha. In fact, I would happily put a mob together and help x3

Kinda just relieved to have the f*cker outta my head tbh! Now you guys can deal with that mess and get bullied instead of me :P


Looks beautiful, will share my thought after play it

Glad you think so :3 Hope you end up having fun with it!


It is certainly blew my expectations! I got 3 of 5 endings, might have to see the walkthrough after this. You and your team deserve more recognition!

Very big accomplishment to complete this in one month. One thing I dislike about Unity is sometimes the click response feels unresponsive/slow, but I guess that's the engine limitation, not your fault.

I found out like an hour ago that the walkthrough was slightly wrong xD It was my fault >.< Myonette wrote it up perfectly, but she didn't include CGs because, at the time she wrote it, we weren't 100% sure how many of the planned CGs we'd actually manage to get finished. So I was updating the walkthrough last night to add all the CG unlocks into it, and clearly, I was just too tired and not thinking straight because I messed up on some of the last few and got the numbers the wrong way around >.< I've managed to correct both the page & downloadable versions now though, haha.

Anyways, that really means a lot :3 Thank you so much!

I still find it absolutely insane what can be achieved in just a month, haha. I always think I've worked my absolute hardest and that I couldn't possibly have done more, and then I start playing through other people's games and find they have stories like triple the length xD And I sit there thinking, hoooooly moly, that's just... wow!

Really though, I think anyone who manages to submit something playable in a month-long game jam should give themselves a huge pat on the back because it's a crazy thing to do when you consider how many people say they want to make a game/write a book, etc. and never end up doing it in their entire life x3

It does kind of feel like September just disappeared in the blink of an eye though! Not that I mind since October is my favourite month of the year :P

Yeeeeah, tbh, that does kinda bum me out about Unity >.< I'm no expert, so I never know if it's Unity's fault or something to do with Naninovel. All I know is that none of the games I've made with Nani in Unity run anywhere near as smoothly as people's Ren'Py games T_T and the load times for my Nani games on our potato laptop are just horrific. What takes 3 seconds on my PC will take 30 seconds to load on the potato :( 

Spent most of today just trying to stay away from my PC and recover, but tomorrow, I'm gonna start a mega marathon of spooktober games :D So excited to play as much as possible!!


i've gotten through one ending so far and bothered rhime a million times and ohhh my goodness i love this game<3 i went for both fem voices this time and both voices are sooo pretty!! this unnerved me a lot and the interactive portions were honestly so cool, i made the mistake of playing simon says but it was still so interesting to go through

i also wanna take a bit to just say that the ost is AMAZING!!! i don't often really pay attention to background music in games but i really enjoyed this one. this was a great game to see released when i got home it's so good!! thank you for another beautiful creation


Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words as always <3

I'm in mega paranoid mode at the moment, terrified I uploaded the wrong builds or missed some horrific bug somehow, haha. So to know you reached an ending brings me some small amount of relief! My brain always convinces me that even if I test stuff over and over and don't encounter any issues, that there are still issues there somewhere, I just haven't found them yet x3

Glad you've been having fun with it so far ^-^ The whole cast did a phenomenal job! I'm just really proud of the team in general :3 It always amazes me at the end of jams when you see a game come together cos it's like, you know how it happened, you worked your butt off to make it, but it still somehow seems like a miracle that it's out there in the wild when at the start of the month it was just an idea xD

It brings me joy beyond words to hear you say that about the soundtrack ^-^ of all the osts I've worked on, I poured my soul into this more than any other, haha. I tried my best to see if I could create a soundtrack that was more cohesive cos like, with most of my soundtracks, I make each track without thinking too much about the soundtrack as a whole. I mean, I did kind of try to do some repeating motifs in the Bitter/Sweet one, and again in The Hostage, but I feel like there either wasn't enough time or the limitations of the jam meant I couldn't quite achieve what I was hoping to x3 But with this one, I finally feel like I made a proper soundtrack for the first time, haha. 

It's not often I'm content with my own work, but I'm genuinely proud of the soundtrack this time x3 if people came here to say my writing sucked but they liked the soundtrack, I'd still be a happy bunny xD

Thank YOU for being so sweet again :3 I really appreciate all your kind words as always <3


Idk if im strong enough to play this game if the cat dies, but its so gorgeous :')))

Glad you think so :3 


The cat's death can be completely avoided ^-^